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Stranger To Love and Love Which to Fear

Novel By: KaitDragons

The time has come and again I am searching for something to keep me going. I am hungry but this time I am doing things differently; very differently. I am a man many know of, but they know nothing about my plans and nothing about me personally. My name is Ryan and of course I am filthy rich. Nobody could ever get into my head. I am 22 but I have it all. For some reason,though, I wanted her. I wanted this strange, troubled girl in ways that would sicken some people, but I wasn't ashamed of it I. I wasn't aware of what I would be getting myself into. I wasn't one to fall in-love easily.My past has turned me cold in a way.Honestly, I could kill someone easily if I wanted to with all the skills I have. I have never felt the need to protect anyone since Cara my ex, but for some reason, I feel she needs me and nothing makes me want to back down. What I want most is for her to be mine and nothing can get in the way of my future intentions. Maybe I am crazy...crazy for her. View table of contents...


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Chapter 11

I heard a knock on the door and it was Ryan here exactly on the dot. Hunter let him in. I had told Hunter and Lilly that I was taking Gracie out with me to the movies. Which meant they had alone time. Lilly was putting Gracie Jacket on while I finished up getting dressed. I had a pair of tight gray yoga pants,a cute pink & black flowery top along with my gray UGGS boots and my black button up (North Face jacket) and black dressy scarf. My hair was curly and of course I had my eyeliner and mascara on. I looked okay but not over dressed.

.."hey are you girls ready?" His soft voice came from the living room. I saw Gracie run over to him while she gave him a hug telling him how much she loved her Karaoke game.

"I am glad you like it Gracie. You me & Leach will have a sing off sometime." I walked over to him and he wrapped his arm around me. ..."You look beautiful Leah as always"

"Thank you Ryan you look handsome as always" He smiled at me "Thanks babe" I blushed did I hear him correctly did he just call me babe? He Had Dark blue jeans that really showed off his ass along with a black shirt that showed how muscular he really was. I never took notice to it before but he had a sexy tattoo that was on his arm.

"Lets go ladies after you" He opened the door to the limo for us Gracie dove into the car singing (Girls just want to have fun) When we were all settled in the car he asked Gracie what movie she wanted to see. She of course picked "Frozen". I didn't mind he took us to the huge fancy mall with one of the best movie theaters in town. It was about 40 minutes from Hunter's house but this was worth the drive. It wasn't cheap this wasn't just one of those normal movie theaters.

Gracie was crawling around on the seats climbing over us pretending she was a kitten. Ryan reached his arm around me rubbing the side of my arm softly.

.."How was your night and morning Leah? Did you sleep well"

.."My night was good a little weird but certainly better then my first night at the club. As for my sleep I got just the right amount but if it wasn't for you I still be zonked out!! " That made him smile "Leah you can sleep in the movies if your tired I make the perfect pillow so it seems" I laughed softly realizing I had my head resting on him. I kind of just did things without thinking my body had a mind of its own?

When we got inside he told me to wait with Gracie but I didn't want him paying for our tickets.

.."Were coming with you I have money to buy our tickets" I waved my money at him.

.."Leah baby, put your money away your not paying for anything don't ever bring your wallet there is no need"

..."But Ryan!!"

…"Leah I am not letting you pay for anything end of discussion so just put it away. Feel free to walk with me but I am paying for us. I have money I am the man it's my job. Besides I need to spend my money I have to much and who better to spend it on then you two beautiful girls"

.."Okay thank you but I am not letting you pay every time"I stuck my tongue out at him as he gently pulled at my lip for a quick kiss. Gracie was looking all around I had never taken her here. She was blown away how big the screen was. We sat in our seats waiting for one of the servers to take our order. It was lunchtime and this theater actually served food and drink right to you throughout the whole movie. Basically why it was so expensive it was a huge sofa cough type thing that we sat in. They rolled out our food on a fancy table. Gracie was freaking out.

Ryan was next to me while Gracie sat on the other side of me. It was really nice..."Leah are you enjoying the movie?"

.."Of course I am are you enjoying this movie Sir Ryan?" I knew he was smiling but I could only see the light from the movie shinning on his face. Gracie was singing along to some of the songs. I had my head on his lap and he was playing with my hair twisting the soft curls in his fingers. He pulled me up a little as his lips pressed down on mine his hand was on my butt squeezing it a bit. He wasn't going to do anything with Gracie right next to use.

"Your so beautiful Leah and you smell delicious,if Gracie wasn't here I wouldn't be able to stop kissing you" Soft giggles escaped from me but I covered my mouth not wanting to be a distraction to Gracie or anyone who was actually really focused on the movie. When it ended we went to the bathrooms and met up at the bench. It was about 2:30pm and we had time to kill still.

