Stranger To Love and Love Which to Fear

By: KaitDragons

Chapter 17,




.. “Leah baby are you okay?” My eyes flew open I had tears running down my face I guess I was having a bad dream. I don't even remember what it was about. I realized I had my hands digging into his back he didn't have a shirt on only boxers. Ryan was wiping my tears away pulling me into his hold tighter. He pulled me on top of his body tightening the blankets around us. I don't know what I was dreaming about but it sure as hell had me scared.

“I am okay I mumble back to him I just had a bad dream” I really don't know what happened but I just wanted to get a shower and freshen up. I look at him and then looking down realizing my clothes were all in place. I couldn't help but feel disappointed.

“We didn't do it I asked shyly ?”

…....”Leah !no we didn't. I told you last night I wasn't .I told you to get some rest I also told you it would happen I promised you it would and so it will. How ever I don't want to plan it I want it to just happen. It's going to be special, I want it to be better then you could imagine it to be baby. What's the rush in losing it to me? I don't see why you want me to take it so badly right now. You have waited this long I don't think waiting longer will kill you. I love you I want you but I am just waiting for the right time. Besides we have forever, if you stay with me forever ? Leah?..”

“I don't know I just want to I cant explain it or why it's just how you make me feel, I love you Ryan”

..”I love you to cupcake. Shower time? Then perhaps brunch ?” I smiled and climbed out of the bed he threw me over his shoulder and smacked my butt playfully. I had forgotten about last night. I didn't even know how bruised my face was. I suppose it had swollen up over night. I was standing there in front of the mirror the was surrounding the shower and hot-tub. He came up behind me wrapping his around my waist kissing my neck softly.

….”Baby you took a pretty hard fall. I am happy I got there when I did. I still don't know where you were going or planning to go. But thank god you were on the street. It's not the safest place for a beautiful women like your self, especially you. Please never leave the house like that again ever. And if you plan to walk out,don't do it around here. Its the last place I want you walking alone. Hear me Leah?”
“Yeah I hear you and okay I won't I am sorry for last night ” I stood there hating this ugly cut that was on the right side of my face. I know I was out of it but I feel like that fall wasn't my fault. But maybe I was just imagining that there was a guy trying to hurt me, or that I saw Rich..! I felt better convincing myself it was a fall. I fell a lot anyway. The only time I wasn't falling was when I was dancing. Imagine that me not falling while dancing & teaching but it's true.

…...........Were at brunch now and then headed to the fair. The shower involved a lot of kisses but other then that not much happened I know he was holding back and I was to I wanted him badly. But here we are and I am wearing a short black skirt that a little above my knees. I have a pretty blue dressy top that shows off my curves along with a blue flower that holding back a piece of my hair which i french braid hair. As for the rest of my hair it is flowing to my sides, All curly and beautiful.

I see women looking at him like he is a piece of candy. I want to get out of seat and scream he is my boyfriend he is mine stop staring at him. I know I would seem like some crazy girlfriend. It really bothers me though. It makes me feel insecure and I hate it. Feeling as if he could be taken from me at any second. I am thinking back to what he said before we got a shower. Once we finish our brunch we walk back to the limo and I am happy that nobody can see him except me. I can't hold back my words anymore. I climb onto his lap and grab his face making him looking into my eyes. Every time I look into his eyes I feel like I become speechless so I have to force myself to break the stare. I play with one of the loop holes of his Grey jeans that he wearing. Along with His white t shirt . God he is so hot. Stop it stop it I need to tell him how I feel. I take a breath and get my words out.


“ Ryan, forever is a long time. You wont want me forever. Nobody does but yes forever does sound nice. I don't know why I am so impatient I can't help myself. I want you and every other girls wants you I am just one out of the many others. I can't picture you needing me or even wanting me forever.”

….”Leah that is not true at all I love you and nobody can or will take your place, beside my girlfriend Gracie” he winked... “Now that little girl, I can't help it, I can't turn down a challenge especially a sing off with princess Gracie” I was giggling he always knew how to turn my mood around.

...”Leah did you just say gahh to me” I pulled his finger to my mouth and bit it hard.

“ Yes I believe I did Mr Ryan. Is that a problem? Is this a problem? ” I bit down harder then started sucking his fingers. I don't know why but I really loved his long fingers. His hands were huge and just strong and perfect. Everything about the way he looked was perfect he was better then model material there wasn't anything that I could complain about when it came to his looks. This blue eyed, brunet hair man had the perfect naturally tanned skin. His muscular body could crush you I swear even his pinky finger could do some damage. I decided I wanted more I quickly let his monster be free. I kissed his monster it was so hard and big. How did he manage to have so much control? Why couldn't I? I mean I am the virgin shouldn't I be more calm then him? He done this before shouldn't he be jumping at the opportunity to fuck me ? He confused me but him playing hard to get just made me want him more.


