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Trusting Hearts

Novel By: jhanery

Kid sister, that's how Gabriel treats Jenny.
Though inside, she's very much hurting, still she didn't say a word, but rather wait.
Maybe Gabriel will someday look at her. And maybe love her.
And by the time Jenny thought Gabriel is feeling the same way about her.
The guy left and no longer contact her..
How would Jenny cope up with the pain? View table of contents...


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Jenny's already starting for college, and so one day, when she got home, she had a feeling that she has to open her account. She hurried to her laptop and signed in, and there! Gabriel emailed her.


How are you? Bet you're starting in your studies now huh? I'm okay now here. I think I could adapt their ways faster than I expected. People are nice, I could see handsome guys, but of course! There's no one better than me, right kiddo? When it comes to girls? Wow! Didn't expect there are lots of pretty faces over here. But, to me, there's only one. Just one, whom I'd never be tired staring at, any ways, I gotta go. Talk to you soon, bye.


Jenny doesn't know what to think now. She's thankful he's pretty much okay now, but... How about the women, they might be attracted to Gabriel, he's undeniably handsome and gentleman. Mixed emotions already flew into her mind, she didn't manage to notice his last statement. That there's only one girl whom he'd never be tired staring at.

They emailed each other for a year, but without any sign of being bored at her, Gabriel suddenly stopped sending her messages, which made Jenny long for him. She wanted to try to ask him why, but at the back of her mind, what if Gabriel doesn't like to talk to her anymore? What if she emails her, then he'd just make some excuses for him to freely say that he's too busy to do such things? Jenny knew she'll just hurt herself in that way. Still, she knew all along, that in those coming months that passed by, she was still waiting for him. But not a message was received.

Three more years passed by, as Jenny was having dinner with her family, her mother opened a conversation.

"Honey, are you dating someone?" her mother asked her with a mysterious look on her face.

"Why are you asking mom?" Jenny stopped chewing and drinks some water. She's on leave and will be spending the next two days on her parent's house. She already moved out and currently living alone in her stylish apartment that she interior designed herself with the help of her friend Krizel who's now a famous interior designer.

"Nothing, I'm just curious. You never introduced a guy to us, maybe it's time Jen, to... to you know? Find someone to love, I mean, we're not getting any younger." Then Leticia glanced on her husband's side, trying to have someone agree with her.

"Yeah right, I think it would be best for you to settle down. Your brother, James, is already very much like me, a proud father of two kids and very happy with his family." His father's smile made her smile, but only for a while when she remembered something.

"I think I'm not ready yet, Dad. I'm still young. I'm sure I'd find the right guy, but for now? I'll just concentrate on my accounting career." Jenny smiled "Good night! I ahh, I think I'm tired." and stand up which means she already had enough with the conversation, and her parents know why. As Jenny go upstairs towards her room, her parents flashed a mysterious smile on their faces.

Sadness came back to her senses as she laid down herself in her bed. She thought she got over it, that she won't feel all the longing and pain she felt before when she was still madly in-love with Gabriel anymore. But they're all turning back now. Now that she is there again, in the room that served as her sanctuary during the time she was having some trouble trying to forget all those feelings. A teardrop poured to the tip of her nose as she was lying sideways, crawling her body, she realized she's crying. She slept with those thoughts on her mind.

Hmmmm... Am I dreaming? Uhmm, it feels good! An intruder is kissing her, but her eyes are having a hard time opening to see the guy! Sure, it's a guy, because she could feel his masculinity. He's facing her with his one leg on top of her belly and the left hand feeling her cheeks, to her lips, down to her neck, and then to her breast.

Ohh! One squeeze on her right breast and shiver runs through her nerves. The guy is caressing her breasts with his soft touch on hers. Seems like he couldn't get enough and he made his way to take her nighties up on top of her breast, she's not wearing a bra at night so the guy had all the time to look at her huge firm breast that have never been touched before. He pinched her nipples that became so hard because of the sensuality that is so new to her. Moments passed when the hands were replaced by the guy's mouth. She moaned, once and then became loud, then louder.

God, this feels so good! The guy's sucking her like a baby. Taking his time tasting her nipples, the guy started to make through his way down. In between her legs, he softly caressed that very sensitive part of her body that's already wet cause of the sensations going up and down her body. The guy slipped his hands inside her panty and feel it the virginity of it. He started to feel her clitoris which sent loads of shivers inside her. Her chest moved up and down as she felt like he's taking her breath away. The guy continued to do that and by the time he felt she needs to get him inside her...

"OHHH! God, it was just a dream!" Jenny took her time taking her senses and composure back together as she sat in the side of her bed. "I can't believe it! I... hayyy!" Jenny sighed. She doesn't know if she's relieved or disappointed.

