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The Mercy of Devotion

Novel By: Kam Carr

Meeting Tristan Smith at a bus stop is a life changing event in Kendra Gratton's life. She gets lost in Tristan's world and falls for him quicker than she wants. With his need to seek the possibilities of pleasure she is drawn in. Then the dark secrets begin to emerge.... Stripping?? Money?? Drugs?? And of course there is Dylan-Tristan's older brother. She soon finds herself wondering if she is with the right brother and then she learns the bomb shell that could destroy everything.
The mercy of devotion may push the barriers of reality a little too far, but at the end of the day...
We are always at the Mercy of the people we love.... View table of contents...


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"Dylan still passed out?" He asked in a joking tone. I looked up and smiled at him. He really was a beautiful man. Far to good looking to be with someone like me. Sandra nodded and began to drink her coffee. "You coming tonight, Sandra?"

"No... I need my rest. Your brother is an animal."

"Cheers for sharing" Tristan tutted. "Your coming, Kendra?"

"I need to go home first and sort myself out."

"no!" He boomed and his hand reached out for mine. Sandra narrowed her eyes and looked away. Suddenly Tristan's appearance changed, he took a deep breath and began to run his fingers along my knuckles. "What I mean.. You can sort yourself out here."

"I have no clothes" I chuckled.

"We can buy you something on the way to the club. Please" he begged, I nodded and he beamed. "Good, I better go and make some calls. Ladies, make yourselves at home." With that he disappeared into the bedroom.

"What a freak!" Sandra huffed. "Me and Dylan were talking about Tristan last night?"

She caught my attention. "And what did Dylan say?"

"That Tristan is a control freak, has a temper which leads him into trouble."

"What trouble?" I was intrigued.

"He got out of prison seven months ago. One night at the club some bloke tried it on with his last girlfriend and he beat him up. Poor bloke was in a coma and had to have an operation to repair his eye socket."

Suddenly I felt sick. There was no way, it didn't make sense. With what Sandra was telling me and the bloke I spent last night with, it didn't sound like the same person.

"I just warning you.. Watch yourself please."

I was full of dread and wanted to run home. For some reason something wouldn't let me go. The thought of not being with Tristan was scary. I had fallen for him quicker than I wanted to. Maybe that was all in the past and he was a changed bloke. Maybe I should just be honest and tell him I knew. Maybe he would give a better explanation.

"Excuse me" I said to Sandra and went in search of Tristan. I walked into his bedroom and he was perched on the bed with his laptop.

Instantly he looked up at me and the smile dropped from his lips. He could read too well. "Hey, you okay?" I shook my head and sat down next to him. He moved the laptop and placed an arm round my shoulder. "Kendra?"

I couldn't look at him. "Sandra was talking to Dylan last night and he told her something."

Tristan removed his arm and placed his head in his hands. "I have an idea what that could have been." He jumped up and began pacing around his room. "Yes I did go to prison but not because I'm a raving out of control monster." He stopped and looked at me. His face full of panic and his eyes lowered. "Just on that night I don't have any explanation for what I did. Some bloke was trying to drag Fleur out of the club and I overreacted. I do feel terribly guilty for the pain I inflicted. I have been punished and now I have to live with it."

Slowly he moved over to me and dropped to his knees. "Please, Kendra... Don't allow my mistake to get in the way of us being together."

I placed my hands on either side of his handsome face and suddenly I was full of love for this man. He was honest, kind and everything I had been looking for. Only a complete fool would walk away from this.

I leaned towards him and placed a sweet kiss on his forehead. "I was going to but something wasn't allowing me to."

He took in a sharp breath and he moved a strand of hair away from my face. "Do you feel it?" I nodded and his arms wrapped round me. "Me too... I felt it the first time I laid my hands on you."

I ran my fingers through his dark auburn and inhaled deeply. He smelt divine.

Quickly he pulled away. "Right! I'll get changed and we will go buy you something to wear."

I narrowed my eyes. "I can't go the bus in this state plus I need a shower."

"Bus?" He laughed. "We will go in my car!"

