Stranger To Love and Love Which to Fear

By: KaitDragons

Chapter 18,


I don't know what just happened I just know my blood is boiling . I want to kill those guy especially the one who was holding Leah down. One minute I am With Leah getting food for everyone. Next I am getting a phone call from some ass whole telling me to find my girl. I am fucking pissed .Who does he think he is calling me hanging up on me​? To top shit off who is he ? Why was he pinning my girlfriend to the floor? How did he get her here ? Everything happened so fast. Everything happening so fast...


….”Leah baby girl look at me open your eyes look at me love” She won't look up at me she hiding her face into my shirt. I feel her one hand digging into my skin. I can tell she was scared maybe more so in shock. Possibaly PAIN? Hunter and Mark are trying to get her to talk but she wont. She not letting go of me. She screaming in pain biting my shirt. I don't mind that she holding me so tight but she screaming in pain and we can't get her to answer us.

..“ Leah Damn it answer us” Hunter pulled her face from my shirt to get her to look at us. Usually I flip if a guy put his hand on a girl especially mine. But he is her best friend and he is becoming a very good one of mine. They all are.

..”LEAH tell me what he did what did he do” His voice is gentle and I can tell he truly cares about Leah. It nice to see. But I can't help but feel a bit jealous especially when she responds to him. My arm she screams barely and she holding her neck as if she cant breath. We look down at it. We see her arm is bruising it possible it could be fractured or something by the way he had his knees digging into her.

“Get her up get her up where is her inahler” Mark is dialing Lilly’s number telling her to meet up in the parking lot asap. We get there and Lilly throws me her inhaler I have her in my arms and mark takes the inhaler pushing it towards her mouth. She takes it and within a few minutes her breathing is almost back to normal. She still crying though. We Kept the girls away especially Gracie we didn't want her upset.

..“We have to get her mom” Lilly says. Hunter and Mark looked at Lilly as if she was nuts.

..”Guys its her mom, she been needing it a lot lately I am worried and were not taking her home were taking her to my house her mom can meet us there” The guys seemed to relax. From what I knew Leah's mom seemed nice. I knew that there was tension between her mom and the boyfriend and Leah but Leah never told me much. Leah seemed to really keep quiet about a lot of things. She tried to anyway but she seemed to have her breakdowns around me. Even though I wasn't happy seeing her cry it was nice to know she felt she could around me.

..“Ryan don't take me home just take me to your house please” I looked at her.

“Leah you need to get checked up by your mother or something right after I will take you back to my house”


…............. Her mother came to Lilly's house we all waited in the other room. Leah was sitting in the living room while her mom gave her the checkup..! I heard Leah shouting at her and I jumped a little at the random outburst.

..”Just go ahead mom run back to him, You always do”

..”Leah stop it I love you and Gracie you know that, You just don't understand”


...”Your right I will never understand just have fun with him mom” I heard her scream. Her mother came in to say goodbye to us and told us that we needed to keep watch on her other then that she was okay. She had bruised arms she may have a pulled muscle but that was all. Lilly followed her mom out. From what I know Lilly was like a daughter to Leah's mom until Leah's mom met the new guy.

Hunter suggested I go in and check on Leah. Leah's mom walked out of the house and it had been a good five minutes. I was in the room talking to Leah trying to find out what happened until we heard a scream. We heard Gracie screaming. I was out the door so fast running to the front of the house. Leah was right beside me.

..”Come on baby were going home” her mom was pulling at Gracie's arm

..”No mommy NO I don't want to go Please no mommy I want to stay” Gracie was crying reaching for me. I was about to grab her when Leah jumped in between her mom and Gracie. She told me to get Gracie in the house.

I wasn't leaving her though but when Hunter and Lilly came out I decided Leah would be okay. I took Gracie in to distract her from what was going on. Mark was inside with me. I told Gracie she could spend the night with us and we would stay up watching movies and eating junk food.

“what about our sing off” she was still crying a bit. She had beautiful blue eyes like her big sister. I loved this little girl. I loved kids I just never could think about having my own after the whole thing with Cara.


“Of course we will have a sing off Gracie but I need you to wipe those tears away because crying might cause you to lose a few rounds to me” I picked her up and turned her upside down tickling her feet. Mark and me were throwing her up in the air as she ran back and forth between the two of us. It was about 15 minutes before Hunter, Lilly and Leah came walking through.



