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Clarifying Essence; Book 2

Novel By: JKayTondy

IN THE WORKS ! I will upload as soon as I complete a Chapter. Thank you for the views, and all comments I receive. =]

Lexi, now a year older and wiser finds her fate resting in the palm of Tristan Bates' hands. She, and best friend Chad seem to have everything working out for them. Lexi has overcame the obstacles that hindered her soul for years. But still the past haunts her slowly clarifying essence. Everything seems perfect, but once you look into the past of Tristan Bates...You'll realize a whole new level of hell has only began for Lexi and Tristan's blooming romance. View table of contents...


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Chapter 4

They arrived at Elaine and Robert's, shortly after Lexi wrapped the gifts. Tristan as well, wrapped what he had already had gotten his mother a few days ago. He got her a small bottle of her favorite perfume. Robert greeted Lexi and Tristan as they reached the kitchen door. "Hey guys, glad you could make it." Robert said happily, as he opened the door for Tristan and Lexi to walk in. Robert looked sharp in his black and blue attire. Generally, Robert always wore black. It was a rarity to see him in any sort of color. Robert spotted the gifts in their hand, and he smiled. "You didn't have to get her anything, Lexi." Robert smiled.
"I tried telling her that dad, but she doesn't listen." Tristan smiled.
"Just like you, I'm afraid." Robert smirked, and winked. "You can place them on the table." Robert smiled warmly. Lexi nodded, and placed her gift, as well as Tristan's on the table.
"Hey kids!" Elaine smiled brightly, as she walked in the kitchen. Elaine looked absolutely stunning that evening. Her hair was in an up do, and she wore a light yellow colored shirt with a black blazer on top. She wore a black pencil skirt, and had black pumps to match. She wore a silver drop necklace, and silver drop earrings. Her make-up was light and very natural looking. Elaine spotted the gifts, and smirked. "You didn't have to get me anything, guys." Elaine smiled.
"We know, but we wanted to..." Lexi smiled softly.
"Well, I should open these before we head out." Elaine smiled brightly, as she sat at the kitchen table. Robert sat across from her, and watched his wife open up the presents. Elaine opened Tristan's gift first. "Tristan How did you know I was running out of this?" She asked, as she got up and hugged Tristan.
"I just knew it, mom." Tristan confessed, as he hugged his mother.
"Thank you, very much." She smiled, and she sat back down to open Lexi's present. Lexi's nerves were catching up to her.
"I hope you like it." Lexi smiled. Elaine opened the box, and found the small charm bracelet. Elaine looked at the bracelet in awe, and looked up at Lexi.
"Lexi, this is beautiful." Elaine smiled, and she slipped the bracelet on. "It even goes with my outfit." She smiled, and picked up the sweater. "Oh, this is truly lovely." Elaine smiled again, and unfolded the sweater, and held it against her.
"That looks lovely, dear." Robert smiled. "Your eyes twinkle brightly with that color." Robert added. Elaine smiled, and folded the sweater back, and placed it in the box. She stood up, and hugged Lexi.
"Thank you, so very much Lexi. I do love the gifts. But really, you didn't have to get me anything...You being a member of this family is a great enough present." Elaine smiled.
"I wanted to, and I missed you at work today." Lexi confessed.
"Sorry I didn't warn you." Elaine said softly.
"It's quite alright; I hope you had a good day." Lexi smiled, as they stopped their hug.
"We did, actually have a wonderful day. Thank you again, Robert." Elaine smiled brightly.
"Anything for you, my love. Anything." Robert smiled, and got up to hold her hand.
"What did you two do?" Tristan asked, with full interest.
"Well, we went downtown for breakfast, at the same restaurant your father and I had our first date at. Your father planned this without my knowledge, of course…" Elaine paused. "Then, we just relaxed and enjoyed the day at home." She continued. Tristan smiled, as he held Lexi near him.
"I can only hope I can do something close to that for you, Lexi." He whispered to her. Lexi smiled, as she held onto his side.
