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The Mercy of Devotion

Novel By: Kam Carr

Meeting Tristan Smith at a bus stop is a life changing event in Kendra Gratton's life. She gets lost in Tristan's world and falls for him quicker than she wants. With his need to seek the possibilities of pleasure she is drawn in. Then the dark secrets begin to emerge.... Stripping?? Money?? Drugs?? And of course there is Dylan-Tristan's older brother. She soon finds herself wondering if she is with the right brother and then she learns the bomb shell that could destroy everything.
The mercy of devotion may push the barriers of reality a little too far, but at the end of the day...
We are always at the Mercy of the people we love.... View table of contents...


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I hadn't seen Tristan or spoken to him since Steve coming round. I felt miserable but I had to keep going on. I looked at my computer and all of a sudden I couldn't be bothered to work. If anything I would love to go home drink a whole bottle of wine and pass out. The bills still had to be paid!

My desk phone started to ring and I answered it. "good morning, Kendra Gratton speaking." no one answered. "Hello?"


I felt my hands shake just at the sound of his voice. Everything I had tried to erase about him returned.

"Tristan..." I whispered.

"Right this second your boss is walking up to you" he laughed. I looked up and Mr Williams was heading straight to my desk. "I'll see you in two, baby. By the way you look unbelievably sexy as always." With that he hung up.

"Kendra" Mr Williams smiled at me. "Are you busy?" I was still stunned by what was going on. I just nodded. "Good, if you will follow me." I got up from my desk and followed Mr Williams to a meeting room. I entered and my eyes immediately fell on him, sat at the meeting table tapping his fingers on the wood.

His hazel eyes lit up and a small smirk appeared on his face. What was he playing at?

I was at work!!

He looked amazing in a black designer suit and his hair all roughed up.

"Kendra" Mr Williams began. "Meet Mr Smith, he has requested to talk to you. He wants to refurbish his club and someone suggested you to him."

I narrowed my eyes and glared at him. "Really?"

"Really!" Tristan said in an authorising, he waved his hand implying I sat down. I took my seat at the table opposite him avoiding any eye contact. I think Mr Williams could feel the awkward attention between us.

"Okay!" He quickly said. "I will leave you in the company of the wonderful Kendra, Mr Smith."

"Thank you" he smiled.

Mr Williams walked out leaving me alone with this sexual predictor. He was still staring at me, giving that fuck-me look. I was in danger and funny enough it was filling me full of arousal.

He sat back in his chair and ran his hands through his hair. "Why haven't you answered any of my calls?" I shifted awkwardly in my seat, the intensity from his stare was beginning to affect me. I shrugged my shoulders and looked down at my hands.

"Has something happened?" Once again I couldn't answer him. I heard his fist slam into the table. "For fuck sake, Kendra!" He yelled. "Will you just answer me!"

I slowly looked up, but avoiding looking at him. "Steve came round the other night and insisted you had something to do with him getting beaten up."

He got up from the table and walked over to me. He placed his arm on the back of my chair and leaned over. I squeezed legs together, that dull pain was getting worse from his intoxicating aftershave. I didn't want to but I looked up into those hazel eyes that could command my body.

"Did you?" I pleaded. He let out a little air from his mouth and just nodded. I felt my heart be torn apart and the tears were building up. "Why, Tristan?" I cried. "Why did you do it?"

He stood up straight and folded his arms. His eyes moved quickly side to side. "Because..."

I stood up and spun round to him. "Because??? What??? You love inflicting pain on people or you get enjoyment from it... TELL ME!!" I screamed placing my hands over my face and the tears began.


Now I was crying at work, the shame of it.

I felt Tristan stand in front of me, he reached out but I moved out of his reach. I couldn't bare the thought of him touching me. He had promised, gone behind my back and lied to my face. Everything I thought I knew about this man was all lies.

"Kendra" he said softly. "Look at me..."

"Who are you Tristan?" I finally asked.

