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Complicated Essence

Novel By: JKayTondy


I am aware of all the grammatical errors. I am in the process of editing these errors, and will re-upload the chapters once I have edited them.

I thank those who have read the rough draft of all the chapters, and stumbled through the various errors.

Your opinions matter greatly to me, so say whatever you feel =]

Lexi, a young plus sized woman is down on her luck. She lost her job, and is facing other obstacles in her everyday life that hinder her self esteem. She feels that trying to change who she is will give her a better life. She starts her dramatic life change sexually. She has a gay best friend named Chad who argues with her that this isn't the way to go. But she is very determined to prove him wrong. She meets a dominate man named Chris, who channels a deeper and darker persona she never knew existed. During her journey of self discovery, she meets Sarah. Sarah, is a girl from Lexi's past. But, Sarah is no longer the preppy stuck up straight girl Lexi knew before. Sarah sparks another side of Lexi's persona that she killed off years ago. Now with both sides of Lexi's persona unleashed, she has to figure out who Lexi really is. Is she really someone who possesses an inner demon, or is she just someone who is lost and confused?
Just when Lexi thinks she has it all figured out, she meets Tristan. A young and handsome accountant with connections to the very rich and famous Robert Bates. Will she have a happy ending? OR will it be just continuous downward spiral? View table of contents...


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Chapter 23

It was the Monday that Lexi was to start her new job. She was nervous as well as excited. She got up an hour early to try and find the proper outfit. At her former job, you could get away with wearing blue jeans, and flip flops. But, because she wasn't sure of the dress code, she opted for something that was business casual. She wore a black and white three quarter length shirt, black dress slacks, and her pumps. The weather outside was dark, and very cold. She went down into her basement, where all of the winter coats were kept, and she drug out her big wool almost trench coat. She brought it up stairs with her, and laid it across the dining room table, and proceeded to make herself some morning tea. Her father was awake and sitting at the small kitchen table, since he had to take her to work.
"You know, you're getting your license soon, I'm too old to do this shit." He said grumpily, as he drank his coffee, and smoked his morning cigarette. Lexi rolled her eyes, and disregarded his comment. Normally, she'd snap back by saying "Well, maybe if I had a father who was willing to ride with me…" Or "This is your own doing." But she opted to just try and salvage her morning, and not start it out with negativity. She made her morning tea, and popped two pieces of wheat bread in the toaster. She waited for them patiently, and got out a piece of cheese and her new favorite bacon pieces. The toaster dinged, and she composed her sandwich. She sat down across from her father, and ate her breakfast. Nothing else was said, until it was time for her to leave.

"Do you have everything?" He asked her. Lexi nodded, as she opened the front door and embraced the cold December morning. The sky was still very dark, and there was fresh snow that fell during the night. She walked slowly down her icy steps, and made sure her father got down okay. They went to the car, as he started it to heat it up. "Don't fuck this up." He said as he turned on the wipers to try and wipe off some of the snow from the window.
"I won't." She said softly, as she lit her cigarette. She inhaled the small amount of nicotine her rolled cigarettes provided, and she cracked the window slightly for the smoke to escape.

They pulled up to Lexi's new job. Her nerves instantly hit her stomach, as she got out of the car, and shut the door behind her. "5:00" He yelled out, Lexi nodded, and headed for the door. The building was large, and brick. Similar to what her old job looked like from the outside. The parking lot was large as well, but at least there was available parking for people at this place, it seemed. Elaine had instructed her to use the side door, and to knock. Lexi checked her watch, "7:45" She said out load, as she knocked on the door. Within a minute, Elaine was there to great her. Elaine was wearing a purple sweater, and black dress slacks. She wore a pair of winter boots; it looked like she just got there herself.
"Morning, Lexi." Elaine said happily.
"Morning, Elaine." She smiled brightly. Elaine held open the door for her to walk in. When she was in the door shut and locked itself behind her.
"Are you nervous?" Elaine asked.
"Only a lot." She smirked.
"Don't be. Come, I'll show you your desk and give you the tour." She smiled brightly. Elaine started to walk, and Lexi soon followed. "This is a rather large office, so don't be surprised if you don't get lost a few times." She winked. Lexi nodded, and she started the tour. She walked in to the large office, and saw all the similarities it had to her old place of employment. The walls were white, but instead of lifeless grey carpet beneath them, there were hard wooden floors. There were some pictures that were hung on the walls, for some pizzazz. There were a row of windows that faced the back of the office to provide additional light. At least you can see the outside world here; she thought to herself and continued to examine the place. There wasn't the smell of Italian herbs either, instead, a clean crisp smell of cucumber melon, or something similar to that scent. There were a lot of desks, but not nearly as many as her previous employer. The desks were in rows of three, and everyone seemed friendly and eager to meet Lexi. "Welcome to Prescott Medical, Lexi." A woman with long red hair smiled to her as she walked passed.
"Thank you." Lexi smiled.