"You may be almost as good looking as me, Tristan…But you'll never be as smooth." Robert joked. Tristan playfully bowed to his father, and they laughed.
"I'm going to put these away, and then we can go." Elaine smiled, as she grabbed the sweater, and the perfume bottle, and walked towards her and Robert's room.
"I'll get the car ready, Tristan, did you park beside me?" Robert asked
"Yes." Tristan replied.
"Good thinking, you know your mother wants us to ride together." Robert smiled, and winked at Lexi. Lexi smiled, and watched as Robert went outside to get the car ready. Elaine came back to the kitchen. Tristan walked Lexi out, and Elaine shut and locked the door behind them.

Lexi and Tristan sat in the back of Robert's large black SUV, and held hands. Tristan sat behind his mother, and Lexi behind Robert.
"Feels like we're in high school sitting back here." Tristan confessed. Lexi giggled, and nodded her head. Elaine and Robert sat in the front, and Robert drove. He would occasionally hold Elaine's hand, every time they hit a stop light. Lexi smiled, as she watched their romance blossom.
"That's what I want most in the world." She whispered to Tristan.
"What would that be, love?" He asked, matching her tone.
"To have a love that lasts for years." Lexi smiled.
"You'll have that, plus so much more." Tristan smiled, as he kissed her forehead. Lexi smiled, and rested her head on Tristan's shoulder. Robert occasionally would joke with them, during the drive, just to keep it interesting.
"You two aren't making out back there are you?" Robert would ask.
"Not yet." Tristan joked back.

They were quickly approaching the restaurant, and Robert poked a joke at Lexi
"Lexi, I'll tell your mother if you're doing unspeakable things back there with my son." Lexi blushed, and laughed hysterically.
"I'm on good behavior, I promise." She joked back.
"Oh Robert, why are you picking on her?" Elaine asked with a laugh, and a wink to Lexi through her mirror.
"Hey, she's basically one of our kids now…Gotta be fair." Robert winked, and made eye contact with Lexi with his center mirror. Lexi nodded, with a smile.
"That's fine, dad. Just watch yourself; Lexi here will get you back." Tristan smirked.
"She may be beautiful, and she may be intelligent. But she is no match, for Robert David Bates." He joked back. Lexi couldn't do anything but giggle. Elaine looked back at her, from time to time, and soaked in the true bliss of happiness that radiated from their vehicle.

They finally arrived at the restaurant, Robert and Tristan got out of the car, and Lexi was about to reach for her door, when Elaine stopped her. "You gotta let them have this one, Lexi. Trust me; it'll be hell if you don't." She said with a wink. Lexi smiled, and nodded. Tristan and Robert opened their doors, and they got out.
"Thank you." Lexi smiled.
"My pleasure, madam." Tristan smiled, as he offered her his arm. Lexi held onto his arm, as they walked to the restaurant's door behind Elaine and Robert. They were at Luigio's, an Italian restaurant. The atmosphere was modeled after a little shop in Italy itself. The lights were dim at some seats, and brighter at others. They waited at the front to be seated. It seemed to be a fancy place, not as fancy as Pier De Franc, but almost. The waiter brought them to a round table that sat four. Robert and Tristan pulled out the chairs for Elaine and Lexi. They were seated next to each other, and Robert and Tristan sat on their opposite sides. "Get whatever you want, honestly. Don't worry about being frugal tonight." Tristan whispered. Lexi nodded, she could tell that this meant the world to Tristan, so despite her better judgment, she looked at the menu, and tried to avoid the cheaper selections at all cost.
"I do want something, I honestly want it…I cannot help it's cheaper." Lexi whispered. Tristan sighed,
"As long as you truly want it, I'm fine with it." Tristan replied.
"Okay." Lexi smiled, and placed her menu down. Lexi opted to get chicken parmesan. Tristan went with his obvious first choice of chicken Alfredo. Elaine and Robert both opted for some lasagna. Robert ordered a bottle of the most expensive moscato they had in the building. The waiter poured their glasses, and Robert started a toast.