I tilted my head and glared at him. "So if you have a car why do you use the bus everyday?"

His finger brushed along my cheek and his voice turned dangerously low. "Because of you." I felt the smile spread across my face. He really did have a way with words and looks. Surely this was a dream......

I was sat in Tristan dressing room fresh from a shower and in the clean clothes we had brought. I began to brush my hair and I was still feeling giddy from last night and this morning. I stared at my reflection and smiled to myself. Who would of thought a brief encounter could lead to all this happiness. Steve was now a distant memory and I was feeling content.

"What the fuck did you do that for?" Yelled a voice in the hallway. It made me jump, I stood up and looked outside into the hallway. At the bottom stood Tristan with Dylan. He had him pushed against a wall and looked really angry. I stood back a little so they couldn't see me.

"Why do you think?" Dylan spat back.

Tristan stood up and placed his hands above his head. "We always have to go back to it, don't we?"

"Dad won't speak to me after what you did and Mum hates me because I defended you."

"He is no Dad, the whole time he was fucking Fleur behind mine and mum's back. He deserved everything he got."

Dylan shook his head. "No one deserves to be beaten to a pulp" Dylan snorted. "I'm just fed up with you walking around all high and mighty!"

I was numb... That perfect man from last night had beaten his Dad. The man was his Dad. If he could do that to someone he loved there was no ending of what he was compilable of. I grabbed my bag and pulled out some money. I placed it on his dressing table, that should cover the clothes. I had to get away from him and never have anything to do with him again.

Maybe that's why Sandra had warned me?

Maybe she knew everything and never let on?

I swallowed hard and left the dressing room. I stood in the hallway and coughed. Both Dylan and Tristan turned in my direction.

Tristan smiled and regained himself. "Kendra, you look amazing."

I started to blink rapidly in order to avoid the tears from falling. "I have to go!" I began to walk towards them. "I have left some money. Thank you for the clothes and last night." I smiled at them both and carried on walking.

"Kendra!" He screamed. I couldn't look back, I wanted to forget what I had heard but it was too dreadful. That warm, kind lovable man could do that to the man that made him. No matter what the situation was, you just never did anything like that. I carried on walking and walking, I wanted to get home. I had to grieve for something that never was and I wanted to do it alone.

23rd August 2012

I switched my phone off, he must ran a million times since yesterday. Every voice mail saying exactly the same. It hurt just hearing his voice, his pleading and begging.

I laid back on the sofa and closed my eyes. Why did I have to listen to their conversation? Who knows what of could of happened today.

I know I had only just met him but funnily enough I was missing him. Every time I closed my eyes I could see his beautiful face looking down at me. Every time I looked in the mirror the mark on my neck reminded me of his wonderful mouth and he affected my body.

I felt out a scream of frustration. He was just a man. Just everyday normal man. There was nothing special about him, in fact he was a thug who went around beating people into comas and landing in prison.

I needed to sleep and eat, but both were not doable. Why was I like this? How many dates had I been on? I don't even think I was this bad after Steve left me. Why had Tristan affected me this badly?

I heard a knock on the door. I rolled my eyes, I didn't want to see anyone. The door knocked again this time louder. I reluctantly got up and answered it.

I had to catch my breath it was him, dressed in the clothes from yesterday and holding a bunch of roses.

His eyes locked with mine, they were red and he looked sad. "Can I come in?" I slowly nodded and he came in. The minute I closed the door. "What happened yesterday, Kendra? Why did you leave and why haven't you been answering my calls?"

I felt the dread overwhelm me and I headed back into the living room with him following behind. I sat back down on the sofa and brought my knees to my chest.

"Speak to me please" he begged sitting down next to me. "What did I do?"

I looked at him from the corner of my eye and he was full of despair. His beautiful mouth tight and his eyes were welling up. Wow! I had never had this reaction from a man before.

"I heard you" I murmured.

He nodded slowly. "I thought as much.. Do you hate me now?" I shook my head. "I'm not like that any more. I have changed."

"I don't know that, we are still strangers, Tristan!" I let out my frustration. "God! Why did you just be honest when I asked you yesterday?"

