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Yes, My Thane

Novel By: JustSomeKid527

After liberating Skyrim, the Dragon Born and her Housecarl, Argis, return to Riverwood for some trade. However, the strong, brave, and beautiful Dovahkiin finds herself in a new and... intimate situation with the trader's sister. View table of contents...



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I had to confess, Riverwood was like a second home to me. Sigrid helped me along my path to Whiterun to warn the Yarl of the dragon attack at Helgan, Delphine offered me aid against the dragons when I needed it, and Lucan always welcomed me into his shop with warm tidings after returning his golden claw to him. My return to Riverwook was to be rather short as I was only looking to trade a few things with Lucan and then be on my way. Upon entering the town, I spotted Sven arguing with his rather aged mother as his did quite often. Faendal was off in the lumber yard chopping logs for firewood, Alvor was in his forge working away as usual, and the young children ran around the streets playing with their infernal mutt like always. Nothing about this place had changed. That put a smile on my face.

I dismounted my horse in front of Lucan's shop along with my follower, Argis. "Stay here and watch the horses," I told him. "I'll only be a minute."

"Yes, my Thane," Argis obeyed with a nod.

I lowered my shroud as I entered Lucan's shop. The place smelled of freshly cooked stew coming from the pot over the fire. Leaning over it was Lucan's charming sister, Camilla. Sven and Faendal have both confessed their love of her to me many times, and it's not hard to see why. She was beautiful and far more breath taking than any other woman in all of Skyrim. It wasn't until I shut the door that she looked up from her cooking to see me standing on the rug.

A shy, soft smile appeared on her face. "Hello, Nalla," she welcomed me. "It's wonderful to see you again."

I smiled back. "And you, Camilla." Was she blushing? "Where is your brother?" I looked around but saw him no where.

Camilla's shoulders sort of fell when I asked her. "Oh..." her voice sounded hollow now. "He's visiting Whiterun. He won't be back until tomorrow." Ugh, by the Nine... It looked like I wasn't going to get any trade done here after all. "But you're welcome to stay until he returns," she spoke quickly.

I shook my head. "That won't be necessary. I'm headed there now. I'm sure I'll see him along the road," I said turning towards the door.

"Oh but please," I felt her hand wrapped around my left wrist. "I do insist. It's getting late, and you can stay here for free instead of at the inn. You've been a good friend to my brother and me. It's the least I can do."

The looked in her eyes seemed so genuine and soft. From being on the road for so long with no one but Argis to keep my company, the look of softness in her eyes made me want to stay. I noticed that her hand was not letting go of mine. Her touch... her gaze... they caused a stir inside me from my stomach to my loins. It was something I've only felt when in the company of a man at a pub after we both had too many bottles of mead. It always lead to a steamy night full of passion and lust.

Finally, I smiled and nodded my head once. "If it pleases you," I replied, "then I shall."

Camilla nodded back at me. "Very much. I only have room for one though."

"Don't worry," I assured her. "I'll give Argis some money to stay at the inn. He won't mind."

That night, Camilla made a fantastic meal. It had been a while since I actually sat down to eat a good, home cooked supper. That is what made Camilla so charming: the way she treated her guests and friends. She was sweet and caring. It was something I wasn't used to.

"I see you're wearing an amulet of Mara," Camilla said, handing me a bottle of ail.

I looked down to see the round amulet. I wore it for it's healing properties. With all of my adventuring into dark caves and such, it came in handing when I needed it. "That I am," I said and took a swig of the ail.

"You must be looking of a husband then, are you not?" she inquired as she sat back down at the table across from me.

I explained to her its real purpose.

Again, Camilla got that defeated look on her face. All she had to say was, "Oh, I see..."

"Camilla," I said as I leaned into the table, "What is it that you are trying to tell me? You insist that I stay with you yet you only have room for one when you know I have Argis with me, you look away quickly whenever I see you looking at me, and you blush whenever you speak. So what is it?"

Camilla looked shocked at my forwardness. "It's just... It gets lonely here, that's all. Lucan is always busy with the store in some way. Either he doesn't have time to speak with me or his off in Whiterun for business. Meanwhile, I'm here with Sven and Faendal breathing down my neck at all times but they won't speak their mind. It's just nice to have someone new for company."

I leaned back into my chair again. I felt wrong for confronting her as such. She just needed someone to talk to this entire time. I suddenly felt warm inside knowing that it was me she chose to keep her company. "Forgive me. I did not know."

"You are forgiven," she said calmly again.

"You should consider yourself lucky though," I told her. "You have two men that love you, even if it is from afar."

Camilla laughed. "Me? Oh, no. It's you who's the lucky one. I'm sure men trip over themselves just to have you. I mean, you're so strong and beautiful."

Camilla stopped herself. I had caught her. A coy smile appeared on my face. "You think I'm beautiful, Camilla?"