"To my beautiful wife, Elaine. Happy Birthday darling." Robert said, as he held up his glass. They chimed glasses, and took a sip. The moscato tasted crisp and sweet, an excellent choice on Robert's part. After everyone had placed their orders, Robert and Tristan began discussing work, while Elaine and Lexi observed them, and made jokes every now and then to themselves about their nerdy husbands.
"Oh yes, and while we're here…" Tristan said, breaking up him and his father's conversation. "Dad, will you be my man of honor?" He asked.
"Of course, son. Why wouldn't I?" Robert smiled, and shook his hand.
"So, you two have decided on a date?" Elaine asked Lexi
"He didn't call you?" Lexi asked.
"No, he did not." Elaine replied.
"Mother…" Tristan looked at Elaine with a grin.
"Oh, sorry Lexi…He did. I just was hoping that since it was my birthday, I could finally know." Elaine joked. Lexi looked at Tristan, with hopeful eyes.
"Can we tell her?" Lexi asked softly.
"No, she's got to wait, just like everyone else." Tristan smirked.
"That's not fair." Elaine jokingly pouted, and sipped her wine.
"Awe, c'mon Tristan. Tell us." Robert egged on
"I'm afraid, I cannot." Tristan smirked. Soon Robert and Elaine both were glaring at Lexi, Lexi smirked, and looked at Tristan.
"Don't use her against me, it won't work." Tristan smirked, and took a sip.
"That's fine; we'll just keep staring…" Elaine paused.
"Burning deep into your souls." Robert added. Lexi couldn't help but turn red, as she felt their eyes piercing deep into her soul.
"Please Tristan…I feel their eyes…" She paused. "They're like daggers jabbing into my soul." Lexi giggled. Elaine broke her face, and giggled. Then, quickly, she returned her face, and stared at Tristan.
"You'll learn to ignore the jabs. I have, quite well." Tristan said calmly, and looked at his father. "It's not going to work." Tristan smirked.
"Fine." Elaine said softly, as she sipped her wine. Robert still kept staring at Tristan, and Tristan decided to stare back.
"How long will this last?" Lexi asked Elaine
"Oh, for a while. They've been doing this for years." Elaine smirked. "When the food comes, they may stop." Elaine giggled.
"Wow." Lexi giggled.
"So, how was work today, Lexi?" Elaine asked.
"It was very slow today, except the last few minutes. I got slammed with phone calls, but thanks to your excellent teaching, I handled it like a pro." Lexi smiled, as she took a sip of wine.
"Good." Elaine smiled.
"Morgan was picking on me too." Lexi added.
"Oh?" Elaine asked with a slight chuckle.
"Yeah, I was talking to Tristan on break and she was poking fun at our young romance." Lexi giggled.
"Morgan is harmless, really. She just likes to have fun. That's a sign she likes you, if she picks on you. A lot like Robert." Elaine smiled.
"Yes?" Robert asked, while still staring at Tristan.
"Nothing dear." Elaine replied, then looked at Lexi and giggled. "Told you, it will last a long time." Elaine added.
"You weren't kidding." Lexi smirked. "I bet you I could break it up." Lexi joked.
"You're on, if you can break it up, you will become master…I have done everything to try and break this up in the past." Elaine joked. Lexi thought about it for a moment, then she decided to make her move.
"Excellent wine choice, Mr. Bates." Lexi said.
"Thank you, but please…Call me dad." Robert replied.
"Dad." Lexi replied.
"That's me." Robert replied.
"If you're trying to end this, my love I'm afraid you cannot." Tristan spoke, not taking his eyes off his father.
"That's a damn shame…Looks like I'll just have to spend the night at my mother's tonight." Lexi replied.
"If that's truly what you want to do…" Tristan replied, still not taking his eyes off of his father.
