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Stranger To Love and Love Which to Fear

Novel By: KaitDragons

The time has come and again I am searching for something to keep me going. I am hungry but this time I am doing things differently; very differently. I am a man many know of, but they know nothing about my plans and nothing about me personally. My name is Ryan and of course I am filthy rich. Nobody could ever get into my head. I am 22 but I have it all. For some reason,though, I wanted her. I wanted this strange, troubled girl in ways that would sicken some people, but I wasn't ashamed of it I. I wasn't aware of what I would be getting myself into. I wasn't one to fall in-love easily.My past has turned me cold in a way.Honestly, I could kill someone easily if I wanted to with all the skills I have. I have never felt the need to protect anyone since Cara my ex, but for some reason, I feel she needs me and nothing makes me want to back down. What I want most is for her to be mine and nothing can get in the way of my future intentions. Maybe I am crazy...crazy for her. View table of contents...


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(Prewview of this chapter) Things can only go so well until something manages to screw it up. I love Ryan i love how he touched me and staying at his place.It was perfect for three weeks just three weeks, Here i am working I don't know if i am crazy or if this man really just saved me from that blow. Him out of all people. There something wrong with this picture something.. is defiantly off. Since when does he care or care to protect me. He not drunk.. something has changed..but why ?
Chapter 21
It's Sunday, and it's about noon. Here I am with two of my favorite people Gracie and Ryan Heading to the mall. Were suppose to be meeting up with Lilly to go shopping for things to decorate Gracie room. I am still so soar from last night. My body hurts in all the right ways. I can't deny how amazing it was. I couldn't have asked for a better first time. Ryan will always have my heart. At least that how it feels. I haven't even spilled the details to Lilly. I know she will be beyond happy for me. As for the boys they have been waiting for this day to happen. But they always teased me because I kept myself to myself. They will be blown away to hear I am NO longer a virgin. Should be interesting to see their face's when I hit them with my word's.

I haven't spoken to my mother since our blow up the other day. She claims to love Gracie and I so much yet she runs right to James. I don't know why she protects him or what she sees in him, ill never understand. I haven't heard any news on Adams where about's. I just know my mom was most likely running home to take care of him because James called her freaking out. I never got to tell her the whole story of what happened. Just when I was about to she told me she had to go. I am pretty dam sure that Adam told his dad. They wouldn't tell my mom, at least not the truth anyway.

.."Lilly Lilly"

I hear Gracie shouting from the back seat of Ryan's Black ESCALADE. I was in the front seat next to Ryan. His one hand was resting on my leg rubbing it throughout the car ride. He is an excellent driver I know he likes to drive fast. How ever he drives extra careful especially with Gracie and I in the car. When we parked in the spot Gracie was struggling to get out of her seat. She was more then happy to be free from her car seat. Lilly was holding Gracie asking her if she was ready to shop. We stood by the car a few minutes waiting for Gracie to get all her excitement out. Ryan's was holding his arms around my me kissing my neck softly whispering to me.

.."I love you baby girl and were buying clothes for you today and things for you as well". I went to shake my head no but he turned me around so quick and kissed me. I felt like melting in his arms his soft powerful kiss always left me feeling so defeated.

" I am okay Baby I don't need anything--" He didn't even let me finish he smacked my ass really hard and scooped me up in his arms.

..." Cupcake your getting things either way even if I have to give money for Lilly to buy it for you. If your going to be so stubborn. So tell me do you really refuse to pick things out for your self ?I know Lilly knows your style. She would do a fine job at it so stop avoiding me buying you things I am doing it either way."

"Ughh not fair Mr put me down I have a dress on "

I smacked his butt playfully. I had a short white sundress on that covered just above my knees. My cute white flats along with my hair all naturally wavy and falling over my shoulders. My eyes were really blue this morning I only applied eye liner mascara it really made my eyes pop.

….. We walked around the different stores at the mall and found Gracie a lot of things. New bed comforter, Clothes, Cute posters and a kid desk for her to put things on. Along with her own individual Wii and karaoke machine which he bought her. We stopped for lunch and that's when I really got to talk to Lilly. Ryan had taken Gracie to play some games while we waited for lunch to be served.

