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Scandal - Novel

Novel By: KaitDragons

Scandal “ Would you accept a life of beatings with nightmares that never end ? Or would you stick around maybe for your lover even if its the reason for your life being endangered more then way back when. All the girls are here are important. But I stick out more I am the special one so I am told. But I don't feel special. I never try to read into anything at least not anymore. I was never meant to be loved and I have the bruises to prove it. You might think my owner saved me but I think I be better off in my grave where my parents seemed to want me. My owner has got a lot of money and me when he wants me. He has never hurt me but I am growing up and he doesn't seem to happy. He wishes I was small forever at least that's what he says it make life easier for him. To me it's nothing more nothing less then what it's made out to be. I work for him in hopes of my freedom I am only days away from being 17. The men will eventually feed my addiction that I am believed to have. Rumors are spread that i am meant to give “him” and whoever else a good night in my so called world soon. Woman tell me that when the day comes that I should always let it be just a one and done. The girls who want more sure get a beating when they return. There is no escape there is no telling when I will be done. The day I came across the sight of Nick Scandal I knew I was in trouble. He makes me want to run far from here he makes me want a life that I once dreamed about. Freedom is something I cant have here and I cant be with him. Wanting him only calls for punishment he has no clue that there is no just up and leave. If I have any intents on getting out it has to be soon and nobody can know. So much for Nick being my first and so much for not letting it be more then a one and done. You cant be in love with the best worker of your master. Even if Nick found out I wasn't here willingly he couldn't save me not that he would want me. Everything has to be a secret here I am alone. If I make it out I can never come back. My perfect scandal is mine alone . View table of contents...



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" Don't do this please let me go let me go daddy".

"Shut the fuck up Kaylie get up and stop fucking around your wasting time now get in the van with your mother."

"No daddy please I don't want to go there again daddy you're drunk please don't make me go. Your hurting me mommy please please help me".

I am screaming but no one helps me mommy is just in the van watching and daddy puts his hand over my mouth and tosses me to the back of the van. I feel a sharp pain shoot up the back of my leg and I scream out but mommy just reaches back to smack me. She is a lot nicer then daddy but it still hurts.

The van starts moving its dark out I figure we are going to daddy's work again we have been here a lot lately I hate it. The smell and the way people look at me. I am only 7 but I get the vibe that things are going to go terribly wrong.

"Here she is now where our money" Daddy is pushing me forward to a man.

I see a boy a couple years older then me hidding close by the mans side. He seems upset but he just staring at me watching me stand there all confused.

"She's beautiful isn't she doesn't get better then this"

Mommy is complimenting me right now but I don't get why. She playing with my thick brunet wavy hair and brushing her hand along my like tanned skin even though I am pale white more then ever. She says something about my blue eyes and how many don't get blessed with such a beauty like me. It all crap she just wants to say whatever it takes to get what she wants.When were home she cursing at me hating me and telling me how I am useless to her and daddy that I never do anything right.

"She will do just fine but the deal isn't entirely done you still owe me my stuff you know..." The Man is inching closer to me as I feel mommy pushing me up against him.

"Of course of course but we need the money to get it and then we will have it for you but here is the first part of the deal so can we have the money.?"

"You know it's sad to me that you would just give up such a precious innocent thing but at least you're handing her over to me. You both should be ashamed of your self. I sadly don't believe that I can continue business with you seeing that you never come through all the way. So ill take your daughter and be on my way. You wont be receiving any money from me. Consider me doing you a favor and letting you off the hook by just taking your little one off your hands. Now get the fuck out of my town."

"But we need our money we made a deal you can't just have her and not give us our money"

I see daddy face turning red but it doesn't seem to scare the guy. I am feeling like I need to run to escape and hide but there is no where to go and no one to protect me. I just have to stay and let whatever's about to happen, happen.

"Oh Shut the fuck up you treat her like scum anyway she more of a problem for you to have I am giving you a break my taking her off your hands and giving her a chance to be something in life, at least more then what you could ever give her."

I see daddy's hand bunch up and he goes to swing at the man but before he can do anything a gun shot goes off the boy is quickly ushered out of the smokey filled room and I am knocked on the floor.

I hide behind the bar counter in fear but I feel hands scooping me off the ground gently. I see my daddy on the floor I and my mommy crying I am screaming and crying trying to run towards mommy but I can't. I know I shouldn't want them or love them but I do. I try kicking and swinging my hands but nothing works.

I am quickly pushed into a black van as it speeds away. I don't know what's going to happen I just know my life is about to change and more than anything I realize my parents never cared about me not enough anyway.

I peek out the window when the van finally come to a stop and I see that same boy I saw walking towards a big castle like building. He is asking what happened but nobody telling him. I see him looking around and I hear him say where is the girl. But the two men just ignore him and walk him farther away from the van to the point I can no longer see them.

Moment later I hear footsteps approaching the back of the van door and my reaction is to curl up in a ball. I am crying and I can't stop crying.

"Honey shh shh it's okay you're okay I am not going to hurt you" He is not pulling at me he just stands there waiting for me to stop crying and when I do he helps me to my feet and places me gently on the ground beside him.

"I know you're confused and you have no clue whats going on. Your parents are fine. But you won't have to see them ever again. Your lucky to be here you're safe now. I know what they put you through I see the pain in your eyes. Never will you have to have that here I will take good care of you. You just have to follow my rules and all will be good. First lets get you washed up and fed. Cara take her to her room and see that she cleaned up and fed"

"Yes master i'll make sure she well taken care of" Cara looks at me with loving eyes she has to be at least 18.

She grabs a hold of my hand and leads me to come log cabin. There is a fire burning and I see a few girls her age and older laughing about something.

I still have tears running down my face and I am choking trying to calm down. Everyone eyes are on me.

Cara picks me up and gives me a hug telling me I will be okay. A few other girls come over and try to make me laugh. But one of the older blonds is staring at with death like eyes.

"Let her cry she will stop eventually no need to baby her. We have shit to talk about can we carry on leave Cara to continue her kiss ass job."

"Shut up Rose. I am not a kiss ass and you're just pissed because you aren't liked here because you don't have a friendly bone in your body. Your the bitch of all bitches and you half ass all your jobs. Your slacking makes us have to work harder but you don't see us constantly bitching. So leave eveyone be and be nice to this little girl. Clearly she having a rough time a little sympathy would do us some good."

"I just want my mommy and daddy please take me home I want to go home I need to go home" I cry and cry but no one does anything.

Cara just hugs me tighter and tells me that this is my home now. She says I will be okay.

"Look kid we get you want to go home but this is home so please just stop crying before you wake up the guys. Are day was long enough we tend to enjoy nights for ourselves."

"Shut up Rosa" I hear all the older girls say and someone slaps her.

I cling to Cara and muffle my cries into her dress.

"Its okay hun your not in trouble for crying I know the perfect cure. How about you get showered and will go eat some food and ill get you ice cream or a cookie for desert. Maybe I will even Get Rosa one is she keeps her mouth shut for the rest of the night."


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