"The date we decided is…." Lexi started to speak. Tristan grabbed her arm lightly, and chucked.
"Nice try, Lexi." Tristan chuckled.
"You know…We came here to celebrate Elaine's birthday. I for one did not get all dressed up for the waiter to check me out all night, I'm sure Elaine didn't either…" Lexi said.
"He'll lose his tip." Tristan joked.
"Damn." Lexi replied.
"See, told you Lexi. It's impossible." Elaine joked.
"I guess you're right Elaine, I'm marrying a nerd." She joked.
"Alright, seriously you and this name calling thing…" Tristan broke his glare, and looked at Lexi. Robert too looked at Lexi.
"Ha, I am the master." Lexi joked.
"She's good." Robert confessed.
"That's why she's mine dad." Tristan smirked, and rubbed Lexi's hand lightly. "And I am not a nerd." Tristan joked.
"Yes you are." Robert joked.
"You are also a nerd dad; where else would he get it from?" Lexi joked. Robert and Elaine both laughed.
"Yep, she's one of ours now, Elaine." Robert said happily, as he and she chimed their glasses. Their food arrived shortly after Elaine and Robert's cheer. They ate, but not in silence. They continued their conversations, Robert talked with Lexi, and Elaine talked to Tristan. They flipped flopped partners on and off throughout the meal. Desert time came, and they all ordered something to go. Elaine and Lexi both opted for the strawberry cheese cake, while Robert and Tristan wanted triple chocolate cake. Soon, Lexi, Tristan, Elaine and Robert were driving back to Elaine and Robert's house.


Tristan and Lexi got out of Robert's vehicle, and headed towards Tristan's. "Thank you both, for making my evening wonderful." Elaine smiled, as she waved goodbye.
"You're welcome, mom." Tristan smiled.
"See you tomorrow?" Lexi asked.
"Indeed, bright and early. Goodnight, guys." Elaine smiled, as Robert opened the door, and they walked in the house.
"Be careful, nerd and nerd-ette." Robert called out.
"We will, King Leo-Nerdis." Tristan called back. Lexi giggled, as she opened the car door. She got in, and waited for Tristan. Tristan got in, and started the car. "So, your mothers tonight you said?" He asked
"I was being facetious." Lexi replied.
"Who's the nerd in this relationship?" Tristan joked.
"I never once said I wasn't at all nerdy. I in fact embrace it." Lexi joked.
"You'll be embracing something tonight, Ms. Thomas." Tristan said, as he slowly backed out of the driveway.
"Is that a fact?" Lexi asked.
"Indeed, well, actually I will be embracing something…You will just be reaping the benefits." Tristan winked, as he started driving down the street.
"Oh baby, I love when you talk nerdy to me." Lexi joked.
"You're going to be in a shit ton of trouble, if you keep it up." Tristan smirked.
"Oh? How so?" Lexi asked.
"Just you wait, Thomas. You'll be begging for mercy." Tristan smirked.
They arrived back at the house, Lexi got out, and Tristan did as well. She waited for Tristan to unlock the door. Tristan unlocked the door, and Lexi soon opened it, and quickly took her coat off, and put their deserts in the fridge. Once she completed this task, she bolted for the stairs, and quickly ran up the stairs. She knew she was in for it, she could see the look in Tristan's eyes. "You think running is going to save you, you are sadly mistaken, Thomas." Tristan yelled up, and he hung up his and Lexi's coat, and took off his dress shoes. He raced up the stairs and searched the rooms for her. He first searched the bathroom, she wasn't in there. He went to the bedroom, and discovered that his comforter was off the bed. He looked at the bed quizzically, and then searched the entire room. She wasn't in the closet, or under his bed. Tristan scratched his head, and then headed for the sun porch. He saw that his comforter was on the ground spread out. Tristan smirked, as he searched for Lexi. Lexi wasn't in this room at all either it seemed. "Where are you, Thomas?" He called out. Lexi giggled, as she was hiding behind Tristan's bedroom door the entire time. She grabbed a few pillows, and went towards the sun porch; she looked in and saw him searching the room. She threw the pillows onto the comforter, and quickly went back to her hiding spot. "Magic flying pillows, eh? Are you trying to tell me something dear?" Tristan called out. Lexi giggled, as Tristan approached the bedroom once more. "You know, if you want to make love out there, you gotta reveal yourself." Tristan said softly. He realized that she was in this room, but he had no idea where she was. Lexi slowly crept out from behind the door, just as Tristan's back was turned. She ran into the sun porch. Tristan felt the slight breeze that came from her burst of energy. He quickly ran into the sun porch, and shut and locked the door, and he spotted Lexi lying down on the comforter.