"You know" he was directly behind me and he placed his hands on my shoulders. "I'm sorry... It's just..." I turned to face him and looked up. His eyes were also filling up with tears. I urged him on with my eyes to continue. "I fucked up, Kendra."

Finally he had admitted it. It didn't make me feel any better, knowing he could plan a cold attack like that. Now I didn't know what to do.. I liked him, really liked him but he had gone back on his word.

"What can I do to make it up to you..."

"I don't know!" I replied, the agony filling my voice. I really didn't have a clue what to do, everything was rushing through my head and I couldn't think clearly. I wish I had a magic ward and could change everything.

He reached out and his fingers brushed against my cheek. Just being close to him felt good. "Can we have dinner tonight?"

I nodded, I had missed him and maybe tonight we could talk about everything and try and work something out.

God, why did he always make me contradict myself?

"I'll pick you up at 5.30" he leaned froward and his lips met mine. I wrapped my arms around his neck and fell into the kiss. His tongue slowly playing with mine.

What was it about him that wouldn't let me throw in the towel and call it a day?

He pulled away and brushed my hair out of my face. "I am not going to let you walk away from me, Kendra." With that he left the room, I watched as he shook Mr Williams hand and left.

Wow, my legs felt shaky just from that kiss. Maybe he wasn't going to let me walk away and I now knew for sure I couldn't, something deep and dark inside me was refusing.

* * *

I left the office building and headed out into the busy Oxford City Centre. It was madness, as shops were closing, universities were finishing and people leaving their offices. Just like he said he was leaning against the wall smoking a cigarette.

"Thought you were giving up?" I smiled in a mocking manner. It didn't actually bothered me that he smoked.

He looked down at the cigarette then to me. He threw it to the ground and stamped it out with his foot. "Now I am..." He grabbed hold of my hand. "Come... I know a nice restaurant just round the corner." He grabbed hold of my hand and began marching down the road. His grip of my hand was tight and people were made to walk round us.

I actually felt a little giddy, it had been a while since any man had held my hand like this. He stopped all of a sudden and I looked up.

"Burger king?" I laughed, this I had not been expecting. He shrugged and gave a boyish grin. We walked in and over to the counter.

"We will have two strawberry milkshakes, two large fries, two cheeseburgers and onion rings" he ordered.

"That is just for him" I joked, his arm gripped hold of my waist and he pulled me into him. His hazel eyes burning down on to me.

"She's joking" He quickly snapped while giving the assistant a massive sexy smile and I watched her cheeks flush bright red. I guess I wasn't the only woman affected by him.

"Ten Pound seventy-four please" the assistant mumbled avoiding looking back up. Tristan pulled out his card and placed it in the machine. The assistant ran off to fetch the food.

"Do you want me to pay for half?" I asked.

He spun round to face me and frowned. "Shut up!" He snapped. "My treat" he added with a full on smile that melted my heart.

When our food was ready Tristan grabbed the tray and I followed him upstairs to a little table at the back. I sat down as he ran off to get straws and napkins. He returned and sat down opposite me.

"I guess you have a few questions to ask me?" He beamed while handing me my milkshake. I shrugged and placed the straw in my mouth. He tilted his head and his eyes widen. "Come on, Kendra. I know something is going round in that head of yours. Ask me.. Anything you want!"

I sat back in the chair and watched him eat. "Shouldn't you be watching your figure?" It was the first thing that jumped to my head.

His eyes jolted up and he laughed in the cute way he did. "I try to be serious and your worried about my body?"

"Well.. Wouldn't want you to be a pot-bellied stripper" I laughed.

" Good to know you care, anyway I train seven days a week and in fact done a lot more since meeting you." He winked and carried on scoffing his cheeseburger. He swallowed and looked back up. "On a serious note.. Talk!" He demanded.

I felt my lip twitch, I knew I wanted answers but I wasn't sure if I actually wanted him to say them. Right now, I was enjoying his company and I didn't want anything to destroy our time together.

On the other hand he was willing to answer any questions I asked. This was one of the good points about him, he was up front and honest..Sometimes!

