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Complicated Essence

Novel By: JKayTondy


I am aware of all the grammatical errors. I am in the process of editing these errors, and will re-upload the chapters once I have edited them.

I thank those who have read the rough draft of all the chapters, and stumbled through the various errors.

Your opinions matter greatly to me, so say whatever you feel =]

Lexi, a young plus sized woman is down on her luck. She lost her job, and is facing other obstacles in her everyday life that hinder her self esteem. She feels that trying to change who she is will give her a better life. She starts her dramatic life change sexually. She has a gay best friend named Chad who argues with her that this isn't the way to go. But she is very determined to prove him wrong. She meets a dominate man named Chris, who channels a deeper and darker persona she never knew existed. During her journey of self discovery, she meets Sarah. Sarah, is a girl from Lexi's past. But, Sarah is no longer the preppy stuck up straight girl Lexi knew before. Sarah sparks another side of Lexi's persona that she killed off years ago. Now with both sides of Lexi's persona unleashed, she has to figure out who Lexi really is. Is she really someone who possesses an inner demon, or is she just someone who is lost and confused?
Just when Lexi thinks she has it all figured out, she meets Tristan. A young and handsome accountant with connections to the very rich and famous Robert Bates. Will she have a happy ending? OR will it be just continuous downward spiral? View table of contents...


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Chapter 24

It was the weekend, and Lexi had been driving herself home with Elaine every day after work. She was becoming more confident with her driving, slowly but surely. Lexi and Tristan were together at his house, watching a movie and in their pajama's, when all of a sudden Lexi had a realization. "Crap, we didn't do the Christmas thing." Lexi said as she grabbed her phone and sent Eileen, Chad, and Lee a message.
"What do you need to do, again?" Tristan asked.
"We write down names, stick it in a hat or something, pick it out, and buy for that person. You cannot get yourself, that's the only rule." She said softly. Tristan nodded.
"Who is all going to participate in this event?" He asked as he grabbed a piece of paper, and started writing down names. "I was hoping that Michael, Rachel, and Monica would be interested. Normally, it's Lee, Eileen, Chad, and I…" She said as she started composing a message.
"What if I were to get Michael, or Lee, I really don't know them…" Tristan asked.
"Good point." Lexi sighed, and looked at her phone. "But, then again that's the fun of it." She smirked.
"What's the limit?" He asked. "$15-20" She replied, and finished her text.

"Want to get together tonight; we need to do the Christmas thing…" She sent

"Tristan, can you ask if Monica and Rachel will be willing to participate?" She asked. Tristan nodded,
"Do you want to meet here, or somewhere else?" He asked.
"That's up to you babe, it's your house." She smiled.
"Here it is, we can have it in the living room." He smiled, and sent the message.

"Come over tonight, we're doing a secret Santa with Lexi's crew, and be sure to inform Michael please." Tristan sent

"That's a great idea!" Monica replied quickly, "What time?" She added

"What time, babe?" He asked.
"How about in an hour?" She said.

"Around 7." He sent back to Monica,

"Where and what time?" Eileen asked. "Tristan's around 7?" She sent to Eileen, then forwarded the message to Chad, and Lee.

"Great, Michael got the text from Monica, We'll see you soon Dove!" He sent
"I'll try, can Jake come along too?" Eileen asked
Lexi paused. "Sure thing!"she sent, then forwarded his address to her.