….”mmh baby girl it's no problem but your going to be punished for this.. and then of course I have all of tonight to decide on things” He licked my cheek then pulled me up and had me against him with my back tight against his chest. He manged to get his leg between mine forcing mine apart. He pulled my skirt up as he slowly massaged my legs. Then he took his hands away. He was reaching beside him for something in a bag I didn't know what it was. Then I felt something pinch around my wrists he had my hands cuffed behind my back. He placed one of his hands on my inner thigh and squeezed. I was squirming around in my seat he defiantly just cuffed my hands behind me. I cant touch him now. I feel his fingers trace down my legs I feel so wet already.

“Please Ryan just give in to me give yourself up to me stop playing so hard to get” He had me all turned on without hardly doing anything. That’s when I felt his hands pulling down at my hot pink thong. His fingers brushed against my smooth shaved (Kitten). Then he pushed one if his fingers into me I pushed myself against him. I needed him and this. I pushed my feet down as if I wanted to take the flooring of the limo right from under us. He knew what he was doing.

“Harder deeper please”

...”Baby relax I don't want to hurt you. Your so tight you don't even know it. It's going to take a lot of time before you can take all of me in you or as you like to say my (MONSTER). But don't worry ill get you to that point. In the mean time just breath and enjoy, I know you want me to slam my fingers into you since I havent give you my (Monster). But if I do that right now you will be in pain and I don't want you in pain, Ever I want it be all pleasure even if it's slow delicious torture.”

He said his words so seductively I knew what he was saying but I still wanted him to push harder to finger me harder or something.

“PLEASE have me” I screamed a little to loudly. He instanly picked me up and turned me around to face him. His Dick or as I like to say his (Monster) was hard and long for me!He pulled my skirt up higher and completely ripped my panties off.
….“ Leah is this what you want?” I looked down and bit my lip hard mmmh of course it was I shook my head yes to let him know I wanted him.

…........“ Okay Leah if that what you want. Since you can't be patient and wait and let me pleasure you right” He grabbed me and pulled my hip down towards him he was right at the entrance of my pussy. I was breath so unevenly. God damn it why did he have to say it like that. I went to push up but realized me hands were still cuffed behind my back.

“Wait WAIT” I screamed at him. “Ill wait ill wait” He held my hips holding me up so that his hard dick was just barely in my entrance.

..”Good girl I am glad you decide to wait. I knew you were a smart woman” He kissed me and laid me on my stomach on the long seat behind him. How ever he wasn't done he still left me with my hands cuffed behind my back.
“Leah close your eyes baby” I closed my eyes immediately. He slide his finger inside of me slowly but started pushing it in a little faster and deeper. I was moaning right away. I felt something warm agaisnt the front of my kitten. It was his phone he turned on the vibrator and held it right agianst me while he fingered me. It felt so good.


“cum Leah come on baby cum for me don’t be scared to get your cum on my phone let go” I was screaming soon as he finished his last words. It felt so amazing. My second orgasm ever. It just kept getting better and it was happening faster. I was so much more aroused by him then I knew.

He let my hands be free from the cuffs as withdrew his finger from me. Ryan licked his fingers then slid his phone from under me and licked my cum off his phone. It was hot watching him lick me off of his fingers and expensive phone. I was now on my back watching him do this.

...”Are we in a better mood no cupcake” I giggled oh fuck yes I am in a better mood. How couldn't I be after that?

“ Yes , yes.. Thank you babe. It felt .. well I can't explain just to good to explain”

...”Glad you enjoyed babygirl, there a whole lot more to come and we have a long life ahead of us, meaning me and you together” I smiled and he leaned down and kissed me.
...”Leah baby we are here at the fair” He pulled my skirt back in its place as he put his monster away. We looked at each other for a minute before leaving the limo together.


…..... I saw Gracie and she came running to me jumping into my arms giving me a kiss and hug.

“Leah Leah look I have a fish I named it Dragon, where is where I Ryan where my boyfriend” I started cracking up laughing Lilly, Hunter and Mark along with Ryan joined in hearing what Gracie just said.

“Hey there little lady what did me and Hunter tell you about us guys … they have cuties no boys till your a 100” Mark had turned her upside down tickling her after he handed me her fish of course. But soon as she saw Ryan she jumped out of Marks arm and climbed into Ryan's. Ryan threw her up in there air and spun her in a circle then placed her down on the ground.
...”Anyone thirsty he said after saying hi to everyone and giving Lilly a hug and the guys their manly handshake. Ryan walked to the stand and got us all cold milkshakes. He shared a big black and white shake with me though. We all played a few games and sat watching Gracie while she went on some of the rides. Mark had brought one of his youngest nieces so they girls went on the rides together. Lilly and Hunter walked around by them selfs for a little while Mark and Ryan and me watched the girls.

Ryan gave them loads of money to buy coins which kept them busy playing games for hours. We were staying for fireworks and the bands.It was probably about 7:30pm it was just staring to get dark. I needed to use the bathroom so Lilly and me took the girls to the bathroom while the guys sett up seats on the field. I was the last one to use to use the bathroom. I told Lilly to head back over with the girls that I would be right there. I washed my hands and pulled back my curly hair in a high pony tail.


