Sinfully Delicious

By: Jlicious

Chapter 7,

The moonlight peaked into the room in shards. Lighting up just enough to see her body in the dim lit room. She was naked sleeping facing away from him. The blanket that was suppose to be keeping her warm on this chilly night was only partially covering her hip. The rest of her glorious skin was bare, and free for him to ogle.

He knew he shouldn't have been in here. But he also knew Tim’s room was downstairs and that man wouldn't wake up for anything. Jason quietly walked over to her. Just admiring her beauty. The soft little puffs of air signally she was deep in sleep. He began kissing her exposed ass, gently grabbing the firm skin around her thighs. Testing her layer of sleep he dug his fingertips into her soft flesh. She remained still and sleeping. How he loved how heavy she slept right now.

He took this time to admire her beautiful pussy. He saw it in all its glory, but this was different. He moved her so she was on her back. Her amazing legs were propped up on either side of him - he was laying comfortably between them on his stomach raised by his elbows.

He leaned into her his nose almost brushing he center. He inhaled deep and long. She smelled sweet and fresh. Jason spread her lips wide to inspect this amazing pussy. Jason wasn't a man-whore, but he had seen a handful of women. But Case, her womanly parts were perfect. Her lips were firm and not too thin. Everything he saw was an amazing shade of pink. Her clit was hooded and small. For Now anyway. She was very symmetrical and her entrance was perfectly hidden. But to top everything off, above all of this gory, he set his gaze on her pretty mound. For a skinny little thing it was very plump. Perfectly so. Everywhere he looked as smooth and tight, and not a hair to be seen. She must wax, he thought.

Jason was tired of just inspecting. He also wanted to add another aroma to this fixation. He turned his left hand so his long thin fingers were pointing downward. His middle finger resting just at her entrance. The two surrounding fingers pressed firmly into her outer lips. His palm conveniently resting tightly on her little clit. Just feeling her warmth made him throb. Slowly, oh so slowly, he dragged his hand up and along her most precious parts. He was in heaven.

Too abruptly his trance was broken. Case’s hands were slammed against his skull with an unwomanly force. Momentarily caught off guard Jason had started to withdraw. But then he heard her whispers, still heavy with sleep. “No! Get off me!” She cried. Not listening to her pleas he moved up her body and held her hands tightly but with love.

Her next words seared a trail straight into his soul. “I hate you!” She sobbed in her sleep. His entire world dropped.

He laid her arms onto the bed and froze in place when he barely heard what she said. “Dennis...Just kill me already. So you’ll finally. Leave me alone.” Her words were short and had a pathetic quality between her cries.


His mind was playing tricks on him. Kill her? She wanted to die? No that couldn't be right. But Dennis... He replayed the words in his head, “Dennis. Just kill me already so you’ll finally leave me alone.” Jason suddenly remembered how miserable she looked during the phone call, during their conversation back at the house... This man really did make her feel worthless.

He was lost, his brain told him to get out of there. She was such a heavy sleeper she would never know. Maybe ‘them’ was a one time thing. Dennis was too much a part of her background.

Are you fucking kidding me?

It’s too complicated so you’re pussing out?

He had to remember. Dennis was gone. He was a fucking bastard who deserved a slow demise but she wasn’t his. She was Jason’s. And he sure as hell would make her think so. No, he would make her know so.  After all this time. All these thoughts, he couldn't ever give up. Now that he finally got a taste of this precious girl, he refused to let her go.

Caressing her hands with his he started to whisper into her neck. “Case” She immediately stiffened when he spoke but as each word was heard she seemed to relax. “Baby, It’s me, it’s Daddy.”  He kissed her throat and said, “Relax Sweat Pea. I’ll never let anyone hurt you.”  He held her so close he felt as though they could meld as one. She was still crying softly but her tension had gone away. He kissed her jaw, her chin. Gentle kisses along her face he leaned in and whispered in her ear, “That’s it honey. Just lay with me. Let me make you feel better,” He paused for a moment.