"Jake is attending too." Lexi chimed.
"Whose Jake?" Tristan asked.
"Eileen's boyfriend." She replied. Tristan nodded, although he was confused by the words.
"I thought Lee and Eileen were together." He spoke softly.
"Eileen and Lee are like Chad and I." She smiled. Tristan nodded, and added his name to the list.
"Well, looks like we're going to have to do some quick shopping for this get together." Tristan smiled, and grabbed Lexi's hand.
"You're not mad at me, are you?" She asked.
"Why would I be mad?" He asked
"I did just kind of spring this on…" She said softly
"Lexi, I've learned to always expect the unexpected from you." He smirked, and kissed her forehead. Lexi smiled, and nodded. "But first, we got to put clothes on." He chucked, as he walked her to the bedroom, where their clothes were. Lexi quickly put on a blue t-shirt, her navy long sleeved cardigan, and the jeans she wore earlier. Tristan grabbed his red sweater, and slipped on some pants. After they dressed, they went down stairs where they then quickly grabbed their coats and headed out to Tristan's car. Tristan got in, and Lexi soon followed.
They pulled up to a small store that was downtown. It was like any other grocery store, just smaller than your typical super center.
Tristan grabbed some pop and chips, as Lexi grabbed a few bags of pizza rolls. They met at the checkout;
"I'll cover this." Lexi smiled.
"No, I will." Tristan smirked.
"Please don't, I did this to you, it's the least I can do." She said softly.
"No babe, I'm covering it, and you're setting it up." Tristan chuckled.
"Fair enough." She smiled, as they placed their items on the counter.
As they waited, she received a conformation Text from Lee, and that he will be riding with Eileen and Jake.
"Awesome, everyone's in!" She said happily. Tristan smiled at her, he loved seeing her so happy and excited.
"$18.67" The cashier said. Tristan pulled out a twenty. He waited for his change, and then they were off to the house.
Lexi placed the pops in the fridge to keep them chilled, and quickly opened the bags of pizza rolls, and placed them on a cookie sheet. She placed them in the oven, and grabbed three large bowls for the chips. Tristan watched her, as she ran around the kitchen like a mad woman. He couldn't help but chuckle.
"What's so funny?" She asked, as she grabbed two of the bowls and walked them into the living room.
"You're adorable, that's all." He smiled, and grabbed the other bowl and joined her. They continued to set things up.

Tristan cut the names off the paper, and grabbed an old hat of his out of one of the many randomly placed closets, and put them in.
"Thanks babe, you're amazing." She smiled and walked over to the couch where he was sitting. Then she kissed him on the cheek. Tristan smiled, and looked up at her.
"So, if I don't get you, I cannot buy for you?" He asked.
"Nope." She joked. "But, I'll be buying for you, Chad, and Eileen regardless." She smirked.
"How is that fair?" He asked with a smile on his face.
"Cause, I said so." She winked, and Tristan grabbed her by the hips, and pulled her over to him. She was on top of him, and looking down at him. "Mr. Bates, we're going to have company soon." She said softly.
"I know, but I just wanted to admire the view, at least." He smiled, and kissed her chest, and worked his way down to her cleavage. Lexi's body was instantly consumed with desire.
"Tristan, please…" She said softly.
"Please, what?" He smiled,
"As much as I want you right now, we can't…" She said softly, but started to kiss him passionately on the lips, and totally disregarding her own words. Tristan's member started to grow beneath her, and caressed her leg. Lexi's breath became shallow, as they continued to kiss. He unbuttoned her yellow top, and started working his lips down farther. The oven timer dinged, and distracted them. "I better go get those…" She said softly, still looking deep into his eyes.
"No, I'll get them…" He said softly. Lexi got off of him, and buttoned up her shirt. Tristan walked slowly, because of his recently acquired hard on. He turned the oven off, and came back to the couch. He gazed at the clock, and saw that they had about 15 minutes before everyone was told to arrive. "Ms. Thomas, may I see you in my office?" He asked, as he walked towards the office. Lexi smirked, and quickly followed him. She walked into the office, and Tristan shut and locked the door. "Get on the desk, please." He said as he moved his lamp and various supplies to the chair. Lexi did what she was told, and sat on the desk. She faced opposite to where his chair was, and Tristan undid his pants, and they hung loosely on his hips. "I'm assuming you want it rough, Ms. Thomas?" He asked. Lexi's eyes widened as her body grew weak.
"Yes, please Mr. Bates." She smiled.
"Good, take off your pants and panties, immediately." He commanded. Lexi did not hesitate, she lied back on the desk, and undid her jeans, and pulled them off along with her panties. Tristan quickly walked over, and moved his chair, and started to ease his member into her mouth. Lexi was shocked, but delighted by the surprise. "Finger yourself." He said softly. Lexi started to tease her vagina, with her finger tips. Tristan watched as her fingers were at work. That made him more aroused, as he quickened his pace inside her mouth. Lexi let out a soft moan, and so did Tristan. They quickened their paces and continued. "Are you wet, baby?" He asked as he took his member out of her mouth.
"Very." She said softly and seductively. Tristan quickly moved to her lower half. He quickly shoved his member inside of her. Lexi let out a louder moan, and she braced herself with her elbows, and looked at him. Tristan moved her hips closer to his, as he went deeper inside her. "Oh yes, that's perfect…" He said softly. Lexi agreed, this was perfect. His long hard cock felt amazing inside of her. Lexi looked at the clock, and saw they only had about 6 minutes left to complete their deed.
"Faster, Tristan." She commanded. Tristan smirked, and happily obliged. Lexi was close to her climax. Tristan gave her one last hard and deep thrust inside her, and she climaxed. Tristan quickly took himself out, and finished himself off. Lexi quickly scrambled off the desk to fetch him a tissue. She discovered a box in his desk, and quickly handed him a few. "Thanks babe." He smirked.
"No, thank you." She smiled, as she helped him clean himself. She tossed the tissues in his waste basket, then fetched for her clothes. Tristan quickly did his pants back up, and walked out to the hallway, and Tristan didn't have better timing, Rachel, Monica, and Michael were standing at the door, and were just about to knock.