….”Leah Baby, don't worry about it I won't let your mom take Gracie from you. I won't allow it. By the way your sister staying with us. As you know I have plenty of room and bedrooms. She can pick which ever room she want's and decorate it.” She looked so shocked that I just said that and I am not sure why. I told her before I loved her and Gracie. But she was crying kissing me. Atleast it was happy tears this time. I felt her pushing me into the bedroom and she shut the door.

..“Oh boy our boy is getting lucky “ Hunter & Mark screamed. I laughed knowing exactly what they meant. I heard Lilly to tell them to shut up that they just ruined the cutesie moment. Leah was totally ready. She was biting my lips pushing me down on one of the bed's biting me lip.

….“Leah baby wait wait” She didn't listen she un- zippered my pants and yanked my boxers down pulling me free. I cant deny that I wasn't ready. I sure as hell wasn't expecting her to do this at her best friends house. But I have one wild girlfriend, one amazing love. I have wanted her since I have seen her but I have done everything in my power to keep this beautiful,sexy girl waiting. Especially since I know she is a virgin. I love her but I just want to make sure she is ready. Once I have her once I take her virginity she in mine I couldn't deal with her moving on. I can't even deal with her finding someone else now but It will just be a thousand times worse if she wanted out later in life.


...” Babygirl oh my fucking god” Her lips were on my dick (Monster)Sucking hard. I know she is a virgin. She is new to it all outside of kissing. But damn for this being her first time doing this she was amazing. She didn't stop she was determined to have me and I couldn't fight her right now.


..“ I love you Ryan” she spoke out as she started sucking even harder wrapping her tongue around me. She sucked on the tip of my head for awhile it felt great. She was playing with my balls at the same time as she sucked. I had my hands in her hair pulling her closer. I pulled her a little to close getting lost in how good she made me feel. She was choking a bit. I loosened up on her and then she got the hint. She started taking me deep in her throat. I know she wasn't going to be able to get me in all the way I was over 9 inches longs.

...” I love you Leah” I could hardly tell her I was about to cum damn she did a fucking awesome job. I was not going to be able to hold her off much longer from sex. Not if she was going to act this way.

..“ I am going to Cum baby where do you want it” She kept sucking harder and she let her teeth skim over me lightly but it felt good it wasn't painful surprisingly.


...“Leah Baby did you hear me I am going to cum” She heard me she didn't care I went to lean up and she shoved me back down with her hand. Its not like I can't get her off. Believe me I am strong as fuck. But why would I push her off especially when she was making me feel like this good. I just leaned back and watched her. I felt her take me back of her throat and I lost control I felt my cum shooting down her throat. She swallowed it all. Not one drop escaped her mouth.

..”Babe you taste so good” She was licking her lips and crawled on top of me and pulled her skirt up. Let me remind you she didn't have panties I ripped them off of her earlier that day.

“Leah baby that felt so fucking good ! But let me make love to you home in my bed I promise please baby girl not here your friends are here” She was leaning over top of me and she just smiled”

..”Okay baby” she smiled at me and went to climb off of me. Oh she was playing hard now teasing me. I pulled her back on top of me before she could get away. I lifter her skirt up . I knew she was wet and turned on by me without a question. I slipped my one finger insider of her and slowly started pumping it in her . She moaned against my lips. She was trying to pull away but I wasn't letting her sneak away that easily. I pinned her down under me and pushed my finger deeper in her watching her wiggle beneath me.

...“I though so baby lets go” I kissed her and got up I left her laying on the bed with her mouth open.

..“Babygirl you might want to pull your skirt down before I open the door. Once your ready we can go back home” She was laying there looking so lost and wound up. I walked back over and kissed her pulling her skirt down for her. I picked her up and carried her out to the other room.

“Well well we were wondering when you guys would be done” Hunter patted me on the back and everyone was laughing. I put Leah back on her feet. As Leah walked over to Gracie.

… “Gracie mommy's not taking you anywhere your staying with me. You never have to do anything without me got that monkey?” I could tell Leah was still upset and pissed the second she spoke about her mom. she had a long day well technically a long night -day and night-!

…......It was about 10pm
..”Time to head home girls..To my house your new home” …........


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