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Scared to Break

Novel By: Jhenny Labern

Jessica Warren is 16, and celebrating the anniversary of her sister's death. It is that night, at he graveyard, when she is kidnapped, and taken to a place of metal... a place riddled with blood and death and men she'd never have the nightmare of encountering. Now a sex slave to an orginazation called Mirror, she struggles to keep herself together, in a small unit of girls like her, fed only scraps, living in cells, and worked to the bone.

Then she meets a girl, 14 years old, with the same name as her sister, and no last name. What happens then? Now she has something she feels the need to protect, and with that, her first fear arises. In the midst of forsaken romance, guilty pleasures, and painful memories, Jessica begins to find blood on her hands. View table of contents...


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Chapter 1

Jessica was in the dark. Well… not quite in the dark; she just had her eyes closed, and wanted nothing more than for them to stay that way. Her whole body was limp and numb, but the side of her head throbbed with a strange soreness. Her memories were fuzzy… where was she.

Cold. Yeah, her mind could collect that much. It was cold, and she lay on something hard, but not rough.


That had to be it.

Her brow furrowed. Why was she lying down on metal?

Slowly, oh so slowly, she forced her eyes open. It was like lifting a million pounds, but eventually the tiniest slit of vision appeared.

Jessica made out the outline of a door. Everything else was plain and dark-yes she was in room, but it was a blank empty room, with no furniture, no picture frames, no windows, and certainly nothing welcoming. It was to her confusion that she realized that what she lay on was but a steel block, chilled and very solid.

It reminded her of a jail cell.

With all remnants of sleep up and out the window, Jessica jumped to her feet. Second food for her thought-she wore no shoes. Instantly her eyes fell to the rest of her, and to her relief, she was still wearing clothes. Her clothes; the thick purple black-striped V-neck, the skull armbands, the gloves, the faded ripped jeans, and even the bracelet, the one her sister gave her four years ago.

But her jacket? The thick, plaid winter one she got for her birthday not too long ago?

That was gone.

And now here she was, trapped in this room, feeling like a prisoner.

Jessica closed her eyes, taking shallow breathes. Why was she here? She didn't remember a thing. One moment, she and her brother and mother were at the Broken-Hill cemetery, paying respects to their younger sister, Kristin… then… and then…

And then…?

The door flew open, and then the lights flashed on, blinding her for the split second that her eyes were forced to adjust.

When they did, her heart skipped a beat of fear. Standing there was a man, clad in black, wielding a venomous smirk that froze her blood. His hair was short but worn up in gel, dark and complementing his pale skin tone. Firm muscles that rippled under his shirt paired strikingly with his handsome, chiseled features, giving him quite the look. Had he been a student at her high school, she may have developed a crush.

But his eyes… those piercing, blue, ravenous eyes that probed her body, gave off an aura so intimidating it scared her. He was like a shark, Jessica noted, an ice cold shark, the kind that examined its prey before devouring it.

She was the prey.

Cautious Jessica backed up. She looked at him, but not t his eyes-a little lower, on his devilish lips, so that it looked like she WAS meeting eye.

"Who are you?" She asked, cursing herself when it came out weak and frightened. His smiled grew and opened to reveal sharp white teeth, glistening in the light.

"You don't need to know my name," he replied. Even his voice, she shuddered, was like a shark's. Merciless.

Suddenly the man was in front of her, reaching out to touch her. "But I suppose I can tell you, anyway. My name is Alec."

His hand was so close, and coming closer. Reflexively, like how her karate teacher taught her, she batted it away. Wrong move-instead his hand came stronger, clipping her chin with a painful shock before clutching her throat.

"But you," he continued, "You will call me master."

This time she met his gaze, and pushed her fingers between his grasp.

"No. I won't," Jessica's glare blazed. "And lemme go!"

Alec laughed softly, tightening his grip enough so that she had trouble breathing, but it didn't harm her. He pulled her so close she could smell his stench of sweat and peach, a combination that made her stomach churn.

"Care to say that again?" He whispered.

Then a sneer.

He lifted her up so that her feet no longer touched the ground, before giving a heave, easily flinging her thin and light body back onto the metal block. For a split second she was in the air, untouched, until her back slammed into the steel. Her spine connected first, sending agonizing pikes of pain up the length of her body, stunning her.

"You will call me master!" Alec repeated, coming closer once again.

Jessica stared up, shaking but rebellious.

That was the wrong move. On the instant he came upon her, she began to think that it may have been better to just… play along. Bend.

But she didn't.

Alec grabbed her shirt in his hand, and ripped it off with sheer strength alone, using the other to keep her down. The cotton material tore easily, and fell away, tattered. Now she was exposed, with nothing more than a half-broken flowered bra to cover her torso.

