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Strangers in the night , love in the day.

Novel By: jess darkangel

A stormy night, a slick road, a disaster in the making, but for a strong hansom man.

Cassidy was on her way home from university when she skidded to avoid a creature in the road. Injured and dazed she thought she would die in the fast filling car. But some one helps her.

Steven Walker, widower and single father of Jeniffer, he asks for nothing in return for his help but he captured Cassidy's heart with his kindness,but has she captured his too.... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Jan 31, 2011    Reads: 552    Comments: 1    Likes: 1   

Cassidy woke to the sun filtering threw the heavy curtains a glass of fresh water sat beside her on the night stand. Retching out she felt it against her hand and knew it had not been placed there long as it was still cold. Taking it she sniffed it unsure that it could be drugged, finding nothing she placed the glass to her lips and took a small sip signing as the cool liquid slid down her hot, dry throat . She sighed at the sensation and lay back on the bed it was then she spotted two blue eyes watching from the end of the bed and she chuckled to her self but lay still.

A door creaking made her open her eyes again and she saw Jennifer slip out on the ushering of her father. Steven walked over to her and smiled "sleep well?" he asked drawing the curtains to let the morning sun in. Cassidy covered her face with her bedspread and groaned at the suns intrusion to her half sleepy state.

"did you have to do that?" she asked and heard him chuckle again she had to admit the sound he made some how made her want to laugh too but she just smiled at him.

"Cassidy are you hungry , I can have one of my men bring you something " he said turning to face her. She could see him silhouetted against the window, his upper body muscular and well toned his skin tanned to alight brown from the obvious out door work he did.

"Could you just open the window, its kinda got stuffy in here" she said hiding the fact she blushed at seeing him that way , she sighed feeling the some what warm breeze than came threw as he opened it.

"DOC'S HERE STEVEN!!" came a shout from below he returned the shout and turned to face her smiling "doc said he'd be here today to check on your progress he was worried about you after your crash"

Cassidy looked at him "Doc, is he even a real doctor?" she asked she saw Steven nodded with his smile nave changing.

" He stays here sometimes, like a retreat from all the stresses of his work." he explained she breathed a sigh of relief.

Moments later an older gentle man walked in carrying a small black bag in one hand and in the other a black cane with a red stone in the top. He smiled warmly to Steven and hugged him as a father would a son. "Steven good to see you again " he said as he turned to look at cassidy "and you young lady good to see you awake finally" he crossed to her and sat on the edge of the bed as he took her hand to check her pulse.

"Well, do I live another day?" she said earning a chuckle from Steven , she would have chuckled too but for her chest hurting Doc saw this and moved his hands to her chest.

" Hum, one more day of rest to heal those ribs a bit more I think, unless your carried every where, but no walking young lady." He said as Cassidy lay back almost exhausted from just being sat forward.

"I have just the thing Doc, she can sit on the porch swing, that way she won't be board being in bed and I can have Lucy keep an eye on her" he smiled leaving Cassidy wondering who was Lucy.

After saying good buy to Doc Cassidy rested for a moment, before being woken buy something resting beside her, she looked she saw Jennifer, her head resting on the bed as she looked at her.

"Daddy's never brought any one home before." she said and Cassidy blushed as she looked down at the girl.

"Well, It not like I had a choice Jennifer, " she said softly as she brushed the young girls hair behind her ear. Now in the sun light she could see her features were like her fathers but for a lighter brown hair colour, her blue eyes seem to hold her gaze and she smiled "I was in an accident and your father saved me, I guess he had no choice but to bring me to your home"

"Jennifer, Scott's looking for you " came Steven's voice as he walked in he smiled watching her run happily out the door. "I'm not her real father, her mother my sister passed 10 years ago after she was born I found her in the same ditch, I have looked after her ever since , so naturally she calls me daddy" he said and moved to her taking a blanket he wrapped it around her shoulders " I have something I'd like to show you " he said and gently lifted her up her arms wrapping around his neck as she found her self lifted from the bed into his arms the blanket keeping her legs warm but her chest was now pressed against his , she could feel every ripple of his muscles as he walked out of the room she saw the rest of the house was like a very large log cabin with dozens of rooms running down each side. Walking down the stairs she saw a large living room Jennifer and a young boy played games on a large flat screen T.V that hung above an open fire. Against one wall sat a portrait of a family and older distinguished gentleman held the arm of a younger woman two boys and a baby sat in front of them and she took it they were his family.

"who are they?" she asked looking at him, he looked for a moment as if is didn't know what she meant then smiled.

"That is my mother and father, with me, my brother, who you will meet later at supper and Sarah my sister" he said Cassidy heard him say her name softly and a distant look came across his face she now regretted asking about the portrait. She shifted in his arms and the blanket fell Jennifer ran over and picked it up smiling , cassidy shivered at the sudden cold air and the touch of his warm hands on her thigh, this made her blush again.


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