"Because I knew you would react like this!" He placed his head in his hands. "I do feel guilt, you know."

"I am not questioning that" I finally looked over at him. "It's just.... You beat the shit out your father. What if..."

He grabbed hold of hand and looked deep into my eyes. "I would never lay one finger on you. My father was sleeping with my girlfriend and cheating on my mum. I just snapped and lashed out."

"The other night with Dylan.. Even Sandra thought you were going jump over the table and smack him one."

"I would never hurt you, Kendra. Just give me a chance, just one chance and let me prove it."

A silence fell between and I carried on staring at him. Half of me wanted to and the other half wanted to kick him out. We were still strangers, I guess I could give him the benefit of the doubt. One chance wouldn't hurt. His face was pleading at me and could feel the butterflies in my stomach going wild. That was just thinking about him.

"Okay" I finally agreed. "One chance!"

His hand reached out for my face and I fell into his touch. I had see what could develop from this. I moved towards him and I could smell his aftershave.

"Lets go out" he suggested, his looking from my eyes to my mouth and back up to my eyes.

I tilted my head to the side and laughed. "You want to go out? I could of think of a better way to spend our evening."

"Me too.. I need to do some stuff at the club. You coming?"

"On a school night?"

He burst out laughing and I narrowed my eyes. "You still say that.. What are you 29?"

I felt my cheeks flush and I looked away. "I will be 31 in two months.... You?"

"29" he smiled. "Seriously 31? No way."

I looked back at him and smiled. "My age is not a problem?" I hesitated.

"Shut up!" He pulled me into him and hugged me hard. Even after just a few days I had longed for him to hold me again. "I've always wanted to be a toy boy especially to a attractive and sexy woman like you."

I sat up and pushed him in a playful manner. "I am going to change" I stood up. "That's if I can make it all the way to the bedroom."

"Need any help just call... Always willing to give assistance!" He called after me.

I was actually surprised for a Sunday night it was packed. Guess the whole school night thing no longer applied to adults. I was just sat at the bar minding my own business. Tristan had gone off to do whatever it was he did.

"Hey" Said a voice. I looked up from my cocktail and up at the voice. My eyes widen and I felt myself catch my breath. He still looked amazing, dressed in his signature suit, blonde hair all swept back and his blue eyes sparkling. I shifted awkwardly in my seat as he took the seat beside me. "What are you doing here?"

I shrugged my shoulders, like it was any of his business after all he did leave me. I picked up my cocktail and placed the straw into my mouth.

"Still not talking, huh? Kendra, don't be childish!"

"I am not childish!" I snapped.

"so what you doing here?" He laughed, he still knew how to push my buttons. I guess after six years you get to know someone well.

I sat up and turned to face him. "I am with my boyfriend!" I said proudly. "You?"

"My client owns this place and I just popped in to have a word with him." I felt all the colour drain from my face. "Who's your boyfriend?"

"Your client" I coughed.

"Tristan?" He said shocked as he raised his eyebrow. "Makes sense now when I think about it."

"What do you mean, makes sense?"

He gave me that heart warming smile. "He was in my office last week and he noticed a picture of you."

"You have a picture of me?" I asked surprised and a little bit touched.

"Yep, it was that holiday photo of us. You know the one you gave me for my birthday." He looked down at me and our eyes locked instantly. "Anyway," he shook his head and diverted his eyes from me. "He said he had seen you around, asked what your name was and if you were single."

"Kendra," I could feel Tristan's presents behind me. "Steve" the tone of his voice turned frosty. I guess Steve hadn't told him I was his ex. Tristan placed a protective arm around me. "What you doing here?"

"I came to hand you this" Steve reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out some paper. He handed over to Tristan. "Its just a summery of the expenses we talked about last week."

I watched Tristan force a smile on to his face. His eyes still glaring at Steve. He took the papers and raised them in the air. "Is that all?"

"Yes... So I will be off" Steve stood up. "It was wonderful seeing you again, Kendra." With that he walked away and my eyes followed him till he disappeared through the doors.