.."Gracie do you want to walk to the toy store?" she smiled "Yes please" Ryan laughed. .."Leah is that okay with you if we all go to the toy store?"

.."of course it is" Ryan smirked "I figure you say that" He grabbed my hand but Gracie jumped inbtween us and grabbed hold of our hands wanting us to pick her up and swing her.

I remember when my mom and dad use to do that with me, when I was little. Max was always jumping around racing in front of us getting told to slow down. Gracie wasn't in the picture at that time but now she was, she loved everything I loved basically. I considered her my mini me.

"Where should we begin" He was pointing to all the different toys trying to figure out which area she wanted to start in. She headed straight for the dolls and music section. We followed behind her watching her mouth drop open at all the different option she had to choose from. He told her to pick out whatever she wanted.
"Can I have this princess piano" Her cute little face always made me smile. "Absolutely " he grabbed it off the shelf for her and we walked around seeing all the other cool thing they had. When it came time to pay Gracie looked at me.

.."Can I please have my gift card Leah" Ryan put up his hand & told Leah to save it he gave her a hundred dollar bill to give to the lady. He picked Gracie up so she could hand the lady money. The lady smiled and asked him how old his daughter was.

"She not my daughter, this is my girlfriend's little sister" He smiled and stuck his tongue at me. I guess I was his girlfriend ? Maybe he was just saying that because he didn't feel like having to explain. Well she adorable the lady said.

"Thank you " I gave her a quick smile. As we walked out of the store he picked Gracie up to give her a piggy back ride. I had stopped to look at something in the window of one of the stores totally forgetting about telling Ryan to wait. All of the sudden out of no where I felt someone hand tug at mine I turned around.

It was Adams friend. He wasn't a jerk he was probably the nicest guy out of all his friends. Me and him have know each other since high school started. I guess some of them were normal but I never seen Adam bring him around my house. I doubt they would be friends if they knew how he really was. He was a real good actor. What was he doing here? I was about to ask if he was with Adam until I felt someone press up behind me. ..."Hey buttercup when do you plan on coming home " His friend Dylan was walking away I wanted to scream come back but I didn't have it in me. My immediate response was
..."Adam leave me the hell alone, I don't want to come back home" His hand was on mine squeezing my hand tight it hurt as he pulled me toward the hallway to the bathroom. I TRIED to pull away but he is much stronger them me and I was practically sliding on the floor in my flats as he pulled me.

"Well that's unfortunate Leah for you.. believe it or not I miss you sort of … I have no one to play with or fuck with. By the way your ass is huge in these pants you should wear them more around the house or less, nothing sounds even better . By the way you don't have a choice you have to be home tonight or else your really going to piss my dad off."

"Like I give a fuck he can't do shit when I am not there. He should be happy your living in my house and no one has to deal with Gracie or I "

.."Your pretty stupid Leah, He loves having to deal with you and I do to" He reaches in his pocket and I didn't know what he was doing until I heard a snap shot in his phone. "Nice ass Leah" he pushed himself against me I smacked his phone out if his hand so quick and I went to stomp on it when I felt two hand grab my arms. I went to fling who ever it was off but when I heard his voice I stopped.

.."What the fuck is going on" I glanced up behind me hearing this voice as it got closer and byt the time I turned around I seen Ryan was towering over me. I wanted to slap Adam but he had already grabbed his phone and was out of sight. Man he was fast. Ryan had his on me, his hands were on my face forcing me to look into his bright blue curious eyes that were filled with annoyance.
"Leah Who the fuck was that and are you okay" he shouted softly enough for me to hear but not loud enough for Gracie to hear. I was humiliated,disgusted pissed I just wanted to get Gracie and leave. he had Gracie sitting on bench eating icecream not even a foot away from us. I just looked at him and then looked down.

"Plz Please just take us home" He looked at me and just said "okay" I walked over to Gracie.

"Gracie honey we are leaving he said to her do you want to take your icecream" She shook her head and told hold if his hand. It was clear she really liked him. I followed behind them not saying a word. He opened the door for us and we drove home. I was quiet the whole ride home other then answering a few of Gracie's questions about dance. Her one question hit me hard.

..."Leah when is Max coming home I miss him? Also will mommy let me keep my gift I don't want James to take it from me"

I just didn't know how to respond .." Gracie you won't get anything taken away from you don't worry James can't take it that is just for you." She hugged me tightly .."Um Leah is Max coming home you know our brother ?I wish he would have been at my birthday I am 5 I am a big girl now like you"

I just tickled her so she would stop asking those questions I didn't know how to respond and she was to young to understand the real situation. I wasn't even sure of the situation I just knew being home was hell. I wanted my Dad and Max home but it just seemed like I would never see them again. I saw her crawl over and she was sitting on Ryan's lap he was looking at me just staring at me. Gracie fell asleep on his arms we were almost back at Hunter's house.

