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Stranger To Love and Love Which to Fear

Novel By: KaitDragons

The time has come and again I am searching for something to keep me going. I am hungry but this time I am doing things differently; very differently. I am a man many know of, but they know nothing about my plans and nothing about me personally. My name is Ryan and of course I am filthy rich. Nobody could ever get into my head. I am 22 but I have it all. For some reason,though, I wanted her. I wanted this strange, troubled girl in ways that would sicken some people, but I wasn't ashamed of it I. I wasn't aware of what I would be getting myself into. I wasn't one to fall in-love easily.My past has turned me cold in a way.Honestly, I could kill someone easily if I wanted to with all the skills I have. I have never felt the need to protect anyone since Cara my ex, but for some reason, I feel she needs me and nothing makes me want to back down. What I want most is for her to be mine and nothing can get in the way of my future intentions. Maybe I am crazy...crazy for her. View table of contents...


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CHAPTER 7.....

"Good morning sleepy head" I heard Lilly say. She was sitting on top me poking my face while Gracie tickled my feet. I was laughing in a matter of seconds. I asked what time it was. She said it's time to get my ass up. She crawled off me and she turned on the radio. Next thing I saw was her and Gracie dancing. I called Gracie over to my lap realizing my little princess just turned five. I told her that we would celebrate tonight. We would do whatever she wanted and she was clapping her hands smiling.

Then out of no where my phone went off. I jumped out of bed grabbing my phone and it was him it was Ryan!!! I was smiling and at the same time I was nervous as fuck. I went to answer it but I didn't get to it in time. Lilly was looking at me with suspicious eyes telling me to spill my beans. I told her about what happen once Gracie had left the room. We talked about everything. She was really happy for me.

But once we got to the part about James we were both silent. I know she didn't want me to go back home. She knew I didn't want to go. I decided that we were going to stay here another night. I wasn't going to take Gracie home to them especially not on her Birthday. We knew the guys were going to flip. Hunter and Mark hated James they had no problem with setting him straight. But that would only make it worse on me & Gracie especially since James didn't care. I told Lilly I needed a bath. She knew I needed a few minutes to myself to get my ideas together.

I locked the door and got undressed sinking into the water I sett my phone beside me and let my music play as I cleaned myself up. That's when I heard it a few voices coming from downstairs but it wasn't Lilly or Hunter-Gracie or Marks it was his it was "RYANS" voice I jumped out of the bathtub barley dry.

Just as I went to open the door Lilly & Mark were standing there telling me Mr prince charming was here for me. I shut the door and threw my tight black yoga pants on along a with a blue tank-top making my boobs look amazing, along with those yoga pants which really showed off my ass not that I was trying to. I just wanted to get down stairs. I brushed my teeth real fast and combed through my hair. I figured I let it air dry and it fell nicely on my shoulder. I didn't care about makeup I didn't even know why he was here. I know I told him I see him tomorrow but I didn't expect him to come knocking for me. As I peeked down at the bottom of the steps I saw Hunter and him laughing. Gracie was doing some tricks I had taught her from dance.

When she saw me she ran over to me jumping in my arms giving me the biggest hug and I again was laughing I loved my little sister so much. I realized I laughed a little to loud because both of the guys were now staring at me. I looked up and waved still holding Gracie and I saw him eying my body up and down until his eyes were caught on mine. He was showing his sexy grin which I was a fan of. I walked over and gave Hunter a hug and then questioned if I should hug Ryan or not but I knew that he wanted one once his arms were open. I fell into them and instantly his strong muscular body was wrapped around me. Gracie started singing "Leah s got a boyfriend" & I just stuck my tongue at her and said no I don't.

Everyone was in the room now talking I didn't get a chance to tell the guys who he was but Lilly had informed them for me. It was all okay. Once he let me go he asked me how my ankle was feeling and to be honest, it still hurt but I think I was so overly happy that I forgot about the pain. Ryan asked me If i had eaten and I responded with a no. Of course he was about to ask me if I wanted to go out with him. I was about to say no thank you and Hunter said of course she would. I looked at him with I am going to kill you eyes. He just laughed and said for me to go that Him and Lilly were taking Gracie out to Lion king on ice for her Birthday.

He had asked me awhile back if I wanted to join but at that time I was on day shift so I couldn't take off. I knew he was happy and wanted me get out and have a good time. They always told me I needed a man in my life but I never let anyone get close besides them. I finally said fine and before I knew it Lilly was throwing my bag at shoes at me. Mark was swinging my black coat back and forth in his arms along with my beautiful blue dressy scarf. I grabbed it from them thanking them and giving Gracie a kiss on the cheek telling her not to have to much fun without me. I told her when she got back we would celebrate some more. I waved goodbye and we all decided that we would all meet back at the house around 5pm.