.." You finally did it? How was it ? Did it hurt did you enjoy it are you going to be a freak now in bed"

Lilly just kept the questions coming.. She was so happy for me. Lilly told me she knew I would do it soon enough . She was just waiting for me to come to her with the juicy details. I couldn't help but smile. Of course she was the first person I would tell and of course she knew. She was like my sister she knew everything...!

After we got done lunch I did some shopping. I found a couple dress's and a handful of cute shirts and skirts. There was a decent amount of yoga pants and shorts that I loaded up on. I got a couple bikinis but didn't go to crazy yet. After all summer was just around the corner. Once we finished up we all went back to Ryan's. Lilly followed behind us and we had the boys along with Mark's (Girl of the month) meet us there. It was probably about 4ish when we were all settled inside. The guys were helping us decorate Gracie room while running back and forth watching some car movie. When the room was completely finished Ryan told us he had a surprise for us girls. I really had no clue where we were going,. We walked to the second floor which I had never been inside of. Being the door was locked and sealed tight.

I knew Gracie knew because he and the boys led her off with Rosa to her bedroom. Rosa told us she be right down with Gracie I tried to ask Gracie but she just smiled and ran away from me. She was protecting her boy's and not spilling the beans. The boys made us close our eyes while they left us to check something out. Appertantly Ryan had something to "show and tell "

When they came back I didn't get a chance to look. Lilly and Marks "girl Lauren " and I all had our backs turned. I had tried to peek but Ryan's hand's were instantly covering my eyes . When we entered the big secret room I heard the splash of water and I knew right off the bat. POOL. Ryan instantly had me in his arms. Mark had already got Lauren in. Before I could run me And Lilly were both being picked up to get tossed in to the pool. I clung To Lilly hand. How ever I was quickly torn away. I didn't release my hold on Ryan. I was laughing so hard I had to pee begging him not to throw me in. He just smiled and said okay. Instead he jumped in with me holding me tight against him.

We were in the pool for about 5 minutes before Gracie came down. She was laughing at me my white dress was floating up. Ryan had his strong grip on me and my dress keeping it down.

"It looks like a jelly fish" Gracie said while jumping right into Mark's arm. Mark had releases his hold on Lauren just to catch Gracie. Mark and Gracie were best buds when it came to playing tricks. We were in the pool for about a half an hour Before Rosa came down to tell us that diner was ready. She had brought us all down hot body robes to slip into. I went to walk into the bathroom alone but I seen Ryan watching me. Staring at me while I walked into what I thought was a bathroom. It was a bathroom in a way but there was another door locked and I had no clue what was beyond it. I saw his oh so sexy grin and a hard slap right on my ass.

"Owwww babe couldn't you just give a fair warning I know my ass has your attention and it's hard to keep away. But for the sake of my now rosey red ass give a girl some warning"

Everyone was walking out to go sit on the porch on the first floor for the BBQ diner. Ryan left with them to show them the way. How ever I was still trying to get out of my now soaked sundress. I forgot to lock the door. I had not clue Ryan would return. I should have known that though. I had my two hands on the wall holding me up for balance as my dress dropped to my ankles. I went to step out of it and I felt Ryan's hands wrap around me.

..."Baby your so beautiful I want you right here right now"

His hand slid right between my legs and I allowed for one of his fingers to enter me. Then I tightened my legs around him keeping his hand still between my legs. His fingers was pushing against my special spot. I felt his lips kiss down my naked exposed body. His teeth brushed against my vagina and then he took a bite into me. I kicked off the dress letting it fall free from my ankles.

"Hold still baby girl"

Ryan's quickly pulled my legs over his shoulder. His tongue was swirling around inside me. My soar parts became so sensitive to his touch .I felt him standing up as his hand slipped up to my breast. I never liked heights and Ryan was tall. He had my back pinned to the wall as my hands were against the wall. My eyes were closed tight. Mainly out of fear and pleasure

"Let me down-- let me-- down please -please.. Babe"

His tongue was going deeper then ever before. All my screams escaped my mouth. Tightening my legs around him was the only thing I could manage. But I was panicking the longer I was up there. I felt the tears building up and pouring down my face. Next thing I know his hands were on my hips lifting me a little higher until I was off of his shoulders. He immediately pulled me back down and pushed me down on the floor hard. But gently enough not to hurt me. Kissing away all my tears was his only concern. I tried to hide my face. I didn't want him to think I didn't enjoy it. When I really did. But my fear of heights gets me every time no matter where I am.