"That is Linda, she's a doll." Elaine said softly. They continued walking, and they stopped at the row closest to the back. "This, is your desk." Elaine said, as she pointed to the medium wooden desk, it had a vase with a fresh cut rose, a box of Kleenex, and an assortment of colored highlighters on one side, and a jar full of pens on the other.
"The rose is beautiful." Lexi said softly.
"Compliments of Mr. Bates himself." Elaine smiled, and winked at Lexi. Lexi felt a surge of happiness rush through her body. Note to self, marry this man. She thought to herself, as she continued to smile.
"This desk over here…" She paused, as she pointed to a desk that was behind Lexi's but faced the other way, and was at the end of the row. "Is mine." She smiled. "I will be training you for the next couple weeks, and honestly, don't worry if you don't know everything at first, its okay. None of us knew what to do when we first started." She smiled. Lexi felt relieved. She had a great feeling about this. Finally, everything is falling into place. She thought to herself, and nodded to Elaine.
"You will be in charge registrations, for patients with the last names that start with A through M" She said softly. "This is your phone." She said as she pointed to the cream colored corded phone, with a speaker and a handheld. "You will be on this for the majority of your day." She said, as she grabbed the chair from her desk and brought it over to Lexi's desk. "Have a seat." She smiled warmly. Lexi pulled the computer chair out of from underneath her desk, and sat down. Lexi's nerves started to creep into her throat, as she looked at all of the icons on the monitor; Patient Bills, Patient Registration, Insurance Q and A, Product Description, Word Processor, Spread Sheet, Office Mail, and a lot of other icons. "Now, you're going to be using this one, along with your E-mail and spread sheet." Elaine said calmly as she pointed to Patient Registration, and sat down at her chair. Lexi clicked it, and opened it. She was relieved to discover it was just basically software for Patient demographics. That was her main area of focus at school. "You have experience in this, correct?" Elaine asked.
"Yes." Lexi smiled brightly.
"Great, so that you should be able to catch onto this quickly…What's your current typing speed?" Elaine asked.
"About 50 words per minute." Lexi replied.
"Wow, you've got me beat…That's great Lexi!" She smiled. Lexi smiled back, and observed the screen. "Now, pull up the e-mail and spread sheet, if you would." Elaine said softly. Lexi did not hesitate. She quickly clicked on the icons, and they all pulled up. "Okay, bring your E-mail into focus." She said softly. Lexi hit the keyboard, Alt and Tab, and brought up the E-mail. Elaine watched her in awe "How in the world did you do that?" She asked. Lexi smiled, and showed her.
"All you hit is the Alt key and the Tab key at the same time. You can navigate to the screen that way." She smiled.
"Oh, that's quite convenient." She smiled, and jotted that key combination down on a post-it note that was available on Lexi's desk. "I had no idea you were so computer savvy." She smiled. Lexi nodded, it was true. Lexi was basically teaching herself little odds and ends on the computer since she was 8 years old. "Well, the e-mail is basically for all the information from the other departments, and updates from the main office." She said. Lexi nodded, it was very similar to her former employers e-mail. She knew how to navigate that quite well. "Now, the word processor is for additional notes for the customer, and the spread sheet is to manage who you've added into the system." Elaine finished. Lexi nodded. Elaine wheeled herself over to her desk. "Here, these are some new patients that need added to the system, for you to practice." She said as she handed Lexi a stack of at least 20 patient files. Lexi nodded, and quickly began to work.
12:30 rolled around, just as Lexi finished the last file. "It's lunch time." Elaine smiled. Lexi opted to not bring a lunch; she wasn't sure how it worked there. "I'm up for something…I'm just not sure what thought." Elaine said.
"I'm really not that hungry, personally." She said. Elaine gazed down at her.
"Well, that's too bad. We're going to get something anyway." Elaine said, and Lexi stood up. I see where Tristan gets the 'you must eat' complex from. Lexi thought to herself. Elaine walked her to the time clock, and handed her a slip of paper. "You're going to dock your hours on this for now, you should be in the system soon." Elaine smiled. Lexi nodded, and wrote down her in and out time. She did this for her former employer as well, so it wasn't anything different for her. After Lexi completed the slip, Elaine took it to her desk, and left Lexi at the time clock. Elaine came back, and clocked out. "Let's go." She said with a warm smile.
