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Trusting Hearts

Novel By: jhanery

Kid sister, that's how Gabriel treats Jenny.
Though inside, she's very much hurting, still she didn't say a word, but rather wait.
Maybe Gabriel will someday look at her. And maybe love her.
And by the time Jenny thought Gabriel is feeling the same way about her.
The guy left and no longer contact her..
How would Jenny cope up with the pain? View table of contents...


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Jenny is laying down on her bed, full of tears on her eyes. She feels pity on herself and for Jake, too. But she can't deny the fact that she's so mad how things turned up like that between them. Maybe it is her that really has a problem. If only Gabriel didn't come back, things would've been better.

A few minutes later, she hears a call from the outside and a few knocks on her door.

"Mom?" she whispers to herself. She's not expecting any guest at the moment, especially any member of her family. Her heart starts pounding, she's concerned what would her mother tell about her lips, she knows her pretty well. Leticia has been very much protective of her since she was a child, not only because she's the only daughter in the family but because she's so sensitive about everything. There's not much time to cover make-up on her swollen lips so she just gets out of the bed to face her mother.

As she opens the door, she immediately sees the shock on Leticia's eyes. It was supposed to be a warm visit on her mother's side, but when the old woman takes a glimpse about the way she looks, everything starts to fall down.

"Okay Mom, you can comment all you want, but not here. Let's get inside." She's expecting her mother to nag at her and blame her for having Jake and all that, but Leticia doesn't speak. Her mother goes straight to the kitchen and gets some ice pack, then treats her lips. "Mom" Only now that Jenny feels that sudden weakness. She knows her mother is hurt too, in a way that any mother who loves their child so much, would surely feel when they see their child get hurt.

"Shhh. I won't say anything against that guy. Anything that will make my baby realize how wrong she was by choosing that guy."

"Mom, could you promise me not to tell this to dad?" Leticia wipes the tears coming down from her eyes. She's worried that if her dad would know about her situation, about Jake slapping her, her dad won't let that pass, he'll surely put up a revenge for her. But she doesn't want that. In fact, she just wants to stay silent and move on. She feels relief because the burden inside her somehow lessened by breaking up with Jake, she just didn't expect she has to be beaten up first before that happens.

Her mother hugs her, which shifts her back to reality from her deep thought, but Leticia says nothing. "Mom?"

"I'll be back tomorrow to pick you up. Pack some clothes tonight, you'll stay with us for awhile. I'm afraid that man would come and do this to you, again."

"No! Mom, I'm perfectly fine!" Leticia looks at her lips then a dim expression rises.

"Fine?" *Sigh.

"What will dad say about this?"

"Don't worry honey, I'll shut him up." Her mother stands up and head for the door. She follows her to give a kiss and lock the door as the old woman leaves.

She leans her back against the door, then close her eyes. Thinking twice about packing up and staying in her parents house, as her mother suggested, she decides to just leave the idea at the back of her mind and walks to her bed to get some sleep.

Jenny hasn't even been slept for an hour and an intruder already is invading and howling outside her apartment. She's rudely awakened by that distracting knocks on her door, maybe cannot even be considered as knock because that man, whoever he is, is really desperate to get inside her apartment. That crazy guy must be out of his mind, says Jenny to herself, still sleepy, she rush to check that annoying visitor, only to see a furious man as she opens the door.

"What are you doing here?" it's Gabriel, whose eyes immediately are searching for her lips. He holds her chin slightly, careful not to get in contact with her swollen lips.

"So it's all true!" Gabriel tries to walk away, she's shocked with his outburst.

"Wwait Gabriel, where are you going?" she has the hint he'll go and look for Jake. But she still has to confirm.

"Where do you think I'm going?" even without looking at her, she could feel the tension building inside Gabriel. It looks like he could kill Jake anytime. His fists are completely closed, and his muscles are shaking due to anger. Jenny moves towards him and holds him in his one arm, directing him to follow her inside the apartment. Hesitant at first as Gabriel wants to make Jake pay for what he's done, he then surrenders as he saw Jenny summon, suddenly his heart's melting and his body wants nothing but to comfort Jenny. Together, they walk inside the room then sits at the couch.

"He... he didn't mean it." Jenny says.

"Meant it or not, you're still hurt Jenny. If only I was there, he would never have the guts to even touch you!" Gabriel's voice is so low but very intense. He doesn't want to hurt Jenny even more, but seeing Jenny's lips, his heart is burning in fury.

"It was my fault Gabriel, I... I refused to make love with him."

"That's all?" Gabriel yells. "Jenny, that's so unreasonable!" Gabriel again, tries to get away, but Jenny's reflexes stops him. Gabriel sighs. "Why are you protecting him, Jen? You really love him that much?" Gabriel's expression is telling her that he's hurt. She wants to say no, she wants to scream and tell him she just wants to protect him, that she doesn't like him to get hurt because of her. Jake isn't just any guy who won't fight when other people try to threaten him, and that thinking makes her afraid for Gabriel.

"I guess, I can't do anything now." Gabriel stands up, two more steps and he's out of Jenny's life, but Jenny speaks, enough for Gabriel to hear her.

"Stay." Gabriel looks at her with sad eyes. "Please stay."


A/N: As Jenny says, stay tuned! Hehe.

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