..."Baby I am sorry-i am sorry- "

I quickly slid out from under him. I think he thought I was trying to avoid him all together after holding me up like that. But I climbed right over him and straddled him and let his large monster have the opportunity to enter me. Seeing that he was still confused I took it upon myself to have him. I lowered my body so he was deep inside of me. I started riding Ryan so hard that I never wanted to have to stop. I knew my body couldn't keep it going forever but right now it felt so fucking good.

…..."Leah baby---Leah-- "

Him moaning my name had me so ready. I knew he was so ready to cum but that's when I realized once again that he didn't have a condom on. I think he forgot because once I started slowing down he just kept me going thrusting himself up inside me harder and faster each time.

"Ryan-- OHH ryan"
His hands were pulling my wavy hair and bringing my face closer to his. He was such a tease keeping me so close yet so far from his lips. Everything felt so different on top. It felt so much deeper. My legs became jello like but I wasn't ready to stop. I Ryan was picking up on the speed as he squeezed my nipples between his fingers making the veins in my boobs feel like they just pop. The final thrust of him inside of me sett my orgasm off. It feels like each time I have one it becomes more powerful and weakens my body a whole lot quicker. In a good way though. When he pulled me off and laid me on the floor next to him I know he needed to cum. Without even asking him I climbed on to of him and I started humping his mouth with my pussy. I had my lips locked around his dick taking his long hard delicious taste into my mouth. I felt my wetness flooding out of me and going all over his face. I didn't care though it felt so good man it felt amazing.

Three weeks later

….............. It's been about three weeks since my first time and I have yet to go home. I never got in trouble for Missing work that one night at the bar which makes me happy. School and work really have been keeping me on my toes. Gracie has been spending a lot of time with my bestfriends and Ryan while I am working. Life seemed to be okay at the moment since I managed to escape my real home for this long. I knew it wouldn't last forever. Shit was going to hit the fan eventually. Unfortunately eventually had to be now. I didn't know when to expect a call I just knew I would be getting one eventually...

Its Saturday Night I am working at the club serving drink minding my own business. There only a handful of people in here since were about to close. I don't really care to be here tonight after me and Ryan's first REAL argument. I was completely focused on serving drinks to the guys at the bar until I seen my boss friend hit some girl that was quickly yanked behind a curtain. I had a flash back of the events that had taken place. The Van which contained a scream and a face which I couldn't identify. As well as the night at the fair with the younger girl Sofia who almost got beat by her boyfriend. Then of course my own situations. I still am struggling to remember if I was just to drunk the night I was almost "yanked up the stairs to have things done to me by Rich friend" I can't be sure if it was real or if I imagined it. I still get scared when I think about it but I don't tell anyone about it. Ryan knew and he was the last person I wanted to talk to about it with especially now. Everything was driving me insane and I took a shot before I made my move.Why is it that men feel they can just lay their hands on us woman? How would they feel if we did it to them?

Without thinking I grabbed a glass of water marched over to where the guy had led the girl and tossed the glass of water on him. His face turned bright red and I think he was going to knock me to the floor if it wasn't for JAMES. Yes thats right "James"

"Ass-whole" I had screamed at the man and pulled the girl to my side she had to be about my age. I could see her eyes begging for me not to leave her and I wasn't even planning on my next move but I knew it didn't involve me leaving her there. I never would have thought James would be my "hero" not for any moment not any day or night but he sort of was. The girl jumped behind me and I put my hand up so that the man couldn't grab her. James jumped in front of me and pushed the guy back in his seat. I guess he gave him the "You TOUCH her I fuck you up look" because the guy just remained seated. I never planned on James being here I haven't seen him in three weeks. It's shocking to me that he not drunk. It's an even big shock that I didn't know he was here. He couldn't have been here for long there no way. The guy was eying me up hard core. I had short black shorts on and hot pink strapless top that revealed my tan body . My hair was pin straight with of course a hot pink flower in it. James turned around grabbing me by my arm leading me away from the tabel.

..."Leah what the fuck are you doing you don't just go up to a man and throw water at him especially not him you got me now go back and apologize"

Since when did Jame's ever care about anyone else or respecting someone for that matter. I was not going to say I was sorry to a man who just laid his hand on a girl. Fuck that. I had my arms on my hips I was really fucking pissed tonight was just one of those nights where nothings makes sense....


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