"Hello, Mr. Bates." Lexi said softly.
"Mmm, hello baby." Tristan smiled, as he got down, and crawled on top of her.
"Didn't realize you wanted a change of scenery…" Tristan said softly. Lexi shrugged, and looked up at him.
"I figured it would be nice, to see the stars and you at the same time." Lexi confessed.
"Hmm, perhaps…" Tristan chuckled, as he started to kiss her lips. "Lexi, I'm not going to lie to you, but I don't wanna make love right now." Tristan confessed.
"What is it you want, Tristan?" Lexi asked innocently
"I want to fuck the shit out of you, actually." Tristan admitted, as he pinned her wrists down, and started to nibble on her neck.
"Mmm…" Lexi said softly. "Do you suggest we move?" She asked, in between pants of desire.
"That all depends on you, do you want rough sex out here? Or in the bedroom?" He asked softly, as he caressed her breasts with his hands.
"What do you plan on doing to me exactly?" She asked softly, and innocently.
"Bedroom, immediately." Tristan stood up, and unlocked the door. Lexi stood up, and obeyed his wish. Tristan grabbed a pillow, and threw it onto the bed. Lexi stood next to the bed, and waited for his next command. "Strip, Thomas." Tristan demanded, as he started taking his pants off slowly. Lexi slowly, but surely took off her pants, then her top. She was left wearing her pink lace bra, and matching panties. "Mmm…" Tristan said softly, as he walked over to her, with his pants off, and just in his green boxers. "Take off your bra, now." Tristan said softly, but boldly. Lexi unfastened her bra, and let it drop on the floor. Tristan grabbed her breasts, and slowly started to pinch her nipple.
"Mmm…" Lexi said softly. Tristan soon pinched the other, making them both hard and very sensitive. Tristan soon pushed her onto the bed, and climbed on top of her. Lexi looked up at him, innocently.
"Hand me those ties, Thomas." Tristan demanded. Lexi did not hesitate, she quickly handed him the ties, and waited for his next command. Tristan turned her body, so that her head was onto the pillow, and she lied on her back on the middle of the bed. Tristan tied both of her wrists to the bed posts with two of the ties, and held the other two in his hand.
"What are you going to do with those?" She asked.
"Don't you worry about it, Thomas." Tristan said softly, as he grabbed her right ankle, and tied it to the one bed post. He moved over, and soon tied her left to the other. Lexi was stretched across his bed, her body was slightly sore from the stretching, and not being able to move, but she didn't complain. "Good, I like this." Tristan smirked.
"What about my panties, Mr. Bates?" Lexi asked, Tristan was aware that she was still wearing them, but he played it off.
"We'll worry about that when the time comes." Tristan smirked. Tristan got off the bed, and walked around to Lexi's side of the bed.
"Mmm, I could keep you like this forever…" Tristan confessed, as he reached in Lexi's bedside cabinet, and pulled out her small teal vibrator.
"What are you doing with that?" She asked, her eyes widened and breath increased.
"You ask way too many questions, Thomas." Tristan smirked, as he climbed on top of her, and turned on the vibrator to a low speed. Tristan moved his hands down to her panties, and glided the vibrator against her panties, around her clitoral area. Lexi wanted so badly to twitch, but she was restricted. That's his game? She thought to herself, as his sweet torment continued.
