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Three worlds

Novel By: jennetjanare

This is a story of Takashi, Kimiki, and Iris...Three being from very different worlds banished to our world for various reasons... View table of contents...


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Takashi was a no nonsense type of guy and things rarely rattled his temper, but when he walked into the front door of his newly built home, the scene that greeted him filled him with rage.

Furniture was over turned and debris was strewn all over. He took a step into the living room on his right and glass crunched beneath his heavily studded black boots. He looked down. The glass door that separated the room from the foyer was shattered. He snarled as he continued to crunch into the room. Another crunch, different from the sound of glass interrupted his path.

Ice filled his veins as he moved his foot and saw the toy that he just gave to his sons the day before. He leaned down as examined it closer and saw that blood was splatter over it. He sniffed. It was not the scent of his loved ones but it was a scent that was vaguely familiar. Takashi continued his walk. The daggers in the walls told him that iris was in this room when they were attacked. He smiled when he pulled one of the daggers out of the wall and saw the blood mixed with ash on it Well at least she didn't go down without a fight.

He summoned the rest of the daggers to him and turned to leave the room. As he walked his magic automatically repaired the room leaving no trace of the damaged left behind. As he stepped through the door the glass shot up and reformed behind him. He turned to the right and looked up the stairs then the walk way to the left that led to the kitchen. He started up the stairs then changed his mind.

Kimiko liked to spend her time there as she was four months pregnant and was constantly hungry. Takashi's fears were confirmed when he walked in the kitchen and saw the mess. Kimiko had indeed been sitting in the kitchen at the counter island and it looked like she caused some damaged. The cleaver she was using was lodged upright in the counter. It didn't look like she stayed in the kitchen to continue the fight but instead took the fight up stairs. As Takashi followed the carnage up the back stairs he wondered who it was that attacked his family and why.

There were claw marks in the wall going up the stairs as well as spots of blood. He sniffed the wall. This was Kimiko blood. He ran his fingers through the blood and tasted it. He frowned his displeasure. She really needed to feed more. Since she was carrying his babies what she needed was blood to balance out there hunger. Takashi opened the door at the top of the stairs and froze.

There in the middle of the floor was iris. She must have joined Kimiko in defending the kids and house. He walked over to iris and knelt down on one knee beside her. He felt her breathing through the floor. He picked her up and cradled her in his arms as he looked around for some sigh that Kimiko was here as well. No such luck. He carried iris over to the couch in this floors sitting room. She moaned as he sat her down but he knew that she would be alright right now he was worried about Kimiko and the kids They were nowhere to be found.

He could tell the fight ended here. They must have taken Kimiko and the kids. A small voice interrupted his rage. "Daddy is mommy ok why did the dark guys take lady Kimiko away?"

Takashi stood up and turned toward the twin boys standing in the door. If the look on their faces were any indication they were terrified. They were standing there wide eyed holding on to Kimiko prized twin katanas like they were a life line. Probably were. Takashi knew they saw exactly what happened but also knew they were too young to fully comprehend what happened. He walked over to the boys and placed his hands on their shoulders. From this he was able to see what happened as well as offer the solstice. They went into his arms accepting the comfort that he was offering. Takashi saw what happened.

The kids were actually up here playing when everything happened. They heard iris scream out "Kimiko....the kids..." and glass breaking the twins and their brother and sister sat there frozen in fear. They screamed when the door leading to the kitchen burst open. And a body of ash flew through followed by Kimiko looking fierce with her wings out. The attackers hadn't come upstairs yet.

Kimiko moved quickly grabbing her katanas and ushering the kids out of the room. She led them to another room and pulled some strands of fur from her tail. She wrapped a strand around each of them and gave a sword to each of the twins as they were the oldest at five. She was bleeding from her shoulder, but didn't let it stop her as she whispered an incantation and darkness.

As Takashi looked the boys in the eyes he could guess what happened next. It was obvious that Kimiko let herself get captured to protect iris and the kids. Takashi held the kids close. Another moan and iris sat up suddenly and looked around. A sob escaped her lips as her flaming red gaze fell upon the twins. Takashi stood up as she ran over and hugged the kids close.

She looked up at Takashi and whispered "the others...Kimiko, the babies?"

Takashi kneeled back down and kissed iris softly on the lips just as the other kids walked in. He looked over as the youngest one whimpered and ran into his arms. They left the room fully repaired as they trudged down the stairs. Takashi leaned against the fridge and drank from a bottle of blood as iris got the kids settled down.

He felt her footsteps when she entered the kitchen. She walked over and placed her lips on his. He threaded his fingers in her hair and kissed her deeply before she leaned back and said "are you going to prepare before you set out to bring her back?"

Takashi smiled this was why he loved these women. He kissed her softly again before answering "yes my love of course."


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