What’s the big deal? She can’t hear you. She’ll never know.

The soft whispers just poured out of him in between his gentle kisses, “How I wish to fall asleep like this, baby. To erase that monster from your thoughts. To be with you…. You make me feel whole again, Case. You make me feel like a real man again. God!” He lingered a feather kiss on her neck then whispered against her silky skin. “I love you Casey.”



When she awoke Casey felt amazing. She slept so good. She couldn't help but smile. Last night was so unreal, she once again looked into her mirror to make sure her ‘love marks’ were still there. She sighed happily and went to get dressed.

She couldn't help but think about her dreams. At first they were like they always were. Filled of betrayal, regret and shame. And not to mention Dennis. He always snaked his way into her dreams to haunt and hurt her. They usually lasted all night and left her exhausted by the time she woke in the morning. But last night… Jason popped in and suddenly and saved her. Right at the point where Dennis threatened her and slowly started hurting her.

Jason appeared and just held her. Talked with her and cared for her wounds and… No, its nothing. Only a dream. A wonderful, amazing dream. Nothing more. But at least she would have that.

Today was going to be a big day, there was a lot to get ready. Family would be arriving in two days to have a reunion. To remember the lost loved ones and to eat and drink themselves silly. Casey always laughed. Her father was so dramatic about the loss off his wife. She could understand after all, but still. He was a great Drama King. So she was happy when Jay recommended the reunion. To perk things up a bit, that was seven years ago. The family liked it too.

Slipping on some pink skinny jeans and a tight white sweater over her pink thong and no bra, she pranced downstairs. Coffee was calling her name.


The prep stage for all the cooking was set up. Coffee was on and smelled fabulous. She froze and smiled when she saw a small plate. A blueberry muffin in the center,  a scoop of cream cheese and a thin pat of butter were arranged neatly on the plate.

Smiling ear to ear she grabbed her coffee and sat down.

“Happy day?” She heard from the hallway.

Almost choking on her first sip of coffee Casey coughed a little and tried to regain her smile. “Hi dad.” She managed.

She let out a hearty laugh when he started to sing the “Happy Days” theme song. She just let him finish. He was so fun sometimes.

Tim went on to talk about all of the things they were going to need to get done today. He was telling her all of the things he needed to do or had already done. She was oblivious to it all. She just wanted to see Jason. Where was he? She wanted to wrap her arms around him for making her smile so early in the morning. He always teased her about her blueberry muffin, her ‘morning carb ritual’ he called it. She knew he only did it in jest. And he always would be the first to either bake one or buy her some. He was so sweet to her.

“..So, you’ll just have to finish all your things early and run up with him after dinner”

“To where again?” She asked. She had to suppress a smile, she was going to spend some more time alone with Jason.

“Roy’s son, Tyler, from school, the party supplies.” Tim furrowed his brows. “Girl. Where you even listening to me?” He seemed amused but slightly irritated.

She apologized and he begun to retell his words, she listened this time. But a dreadful feeling came crashing up, threatening to drown her. Ty, her ex. Dennis wasn’t really an ex. He was a toy. A toy who turned out to be, for a lack of a better word defective. But Ty…Jason knew him all too well. Their relationship wasn’t a secret, especially to Jason.


What would Jason think. She would be alone with her ex for two hours getting the extra chairs and party things from Jason’s warehouse, in the country. . She remembered how he acted with Dennis, No, that was different.

Trying to force her voice to sound normal Case said, “Speaking of work, where is that slacker uncle of mine?”

“I ain’t his momma! Call him.” Tim gulped down his coffee and said, “Off to mow the lawn.

“Dad, the grass hasn't grown any in two weeks. The air is too cold.” She offered.

All she heard was a faint, “Women.” coming from behind the door. He always was obsessed with his yard.

Now to call Jay!

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