"But who could that guy be?" minutes passed, confusion attacked her, and right then. A handsome face flashed on her mind.

"No! I must be going crazy! Why would I even think about him?" Jenny went to her bathroom and washed her face. Went back to her room, an hour later, she managed to sleep again.

"RINGGGGGGGGGG!" the phone on her bedside table constantly ringed her eardrums so she answered it.

"Where mom could be? Why is she not answering the phone?... Ehh ehem! Hello, Smith's residence?" Jenny said as she picked up the phone.

"Jennyyyyy!! It's me Krizel" Krizel never changed, her bestfriend is always like that, banging her ears when she calls her, it's been a long time since the last time they chatted.

"What's up Kriz, gosh! I miss you!" Jenny softly laughed as she genuinely miss her girl.

"I'm good, pretty, as always! Hehe, anyways, are you free today?"

"Sure yes, are you going to have date with me?" Jenny smiled over the phone.

"Dang girl! Of course! That's why I'm callin."

Jenny burst into laugh. "That's my girl! Okay then, name the time and place, and I'll be there!"

Jenny and Krizel met in a fine dining restaurant about 5 o'clock, but Krizel is not alone.

"Hi sis! I want you to meet Jake." Jake laid her hands on her which Jenny gladly accepted. "And Jake, this is my beautiful bestfriend, Jenny." They sat down and had a great dinner together, but Krizel 'had to leave,' because according to her, her boss needs her.

Jenny is not so used to be around with guys, but she forced herself to do it, 'for Krizel,' she said to herself. Jake is attractive, no doubt about that, plus the fact that he came from a rich family according to Krizel. Her bestfriend already told her some things about Jake, and she could see her best friend is trying to play Ms. Cupid, but she won't fall for that. Women could easily flash their sweet smile on him, but Jenny is just not that type. And she knows why she's like that.

"Jen, I'm fallin in love with you." Jake told her one night when they were dining in a restaurant. She was shocked by his revelation and is not ready for it, so for minutes, she couldn't respond, or say any words.

"I know, it's a bit fast, but I'm not going to rush you. I just want to let you know how I feel for you Jenny." Jake hold her hands on top of the table and gave it a good grip.

At that night, Jenny fell into thinking. He's not coming back! Said her mind. But you still love him! Opposed by her heart. He let herself fall down on her bed facing the ceiling. "Maybe, I need to wait a little more."

Jake is so sweet, for 3 months, everytime Jenny is around him, she feels like he really cares about her. And for some reason, she could convince herself that she has to let go of her feelings for Gabriel, though her broken heart is not yet cured. Here is a guy who's ready to love her, with assurance from him that he won't leave her. And won't just throw her like a trash.

"Jake?" they are dancing and feeling the sweet music. Jake took her to the hillside, from there, they could see the city lights, and it was very romantic. Jenny thought it would be the best time to just let her feelings go and let Jake make his way through her heart. She doesn't let him, yet. But maybe in time, she will love her. Even not as much as her love for Gabriel, but what's important now is that she has to end her illusions, that Gabriel will be back.

"Hmmm? Yes honey?" Jake embraced her even more.

"Are you still going to be like this if I say yes to you?" Jake is shocked, that's the right term for the expression she could give on his face. She smiled. "What?" Jake jumped and shouts so loud. And then after a few moments, calmed down and hold her shoulders, gazed her in the eyes.

"Whoohhh! That was a shock. So... so are you saying we're going steady now? You and me?" At that moment, you and me, was heard by her ear, Gabriel's sad face flashed in her mind, she felt like saying no, but she knew there's no turning back now. So she nodded.

"Yes!" Jake shouted again. She could feel his happiness, but why now, that everything's already falling into place, she felt something is not right.

After spending some time together, Jake took her home, but at that time, she asked him to take her to her parent's house. Her parents have a happy look on their faces when they saw her, but frowned a little bit when they saw Jake.

"Ahh. Mom, Dad. This is Jake, my boyfriend." Jenny is glad her parents became civil, by the look on their faces, she could say they do not like Jake. But why? They were the ones who'd been telling her to settle down, now that she introduced a guy, they seem disgusted. Oh boy, I don't know what to do now.

"Jake, my parents, George and Leticia Smith." They shook hands and talked a little bit then Jake headed back home. He said he still some presentation to do, which she knew is a lie. But what could she do? She too, headed upstairs to get some rest. Tomorrow, she'll have to speak with her parents.

She's changing her clothes, only undergarments are on her body when suddenly the door opened and a familiar guy stand before her.


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