"Fine" I smiled. "Why did you get Steve beaten up?" I began to eat my food, maybe to distract myself from looking at him while he confessed.

"He's a knob! That second night we slept together and you confessed about him hurting you. I saw the pain penetrate through your eyes." I looked up stunned. "Any man that can break you, Kendra..Well, deserves to have their head kicked in."

"Violence is not the answer, Tristan" I said looking into his hazel eyes. "You didn't have to do that. What if I hadn't agreed to see you again?"

"I know you can't stay away" he grinned.

I reached out and grabbed his hand. "You think you know me so well after only knowing me for a week!"

"We have a connection" his voice low and dangerous. His grip tighten on my hand and I felt myself beginning to tingle down below. We really did have a connection which I was not fully understanding.

Was it love?

Was it lust?

Were we soul mates?

Had we been destine to be together?

I don't know and now I couldn't care less about the whole Steve thing. I sat up and leaned over the table.

"A connection?" I wiped a spot of ketchup from his lip, leaned forward and placed my lips on his handsome mouth.

He pulled away and ran a finger along my cheek. "If I say it you won't get scared?"

I placed my hand on his face and just took him in; Dark auburn hair, strong chin, broad nose, deep set hazel eyes and two deep dimples imprinted in his cheeks when he gave his boyish grin. He was a man of beauty and not to mention the hot toned muscular body.

I shook my head, he took in a deep breath and leaned a little closer. His voice soft and low. "I have fallen in love with you."

I suddenly find myself dumb struck. I didn't know whether to jump up and down or head for the door. He had fallen in love with me? Had I fallen in love with him? I think so. I looked back up at him and my stomach swirled. I did love him.

"Say something, Kendra" he looked nervous, slowly a little smile sprung to my lips and he copied.

"I love you, Tristan" I whispered. Our lips reunited back into a hot steamy kiss. Never before in my life I ever had a better experience in Burger King.

1st September 2012

I was still reviling from Tristan declaring his love for me. For the first time in a while I felt good and happy about myself. As it was Friday Tristan was working. He had invited me, but I now I couldn't stand the thought of another woman touching my man. Even though I knew it was his job and I could trust him, I just didn't like thinking about him showing his body to a room full of women.

Sandra had invited me round to her place and she insisted we had to talk about last weeks events. I just saw it as a way to get pissed and forget my boyfriend dancing around naked.

I looked around Sandra's living room, it was very old fashion for a woman of her age but yet cosy. She still had that massive portrait of her an her husband hanging above the fire. Her husband had died in a car accident a few weeks after they had married. I had attended her wedding and she looked unbelievably happy and beautiful. I don't think she had ever got over it.

"Here you go" Sandra sang as she entered the living room carrying a bottle of vodka and a bottle of cola. My thoughts were stopped in their tracks and she sat down next to me on the sofa. "Every time you come here you stare at that photo!"

I finally looked over at Sandra. "I like it... Mark was very handsome."

She gave a wicked grin. "And unbelievable in the bedroom" she let out a little sigh. She poured our drinks and raised her glass. "Love you baby" she said to the portrait. She sat back on the sofa. "So... What's happening between you and Tristan?"

I felt my eyes go dreamy just at the thought of him. I tucked my feet under me and began to drink my vodka. "Wonderful" I beamed. "He said he loved me the other day."

Sandra narrowed her eyes. "What after one week? He sounds a bit mental if you ask me."

"You just have to get to know him and your see what a wonderful man is... I mean he can switch very easily but I am slowly getting use to it."

"What about Dylan?"

I gave a little laugh. "What about Dylan?" I teased.

Sandra sighed. "Has he said anything about me?"

"Just ring him!" I exclaimed. "He has already slept with you so just ring him and suggest going out."

Sandra shook her head. "Why should I do the chasing...??"

"Have you ever got the idea that maybe Dylan is a little shy and just needs a little nudge..." Sandra opened her mouth and closed it again. "Come on, what exactly can you lose?" I pulled out my mobile phone and handed it over. "This time tomorrow you could be on a date!!"