Lexi and Elaine were in Elaine's car. It was comfortable; it wasn't too big or too small. The color of the car was lime green, which Lexi thought was pretty awesome. "You can smoke, Lexi. I know you do." Elaine winked at her. Lexi nodded, and she lit up a cigarette, and rolled down her window a bit. Elaine personally didn't smoke, but Tristan and Robert do. Elaine didn't mind it; she just didn't pick up the habit. Lexi smoked her cigarette, and looked out the window. "Thanks again, for everything." Lexi chimed.
"You're more than welcome." Elaine smiled, and continued to drive. "So, what car is yours in the parking lot?" Elaine asked.
"I don't drive." Lexi said softly.
"Oh? I didn't know that." Elaine said softly, as she pulled into a small diner just outside of town. "This place is great, you'll love it." Elaine smiled, and shut off her car. Lexi rolled up the window, and carried her barely burning cigarette butt with her as she got out of the car. She spotted an ashtray, and put it out.
They walked into the restaurant, and were quickly seated. Lexi looked at the menu, and opted for a classic chicken salad, Elaine ironically chose the same. Lexi got hers with Ranch, and Elaine opted for the house Italian. They ate, and made small talk during their meal. When the bill came, Lexi quickly snatched it, and paid for them both. Elaine smiled at her, and shook her head. "I told you, I wanted to pay you back. This isn't nearly enough." Lexi smiled, as she left a few dollars on the table for tip.
"I can see why he loves you so much, you're just as stubborn as he is." Elaine smiled, as they stood up. They walked out of the restaurant, and towards the car. "Do you have your permit?" Elaine asked softly.
"Yes." Lexi said sheepishly. Oh no, I don't want to drive your brand new car that costs more than my own life. She thought to herself.
"Great, hop in." Elaine smirked, and walked over to the passenger's seat. Lexi froze, and her eyes grew big.
"I really don't want to…" Lexi paused.
"Hey now, don't defy your boss." Elaine joked, as she put on her seat belt. Lexi took a deep breath, and climbed into the driver's seat. She put on her seat belt, and started the car. She checked the mirrors. Luckily, they were around the same height, so she didn't have to adjust much. "Alright, Ms. Thomas. Whenever you're ready." She smirked. Lexi nodded, and took another deep breath. The salad she just ate slowly started to creep up her throat, as her nerves completely took hold of her body. I can do this, I've drove before…Lexi thought to herself, as she started to slowly back out of the parking spot. She stopped the car, and put it into drive. Elaine's car was very sensitive. Lexi was so used to working with barely functioning cars, so it took her a few moments to get used to the controls. Elaine observed the road ahead of them, and didn't say anything. Lexi made a few turns here and there, and soon they were back at the office. She pulled in the parking spot, and put it in park, then shut off the car. Lexi's racing brain finally stopped, as she stepped out. "Good job, I'm surprised you don't have a license." Elaine said. "Thanks." Lexi said shakily.
"You're okay Lexi; you did everything beautifully…What's got you so worked up?" Elaine asked
"I have road anxiety issues, I guess." Lexi said softly, as they started to walk towards the side door. Elaine nodded,
"I did too, for many years." She replied as she swiped her key, and the door opened. They walked in, and Elaine went to the time clock and punched herself in. Lexi wrote down her time, at Elaine's desk and waited for Elaine to come back. "Well, we should probably finish the tour." Elaine smiled.
The rest of the tour was pretty simplistic. She took her to the small break room; it too had vending machines, and pop machines. They seemed to be functioning, which is a small improvement over her previous employer, but an improvement none the less. She showed her the two sets of restrooms. There was one in front of the building, and another in the back. Elaine walked her to Mr. McHale's office. Mr. McHale was the main person in charge, but he was out for vacation. They were supposed to meet a week ago, but due to the incident, that wasn't possible. Elaine informed her that their meeting will be when he returns. Elaine also introduced her to some more co-workers. They all seemed very nice, but Lexi was very shy when it came to new people.
Lexi returned to her desk, and checked the e-mail, nothing. She doubled checked her work in spread sheet and word processor, then she went to Elaine. "Anything for me to do?" She asked.
