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Trusting Hearts

Novel By: jhanery

Kid sister, that's how Gabriel treats Jenny.
Though inside, she's very much hurting, still she didn't say a word, but rather wait.
Maybe Gabriel will someday look at her. And maybe love her.
And by the time Jenny thought Gabriel is feeling the same way about her.
The guy left and no longer contact her..
How would Jenny cope up with the pain? View table of contents...


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Both of them rattled as they did not know who's coming. Gabriel thought, 'could it be that damn Jake? What if he knew where we are and followed us here?' And by that thought, instead of standing up and hiding somewhere, he rested on top of Jenny, who's by the way very tensed and really could not think straight of the right thing to do, and started kissing her. Jenny was pushing him. But Gabriel won't let go.

"Hey guys! I ahh...Oh my God!" it was Krizel, who immediately covered her eyes and turned around when she saw the most awkward setup anyone could ever seen their whole life! "Dang! Get a room you two!" she doesn't really sound angry, but not happy neither. "Anyways, Mom and Mommy Leticia are looking for you. So ahh... after you finish that. Uhmm, alright, I'll go." And before Krizel ran away, she said "Don't worry, I saw nothing."

Gabriel sat down, and pulled Jenny to sit on his lap.

"Why did you do that? Are you insane?" Jenny stood up and searched for her bikini that were scattered on the beach sand.

"I don't know what to say." Gabriel stood up too, with his cock still hard and hanging in front of Jenny's eyes. Her cheeks blushed once more. Gabriel grinned when she saw Jenny and remembered what just happened. "But I gotta say, I don't and will never regret what I did. I'm attracted -" before he could finish his sentence, Jenny's right hand flew straight and slapped his face.

"Attracted?" Jenny choked. "Attracted huh? Are you not concerned even a bit, what could Krizel think about us? YOU just turned out to be an asshole, and I'm so ashamed of myself I let myself give in." Before she left him, she said. "I don't know how much you've changed. But I certainly am so disgusted about all this. I just wish now, that you never came back!" Gabriel felt so weak. For the first time in his life, he felt that pain that could almost kill him. He punched the rocks to ease the pain inside him, not caring if his hands would bleed. And when it did, that's when he stopped, sat down and started crying.

Jenny did not wait for the vacation to end; she immediately packed her bags upon reaching their cottage. All were good, but not her. She wanted to say sorry, she was at shock the moment she said all those words to him. But how? She also already has her boyfriend who by then waiting for her. Last night, she received tons of messages asking where she was. And she knew Jake is determined to talk to her and hear her explanation. But what would she tell him? 'Oh Jake, I'm sorry, I just almost made love with my first love, and maybe first and last love!' God! Jake would kill her if she say that. She sat on the bed and saw the door opening. Krizel came in, and sat beside her.

"Hmmm... something's not right going on here?" Krizel held her hand. She nodded.

"Yeah..." she leaned on her shoulders, and Krizel sympathized on her best friend. "You see, I don't know what to think anymore. I feel so stupid."

"You love my brother, don't you?" Jenny was surprised and looked at Krizel. "C'mon now, don't look so shocked there. I know you, Jenny. No matter how much you hide all this, I know... That deep in your heart here." Krizel pointed out her heart. "There's no other man but my brother. You don't have to suffer and feel ridiculous. All you gotta do is be yourself. Let go..." Krizel smiled, making Jenny feel alright a little. Jenny hugged her best friend.

"But what about Jake?"

"What about him?" Krizel sighed "Jake's my friend. But only you know the best thing to do. Trust your instincts." After a few chit chat, Krizel left her. Right then, she knew what to do.


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