Ryan opened the limo door for me and I smiled thanking him. I said hello to his driver even though I was still clueless of his name. I was still clueless about Ryan. All I knew was that he was filthy rich but I didn't know anything about his job. I also still had no clue why he has hosted that event at the club or why he had even come back for me.

Once he was in the car I noticed he was wearing a dark blue dressy long sleeve shirt with black fancy jacket along with a nice pair of black jeans he was looking delicious and I could smell his colon. He was watching me eye him up. I was blushing knowing that he saw me watching him.

I went to turn my face away but he grabbed my waist picking me up placing me on his lap with his arms wrapped around me. He had his lips just a little away from mine making me want to jump at him for a kiss. Ryan leaned me back a little making me tighten my arms around his neck. Then his soft lips were against my neck creating a trail all the way up to my lips. My hormones were going crazy. That's when he stopped kissing me.

I didn't realize it but my body was slowly grinding against him and he was hard and I just giggled to myself and said "sorry".

He asked me what my favorite thing to eat was. I really didn't care at this point. I just wanted him to kiss me. But I just choked out french toast and he smiled. He asked me if I wanted to eat at his house or go somewhere. I told him I didn't mind either or and we ended up heading to his place. He lived a good 30 minutes away. I had never been to this part of town his house was more like a castle it was huge. It was enormous and it looked so beautiful with the snow all covering the ground and rooftops. The big gate opened as we drove up to the front door of his house. There was a bunch of steps leading to the front door but he wasn't going to make me walk.

He picked me up and carried me to the side door of his place. There was a glass elevator open and ready for us to enter. I was still in his arm's when we reached the third floor of his place. He carried me in setting me down on a warm black sofa. He told me that he would be right back. When he returned he was talking to one of his maids, I suppose? She smiled and offered to take my jacket. I allowed her to and she told me she would bring me some hot tea. I just smiled thanking her.

He was beside me within moments watching me take in everything. There was a beautiful view and a huge glass window that showed the frozen lake and field which surrounded all of this property. I couldn't believe he owned all of this I was so peaceful. I was wishing that I lived here. It was so beautiful.

I looked over, I seen him starting up the fire place and he must have realized I was cold. He gave me a blanket that was very warm draping it around me. I was biting my lip again and he took it upon himself as he put his fingers against my mouth and pushed his finger inside it. I was automatically sucking, biting his finger and he kissed my forehead as I released him not wanting him to think I was some kind of vampire.

I snuggled back into the sofa a little as he moved closer to me. His hand was slowly sliding up under my leg. He lifted my body a little as he was leaning over top me. I wasn't sure what he was doing but he was causing my body to want things that I had never wanted or felt before. I felt his hands on my thighs squeezing them a little as he was right between my legs . I couldn't help but squeeze my legs around him but that's when he started smiling. He lifted me up a little and reached under me and pinched my butt grabbing a remote from under me. I felt a little disappointed with myself for thinking that he wanted me. I quickly released my leg's from around him and sat pretzel style on the sofa.

Ryan turned on the fancy radio with his remote not noticing how stupid I felt which I was glad about. When he went to turn around and look at me the maid had come back in the room . She came to tell us our tea and breakfast was ready, I looked at him as he wrapped his one arm around my waist. Leading me to the glass table just a few feet away from us. We ate out breakfast which was yummy and we sat talking about my ankle and the club.

I asked him what the event was for and he said it was just a get together with people that worked for him. He informed me that he worked for the FBI he was high up on the list but he had his own business as well. He was the man who was creating all the new weapons that only certain people could know about which basically meant the soldiers at war along with the FBI agents. Anyone in that field. He couldn't tell me much about it but at least I had an idea of the things he did.

It instantly had me thinking about my dad and I felt sick in my stomach but he got my mind off of that quick without even knowing it. He was curious about me but there really wasn't much to tell I was a senior in high school I worked as a dance teacher during the week and Friday through Sunday night I would be working at the club and I wouldn't be 18 until January 6th.

He looked at me and said he though I was older but I just smiled and replied no asking if it was a problem and he said "No not at all"Then he was standing in front of me his lips against mine as he lifted me up by my ass holding me tightly against him smacking my butt playfully I couldn't help but bite his neck. That left him moaning softly. I was still feeling tired. I was resting my head on his shoulder as he carried me back to the living room and placed me on the big sofa. Ryan asked me what movies I liked and turned on "I Am Legend".He placed the blanket back around me. I curled up on his lap while he was rubbing my back and didn't realize I was so tired but within minutes I was fast asleep.


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