"Hmmm…" Elaine said as she rummaged through her notes. "Want to read up on some guidelines?" She asked
"Sure." Lexi replied.
"Great, pull up the insurance Q and A's, and read a little about that, and hopefully I'll pull something up for you." Elaine smiled. Lexi nodded, and went back to her desk. She sat down, and pulled up the Q and A. Lexi hated insurance, well, ever since her previous employment. She read through the guidelines, and jotted down some notes. Suddenly, her phone rang. Lexi's eyes grew wide, as it rang. She looked over to Elaine, who quickly walked moved her chair towards the desk.
"Okay, I'm going to answer this, and show you how it's done." Elaine said softly. Elaine positioned herself, to the phone, as Lexi backed away from the desk. "Prescott Medical, This is Elaine B speaking, how may I assist you?" She said confidently. Lexi jotted down the line, and observed as Elaine quickly navigated to the patient registration. "Hello, Roxanna, how are you today?" She asked. "Great, well I need to get some information from you, so we can place your order." She said confidently. "Last name, Roxanna?" She asked. "Roxanna DeLisio can you spell that for me, I want to make sure it is accurate for our records." She asked as she typed it in. "Okay, thank you. May I get your birthday, Roxanna?" She asked. "April 30th 1976 you said?" She asked, as she quickly entered that in and went down to the next line. Elaine continued the process, by asking her the basic demographic questions. "What is it that you require, Mrs. DeLisio?" She asked. Elaine quickly began to type. Pt. has script from dr. for diabetic test strips. "How many times a day do you test your sugar, Mrs. DeLisio?" Elaine asked. 3 times a day. "Okay Roxanna, well I will give you the number for our fax machine, and whenever you're ready to send in the script, you can send it in. Can you also make sure to address it to Elaine B, that's E L A I N E B as in Boy…, and the number is 444-454-4565" She paused. "Alright, thank you Roxanna, we will be in touch soon." Elaine smiled, as she hung up the phone, and quickly entered Roxanna's name, phone number, and item of request in the spread sheet. Lexi watched her, and jotted down some more notes. "Think you can handle it?" She asked. Lexi nodded,
"Yes, I believe so." She smiled.
"Great." Elaine smiled. "If the phone rings again, let me know and I'll sit with you while you talk." Elaine smiled. Lexi nodded, and Elaine took her chair back to her desk, and Lexi returned to the insurance Q and A.
"Elaine, you've received a Fax." Linda smiled, as she handed the paper to Elaine. Elaine smiled, and thanked Linda. She walked towards Lexi's desk once more. "Linda is in charge of incoming and outgoing faxes. She will bring you the faxes." Elaine smiled, and Linda gave her a smile as well. Lexi nodded. "After you receive the fax, you double check your own work in the system." Elaine said as she pulled up her chair to Lexi's desk and sat down. Both Lexi and Elaine examined the script. "Seems everything is correct." Elaine smiled, and stamped the script with a 'received' stamp, and put in a needs scanned bin. "Edward will be scanning these for you. He will come over once every hour to see if you need anything scanned, you hand this to him, along with any other scripts you receive." Elaine paused. "He and Lucy put everything in the patients paper chart as well as electronic." She continued. Lexi nodded, and jotted that down in her notebook. "After it has been scanned, Andrea at the orders department places the order. For those with the last names A-M, Leonard, does N-Z. We're all a team here." She smiled. Lexi smiled, and felt relieved. Although her previous employer worked as a team, this company really stood by their words. "Care to hear the menu?" She asked. Lexi looked at her quizzically, but nodded. Elaine pulled out her cell-phone, and dialed the company's number, and handed the phone to Lexi.
"Welcome to Prescott Medical, where your health matters! If you are a new patient, please press 2 now, if you are a returning patient, please press 3, if you are a doctor calling in for a patient, please press 4.If you have a question about a product, please press 8, or wait for a customer service representative to take your call. Any other questions please wait, and a customer service representative will be with you shortly. Lexi looked at Elaine. "Press 2." She smiled. Lexi pressed the number 2, and waited.
"If your last name is A through M, please press the number 5, if N through Z please press 6, if this menu is in error, please press 0 now."