Sandra snatched my phone from my hand and searched for Dylan's number. Tristan had given it to me along with his, his home, his club number, his gym all in case I couldn't get through to his mobile.

"Wow" Sandra looked up. "Your never going to lose track of Tristan!" She mocked, finally she came to Dylan number and began nervously biting down on her lip. "What if he says no?"

"What if he says yes?"

"If you'll excuse me..." She got up and left the room. I made myself comfy and carried on drinking my drink. I wondered what Tristan was doing?

He had told me to get to his by midnight, I looked up at the clock it was almost ten. Two more long hours until I got to see my handsome boyfriend and play a wonderful sex game.

All of a sudden Sandra ran in the room and started jumping up and down. "He said yes!" She screamed with happiness. I gave my best friend a big smile. Maybe it was her turn to find love...

Dead on midnight I knocked on Tristan's door, my head was feeling a bit giddy from the half of bottle of Vodka I had drank. I leaned against the door as it slowly opened. My face dropped instead of Tristan it was Dylan.

"Tristan isn't back yet.. He said to let you in" Dylan walked off and I followed him closing the door behind myself. "Wine?" He asked walking over to the sofa. I nodded and sat down next to him.

"Sooo" I smiled as he handed me a glass. "You have a hot date with Sandra tomorrow."

An amused smile appeared on his face. "A hot date, huh?"

"Oh yes.. She wants it to be really hot" I teased in an prerogative manner, I took a sip of my wine. "Do you like her?"

Dylan sat back on the sofa and I copied. He studied his glass. "Its been a long time since I dated anyone."

"How come?"

"Got my heart broken a few years back" he sounded sad. I reached out and grabbed his hand in comfort. "We were due to get married. We had everything house, car and fantastic holidays." He paused and looked up over at me. "She left me a week before our wedding, declaring her love for the the boss she had been fucking."

I felt his distress, I knew exactly how that felt. Made to feel an idiot, that how I was when Steve left me to be with his "Perfect woman"- as he had put it.

I gave his hand a little squeeze. "I went through the exact same thing. It will get easier, Dylan. As soon as you find the right person everything will fall into place."

His eyes widen. "What if I have found the right person?" Before I could say anything I felt his lips on mine pushing me back into the sofa. I couldn't believe I pushed him away and threw my wine in his face.

"That was out of order" I yelled. "I am with your brother and I was just trying to be nice."

He looked stunned and wiped the wine off his face. "I'm sorry... I just misread everything."

"How?" I slammed my glass down on the coffee table and headed towards Tristan's room. My anger building up through my body. I slammed the door and looked over at the bed.

A peach box was placed at the end of the bed. I walked over and written on the box was a little message:

To my dear Kendra,

The only item a princess should sleep in.

Love you

Tristan x

The recent events were erased at that moment in time. I quickly whipped the lid off the box and pulled at a black pure silk nightie. He really was romantic and thoughtful. Now I felt a twig of guilt. I had to tell him about what Dylan just did, I couldn't keep anything from him. I didn't want our relationship based on lies. I quickly got undress and slipped into the nightie. The silk felt lush on my bare skin, I climbed into bed and waited for Tristan to come home.

I heard the bedroom door open and close. I looked over at the bedside table and the clock said one AM.

"Tristan" I called out into the darkness, I sat up and pulled the covers up to my chest. Suddenly the light came on and there he was looking over at me with his warm sexy smile.

"Baby, missed me?" He climbed on to the bed and came closer. Immediately his lips touched mine and I fell into his kiss.

I moved away abruptly at the thought of the last person who had placed their lips on mine. Tristan sat back on his heels and his beautiful face was full of hurt.

"Have I done something wrong?" He asked.

"No..." I sat closer and wrapped my arms around his strong neck. "It's just tonight" I stopped and could feel my heart pounding. "Dylan kissed me".

Tristan pushed me away and jumped off the bed.


His face was full of anger. I got out of bed and raced after him."What are you doing?" I asked frantically as he opened the bedroom door.