Tristan grabbed my hand and I was suddenly brought back into the present. "So, that's the knob head?"

"Yes" I looked down at my hands and all of a sudden I felt sadness.

Why did he still affect me this badly?

Like I even wanted him! I had a perfect successful stripper with a hot body and unbelievably handsome man. Steve was nothing to me no more. I let out a deep breath and gave Tristan all my attention.

He moved a strand of hair from my face. "Feeling better now?" He asked in a concerned manner.

"You investigated me?" I joked.

He threw back his head and laughed. His grip of my hand tightening. "Had to do the research... Besides, didn't hear you complaining the other night." His hands moved up to my chin and he pulled my head up. "Lets go back to mine" he whispered placing his lips of mine. Instantly I felt every muscle clench and the desire for him washed through me. I just gave a little nod, I didn't want his lips to leave mine.

Sex scene.

24th august 2012

I grabbed my STARBUCKS black coffee off the counter and followed Sandra out of the shop. I was tired from my late night with Tristan and all my muscles felt like I had a major workout. Me and Sandra were on our way to work. We worked opposite each other. That's where we had met, her heel had broken and I gave her some gum to sick it down till she got home. We hit it off straight away and now she was one of my closes friends. We began our walk down the busy high street.

"You know Steve got beaten up last night?" She blurted out.

I stopped in shock. "I saw him last night and he seemed fine." I was know blinking rapidly.

Sandra stood and turned to face him. "He got jumped getting into his car. Two big blokes did it."

I slowly began to walk again. I couldn't get my head around it. Why would someone do that?

"How do you know?"

"Durr... Face book!" I rolled my eyes. "Also, if I tell you do not go off on one!"


"Okay, okay... It may just been a coincidence but look..." She took out her phone and went on the internet. She slowly spun the phone round to me. I was stunned by the picture. It was Tristan bouncer from the club.

"Who posted that?"

"Steve! Apparently he took it before they started to beat the shit out of him. I thinks Tristan is behind it all."

I rolled my eyes. "Don't be ridiculous! Tristan has no reason to get Steve beaten up. Steve probably did something to them. We all know he has a big mouth."

I started walking again. It really was none of my business and Tristan had promised me he had changed.

"The bloke is a thug!"

"Was! He had his reasons at the time."

"He has brain washed you."

I started to laugh. "Brain washed? Have you heard yourself. Tristan didn't get Steve beaten up... So, just stop it." With that I walked off to work. God, she could be so frustrating at times. I knew deep in my heart Tristan was innocent. Besides, this was Steve's problem and I didn't actually have time to think about him no more. I was happy with my stripper toy boy. Steve couldn't go die for I cared.

Yet, why did I have this nagging voice in my head telling to find out?

I stopped and pulled my phone out. I searched for my works number. "Hello it's Kendra... I won't be in today.. Okay, I will call tomorrow." I hit the reject button and took in a deep breath. Sometimes I was too inquisitive for my own good but I knew if I didn't find out and prove Sandra wrong it would bug me for the whole day.

I knocked on his door and a few seconds he answered it. His body dripping in sweat and his top half naked. Little droplets of sweet enhancing his perfect toned stomach muscles. He wiped his forehead with the wet towel around his neck.

"Hey" he smiled moving in for a kiss. He smelt divine even in spite of the sweat. He opened the door and head gestured for me to come in. "You here for a replay?" He smirked. I felt myself blush as the thought of last night filled my mind.

I watched as he strolled over to a doorway, he reached up and grabbed a metal pole. Slowly he raised himself up and down. He was one drop dead gorgeous man. I could stand and watch him all day. A little smile sprung to his lips and his eyes never leaving mine. He was giving the fuck-me-eyes and my body was calling out to him.

NO! I was here for a reason, I tried to regain myself and focus on exactly what I wanted to talk about.

"I'm afraid I'm out of ice cubes... I am pretty sure I could come up with another game."

"Tristan, please this is serious" I looked down at the floor. "Steve got beaten up last night and he has plastered all over the internet you had something to do with."