"Press 5." Elaine smirked. Lexi pressed 5, and quickly her phone began to ring. Elaine smiled, and answered it. "Hello." She smiled. Lexi giggled, and hung up the phone. "Simple as that, Lexi. Simple as that." Elaine smiled, and Lexi gave her back her phone. Lexi's phone quickly rang again, and she took a deep breath, to answer it. "Prescott Medical, this is Alexia T, how may I assist you?" She said calmly, as she pulled up the registration screen. "How are you today, Ralph?" Lexi asked. "Great." She smiled, "Ralph, I need to collect some information from you for our records, this make take a moment or two." She said. Elaine sat back, and watched her. "Can you please spell out your last name for me, I want to be sure it is accurate for our records." She said confidently. Crown She typed. "When is your Birthday, Mr. Scottsdale?" She asked. May 23 1956, "What is it that you require, sir?" She asked. Pt. requests air mattress, has script from Dr. She wrote in.
"Ask for their height and weight." Elaine chimed.
"Approximately how much do you weigh, sir? We need this information to place you with the best fitting mattress." Lexi smiled. Pt. weight approx. 180, "Your height?" She asked. 5'9'' she typed. "Alright, Mr. Crown, I am going to give you a number for our fax machine for you to send the script over." She said confidently. Lexi listened as he explained he did not have access to a fax machine.
No access to fax machine. She wrote down on a post it note, and slid it over to Elaine.
"Tell him to leave the number for his doctor, or that he can drop it off in lobby." Elaine said.
"I understand that you do not have access to a fax machine, is it possible for you to come to the main office?" She asked. "Oh, that's alright, well can you leave your doctors number, and we can get the script from him or her?" She asked. 444-445-4434, Dr. Relings she typed in the additional notes field. "Okay, well when we receive the script from your doctor, someone will be in touch with you; is there anything else you need, Mr. Crown?" She asked. "Okay, thank you, and have a nice day." Lexi smiled, and hung up the phone. Elaine smiled at her, and patted her on the back.
"You did it." She smiled. Lexi smiled, and felt great accomplishment. "Do I call the doctor's office for the script?" She asked. Elaine nodded, and dialed the phone. "I'll show you how to do this one." She smiled. Lexi nodded, and observed Elaine. "Hello, this is Elaine B from Prescott Medical, and we just received a call from a Mr. Ralph Crown. We need a copy of his prescription for the air mattress." Elaine smiled, and gave them the fax number. "Please address this fax to E L A I N E, B as in boy." She spoke. "Thank you and you too." She smiled and hung up.
"Pretty simple, right?" She asked. Lexi nodded, and finished her notes. Linda walked over the script, and handed it to Lexi. Lexi and Elaine examined the script, and everything was accurate. She stamped it, and placed it in the needs scanned bin. Elaine nodded with a smile, and returned to her desk. Lexi pulled up the spread sheet, and started entering information.
It was about 4:50, as Lexi started to close down her desk. She received a few more calls, and handled them perfectly. Lexi felt great, she finally had a job that she was absolutely comfortable with. "Is your ride on their way?" Elaine asked. "
They should be." Lexi smiled, as she grabbed the sheet, and was getting ready to fill in her time. "Is it your mother or father?" Elaine asked.
"My dad." She replied.
"Well, tell him that I will bring you home from now on." Elaine smirked. Lexi nodded.
"You don't have to; you've already done so much for me." Lexi smiled.
"I insist, and besides, you're going to be the one driving." Elaine winked, as she stated to close down the office. Lexi smiled, and wanted to hug Elaine right there, but she held back. It wouldn't be appropriate. Lexi wrote down her time, and handed it to Elaine. "Aright Lexi, I will see you bright and early tomorrow morning." She smiled. Lexi nodded, and smiled back. Then, she headed for the door.
Lexi walked outside, and saw her dad waiting for her. She walked to the car with happiness radiating all over. "I take it the first day was good?" He asked.
"Extremely, I think I got this one for sure." Lexi smiled
"Great!" He smiled
"Oh and you don't have to come and pick me up anymore; Elaine will be bringing me home." She smiled. Her father looked at her quizzically, but smiled.
"Works for me." He said.
"Yep, I'm driving her car." She said. Lexi's father looked at her, and smiled.
"Good for you kid; soon, you'll be out of my house." He smiled. Lexi's smile widened, as the thought of leaving her parent's house consumed her thoughts.


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