"I still won't moan, loudly." Lexi said boldly.
"That's fine." Tristan smirked, as he continued to torture Lexi with the vibrator. Lexi took a deep breath, and bit her lip. "Don't make me give you a gag, as well...But, then again. You'd like what I'd gag you with." Tristan winked, as he slowly teased his penis through his boxers.
"Fuck." Lexi said softly, as her desire grew more intense. Tristan increased the speed of the vibrator slightly, and continued. Lexi wanted him, badly. But she dare not speak, she knew he would keep torturing her if she did.
"Problem, Ms. Thomas?" He asked.
"None, what so ever, Mr. Bates." Lexi smiled.
"Good." He smirked, knowing that she was lying. Tristan then got off the bed, and removed his boxers completely. His long and hard penis was enough of a tease for Lexi. She growled at Tristan.
"Ooh, growling?" Tristan asked softly, as he started to move his night side cabinet over to the side, so he could stand near her head. "You want this?" Tristan asked softly, after he had successfully moved the table, and started stroking his penis.
"Possibly." Lexi said boldly.
"Possibly?" He asked, as he continued to stroke his penis. "I guess, I'll just take care of it myself tonight…Just looking at you will do it for me." He said softly, as he increased the speed of his hand, and looked down at her. Lexi looked at his penis, then up at him.
"Yes, I want it." Lexi finally spoke.
"I'm not so sure…" He continued, and turned around not facing her anymore.
"Please?" She asked softly. Tristan acted like he was close.
"Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum…" He panted.
"Tristan! Please I want you so very, very badly!" Lexi finally lost her cool, and spoke louder. Tristan stopped stroking himself, and walked over to her once more. He climbed on top of her, and increased the vibrators speed to max, and slid it into her panties. He used the vibrator to find her clitoris, and he positioned the vibrator so it was sit softly against her clitoris, and her panties held it in place. Considering she could not move, it would be safe there. Lexi's breathing escalated, as she bit down on her lip. She hated to hear herself moan, and considering she couldn't twitch, she had no choice but to hold her breath. "Allow yourself to moan, and this will be yours…" He said softly, as he caressed her breast with one hand, and stroked himself with the other. Lexi wanted him badly, she tried. "I…can't…" She panted.
"I guess you don't want me then." He said softly, as he stood up, and headed for the door.
"No Tristan…Pl…Please..." Lexi called out, with a slight moan in her voice. Lexi quickly bit down on her lip. She realized that he had won, she moaned. Her breathing increased, as Tristan ran over to her head, and held his penis at her eye level.
"I want to hear you moan for me, one more time…Then; I will let you suck on my dick, Lexi." He said softly, and seductively.
"F…Fuck…Tristan…I want it, I want your dick." Lexi panted, as she softly moaned from the teasing.
"Not good enough." Tristan teased, as he stroked his penis once more, and soon Lexi spotted pre-cum forming from the tip of his head. "Mmm, Lexi…I could cum right now if I wanted to." Tristan said softly, as his hand increased in speed. Lexi let go, and finally moaned
"Please Tristan! I want to taste you." She said with her louder moan.
"Your wish is my command." He said, as he climbed onto the bed, and positioned himself with one knee down, and one leg bent and standing near her neck. His penis was inches away from her mouth; Tristan reached down and held up her head, and tilted it back. Lexi flicked his head with the tip of her tongue, and tasted his sweet pre-cum on the tip. Lexi became much more aroused, as the vibrator teased her clit. He slowly slid his cock deep into her hungry mouth.
