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Trusting Hearts

Novel By: jhanery

Kid sister, that's how Gabriel treats Jenny.
Though inside, she's very much hurting, still she didn't say a word, but rather wait.
Maybe Gabriel will someday look at her. And maybe love her.
And by the time Jenny thought Gabriel is feeling the same way about her.
The guy left and no longer contact her..
How would Jenny cope up with the pain? View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 29, 2011    Reads: 196    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   




For several weeks, Gabriel and Jenny has been such a wonderful couple. With so much love, trust and respect for each other, they lived every single day making each other feel so incredibly special.

"Sweet, where are we going?" Jenny and Gabriel, together with Krizel are all in front of Smith's house (Jenny's side)

"Yeah Gabriel, where do you plan to take my best friend?" Krizel folds her arm around Jenny's while interrogating her brother.

Gabriel's preparing his car which will take him and Jenny to this beautiful resort at the edge of the town. It's their second month anniversary and he wants that day to be so special. "Here! I'm taking your bestfriend - who happened to be my sweetheart, here" Gabriel hands the brochure he picked out from his car, to Krizel.

"Wow! This place is AWESOME! Big brother, why don't you just make this date a family reunion?" Gabriel grins while shaking his head.

He stares at the road, seems like looking at something. "Uhh, sis? Didn't you just say you, too, have a date with Troy?" Krizel turns around, and there she sees his boyfriend's car. "Oh my! I totally forgot about it!"

Jenny laughs as she watches Krizel run towards their house, cramming. Thankful, Krizel, her bestfriend finally found probably the 'love of her life'. "Your sister certainly looks so happy with his boyfriend, sweet." Jenny says even her eyes smiling.

"Uhum. How about you sweet?"

"Oh! I'm eternally happy!" Jenny says encircling her hands around Gabriel's waist.

Gabriel hugs Jenny and plants a kiss on her forehead, then on her lips. "So are you ready to ride with me?"



Jenny has fallen asleep at the midst of their long trip. She hears the noisy engine of the car, forcing to start again, and now, she's fully awakened.

"Sweet? What's wrong?" She looks at the clock at the dashboard of the car, '8:09 pm.'

Gabriel doesn't answer him, and tries to start the ignition one more time. Again, it doesn't work. Gabriel gets out of the car with a flashlight. Jenny follows him, she doesn't know anything about cars, but she really wants to help.

Gabriel on the other hand, is beginning to sweat. For twenty minutes, he's been doing all the check-ups and applying all his knowledge to that damn car, but everytime he tries to start it, it still doesn't work. "Sweet..." Gabriel sighs. "would you like to walk with me?"

Jenny is already shaking, there's no household around the area and it's too scary because it's so dark. "But sweet, it's all dark, I'm . . . I'm scared."

Gabriel pats her in the back softly and comforts her, when he's all sure Jenny is okay, he grabs all the things they might need from the car. "Don't worry sweet, they won't be able to touch even the tip of your finger, over my dead body!" Jenny feels secured. All ready to go. "But - but what about your car?"

Gabriel laughs, "We'll just get back here first thing in the morning."

"Okay. Now, where do you plan to take me? I haven't seen any house around area."

"Sweet, you were sleeping, two to three kilometres away, I've seen an inn from here. We'll just spend the night there. I don't want you to sleep uncomfortably in that car."

Jenny just nods her head. With Gabriel, she's ready to go anywhere. "Okay, then let's go!"

For an hour, they walk in the path of darkness, but Jenny couldn't feel any fright, as long as Gabriel is around, she'll be just fine. She didn't even notice how that hour passed because they spent it with great topics and wonderful conversation. Wow! She couldn't believe how something, even the ugliest moment in the world, could be so amazing when you're with your loved one.

"Sweet, are you okay there?" Jenny's already laying her back in the bed, while Gabriel is satisfying himself in the couch inside the inn.

Gabriel turns to face her. "Don't worry, sweet. I'm fine. Take a good rest now hmm?"

"Do you - do you want to share this bed with me? I mean, there's still a lot of space, we could just set a partition." Jenny sits and grabs a pillow, showing it to Gabriel.

Gabriel also sits up on the couch, trying to read Jenny's mind. He decided to just sleep on the couch so as not to let any unwanted idea to get in his head. Finally, he stands up then joins Jenny in the bed. They set a partition between them, then talk about their future together.

Jenny doesn't know when or what time she fell asleep. She could feel a tender touch, fingers running softly through her hair, and a warm soothing breath flashing on her face.

"Hmmmm." As she opens her eyes, she sees her loving boyfriend gazing in her eyes.

"It's still early, go back to sleep." Gabriel smiles sweetly at her.

Jenny smiles too. "What time is it?" Gabriel checks the time in his wristwatch laying on top of the bedside table, then gets back to Jenny. "Three-thirty."

Jenny nods her head, okay, then hugs her arm around Gabriel, she notices the partition between them is gone, and she couldn't help herself but smile, though she doesn't know why. She closes her eyes and pushes her head on Gabriel's chest. "Let's sleep again, sweet."

"I still haven't gone to sleep yet, sweet." Gabriel says carefully and softly on her ear. Jenny instantly opens her eyes and moves to face Gabriel.

"Why?" she says softly.

"I'd rather watch you sleep, sweetheart. You're so beautiful. Do you know that?" Jenny feels every word in her heart. She wants to kiss Gabriel, he's so sweet, the moment is so perfect and he's just -

"Hmmmm..." and before she could think anything else, Gabriel already locks her lips with his.

Jenny couldn't speak, no more. She takes her time enjoying the moment, tasting the sweetness of his lips, absorbing every single bit of sensation Gabriel's causing her, the hotness she feels inside and the familiar loads of seemingly electricity that's rushing inside her body, she once felt in the beach. Though, now, she's much more certain, everything's doubled, tripled in intensity, that now there are no doubts that they both are meant to be together.

That time, when half of the world is sleeping, Gabriel and Jenny make love for the first time. Such a wonderful moment to remember, indeed! When a loving couple finally combines their body into one as their souls also finally finds their lifetime mate.

To them, it's like a pact of togetherness and promise of forever!



A/N : So, what do you guys think so far? Sorry for the late update, been busy lately so I really couldn't write that much...

Oh! Comment below okay? Please! Please! Please! =] You guys have no idea how those msgs make up my idea, feels so good in the heart. . .

That would be all for now, I'll keep you updated guys (those who commented), if I publish the next chapter, don't worry.

Thanks for reading!




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