Her face was red with blush. There was no denying this. "Well, of course. Who wouldn't, right? I assumed it was common knowledge."

"Tell me truthfully this," I said, leaning towards her again. "Are you interested in me?"

"Yes," she said softly. "Are you interested in me too?"

I stood up, leaving my ail behind on the table. I held out my hand for Camilla to take, which she accepted. I lead her up the stairs to the living quarters, lifting the skirt of my dress as I did. My fingers were intertwined with hers and became clammy with excitement.

"What are you--" she began, but she stopped when I shoved her onto her bed.

Slowly, I untied the top of my dress while my eyes scanned her body seductively. She would be mine tonight. Her eyes widened when I let my dress fall to the ground leaving me completely naked. "So this is what you Redguards do?" she asked.

I pushed her shoulders down so she was laying flat on her back. I mounted her stomach like a horse, my untamed brush rubbing against her unwanted dress. "No," I said as I began to untie her dress. "This is what I do."

She inhaled sharply when my fingers made contact with her collar bone. My hips began to dance in a circling pattern against her lower belly. Already she was shaking. She was going to enjoy this. I had never made love to a woman before, but I knew what we liked. I pulled down her tunic far enough for her simple breasts to pop out. They were nearly nothing compared to my large ones, but it would make no difference to me. I placed both of my hands on them and massaged them gently. Her nipples hardened at my touch, and she moaned softly.

I bore down on her to kiss her. Even her lips trembled with excitement. No one shook like that unless they were a virgin. I hoped she could feel the smile through my mouth. I was liberating my first virgin. This made me very happy. My tongue made contact with hers in a lustful grasp. Her hips began to move into mine like she knew what she was doing. Her fingers dug into my back to force me against her.

Slowly, my mouth began to move southward towards her ear which I nibbled on for a moment. Then I journeyed down her neck, collar bone, and finally her breasts. I kissed and softly bit her rock hard nipple with a bit more aggression. Another soft moan escaped her lips. With each noise she made, I felt myself becoming excited. My pussy was moist now and would soon require cleaning. However, I was determined to clean hers first.

Again, my mouth went on the move. I was stopped by her infernal dress that I still hadn't removed completely. Instead of gently removing it like I had been before, I allowed the beast inside me to come out. I ripped it right down the middle with my bare hands. Camilla bit her lower lip and giggled lustfully. "So strong..." she moaned.

Then, I saw it. Her neatly trimmed, soaking pussy waiting for me. I tossed away the remains of the torn dress and sat up straight. My hands ran down her stomach as I did so. My hips swirled into hers faster and faster. The temperature was beginning to rise even faster now. Finally, I couldn't take it any more, and I knew she couldn't either. I twisted around to face the other direction while I was still mounted on top of her and plunged one finger into her tight, soaking vagina. She gasped and gripped the furs of the bed tightly. I moved my finger in and out slowly at first.

"Faster," she barked.

I laughed, pulling my finger out. I turned back around and pulled her up to my face by her hair. She winced, but she was too excited to be angry with me. "You think you know what you want, bitch?" I asked her.

"I know I want you," she argued.

I threw her back down and dismounted, but staying on the bed. I shoved two fingers inside of her now. Faster, harder, deeper I went. Her moans and gasps left me soaking. I could feel my wetness starting to drip down my leg. Camilla, on the other hand was shaking even harder. She was nearing her climax. I removed my fingers, spread her legs wide, and burred my face in her drenched cunt. My tongue entered her, drinking her juices as they flowed. Camilla's moans and gasps turned into cries. Her hips moved in perfect rhythm with my tongue and lips while I mouth fucked her clit.

Then, in a fit of passion, I felt her shudder hard in a massive orgasm. Her love juices sprayed into my mouth and onto my face. I worked to get every last drop of her down my throat. Camilla panted heavily from the orgasm, letting out nearly incoherent moans here and there. I kissed her pussy lips one last time before moving back up to her face. I could tell she was expecting a soft kiss, but no. I bore down on her like a saber cat, my tongue fucking hers.

"Nalla..." she breathed when I pulled away.

I moved so my pussy hung above her face. "Oh we're not done yet. Now it's your turn."

Camilla wrapped her arms around my legs and pulled her mouth to my vagina. Her tongue flicked my clit in a way no man had ever done before. My eyes widened from the amazing things she was doing to me. Soon enough, an orgasm of my own rattled through my bones and into her waiting mouth. When I was sure she had licked me dry, I moved down to lay on top of her once again. That was when I kissed her softly and tasted not only her juices, but mine as well.

"I hoped that answered your question," I whispered into her ear.

Camilla's arms encased my body in her grip, and her hands rested on the small of my back. She nodded and pecked me softly on the lips. "It did, yes. Meet me in Riften in two days at the Temple of Mara. You better be there."

Another deep kiss. "As you wish."


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