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Unfaithful Wives and the Master of Seduction

Novel By: joy Milton

How and why females indulge in extra-marital affairs. Is it their fault, their husbands are responsible for it, circumstances, body-need, or a stranger who is MASTER of SEDUCTION. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Nov 9, 2009    Reads: 1,380    Comments: 2    Likes: 2   

As usual it was 10 a.m. when I got the missed call. I checked the number it was Chaya. I called her.


"Hi." I replied making my voice as sweet as possible.

"What is this, you always say 'Hi' like girls? It appears to me that I have really brought changes in your life as I have promised." She said.

"Yes, that's true. I have got so much caught up in the thoughts getting my handpump grinded in your well that I am unable to do anything. Surprisingly, I don't feel depressed at all. Anyways, what happened your hubby has gone to his office?" I kept lying in bed covering myself with the soft blanket.

"Hmm, you know that as soon as he leaves I rush to give a miss call. So how your yesterday was's political meeting? I wanted to make a call at 11 am but you told that your mobile shall be witched off from 11-2 pm. I was free at that time; hubby went to the saloon at that time. After that I remained busy till 11 pm, so I couldn't make a call."

I thought that this is the problem with the females they can give the simplest excuse that everyone was there so I could not make a call but I wasted my whole day just waiting for her miss call. I said, "I didn't attended the meeting, you should have tried my number it was switched on, you could have come to know. I have missed you whole day, my handpump kept leaking whole day."

"Very nice, you never miss the chance of taking about handpump and well. Listen, I am really getting mad to meet you and I again talked with that boy in Indra Nagar. He asked to come exactly at 11am and leave within an hour. I have rejected his offer because there is no use running there and not able to enjoy properly, wasting money also."

"Yeh, that's true. Our thirst has grown so much that we need 2-3 hours for complete satisfaction.' I said thinking about that boy. Who is he, he is married too, is she having extra marital affair with him also? Is he her college day friend? Is he a poor person who needs money? A pimp? Should I ask her? No I shouldn't because I have met Chaya only twice, such questions might offend her. On my part she must be thinking that I don't need explanation since it's understood.

"Hello, are you listening, I am saying that now I need one whole night to spend with you and I am trying to arrange for it. Are you free today at 4 pm?"

"I have already told you that I am not a resident of this city, I can't trust anyone except you. Hotels you know are completely unsuitable because they are now a days putting secret cameras. So as you wish, you are a female, your friendships are much stronger than males; the only thing you have to keep in your mind is not to take any action in hurry. I don't want to be overcome by the sex attraction. You make a call that come within half an hour and I start cycling, and then rush for a taxi or auto. Then requesting him, please don't take more passengers, I shall pay for the remaining seats. Then again I take a tricycle to reach the place. Already, I am a patient of high blood pressure. When I arrive there my temples are pulsating and about to explode. Panting, sweating profusely, and as soon as we pull down our clothes, a voice comes, please wear your clothes family members have arrived. And then standing before them like fools. I would prefer to stay in the hostel itself, eat and sleep than to have sex, hope you too don't want to run after sex?"

"I agree I have talked with my relative but not openly, the only problem is that I have never done such things and if I say this now; she will say why after seventeen years of your marriage and having two grown up children? Today, I will again make a call to her, but please get a top-up and call-reducing tariff in my mobile because my hubby my balance has approached to 20 rupees and the call cost is around one rupee. The thing is I don't want to give my weakness to her, so what I have planned that today we will go there and talk to her face to face."

"Okay then you confirm the timings since I have to take print out of articles for writing a chapter of my thesis and also I shall have to go to my room in Lakhnpur?" Now I was too happy because one thing I knew was that one you get hold of a single lady then sooner or later her friends too fall prey to your love cum lust.

"But I have a serious problem and doubt that should I take you there or not?"

"Now what happened?" I became alert.

'Actually my cousin Rosy is very beautiful and too bold. I doubt she would enchant you and I am telling you that I am expert in face reading, if I notice even for a second then you shall be loosing both."

"Oh, my God, so much love and possession, sorry we are not going there. We will wait and I know luck will give us chance only we have to wait. Please don't make a call to her." Now she would feel assured that I am only interested in her but since she is a from Brahmin caste, definitely she is going throw some net because she is taking about this place Barra from the starting and she cannot plan urgently for another place, the way I have seduced her.

"I know you are thing about her, but I am warning you. I will not leave her, I know her weaknesses. She has brought so many boys to my place because at her place she has got her children and if you give or take her mobile number then I know her boyfriend, I will call him and you are there and he will be with me. Understood."

Shit what a fool she is? If she will take away her boy friend then how it shall affect me, it will affect their friendship. Some things are now clear, firstly Rosy is very beautiful compared to Chaya and must be young too. Secondly, since she had extra marital affairs with many boys, certainly she will not leave the chance of trying me too. Therefore, like Tarzan if I have to jump from one tree to another then I don't have to show even least interest in Rosy. This will impress Chaya and she shall trust me a lot and if suppose, we do not get chance at Rosy's place Chaya will arrange at some of her other girl friend's place. On the other hand if I am able to show indifference towards Rosy, then it will hurt her ego and certainly she would try to seduce me at any cost, but I will have to keep on igniting her passion until she become mad for me. But since she has already got boy friend its risky too ignore her for a long time.

"What happened, again you have become silent, you are thinking about Rosy, isn't it? I am warning you again and again, there you have to remain reserve other wise you will see for yourself how easily she starts talking about sex although indirectly."

"Okay Baba, I am saying that let's drop this programme if you are scared and as you have instructed I shall keep my head bowed like a cow. So, tell me one thing how come you are telling that you are going to arrange for a whole night stay at her place. What about her hubby and children? What about your own husband?" I was getting bit suspicious about her being a part of prostitute racket of this city. How come she gets permission to stay away for a whole night? My God, am I really going to be in some sort of trouble?

"Don't, worry; her husband stays out of station. Rosy is my father's-sister's daughter; therefore, she is my close relative. Only thing is we would need to make an excuse that there is some sort of programme at her place and I shall get the permission. I want to take you there and see how she reacts because her boy friend is very lean and thin and very dark complexioned, something of a Munna type and we both are completely fit for each other in length, that is, 5'8'' and obese."

Now I got another point that Rosy's boy friend might not so handsome like me thus Chaya is afraid that Rosy shall try to seduce or share me.


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