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Two Men, One Company

Novel By: Jonquil

Maya Washington's boyfriend is a traveling man who's great at his job, yet awful in bed. She wants more from her sex life, but has no idea how to go about it- until she meets her boyfriend's sexy coworker, who yearns to show her everything she's been missing. View table of contents...


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Submitted:May 7, 2013    Reads: 1,077    Comments: 5    Likes: 2   

I woke up sweating and feeling a pool between my legs. That dream was so hot until Matt ruined it, I thought frustrated. Something had to be done about the way my body was on fire. Looking to my left I saw Matt was still dead asleep snoring as usual, so I slipped out of bed to reach my phone. I smoothed out the folded sheet of paper Zach placed in my purse and dialed his number while quietly exiting the room.

"Hello?" A groggy voice answered. Shit, I didn't even realize how late it was.
"What am I missing out on?" Sleepy or not, I needed answers. He yawned before replying.
"Sleep. Sleeping with me. Both."
"Yeah it is kind of late to be calling maybe I shouldn't have..."

"No, you're fine. So you thought about what I said?" Eagerness shown in his voice.

"Ummm I dreamt about what you said actually, so yes." He paused putting it all together in his mind.

"So was I any good?" I laughed at that before responding.

"I don't know, are you?" I shot back.

"Come over here and find out." My heart raced at the thought and that fire within me still hadn't burned out. The wetness between my legs was begging for it and I had little more to say to such and offer.

"Text me your address. Be ready." I warned jokingly- I knew I was the only one here not ready for what was in store. We said our goodbyes and after slipping into an easily accessible dress and my zip up boots, I quietly padded out the front door ready to head to Zach's place.

Ten minutes of driving had lead me to his apartment and I parked out in front. Anticipation sent my heart through the roof as I wandered through the dark looking for apartment 3B. Once in front of the door, I took a deep breath before knocking twice. This was really happening now, and there's no turning back.

The door swung open and Zach left nothing to the imagination by greeting me with no more than a towel around his trim waist, still glistening with water droplets. A large chest tattoo crawled up to his left arm connecting with a sleeve filled with traditional style art. Again the yearning was building up in me just like in my dream that night and I had to fight the urge to jump on him the way I wanted to. At a loss for words, he spoke first.

"You made it. Come inside." He smiled at that gesturing me in and taking my purse off my hands.

"Said I would, didn't I?" I shrugged my jacket off and handed that to him too. His eyes shot immediately to the see through material covering me in thin wasps of fabric. I grinned at his intrigue. "So what is it that I need again? A man of your calibre ought to be able to tell me." I teased while slowly bending over to remove my boots placing them by the door.

"You need to be punished." I stopped in my tracks. What? Why? I looked up to see his face dead serious- no hint of laughter in his eyes, nothing but darkness. I let out a weak, breathy laugh.

"Punished? For what exactly?" Suddenly unsure, I took a step back only for him to take a larger step forward. A menacing look dashed across his face as his hands shot up around my waist and lifted me into the air above him. The swift movement knocked the wind out of me and I struggled to escape his grip as he threw me over his shoulder and began walking toward the bedroom. "Zach! Stop for a second what-"

He dumped me on his bed and loomed over me staring, just staring. His eyes trailed from my eyes to my lips to throat breasts stomach and between my thighs saying nothing. With a clean swipe, he pulled his towel off displaying his erect dick pointing at me. The throbbing between my legs started again and I felt bad for wanting him the way I did even though I was scared of what he'd do.

"Strip." Zach ordered me and I found my hands wandering to the bottom of my dress despite my better judgement and I removed it in a clean swipe. "Everything off." He commanded and I removed my bra and panties too, throwing them onto the floor by his feet.

Hungry eyes stared back at me when I looked back up and when he lunged forward suddenly on to the bed I gasped and tried to move to the edge. His much faster hands caught mine and held them together while reaching under the pillows behind me for something. Once he found it and pulled it out, he dangled it in my face: bungee cord. My eyes opened wide at that and he wrapped the cord thoroughly around my wrists while I struggled under his weight. Zach tied the final knot in the series and I felt the way the cord pinched my skin not giving in even a little when I tried to pull my hands out.

