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Stranger To Love and Love Which to Fear

Novel By: KaitDragons

The time has come and again I am searching for something to keep me going. I am hungry but this time I am doing things differently; very differently. I am a man many know of, but they know nothing about my plans and nothing about me personally. My name is Ryan and of course I am filthy rich. Nobody could ever get into my head. I am 22 but I have it all. For some reason,though, I wanted her. I wanted this strange, troubled girl in ways that would sicken some people, but I wasn't ashamed of it I. I wasn't aware of what I would be getting myself into. I wasn't one to fall in-love easily.My past has turned me cold in a way.Honestly, I could kill someone easily if I wanted to with all the skills I have. I have never felt the need to protect anyone since Cara my ex, but for some reason, I feel she needs me and nothing makes me want to back down. What I want most is for her to be mine and nothing can get in the way of my future intentions. Maybe I am crazy...crazy for her. View table of contents...


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Gracie is so tiny and is the only reason I even smile any more. She means everything to me and seeing her tears drove me insane. I wasn't going to ask her what happened yet ..but that's when I see it; a small bruise forming on her face and a hint of blood drying on her cheek, hidden by her hair.

I am beyond words, just speechless.

"I was a bad girl. Mommy told me not to cry and I cried so she couldn't help me." She tells me.

Sweeping her hair out of her face, I smile sympathetically. "You're not a bad girl, Gracie. You didn't do anything wrong."

She always cried when I left for school and I felt awful for leaving her, but I never expected to come home to this. She is so fragile and I wasn't there to protect her. My mom sure as hell didn't protect her. She let James hit her own daughter.

I never knew things would escalate so quickly but they were getting worse and I couldn't just keep it to myself. Not tonight anyway.

I know that what I am about to do would cause a huge blow up. It's only a matter of time when I can get the hell out of here.

I made Gracie pack some of her toys in a bag and gave her my iPod to listen to while I made a call. Having a lot of friends comes in handy. Deciding it's best to call them to get myself and Gracie out of this Hell hole for the night, I call all of them at the same time.

Hunter was the first to answer. I could tell he was out of breath and assumed he was at the gym with Mark and the guys. Then Lilly picked up and of course she was getting her nails done. Little miss beauty queen.

They all knew by my voice that something was wrong.

Before I could even explain to them what happened, I heard Hunter screaming for Mark to get his shit and go to the car. Lilly was about to come but Hunter told her to just meet up at his house.

Hunter is 19 and a handsome guy. Sometimes he can be overly protective, but it's a good thing, especially in times like these. His dark brown hair and eyes caught every girls attention. You would think he is one of those stuck up jerks but he is honestly the most respectful, caring guy I know.

Mark is 19 too, but the difference between them was he has dirty blond hair with hazel eyes. Sadly, he is a man whore because he was screwed over big time by his ex-girlfriend.

As for Lilly, she is 18 and a total sweetheart. Sometimes she can be a real bitch but I don't blame her. She doesn't take shit from anyone and wasn't afraid to speak her mind. She has beautiful blond hair that is naturally curly, blue eyes and the perfect body. As you could assume, all the guys love her.

All three of them are my wonderful best friends. They would always be here for me just like I would always be there for them.

I didn't have my car or else I would have already been out. James took that away from me because he knew I couldn't get away quick enough. He told my mom that I was being a slut and that I stole money from him so she decided to let him take my car away from me. The fact that I paid for it on my own didn't change the fact he could take it away. Bullshit, I know.

My best friends live about 20 mintues away so it was too far of a walk with Gracie. Plus, it isn't the safest neighborhood to be walking the streets at night.

Gracie came walking over to me when she saw me rummaging through my dresser.

I stop what I am doing and look over at her. "We are going to stay at Lilly's and hang with the guys for a while. Okay?"

She smiled and jumped up and down. I know she loves them and of course they love her.

Getting up, I walk over to the door, "I need to get a few things. Stay in my room and lock the door." I walk out and into the hallway.

It is about 8pm and the house is dark. Some voices came from down stairs and the other side of the house but I just make a run for it to Gracie's room. I grabbed a handful of clothes and other things she would need. Just as I got back to my bedroom I heard Hunter's car pull up. I was relieved until I heard someone chuckling at my door. Before I could even turn around, I was knocked to the floor.

James was dragging me by my ankles, trying to pull me to his bedroom.

Gracie screamed, "Let Leah go!"

That must have pissed him off as he went to grab her. Without another thought, I tripped him and screamed for Gracie to get out of the house and go get Hunter and Mark.

I was crying as I tried to get up, but it hurt. James manged to twist my ankle when he was trying to drag me to his room and there was no way I was going to get away from him quick enough.

Trying to crawl as fast as I could, he suddenly grabbed me and threw me over his shoulder. I could smell the alcohol from his clothes and knew I was doomed if Hunter and Mark didn't get up here quick enough.

James threw me onto his bedroom floor and kicked me hard in the ribs. "You fucking little bitch. Worthless piece of shit. You're nothing. No wonder why your father and brother don't want to come back. Your mother and everyone else is better off without you!"

As much as I didn't want to believe it, I knew that's exactly how I felt.

However, he needed me around but for his own sick twisted ways.

I curled up in a ball as he stepped closer to me. I could feel his body on mine as he was now on top of me. Holding my wrists against my sides, he leaned down and bit my neck. It hurt and I tried to pry him off of me, but it was a struggle.

He went to pull my jacket off but I managed to free my hand and slap him hard across the face. A growl escaped from his throat and he stood up. I yelped when he kicked me again.

Just then, Hunter flung the door open and tackled James to the ground.

After a couple punches, James was out cold. Hunter scooped me up and carried me down the stairs. He gently placed me in the backseat of his big blue van next to Mark and Gracie.

"Wait, my bags." I squeaked.

"I already grabbed them." Mark replied, raking a hand through his disheveled hair.

I took a deep breath and curled up with Gracie. She hugged me tightly with tears streaming down her face. I was trying my best to keep myself together, but I couldn't. Through my tears I stared out the window as we pulled out of the driveway.

My eyes widened. I wasn't sure if it was me or my imagination, but it looked as if someone was watching in the darkness.

Did they just see everything that had just happened?


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