"Suck my dick, Lexi." He commanded softly. Lexi started to suck on his penis, as he pushed himself inside her slowly. Tristan realized that he was not only teasing Lexi, but himself. She couldn't get all of him in, and he was straining himself this way. He quickly took his member out of her mouth, and started to untie her wrists. "Sit up." He commanded. Lexi sat up, and the vibrator moved. "I'm going to allow you to use this, you understand?" He asked, as he got the vibrator off from her, and pulled her panties down. Lexi nodded, as she got the vibrator, in her hand. "Lean back a little." He said softly. Tristan used the pillow to prop her back, so it was perfect range for both of them. "You still want to suck my dick?" He asked
"Yes, please." She said softly.
"Very well." He replied. Tristan stood on the bed, and positioned himself so his penis literally fell on top of her mouth. He held on to the bed posts to study himself, with one hand as he forced his large and hard penis back into Lexi's mouth. He pushed her head onto the base of his cock with the other hand. This time, he was able to go deeper inside. Lexi tightened her lips, as she used the vibrator to rub her clitoris as he fucked her face. "Oh fuck, this is so fucking good." Tristan moaned loudly. Lexi too, moaned. She moaned loud enough that even the muffling effect cause by his penis didn't hinder the intensity of her moan. "Fuck yes baby, moan for me." He cried out, as he quickened his pace. Lexi couldn't help but continue to moan. Her climax grew quicker, and she felt that his was as well. Tristan gave her a few hard thrusts, as he started to climax inside of her mouth. Lexi too, let out a moan that could have been heard from the entire neighborhood. She climaxed, and started to lie back on the bed, but she held onto his legs to keep sitting up.
"Lay down baby, lay down." He said softly, as he took his member out of her mouth, and slowly got off the bed. He started to catch his breath, as he untied her ankles, and took her panties off of her completely. Lexi soon moved over, so he could join her on the bed. Tristan sat down, and Lexi sat up again, and kissed his back. "That…." Tristan said softly.
"Was amazingly fucking hot." Lexi finished his statement. Tristan chuckled, and soon turned his body.
"Indeed, that was very, very hot…God, who else has a woman as awesome as you?" Tristan asked.
"No one, Tristan. I am my own breed of awesome." Lexi said happily.
"That you are." Tristan smirked, as he kissed her lips, and caressed her hard nipples.
"I want you again…" Tristan confessed.
"Really?" Lexi asked softly.
"Oh yes, I want you again…May I have you again?" He asked.
"You may." She replied. Tristan got off the bed, and started to head out the bedroom.
"Where are you going?" She asked.
"I don't want to put your good thought to waste, come, Lexi. I want to now make love to you under the stars." Tristan smiled. Lexi smiled, as she stood up, and walked to him. He took her hand, and they walked into the sun porch.
"Lay down, my love. I'll be right back." Tristan said softly. Lexi nodded, and lied down on one side of the bed on the floor. Tristan quickly returned, with the other pillow, and a blanket. Tristan tossed the pillow to her, and Lexi sat it next to hers. Tristan wrapped himself with the blanket, and climbed on top of her again.
"If you're too tired, I understand." Tristan said softly, as he moved to his respected spot on the floor bed.
"I want to, I really do…But I am tired." Lexi confessed.
"We can rain check this, you know. I would just be happy holding you, and caressing your beautiful body, until we fall asleep." Tristan offered.
"Are you sure?" She asked softly, with a yawn.
"Yes, baby, I'm very sure." Tristan smiled, as he lied down on his back, and motioned for her to come close. Lexi smiled, and kissed his cheek, and laid her head on his chest, and curled her naked body against his.
"I like this." Lexi confessed.
"Me too." Tristan smiled, as he brushed her hair away from her face, and looked out his window and saw the clear night sky. Lexi too was admiring the view of the stars, as she held Tristan close.
"Someday, we'll do this out there…" Tristan said softly.
"Can we do that?" She asked.
"Once its warmer, and Lexi, I can put a fence up and we can do whatever we want." Tristan smiled.
"Iwouldn'tmind." She smiled, and kissed his chest, and yawned again.
"Goodnight, beautiful." Tristan smiled,
"Goodnight, my love." Lexi smiled, and soon she drifted to sleep in his arms.


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