"Monica, Rachel, and Michael are here babe." He called out.
"Be there in a moment, I'm straightening the desk." She said as she pulled her pants back on and zipped them. She quickly put the lamp back on his desk, and his other supplies. She quickly ran towards the living room entrance, and sat on the couch. She caught her breath, and acted like she was sitting there the entire time. Tristan laughed, and shook his head as he answered the door. "Hey guys." He said
"Hey, thanks for the invite!" Monica said cheerfully, as she handed him a plate of chocolate chip cookies, "I felt it was appropriate." She smiled.
"Thank you, kindly." Tristan said as he motioned for Lexi to take the plate. "Thanks Monica." Lexi smiled brightly, as she got off the couch, to retrieve the cookies. She retrieved them, and placed them in the middle of the three bowls of chips. "They look great." She smiled.
"Thanks!" Monica said as she stripped herself of her coat, and handed it to Tristan. Rachel and Michael did the same. Lexi walked over to Tristan,
"I'll take those…I need to take a trip upstairs anyway." She smiled. Tristan nodded.
"I'll get the food out of the oven then." He winked at her. Lexi smiled and nodded.

"You two are so stinkin' cute." Rachel smiled, as she sat down on the couch, and Monica soon followed. Tristan smiled, and nodded. "Thanks Rachel." He said, and then excused himself to the kitchen. "Please, make yourselves at home." He called out.
Lexi placed the coats on Tristan's bed, and then escorted herself to the restroom; her bladder was insanely full after their sex session. She did her business, and then washed the sex off of her hands. Lexi soon joined the others down stairs, and then walked into the kitchen. She saw Tristan carefully taking out the cookie sheet, and placed it on the stove. "They're good." He smiled at her.
"Oh, good." She smiled, as she shut the oven door. "Well, I'll get these on some plates, go out there and be with your group." She smirked, and kissed him on the cheek.
"Yes madam." He joked, and left the kitchen. Lexi searched his cupboards for plates, and quickly found some. She placed them on two big plates, and carried them into the living room. "Wow, you guys went all out for this." Michael said, as he took one of the plates, and sat it on his side of the table.
"That would be, Ms. Thomas." Tristan smirked. Lexi blushed. Then, the door bell rang, Tristan got up to answer it, but Lexi motioned him to sit.
"It's probably Chad." She smiled, and then walked to the door. Sure enough, it was Chad. Lexi opened the door, and smiled brightly. "Hello darling." She said softly.
"Hello love, I brought some wine." He smiled, as he handed her a bottle, and he carried in the other two in his hand. Tristan got up, and grabbed the wine bottles.
"I got these, now you sit and enjoy the company." He said softly into Lexi's ear, as he walked passed her. Lexi nodded. She and Chad sat on another section of the couch. Tristan soon joined them, after he put the wine in the fridge, and one in a bucket full of ice. "Thanks Chad," He chimed, as he brought the bucket out and put it on the middle of the table.
"No problem." Chad smiled.
"Oh crap, I forgot glasses, and there is also pop for those who don't want wine." Tristan said as he walked back into the kitchen. Lexi stood up, and walked to the kitchen as well.
"Figured you'd want some help with those, dear." She smiled, and grabbed five cups off the counter. Tristan smiled, and nodded. He carried the four other cups into the living room behind her.
"Not as classy as a glass, but we weren't expecting wine." He joked.
"Who cares, it's a cup." Monica said with a smirk. Lexi nodded, and handed everyone a glass. Monica stood up, and went to the kitchen. "Sit, you two sit. We can get out own beverages." She ordered. Lexi and Tristan smirked, and obeyed her. They sat down next to Chad. Chad smiled at Lexi.
"What's that look for, Mr. Phillips?" She asked softly.
"Oh, I can just read on your face what you did 10 minutes ago, is all." He whispered. Lexi was shocked, but she knew that Chad knew her better than anyone else.
"Is it really that obvious?" She asked softly.
"To me, yes, to everyone else…No." He smiled, and hugged her. "I've missed you." He said softly.
"I've missed you too, Dovey." She smiled, and continued the hug. "Oh, I'll take your coat, and you need to get yourself some wine." She smirked, and stood up. He too stood up, and handed her his coat, and escorted himself to the kitchen, as Lexi went up the stairs.
