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Trusting Hearts

Novel By: jhanery

Kid sister, that's how Gabriel treats Jenny.
Though inside, she's very much hurting, still she didn't say a word, but rather wait.
Maybe Gabriel will someday look at her. And maybe love her.
And by the time Jenny thought Gabriel is feeling the same way about her.
The guy left and no longer contact her..
How would Jenny cope up with the pain? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 28, 2011    Reads: 136    Comments: 4    Likes: 2   




"Stay." Gabriel looks at her with sad eyes. "Please stay." Saying that, Jenny meets Gabriel's eyes.

Gabriel finds his way towards Jenny, but stops when he's only a yard away from her. "Why?" Gabriel asks.

Jenny couldn't confess to Gabriel about her feelings. If only I could tell you how much I love you Gabriel, I would! "Jenny, why?" Gabriel asks again hearing nothing from Jenny.

"Because- " Jenny swallows hard. Her heart is beating so fast.

Gabriel sits beside her, so close that Jenny couldn't even breathe normally. "Because?"

"Because I don't want to be alone. So I thought, maybe you might wanna stay here with me - for a while?" Jenny finally speaks her mind, but only half-way true. Because the major truth is, she wants Gabriel to stay the night so she'll have the chance to be with him, feeling that they're together even for that one single night.

Without second thought, Gabriel agrees. "I'd love to, sweetheart." And he says that with such a low and romantic voice Jenny has been dreaming of hearing from him.

In that couch, they talk about a lot of things. Mainly about Jenny, things she's been doing that Gabriel might not know. 3 hours passed without them noticing, until Gabriel looks at his wristwatch and figures it's time for Jenny to sleep.

His arms still on Jenny's shoulders, which Jenny doesn't really mind - in fact, she likes it, she even plays innocent as if it's nothing for her even Gabriel is so close to her.


Jenny gazes at Gabriel's eyes, questioning. Gabriel's primary's intention to tell Jenny to sleep is slowly fading with her eyes on him. He even has to close his eyes for seconds to normalize his heartbeat.

His one arm is already circling Jenny's waist, the other one, he moves it then touches Jenny's cheek, softly stroking it, "Does your lip still hurts?" Gabriel thought about asking.

Jenny shakes his head, NO.

Then Gabriel nods his head. "Would you - would you mind if I kiss you?" Gabriel slowly asks.

Jenny couldn't say it, but she really wants to say yes. Not speaking for minutes, Gabriel gives up the idea and is slowly moving to get away, he's concerned that maybe Jenny is growing uncomfortable around him.

"I'm sorry, I shouldn't have asked you that. Maybe I - " Jenny seals his last words with a short kiss.

Then breaks it after 5 seconds and speaks. "Yes, you can kiss me." Then smile.

Gabriel holds her in her chin then leads her to join him with a very special, long, wonderful kiss. For 10 minutes, they kiss as if there's no tomorrow, enjoy every second of it. Drowns themselves into the sweetness of each other's lips. But as the kiss gets deeper, it unintentionally breaks with an...

"Ouch." Gabriel is so into the moment and totally forgot about everything and as he bit Jenny's lips, he ended up hurting Jenny a little bit.

"Ohh, I'm sorry sweetheart." Gabriel checks Jenny carefully. "I couldn't control myself."

Jenny laughs with the OAness of Gabriel. Gabriel is stunned, all weird at the moment, suddenly they both laugh not knowing why. When they totally become okay, again, Gabriel's the one who speaks first.

"Jen, I love you." And he says that with the sweetest way possible as it comes from his heart.

Jenny's eyes are popping as if she's seeing a ghost, but not because horror is haunting her, but because of too much excitement and happiness. "You... you can't possibly be serious about that!" she says slowly, feeling so nervous inside. Oh please, tell me what you said was true! She wishes to herself.

Gabriel, on the other hand, is also a little shocked about his words. One second, he looks frazzled. Then the other, he looks as if he's about to explode in happiness, which makes Jenny more concerned that he just said that out of nothing. "Jenny..." Gabriel holds her in her hands and smiles. "Jenny, I love you. I've always loved you since you were just a teenager." Hearing that, Jenny ultimately jumps out of the couch and rejoice. She feels like a high school girl again, who's being courted by her crush.

"You... You love me?! Oh my gosh, you love me Gabriel!" Gabriel hugs her in her waist and swings her around the room.

