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Stranger To Love and Love Which to Fear

Novel By: KaitDragons

The time has come and again I am searching for something to keep me going. I am hungry but this time I am doing things differently; very differently. I am a man many know of, but they know nothing about my plans and nothing about me personally. My name is Ryan and of course I am filthy rich. Nobody could ever get into my head. I am 22 but I have it all. For some reason,though, I wanted her. I wanted this strange, troubled girl in ways that would sicken some people, but I wasn't ashamed of it I. I wasn't aware of what I would be getting myself into. I wasn't one to fall in-love easily.My past has turned me cold in a way.Honestly, I could kill someone easily if I wanted to with all the skills I have. I have never felt the need to protect anyone since Cara my ex, but for some reason, I feel she needs me and nothing makes me want to back down. What I want most is for her to be mine and nothing can get in the way of my future intentions. Maybe I am crazy...crazy for her. View table of contents...


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We still are here in this hot tub. Its been about 20 minutes. He reaches for the handle to add more hot water as he turns the jets on in the tub. I feel the vibration and the bubbles are forming around us and it feels so good. I rest my head against him as I am still straddling him. I don't feel sick anymore really at least not at this moment. He has his hands in my hair now he tilting me back a little I have my hands on his shoulders.

..."Leah I was so worried about you" I just tried to lean into kiss him but he was leaning be back in the hot water. Ryan's hands were around my neck supporting me but allowing my hair to fall into the hot water. His one hand was wrapped around me as I wrapped my legs around his back holding onto him tightly. I didn't want to let go. I was looking into his blue eyes and then I closed mine tightly. I tried to pull myself up towards Ryan. But he slipped and I fell back but he had a tight enough hold on me and the tub not allowing me to smack my head. Ryan was right on top of me in the tub it was so intense. The bubbles were covering my body but not his. He started pulling my hair back a little as he lifted me up a little.

"Ryan I, I was scared you didn't want me. I couldn't call you or anyone. I don't know what he would have done to me. I am so happy you came. I felt so alone and scared. I was stupid for leaving" He looked at me. I was crying again.

.." Who?? LEAH who? What are you talking about. I didn't see anyone. I think you just drank to much babe?"

"The guy " I whispered. I thought he had an idea but clearly he didn't he thought I just fell or got cut up myself. I know I am always tripping and managing to hurt myself. But this wasn't my fault this time. Yes I left the house and I could have prevented the situation but I didn't ask to be hit. I didn't deserve to be treated the way that guy treated me. Did I? It happened I wasn't to wasted to know it.

…."Babygirl your safe now, I know you were scared but I didn't see anyone. Are you sure your not just imagining it? I mean you were pretty out of it Leah. But if your telling me someone tried to hurt you I will go find that fucker right now"

Ryan was staring to move me to get up. I didn't want him to leave. I know what happened!But I didn't want him to leave me here now. I wanted him!I was safe I would just put this behind me now. I am safe he can't hurt me now. Who ever he was..! I could have been imagining it, but it seemed to real I was sure that it happened. I did drink a lot though so I probably provoked the person, it was probably my fault. My face still hurt regardless,

"No stay don't leave me. Please don't leave me again, your right I was out of it I still am so I don't know what happened. All I know is I was scared and now I am not because I am here with you. I am safe so please don't go away"
His hands were wrapped around me.
..." Leah I am not going anywhere" I laid back and rested my head against him leaning down in the tub I felt him hit off the lights as he lit a candle that was next to the tub. His hands slowly massaged between my legs. It felt so good I was closing my eyes I felt so tired. His Hands slid up to my breasts and he was pinching my nipples between his fingers rubbing them slowly in a circular motion. I let out a soft cry. He slide his one finger up to my lips and I automatically began sucking hard on it. I felt his body shift in the hot water as the bubbles gathered around building higher up. I felt his hard monster poking at my bottom. I really wanted him but It was not the right time. I should be happy that this is even happening...

I felt his hands against me. Slowly they slid between my legs and sliding over my breasts and occasionally grabbing at my ass. I was so relaxed and yet turned on . I really had no energy to act on what I wanted. I seen him pouring a sweet scent into his hand. It smelled so good and I felt his hands massaging my head, he was totally washing my hair it felt amazing. It reminded me of when I went to the hair salon I loved when the girls washed my hair it was the highlight of the experience. I let him continue to wash me as he moved onto my body. I don't know how long it lasted but I would have been fine with it lasting forever.!

.." Cupcake your falling asleep I believe we should get some sleep? This time we will actually go to bed.. I don't want to have to tie you to the bed " He laughed and kissed me. Mmmh tie me to the bed? I was still feeling out of it but I caught on to what he said .It instantly had my mind racing. I always had wild ideas about what I wanted my "sex life" to be like. He just added to my want and ideas, my plans.

He left me in the tub while he grabbed us a hot towel. Then he grabbed me by my hips he picked me up out of the water he had a towel wrapped around him. But I yanked it off him as it fell to the floor. He looked at me... "Leah baby, you need sleep" I kissed him hard shutting him up. He was wrapping the hot towel around me but I let it fall to the floor as he carried me to the bedroom. He dropped me onto the bed.

.."Your so playful you won't go to sleep without me having you tonight will you?' I bit my lip.
" I want you Ryan,"

I put my hand against my cheek I still felt a little sick he grabbed a drink out of his mini fridge and then he gave me two pills.
..."Leah take this when you feel better I will makelove to you I promise. Just get some rest baby, I will be right next to you the whole time. Believe me I would love to have you but I want you to feel everything I do" He had his hand's in mine pressing his lips against my neck we both were naked. I knew he was hard and I knew I wanted him but he was right.

"Okay but when I feel better it's happening. No excuses Mr " I turned on my side and felt his arms tighten around me I loved him cuddling with me.

.." Leah I have a shirt for you and clean panties." He pulled me onto my back and leaned over me he made me lift my arms as slowly pulled the t shirt down on me. Then he planted soft kissed up my leg as he pulled silky soft panties up on me. Right before he pulled them up to hide me from him he kissed my Kitten (pussy) and slipped his tongue inside me. God he was confusing I thought he told me to rest? I can't when he is doing this. He teased me as kept withdrawing his tongue and soft kisses from me. I held his head down and he knew I wanted him. He had me moaning screaming for him not to stop. He kept teasing me building me up I was about to burst out screaming. Ryan ate me out for about an hour as he played with my clitoris and rubbed my pussy. He made me wait so long before he let me have my first orgasm ever. It was so intense and powerful it took all my energy to kiss him after.

…....."Leah I love you, your so beautiful you don't even know it and you taste so good I could do lick,kiss and eat you forever. Your so different from all the girl's I never want to let you go. I never want you to feel scared or like I don't want you. I will always want you I have wanted you from day one. I love you baby sleep well. Ill be right here when you wake" He pulled me on my side so I could face him.

"I love you to Ryan..never stop loving me please you give me a reason to fight.. for what I love what I need " I felt my eyes closing I just about got the words out before everything became black to me.


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