He turned to look at me, his eyes cold. "Stay here" his voice boomed and he pointed to the bed. "Just stay fucking here!" He stepped out of the room and I followed. He marched over to Dylan's room and kicked the door open. He pulled Dylan out of his room and started punching him.

"Tristan, stop!" I screamed. He ignored and kneed Dylan in the stomach. Dylan fell to the floor and looked like he was in a lot of pain. I watched as Tristan bent down and was going to punch his brother in the head. I couldn't stand by and watch. I ran over and pushed Tristan to the ground and climbed on top of him pinning his arms to the ground.

"What are you doing?" I screamed in his face. He looked at me blank and I watched as the pain slowly washed over him.

Dylan scrambled up clutching his stomach and his face full of blood. "Finally" he yelled. "Meet the really Tristan Smith! I'm out of here. Your on your own now, brother!" He hissed.

My eyes turned back to Tristan under me, I let go of his hands and he placed them over his face. He began to shake his head. "Go to bed, Kendra" he mumbled. I stayed where I was. He removed

his hand, ran them through his hair and let out a little air from his mouth. "Just go to fucking bed!"

I reluctantly stood up and walked towards the bedroom. Me and my fucking big mouth. I had seen it now first hand what he was capable of. I sank on to the bed and the tears began to fall.

How could I ever forget what I had witnessed tonight?

My tears were uncontrollable... I had caused all of that. I could of probably lived not telling him Dylan's mistake. I felt foolish and bad now. I turned on my side and tried to wipe the tears away. I knew I should be getting dressed and heading home. Yet, something deep inside me couldn't leave him.

God, had I now destroyed everything?

What would I wake up tomorrow?

I sobbed and sobbed what felt like forever. I wrapped my arms round me for some comfort. I loved Tristan dearly, that why I had told him.

Would he see it that way?

I felt someone lay down beside me and placing their arm around my waist. Their face burying itself in my hair.

"Shhh" He said lovingly. "Stop crying." This just in fuelled everything and I cried heavier. "Please, baby. Stop" he begged. "Please, Kendra. I can't bare to see you like this and know I am the cause of it."

I turned round to face him. "Why?" I sniffed. "You really didn't have to do that."

"Because he touched what is mine" he sighed. "My own brother placed his lips on you." He placed his fingertip on my lips. "These are for my enjoyment only."

"But you said you had changed."

He pulled me into him and tighten his grip. "Kendra, I love you like crazy and I have never felt this way about anyone. Okay, I shouldn't of flipped out like that and I do regret it. I am obsessed with you. When your away from me I am thinking about you, when your near me I am yearning for you.."

"And now?" I asked.

"I just want to make love to you" he said in his low sexual voice. I swallowed hard and allowed his mouth to meet mine. He climbed on top of me and moved the nightie up. I heard his zip undo, not once did his lips leave mine. "Please be mine forever" he hissed as he plunged his engorged penis inside of me.

I threw my head back in surprise. Yet, it felt good as he slowly began to swirl his hips. His hands moved up into my hair and his tongue copied the motion of his hips. Our eyes locked as he slowly and gently made love to me. I ran my hand underneath his vest and began to trail my nails softly up and down. I heard a low groan in the back of his throat.

He sat up and grabbed my waist swirling himself inside me. My hands reached out for his strong thighs, he was still wearing his jeans. His magic index finger began to massage my clit as he began slamming into with force. The tingles and quivering began, I was there. My toes curled and the explosion took place. Him thrusting deeper and deeper, finally had his own explosion.

He rested back down on top of me placing his forehead on mine. I looked up and our eyes meet, he gave my nose a little kiss and for the first gave his sexy smile.

"Do you forgive me?" He cried.

I brushed some his dark auburn hair away from his face and the most incredible feeling of love for this man hit me. I had never felt like this before.

"Yes" I whispered. "I love you, Tristan." I hugged him tight and never wanted to let go. He needed me to help him and I just needed him. Together we would sort his problem out and I was never going to give up on him.. Ever!!


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