He stopped what he was doing and just stared at me. Slowly he shook his head and I felt relief. I knew he wouldn't of done it.

I could trust him and I knew that, why did I doubt him?

He walked over to me and placed his hand on my shoulder. His free hand brushed my cheek. "I told you I wasn't like that any more... I am not going to do anything to even risk losing you" he voice soft and light.

I felt myself melt. "Oh Tristan" I cried, I stood on my tip toes and planted his soft lips on mine. He began to kiss me with force and his hands grabbing hold of my waist. My hands moved into his wet hair and I kissed him back hard my tongue playing with his.

Quickly he pulled away, he grabbed hold of my hand and led to his bedroom. Once inside he closed the door and he had that dark sexual look on his face. Quickly he took off his shorts and stood before me hard and pink. I felt myself licking my lips. He spread his legs apart and placed his hands above his head, giving me a better view of his intoxicating body.

My breathing began to escalate and I felt myself getting wet. The urging and aching began for him. I was going to be at his mercy.

He raised an eyebrow and his lip twitched. "Your turn" he growled. I slowly pulled off my top, reached for zip and my skirt fell to the floor. I unfastened my bra and threw it in his direction. He caught it and blew a little kiss. I placed my thumbs into knickers and pulled them down to my ankles, gracefully stepping out of them.

"I am so glad you chose me over work" he whistled. "Go and sit in the chair." I starting walking over to the swing in the corner. "Oh no... That one!" My eyes followed the direction he was pointing to. I hadn't noticed that one the other day. In the opposite corner was another chair. This one was black leather and looked like it had some sort of hand cuffs on the arms and on the footrests.

We were moving on to the next level, just like he had said last night. My heart rate increased with excitement... I really was going to be at his mercy and the thought turned me on. I gave him a little smirk and took my place in the chair. The anticipation was flooding through my body. I hadn't been this excited since I was a kid.

He strolled over to me and began to fasten the cuffs around my wrists and then dropped to the floor to cuff my feet. Slowly his finger trailed up my leg, along my thigh, up my stomach, between my breasts, up my neck and into my mouth.

I sucked hard simulating oral sex on his long lean magical finger.

He hissed through gritted teeth. "Not today, baby. We are going to have some prober fun." He pushed my head back into the chair and out of nowhere something covered my eyes. Everything went dark, I felt goosebumps appear on my skin. The butterflies were going crazy again.

This time both his hands moved down my body and I felt his mouth there. His tongue slowly making delicious swirling movements on my clit. The soft sucking he made in between each swirl. I felt my head go back, I wanted reach out and tug at his hair. His wet down began to move up and down, slowly slipping into me. I gave out a groan of desire.

I felt his lean finger replaced his tongue, slowly moving in and out of me getting me damp with each penetration.

"You know the best thing about this chair" he growled. Without warning I felt the chair tip back and now his mouth was on my nipple. He tugged with his teeth and with his fingertips pulled softly on the other. I felt the convulsing feel begin from my toes and work up to my head.

He straddled on top of me and sank his rock hard penis inside of me. He started to rock gently using his hips. I could feel his breath on my neck and his lips placing sweet kisses on my neck.

"This how I like you, Kendra. Bounded and me in charge" he growled. "See, how much fun you have with giving yourself up to me." He began to pound and push himself deeper and deeper. His fingers grabbed hold of my chin and his lips on mine, still wet from me.

I began to quiver and scream from the force of his penis penetrating me and leading me over the edge.

"Yes..Baby...Come for me" he said in between each slam. Finally the explosion happened and I was no longer in control of my body. He slammed harder into me and felt his warm orgasmic dew fill me up.

I was panting and my head felt dizzy. Slowly everything began to get light and his face was staring down at me. I couldn't reach out to touch him.

His rested his forehead on mine and let a little air out of his mouth. "That was only half of how good it can be, Kendra. Maybe one day we can explore more."

"More?" I asked, slowly recovering from my mind blowing orgasm.

He raised a perfect eyebrow and his dark auburn hair dropped over his eyes. He gave that wicked grin and bit down on his lip. "Much more."