.."Leah I don't understand what happened back there what are you hiding from me who was he" I really didn't want to talk about it I didn't want him to know about anything he wasn't going to be able to do shit even if he was FBI and owned his on personal business.

.."It was nothing just some guy that's all" He was annoyed I could tell but what was I suppose to do. When we got back to hunters Gracie woke up and ran inside to show Lilly what she got from Ryan. Ryan quickly came up beside me and turned me by putting his hands on my hips.. I wanted him to hold me I wanted him to know but I felt like he just say goodbye to me right then and there. My LIFE was a joke I felt like the joke!! I couldn't look him in they eye's ..."Leah just tell me what happened please I am not mad at you but it's pissing me off that your keeping shit from me just tell me" I just got up "i ii I have to go thanks for today" I gave him a quick kiss on the cheek and ran up towards the door. I shut it behind me and took a breather. I was here I was okay, at least at the moment I peeked outside the limo was still out front.

I was about to take off my shoes when I heard a knock at the door. I opened it. He grabbed my waist pulling me outside pulling the door closed behind us. He pressed me against the cold metal door.

"Ryan I really don't want to talk about..." He cut me off from saying anymore his lips were deep against mine as he forced his tongue inside my mouth I was breathing heavy and I felt like I needed to moan. God how could he do this to me? Just a second ago I was about to breakdown now I am being kissed by RYAN.

"Leah come home with me we won't talk about what happened right now. I just want a little time with you I won't keep you out to long. Just have diner with me and ill bring you back"

I looked into at him he was giving me the puppy face it worked, I hated when people did that to me I always fell for it.
.."Fine I but give me a second. I need to find out what everyone else is doing"

I walked into the house and Saw Lilly in the kitchen pulling things out of the fridge. Gracie ran over to me

..."Leah me and Lilly are baking cookies for dance you can go out with your boyfriend " I looked up at Lilly .."Go on butthead me and Gracie have some baking to do and you need some time alone with prince charming" She waved to him at the door and I saw him wave back.

"Leah I packed a bag of clothes for you just in case you decided to crash there. I also put something cute in there for your job tonight, I figured if you stayed the NIGHT with him he take you and pick you up from work." She said it loud enough for him to hear
He heard it for DAMN sure " That's no problem for me Lilly I don't mind taking or picking her up from anywhere" she smiled "see now get your ass out of here we have some baking to do and your distracting us" I stood there staring at Gracie..
"Leah I am okay Lilly and me are having a tea party with Hunter & Mark and Lilly wants to sleep in the princess bed tonight with me. That means you have to sleep with Hunter .Me and Lilly think it be weird plus he farts also so we want you to have a slumber party at Ryan's" SHE WAS SO INNOCENT we were all laughing.

Hunter came into the room ..."Yeah go have a slumber party he smirked at me while giving me a hug I don't want to share my tea and cookies with anyone else. We don't have school or work so that means a free day for you we have Princess Gracie under control now get going"

.."OKAY OKAY I will go I said" Ryan was smiling when I looked back and I seen Hunter was now over there talking to him. I gave Lilly and Gracie a kiss and hug & I told them to call me before bed. I walked over to Ryan and he took my bag from me kissed my cheek and we walked to the limo. I climbed in as he placed the things in car and we took off down the street.
I had butterflies swarming around in my stomach I couldn't believe I was going to be spending the night. I was about to say something when my phone went off I answered it quickly.

.."Hello who is this"

"Hello Leah it's Richard . I know you were scheduled to work tonight how ever we are having some issues at the club so consider this a night off for you. Don't do anything to crazy ill need you looking your best this Friday as your already blow me away with your looks"
"Oh Okay thanks and umm thanks ill see you next Friday then.."

..."Leah I am so happy your working for me your going to make me a rich man I see it now be a good girl and ill see you Friday Goodnight"

"okay..Bye" He really was a weirdo I don't know what he was thinking I was just a bartender even though I was not "ugly" it didn't mean every guy would be attracted and I certainly wasn't going to make him rich just by giving people drinks. I swear he was on something.

I looked up at Ryan as I slide my phone into my bra. Ryan looked like he was going to ask who it was. But he was distracted by me putting my hand down my shirt and his eye became playful he inched closer to me. I manged to squeak out I don't work tonight. That's all he needed to hear he had me under him as he kissed my neck sucking softly. The limo driver coughed. I guess to remind Ryan that the privacy glass wasn't up. I heard the driver laugh.I laughed myself as Ryan pulled me up and placed his hand in mine holding it tightly the rest of the drive to his house or as I like to call it his "CASTLE my dream home".


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