Then it struck her. She knew what was coming next.

Ignoring the pain on her back and the cold hand on her stomach, Jessica gave a push.

"Bastard!" She yelled. "Get off of me!"

Putting all her strength into one punch, her fist flew forward. Alec was caught off guard-the perfect scenario to use her combat skills. Her fist appeared as a tan blur, before landing on his eye.

However, it was not quite his eye that she hit. At the last moment, he turned, and it hit his cheek instead. The infliction was real, though, and left a smarting bruise.

Not enough. Alec was stronger than her, much stronger and with much more endurance. The only thing she succeeded in doing was to make him more angry.


A slam.

The wind knocked out of her.

A full hit. A full punch. Compared to him, she was a ragdoll, and now it had a tear in it.

He tore off her bra next, while she was stunned, and lying limp.


This wasn't happening.

His hand grabbed her throat, again, this time much less gentle.

"Do the rest."

She stared dumbly. Her mind wasn't working-fear had taken control, at long last. "What?"

A slap. A sting, a red blistering mark like far too much blush. "Now!"

There was no choice. Trembling, Jessica pulled herself to her knees, trying desperately to mask her humiliation. The soft jeans slid down her legs, the onto the metal block. Alec shoved them off. She hesitated.

Another slap.

Another sting.

Another wish that it would all go away, before complying. The plain pair of underwear, purple and gotten from the superstore, came off.

Never had she ever been so open.

Alec smiled his shark-like smile, before cracking his knuckles. In a half a beat he was crouched over her, and she noticed that his belt was gone. It lay on the floor, along with her ripped purple shirt and faded jeans. The gloves, too, were somewhere among the mess, but not her bracelet.

Yeah. She still had it.

That was good.

Jessica was interrupted from her thoughts as Alec began to caress her breasts, tracing over the edges. A shiver ran down her spine. Then he stopped and roughly fingered her nipples, and she gasped, as a streak of surprise and something else exploded from her.

But, like a cat who got bored of its toy, he soon got tired and moved his aim…lower.

Jessica felt a bolt of fear. Oh god, no…

She was just 16.

She wanted badly to run away, or at the very least protest, but the only thing that came out was a meek exhale of air.

Apparently, Alec knew what he was doing.

"You'll like this, bitch," he laughed, and his fingers went down. His thumb and index finger rubbed her clit vigorously, and soon a low moan escaped her lips. Why did it feel so good? It wasn't supposed to be like this… damn it.

Pleasure was the only thing that ran through, so much that it shocked her. It was like nothing she'd ever experienced. Sure, every now and then, there was porn on, but this was so much better.

By the time Alec stopped, she was hot and wet, breathing hard. Jessica realized the noticeable bulge in his black pants, and the fear came back. He lowered his pants. He lowered his boxers.

His cock was bigger than she imagined. It with thick and tight and seemed too…huge… even for a big guy like Alec. This was her first time actually seeing one in real life.

"Ready, bitch! I'm turned on!"

Jessica found her voice.


He plunged into her. No preparation. No warning.

She was vaguely aware of a scream. Her own scream, mingled in with his groan of pleasure. She felt like it would tear and break, but it didn't pain shot through her, and it continued, as Alec kept going back and forth, in and out of her at an increasing speed.

"No!" Jessica screamed again. The pain was unbearable. "Stop!"

His reply was a groan.

And he kept at it.

There was nothing she could do. Soon, tears came, hot and salty, trickling down her face in a way she'd sworn not to four years ago.

She hated herself for crying.

She hated herself even more for doing what she was doing.

And deep down, behind all the agony, there was enjoyment.

That was the worst.

Alec moaned again, pure pleasure and relief filling his face. It melted his predator personality to that of any other man's, and it disgusted her. He was a monster not a man.

"Oh fuck!" He howled, and she cried out. She was sweating now, no longer cold and filled with winter frost.

He slowed and then stopped, panting hard. Warm liquid poured out of his cock, and, to her horror, inside of her.

He pulled away, the terrible grin plastered on again. "Holy… crap…"

Cum dripped from them both. The bitter smell made her wrinkle her nose, but she hadn't the energy left to do anything more. She was sore all over now, not just her head. Not even her hands were spared the pain.

Alec gave a bark of laughter. "Bitch. Be awake when I come tomorrow, or you will get it," he snarled. He shoved back on his pants, not even caring to zip it up, and grabbed his boxers. "And don't even think of escaping-all the doors are barred shut, and even if somehow you slip out, my boys will have you gunned."

He pointed one finger at her, rude. "Got that?"

She didn't bother. He didn't prod, and left the room.

Once she was sure he was gone, Jessica curled in on herself, and sobbed. One night. Not even an hour, and her virginity was gone.


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