He slowly climbed off me and with a press of a button I sat back up. Quickly he undid the cuffs, with each wrist he gave it a little rub and a kiss. He copied with my ankles. He held out his hand and I took it rising to my feet. My legs felt weak and I thought I was going to fall over. Instantly, his hand moved to the mid of my back and I regained my balance.

I looked up and he was beaming down at me. The most beautiful smile I had seen so far.

"Okay?" He asked with concern, I just nodded and he let go of me. I watched him walk over to a draw and pull out a white vest. He spun round pulling it over his head.

"Food!" He clicked his fingers and pointed at me. Once again all I could do was nod, he had hypnotized me and for the first time I was speechless.

He cocked his head. "You okay, really?"

"Yes" I had finally found my voice.

"Good" he headed towards the door, he gave me one look and walked out closing the door behind me.

I fell on to the bed and let out a breath. God, everything about me was mind blowing. I looked up at my reflection in the ceiling mirror. Wow, I mouthed to myself.

I looked at the red marks on my wrists and ankles and smiled bigger. More? Exactly how much more could he do to me. I couldn't wait to find out.

"Yo Bruv!" I heard him call out as I finally made my way into the living area. Tristan had made some sandwiches and sat at the table. I noticed Dylan walking through the door. His eyes looked at mine and he looked at the floor. He was probably still embarrassed about confessing everything to Sandra. I no longer cared we had moved on from that now.

"Hi,Dylan" I said, walking to the table and taking the seat next to my man. Dylan followed and sat opposite me.

"Hi" he coughed. "Um mm Tristan, you know we have dance rehearsal in thirty minutes."

"Fuck!" He yelled putting down his sandwich. "I completely forgot." his hand reached out for mine. "Will you be okay here till I get back."

"I'll go home, I really need sleep."

His mouth twitched slightly and the loving look disappeared for a few seconds. "If that is what you want. I will drop you off."

I laughed. "Don't be stupid..." I stopped in mid sentence his face had turned cold and he was glaring at me. What was all that about? I rolled my eyes. "Fine, if that is what you want."

Suddenly he switched again and gave me his sex god face. "Good..."

I caught Dylan's gaze and he diverted his eyes. Maybe this is what Sandra had meant by controlling behaviour. I guess this was something I was just going to have to get use to. Right now, what I was feeling was too good to walk away from.

* * *

I felt lush after my shower and now I was feeling very sleepy. I hadn't had that much exercise in my life. I had just closed my eyes when there was banging at my door.

I got up and walked into the hallway. I answered my door and to my amazement Steve was standing before me. His face was a mess, both eyes blacken and his lip puffy.

"Can I come in?" He asked, I nodded and walked straight in. "So... Sandra tells me your still seeing this monster."

I spun round not even closing the door. Monster? Was he referring to Tristan? How dare he come in here and start telling me who I can see.

"Tristan had nothing to do with it, Steve. He told me himself. Now, if you don't mind I am tired and need sleep."

Steve pushed me up against the wall and grabbed hold of my chin. "Look!" He yelled, his face directly in front of mine. "Your twisted boyfriend got someone to do this to me."

I could feel tears coming to my eyes, in all the time I had known Steve, he had never done been like this before.

"You know why?" I shook my head. "Because of you!"

I caught my breath and I had to look away. Why because of me? What had I done? Surely Steve was just making this all up.

"Walk away from him, Kendra. Please..."

I pushed Steve away. "Shut up!" I screamed. "You have no right coming round here and telling me who I can see. I love him and your lying."

"Love him?" He snorted. "How long have you known him? A day? An hour?"

I folded my arms. "What does that have anything to do with it...? It is none of your business, now get out!" Steve remained in place. "GET OUT!!!" I screamed.

"Just don't come running to me when he beats you into a pulp!" With that he stormed out and slammed the front door close.

I rested my head against the wall and slowly fell to my knees. I could no longer withhold my tears.

Now two people had told me the same thing and after over hearing his conversation with Dylan.

Was the Tristan I had grown to love really a violent bully?


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