I was walking out of the bathroom when out of the corner of my eye I seen something disturbing. I heard a girl scream but nobody was around besides me. The band had started playing music and everyone was over at the field! I walked a little closer and seen the girl with her hand on her face.

“Fucking bitch I told you to wear the other shirt why don't you just listen for once dumb bitch” It was one of the girls from the dance studio. I taught her class a few times at the dance studio when Lilly mom was out. She was a very sweet girl, she was young I think she might have been in middle school probably 8th grade. From what I knew... I couldn't stand there and let him talk to her like that.

“Excuse me is there a reason your screaming like a lunatic at this girl” I saw his hand up he was probably about to slap the shit out of her but he quickly stopped when he saw me. Shock on his face made it clear he wasn't expecting anyone to see or hear him like this.

“Hun you look beautiful don't let some boy speak to you like that. As for you get lost you should be ashamed of yourself speaking to a girl like this” he had to be what 15? I walked over to her and told her to come with me as she tried wiping the tears from her eyes. He ran off and I took (Sofia) over with me to the field. I bought her a cold smoothie and nachos before we walked back to everyone. When I turned around they asked where I had been. But when they saw Sofia's tear red swollen eyes they knew something had happened. Lilly was by her side questioning her on what happened. I explained the story for her to them while she sat with the younger girls on the blanket coloring pictures munching away at the nachos. Ryan and Hunter & Mark were about to go looking for the kid but me and Lilly stopped them. I handled it I said if he trys anything later you guys can take it from there.

….. “Leah I am going to get some drinks and food for everyone would you like to come” Ryan had his arm out for me I would love to. We got a list of what everyone wanted. Basically cheeseburgers and fried with a couple gallons of sweet teas and of course plenty of cups and napkins. We forgot to grab the ketchup so I ran back by myself as Ryan passed the food and drinks out to everyone. I didn't realize I would be walking right into my enemy.

…..“Well hello Leah.. You look sexy as usual whats the occasion “ Adam was high as shit and I could smell the alcohol coming off his clothes.

“Shut up Adam I am here being normal and enjoying the fireworks & band unlike you. Can't go with out a drink or a high can you?”

It was dark and the band was so loud.

...“What the fuck who do you think you are talking to me like that you little bitch!!” He grabbed me by my hair and pulled at my arm leading me towards the woods where his drunken doped up friends were partying it up. He walked really fast he had long legs so it didn't take him long to get us there.

“ Get the fuck off me ADAM. Ryan will notice I am gone let me go now your hurting me”

...”OH so you do have a boyfriend well I would love to meet him why don't we call him up right now?” I forgot I had my phone in my bra but he pulled it out of my bra and clicked on Ryan name.

...”Hey lover boy I think you girl friend could use some rescuing and I would love to meet you the man who trying to fuck with my angel of innocene” He coughed “SLUT” he threw me against the tree and hung up on Ryan.

I had no clue if Ryan had got the message but here I was in the woods with Adam and a few of his nasty perverted drugged up friends. …

“ PLEASE JUST LET ME BE ADAM” I went to walk away but he grabbed me and had me on the floor his knees were digging into my arms.

...Shut up LEAH JUST SHUT UP he won't find you I am sure he has already found someone else to cuddle up with” Jealous.. now I was jealous there was a bunch of girls staring at him today even though my best friends were their with him I wondered how many girls approached him just in the few minutes I was gone.


“No HE LOVES ME ADAM”... he started laughing as if I wasn't cable of having love or being loved by a man.

...”Well he doesn't love you he probably just want's a good fuck from you. But we all do..! If he does love you then he better learn to forget about you quickly because he doesn't have long to keep loving you” What did he mean? I felt his knees press tighter into me.


“GET OFF OF ME YOUR HURTING ME ADAM” I was crying out in pain. I couldn’t feel my arms they felt numb. All the sudden I Adam threw himself off of me and I heard Ryan's voice.

….“ Get your fucking hand's off my girlfriend” He was punching him in the face and I seen Adam fall to the ground and then I saw Hunter and Mark pulling Ryan off of him before he murdered Adam. It all happened so quick when I sat up I saw Adams friend's pulling Adam off the ground as they took off running in the woods. Adam was by my side and the boy were chasing after Adam and his friend's telling them to get lost before they killed them.


“Leah baby I am here I am here” I felt him gather me in his arms. I Just wanted to shoot myself I was always getting myself into some trouble and it was always with Adam. Would Adam ever be out of my life he was the creepiest person I have ever met...! I wish he leave my life I wish he go away I wish I never had to see his face again. Mark and Hunter were right beside us.
“Leah are you okay what did that fucker do to you... he Is so done” Hunter screamed to us. I just hid my face into Ryan's shirt I just needed to go to bed I always needed to sleep. Sleep was the only peace in my life.....

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