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The Madwoman

Novel By: K de Lancret

She's beautiful, she's deadly. By day Ellie is the genteel, unattainable waitress in the Greasy Spoon Bed And Breakfast--by night, she is a wild,feral, insatiable creature. She craves sex, she needs it to survive. But, Ellie has a dark secret, a secret that just might kill you. View table of contents...



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The Red-Eye and The Blue Moon

Even after he'd withdrawn, her cunt still throbbed with ecstasy. There was a fire there which could not be satiated, or so she'd thought-he reached that fire somehow. She lay back, thoroughly exhausted, and listened to him panting in the darkness. They had met in the airport; he on his way to LaGuardia, her to LAX, it had been innocent enough, a soft look across the crowded airport diner-but, that look had led them here to room 33 of the Blue Moon Motor Lodge. She smiled up at the dark expanse of the ceiling and sighed happily.

"That was fantastic." He said rolling over and kissing the cup of her shoulder. She smiled again.

"Hm." She said and touched her breast, "It was."

His hand slid beneath the sheets and he touched himself, "Want to go again?" his eyes shone hopefully and she pushed the sheets back, revealing all the opulent curves of her body, the gentle puff of wiry-gold hair, the lilting, hypnotizing hips, the ample breasts, the soft, milky nipples. He smiled down at her.

She laughed sotto voce and said, grinning, "I think I'd like to."

He was erect immediately; he lifted himself effortlessly onto her, the sleekness of his body making something inside of her throb. His cock, hard and pulsing, slipped into the soft, warm folds of her cunt; he throbbed inside her, moving his hips in wide circles, the tip of his cock touching something deep inside of her. She leaned into him, wrapping her legs around him, hugging him, smelling him. His pulse thumped in her ears, the beat of his heart steady and exciting. She relaxed, opening herself to him even more.

"Tell me you love me." He whispered desperately.

"I love you." She said clenching her teeth.

"Tell me to fuck you!" He demanded.

"Please," she moaned, "fuck me!"

He slammed into her, harder, deeper, the strokes becoming longer, the tip of his cock threatening to burst into her stomach. She grunted, curled her toes and buried her face into his neck.

"Yes," she cried somewhat involuntarily, "fuck me!"

"Tell me I'm God!" he begged, his body twisted violently and a moan escaped him.

"You are my God!" she obliged.

His body gave one final twist and fell limp against her. His breath hissed out hot against her ear. He laughed contentedly as she savored the gentle throbbing deep down inside her cunt. Her body quivered. She had almost come twice, but had forced herself back at the last minute, then, as he'd withdrawn, the feeling had overtaken her and she had given herself that last orgasm. The throbbing faded.

"Oh, shit!" he said glancing over at the clock on the end table.

"Something wrong?" she asked.

"I'd say! We're about to miss our connecting flights-at least I am." He said stepping into his pants. He pulled his shirt on, buttoned it up and scanned the room for his jacket. She watched him from the bed, feeling the thin streams of warm come running down her thighs.

"You don't have to go, you know." She said slipping out of the bed. She went toward the bathroom.

"Oh yes I do." He said. He gathered his bags frantically and rushed toward the door. She stood in the doorway of the bathroom, naked and smiling. He turned to her.

"Why don't we just go one more time?" she asked slipping two fingers into her cunt.

"I really can't, honestly---"

She sidled toward him, "Nonsense!" she pressed her breasts against him and smiled.

"I can't." he said, "My flight."

"We have plenty of time." She said, wriggling her hips impatiently. She dropped silently to her knees and undid his zipper. His breathing quickened. She took his cock into her mouth and went easily down on it; she pulled back and teased the head with the tip of her tongue.

"Oh fuck." He grunted.

She went deep again, her teeth pressed gently against the base of it, he chucked nervously and flinched, "I'm sorry." She said. She teased the head again, licked along the shaft and plunged down on it again. Her teeth pressed against the base again, harder this time.

"Watch the teeth." he said.

"Sorry." She said again.

"Hey-what was your name again, doll?" he asked.

She pulled back and looked up at him gently, "Ellie."

She swallowed his cock again, the teeth pressed into the base again, their suddenly sharp edges cutting into the flesh. He grunted. Her eyes flashed black as she looked up at him, panic pulsed through him, the teeth were sharper still, slicing into the soft flesh at the base of his cock. He tried to pull away, but she held him firmly. Blood splattered across her face, filled her mouth. She swallowed and laughed up at him. She licked the wound.

He tried to find his voice, to release the scream that was building inside of him-but, nothing came. This had been her intention all along, he realized, from the soft, sweeping glances in the diner, to the wild, passionate throbbing, this had been her intention. Her body quaked as an orgasm ripped through her, she was sweating, her skin had suddenly become mottled and ugly, the ridges of her back jagged and harshly angular. He fell against the door and slid down to the floor. She stood up and shook the blood from her hair, she gripped her breasts and jerked them hard, she rubbed the blood into her skin, licked three fingers and ran then along the lips of her cunt. He looked up at her helplessly. She said, mimicking him:

"What was your name again, doll?"


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