"Yes!" Gabriel says excitedly. "I love you!" but pauses for a moment when he remembers something. "But wait... I still don't know how you feel about me, and you're all so excited." With that, Gabriel shuts up covering a smile that's warning to come out of his lips. Jenny, being so playful at the time, thrills him to death. But at the end, she finally confesses: "I love you, too Gabriel, with all my heart and soul! I've always loved you, since - since the first time you and your family came here. Since the time I knew your heart." Jenny says softly.

Gabriel pulls her closer to him and he makes Jenny sit on his lap as he sits on the couch.

"In that case Sweetheart, I guess I gotta tell you something. I have always known your heart. I always knew you feel so much love for me." Jenny's expression shifts from being excited to surprise.

"You - you what?"

"You don't think all this time I still haven't notice how your eyes brighten up when you see me? Hmmm. Okay, I'll just pretend I haven't." Gabriel nods his head teasing Jenny with his charismatic smile. " ­- but what about that gazing thing from your window every morning and every afternoon? I don't think I was just imagining when I were about to go to the office, and you were there looking out of your window, waiting for me." Gabriel hugs her even more filled with so much happiness as he sees Jenny's face blushing tremendously. "Sweetheart, you don't have to feel shy. Because you were the reason I felt so alive and so excited to come to office every day, 'cause I know there's someone special out there looking forward to see me."

Jenny, who primarily couldn't speak out of shock, finally finds her voice. "If . . . if you knew all along, that I've always loved you, then . . . then why didn't you just approach me, you said that you've always loved me, too, right? Then why did you have to make things so complicated between us?" Jenny couldn't control her emotions anymore. She bursts in tears, remembering what she's been through, the hardship of not being able to tell her love how she feels for him, the fear of rejection and all sorts of things pain her.

Gabriel feels devastated about himself, but if he'll be given the second chance to turn back time, he knows he wouldn't change anything that happened, because he did that for the sake of Jenny.

"Jenny . . . sweetheart, please listen to me. I had to do that, do you think what you feel in your heart, I don't also feel it in mine? Triple of your pain, I have it here." Gabriel points in his chest, right to his heart. And suddenly, tears pour from his eyes. "I never want to ruin your future, if I told you 'I love you,' I know for sure you'd want us to be together, I know in my heart I'd grab the opportunity, too. It wasn't the best time for us, sweet. I had to make sure you'll finish college." Gabriel wipes his tears, finding it so hard to stop himself or even lessen the pain that he's been trying to hide. "I have so much respect for your parents, and I never, ever want them to be disappointed in you. And so when the company told me they wanted to send me to Japan, I grabbed it. If it's the only way to stop myself from loving you so much that if I stayed a month longer, I didn't even know if I could longer control myself and confess to you."

"When you . . . when you told me you wanted me to email you, and you promised you'll email me back. Why the hell did you break your promise? I waited for you, Gabriel! But you stopped! I thought the moment you came out of my room before you left for Japan, I thought there was something in there. But -"

"I know sweetheart. I know. Please let me explain. Please don't hate me just now, just please!" Gabriel plants tiny kisses on her lips, then speaks. "Before I left, I had an agreement with Krizel, that she'd update me about you, she knew all along how I feel about you. But when the day I knew you were having suitors, I figured I had to stop. I had to give you the chance to grow and find someone else, though it would hurt me, I had to let you go. You were so young then, I thought you were just having puppy love or something, maybe you weren't so sure about your feelings. I had to wait! I thought, in time, you'll know more about yourself. But the moment I stopped, I promised to myself when you're all grown-up, I'll do everything . . . everything to make you mine. But when you came back, you already have . . . a boyfriend."

"But Gabriel, I never loved Jake. I've waited so many years, but you never had the courage to tell me you love me!"

"I know." Gabriel sighs. Wipes the last tears from his cheeks and Jenny's, too. He tries to smile "now that everything's all clear, would you mind if I ask you to be all mine?"

Jenny, who's currently in his lap frees her hands and hugs him tightly. "Of course, Gabriel." Jenny whispers in his ear. Then turns to face him. "In one condition." Gabriel's smiling from ear-to-ear, all glad and contented.

"Anything for you, sweetheart." Gabriel says. Holds Jenny in her cheeks and plants a kiss on her forehead.

With so much love for each other, their eyes lock in such romantic gaze. "Promise me, you'll never hurt me ever again." Gabriel smiles, he knows he could never do anything to hurt Jenny. Not in his existence from that day forward.

"I promise."


A/N: Sorry for the wait guys, it's just that, I've been so busy.

So here's the latest chapter, hope you all like it :) comment below and tell me what yah think. I look forward to hear all of them.




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