Everyone got their beverages, except for Tristan and Lexi. Tristan and Chad went into the kitchen. Tristan was going to get Lexi some wine, but Chad beat him to the punch. "Oh, sorry." Chad said softly. Tristan shrugged, and smiled. Chad was so used to everything being Lexi and Chad, that he forgot that Tristan was a huge roll in her life now, and that he didn't have to take care of her as much anymore. Tristan poured himself a cup, and they quickly rejoined the others in the living room. Lexi came down the stairs, and went to the living room. She looked down at the table and saw that she had a glass of wine. "Thanks, Chad." She smiled over to Chad. Chad smiled at her, as he took a sip. Tristan chuckled,
"How did she know you did it?" He asked
Chad shrugged his shoulders, and Lexi giggled.
"Assumption is all. It's a habit. We've been doing things like that for each other for years. It'll take us a while to break them a bit." She smiled, and took a sip of wine. Chad nodded,
"It's a true story." He said as he took another sip. "So, who are we waiting on, just Eileen and Lee?" Chad asked.
"And Jake." Lexi said softly.
"Really?" Chad asked with a straight face.
"Hey, it's the only way I knew that Eileen would come over tonight, and besides, what's one more person going to do?" She asked. Chad shrugged, and took another large sip.
Everyone started their own conversations, as Lexi looked up at the clock. "C'mon, Eileen, seriously." She said softly to herself. Just then, there was a knock on the door. Tristan got up to answer it, and it was Eileen, Jake, and Lee.
"Finally." He joked.
"Sorry, I got lost." Eileen confessed.
"Well, you're here now, that's all that matters, I'll take your coats. There are some cups in the living room, and wine and pop in the kitchen...Help yourselves." Tristan smiled. Eileen, and Lee took off their coats, and handed them to Tristan. Jake opted to leave his coat on. They walked into the living room, and joined the crowd. Tristan walked down the hall and up the stairs to the bedroom.
Tristan rejoined them, and the conversations got louder, and more intense. Everyone nibbled on the chips, cookies, and pizza rolls. They drank all three bottles of wine, and were forced to drink the pop that Tristan had bought. "Didn't realize our friends were winos…" Tristan whispered to Lexi, and Lexi giggled.
"Alright everyone, are we ready to do the Secret Santa?" She asked. Jake shook his head,
"I'm not going to participate, I really only know you Eileen, and Lee." He said softly.
"Are you sure, we can help you?" Eileen asked. Chad rolled his eyes.
"Yeah, I'm sure, this is your guys' thing." He said softly. Lexi reached in, and pulled his name out of the hat.
"Last chance." Lexi said as she held Tristan's hat in her hands.
"I'm good, thanks Lexi." Lexi nodded, and put his name in her pocket.
"Alright, the rules are simple…As I'm sure you've all done this before, and if you haven't, it's fun." Lexi paused, and smiled. "The budget is $15-$20, and you cannot draw yourself, and once everyone has purchased their gifts, we'll schedule a time to exchange them, due to the holidays being chaotic for everyone, it does not have to be Christmas night or Christmas eve. But, I want to try and do this before New Year's Eve…" She continued. Everyone nodded. "Who wants to draw first?" Lexi asked.
"I will, I guess." Michael smiled. Michael reached into the hat, and drew a name. He looked at it, and nodded.
"Alright Hun, here's the thing…" Tristan said softly."What if, by some chance I were to get Eileen or Lee or they were to get me…How do we know what to buy for them?" Tristan asked. Everyone agreed. "Hmmm…" She thought out loud to herself
"Here's what we'll do, Tristan, do you have paper and pens?" Chad asked. Tristan nodded, and went to his office to retrieve them. Lexi smirked, as she watched him walk back to their recent sex chamber. Tristan came back, and winked to Lexi. Embarrassment flushed through her body, but she hid it the best she could.
"Okay, everyone jot down a couple of things you like…" He paused. "Example, I'd jot down wine, cigarettes, clothes, scented wax…" He said. "Once you've listed at least five things, pass the list along." He continued.
"That's a great idea, Chad." Lexi smiled.
"Naturally." He smirked.
"Now, with that being said…Jake, do you want to participate?" She asked.
"I suppose." Jake smiled. Michael dropped his name back into the hat, and Lexi put Jake's name back in. She shook the hat around a bit, and to shuffle the names. She waited for everyone to compile their mini lists. Tristan started the chain, and it went all the way across the couch, Lexi filled in some things, and handed the list to Chad. Chad added his, and then gave the paper to Lexi. "Okay, try two." Lexi giggled. Michael reached in, and grabbed a name. He looked at the list, and quickly put some ideas in his phone.