"If you're quiet, I'll keep my promise. If you're not... well let's just say I have more ways to make you quiet." His tip was at my entrance now where he teased it dragging his length along the outside and threatening to jam it through. I was so wet for him there was no hiding that now and I knew he had me right where he wanted me. "Fuck you're sooo wet. I bet you've always wanted it like this, but just could never admit it." His words sank in and I knew he was right- I had never been so turned on I loved being dominated because it was something that I never had.

He scooted back a bit on the bed and starting at my lower thighs snaking his tongue all the way to the place where my thighs met. Already I felt something building and uncoiling inside of me that I couldn't control and I loved the way his tongue danced across my skin. Getting to the most sensitive part of my thighs he started to nip at me there causing me to gasp again, louder. He responded with a warning glance reminding me to be quiet and I lowered my eyes submitting to his will in exchange of the pleasure I knew he was capable of giving me. His tongue reached out for my clit and I felt him stroke it gently at first getting to know it then more forcefully flicking it and inserting a rough finger into me. Slowly he pulled away and pulled his finger out bringing it up to my face.

"Suck it." I did as he said. Boldly I took his finger into my mouth pushing it in as deeply as I could only to draw it back out slowly licking it all the way through.

My eyes locked on his where they were set ablaze with lust and he suddenly jerked his finger out of my mouth returning it inside of me along with a second finger. He stretched me further and I started to moan loving the way just his fingers felt inside me pressing my g-spot beckoning me to cum for him. My body started to quiver around him and I knew I was close to having an orgasm.

"Stand up." Zach whispered in my ear this time, snapping me out of my trance. I stood and he directed me to face the giant bed post before me while he stood behind me reaching for something in his night stand. "Put your arms up. I'm going to tie them to the bed post." The cool air hit me and my nipples rose in response to the temperature and his words. He did just that, looping a second cord through the one he already had on my hands then secured me to the post.

"Why am I being punished?" I asked when he tied a final knot and looked me dead in the eyes.

"To show you what you've been missing." He smirked and walked back over to the night stand where he pulled out a leather whip.

"Please Zach don't hurt me!" My eyes got wide at that then closed suddenly when he cracked the whip close by me without touching.

"I said be quiet." He slinked over to me like a cat stalking its prey and I felt a surge of heat flowing through my body where my pussy still leaked for him. A blush crawled over my face in shame of how turned on I was.

Without warning, I felt the cool handle of his whip caress me between my legs and drag its way along my moist lips. It glided so easily and he did it again pushing it in a little more, then more the third time until he was teasing my entrance with the smooth leather. Finding my engorged clit, he stroked that with the handle too, not to hard flicking it bak and forth. My legs shook under me and my body quaked. Zach leaned in breathing heavily in my ear getting excited.

"You're such a slut- cheating on your boyfriend like this. Do you know what I do to sluts?" I couldn't speak with my breath at a loss. I shook my head no throwing it back when he picked up the pace rubbing it faster back and forth. I was losing control. "I fuck them hard and whip them harder."

A slicing pain seared across my ass suddenly and I cried out to Zach. The tidal wave of my orgasm was threatening to burst through and I couldn't hold it any longer. He pressed his thick erection against me again showing just what I was doing to him and resumed teasing me with the handle of his whip. The large handle started to push its way inside of me, stretching my tight walls around it and making me lose my breath to my quiet moans. It was too big for me it was never going to fit, which made me glad when he withdrew it from my sopping wet sex and jammed his dick full into me. I released a ragged scream as he pushed my face against the bed post fucking me relentlessly. Zach pumped in and out of me with a sheer force that should have broken the post , but instead was just breaking me. My ass stung with every thrust where he whipped me and I could no longer keep myself from coming any longer once I felt the way his dick filled me and emptied me all over again. I called out his name and expended my juices all over him loving the way he didn't even stop for my orgasm. It just added to the slickness down there and he gripped my hips pushing and pulling himself in and out even quicker giving more than I could handle. My body spasmed and my finger nails dug into the bed post my face rested on as well. Heavy breaths caught in my throat and Zach only slowed down seeing that I was done reaching me peak. Suddenly withdrawing himself completely, I turned to him and looked down to see his dick still fully erect- he hadn't come yet.

"I'm not done with you yet. You're night's just getting started." His eyes gleamed. A devilish grin crossed his face as he stepped back to where I stood shaking in my post-orgasmic euphoria.


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