"Got it." Michael said happily. She moved to Monica, and she did the same thing. She breezed through the rest of the line; Rachel, Lee, Jake, Eileen, Tristan, Chad, then finally herself.
"Alright, now no one can say who they have." Lexi smirked, as she looked down at the name she got. Monica. She thought to herself, and slid the piece of paper into her pocket. Everyone nodded, and soon the conversations continued.
Everyone stayed for a few hours, they all chatted, and soon even the pop became history. Lexi started to clean up, while everyone still chatted. Tristan joined her in the kitchen. "Why are you cleaning up so early?" He asked.
"It's easier to start now, if we want to salvage the rest of the night." She winked.
"My oh my, Ms. Thomas…You're frisky." He smirked, and started to help her clean.
"What makes you say that?" She asked softly and seductively. Tristan chuckled, and kissed her lips. Lexi wrapped her arms around him, and continued their kiss.
"That, my dear…Says it all." He smirked, as he broke their embrace. Lexi blushed, then quickly returned to the living room.
"Hey, we're gonna get heading home." Eileen said softly, as she Lee, and Jake stood up. Lexi nodded, and fetched their coats. She started to walk down the stairs, when she spotted Tristan walking up. "Monica, and Rachel are bailing too." He smiled. Lexi smiled, and nodded. Lexi handed Eileen and Lee their jackets. And showed them to the door.
"Thanks for coming." Lexi smiled.
"It was fun." Lee smiled, and Eileen nodded.
"See ya." Eileen smiled, and they were out the door. Soon Monica and Rachel were at the train of good-byes, and only Michael and Chad were left. Lexi sat down next to Chad, and Tristan sat next to her.
"Want some help, cleaning up?" Michael offered. Lexi shook her head,
"Thanks though." She smiled.
"Well, I think I'm gonna get heading home as well, I have to work on a Saturday." He stood up, and shrugged his shoulders.
"Me too." Chad said with a sad face, and stood up. He hugged Lexi, and Tristan retrieved their coats. Tristan came down, and handed them their coats. Michael already said his goodbyes, and started to head to Chad's car.
"Have fun working tonight." Lexi smirked, as she whispered into Chad's ear. Chad smirked, "Fair enough, " He paused. " I love you Dovey, we need to have a just us day very soon!" He said. Lexi nodded. "I agree, and I love you too!" She said as she hugged him again, and he too was out the door. Lexi shut it, and locked it, and went to the living room. Tristan had cleared off the table, and lit a single candle. Lexi looked at it quizzically, and then soon the lights in the living room dimmed. "Hello, Ms. Thomas." He smirked, as he walked up behind her. Lexi smiled, and turned around. "Hello, Mr. Bates." She smiled, and wrapped her arms around him.
"What is your preference, Ms. Thomas?" He asked softly and sensually as he kissed her lips.
"I want you to hold me." She smiled.
"Excellent choice, as always Lexi." He smiled. Tristan broke their embrace, and moved the table towards the couch, as he laid a blanket down on the floor. Lexi smiled, "Will right here work for you, Ms. Thomas?" He asked, as he kneeled down onto the cover. Lexi nodded, as she too knelt down. They started to kiss one another, and soon they were lying down on the floor, holding onto each other. Tristan brushed a strand of her hair out of her face, and gazed deeply into her eyes. "I can look at you forever, and be happy." He said softly.
"Likewise." She smiled, and curled up to him, and started to kiss his neck. "Will you make love to me, Tristan?" She asked softly.
"That's something; you never have to ask for, Alexia." He said softly, as he sat up, and took off his shirt, Lexi sat up, and took her shirt and cardigan off. Tristan started to undo her pants, as she did his. Soon, they were naked in the soft candle light. Tristan grabbed another blanket off the couch, and wrapped it around them. He started to kiss her softly, and caress her naked body that was now beneath him. "Baby, you're truly beautiful, I wish you could see what I see." He said softly, as he smiled down at her. Lexi smiled, and blushed, as she caressed his chest softly. "Likewise, Tristan." She smiled. He moved down, and his lips met hers. He softly and slowly slid himself inside of her, and held onto her body. Lexi wrapped her arms around him, and they made love on the living room floor.


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