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A Devil's Love

Novel By: jennetjanare

the previous owner of hell is try to get his kingdom back from lucifer, but in order for him to do that he needs the help of one woman... Jennet. when he finds her she is resistant at first but gradually warms up to him and the idea of being the queen of hell. View table of contents...


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Title: A Devil's Love

By: J. Shellsean


"She has to be here…" as I entered the building with my lifelong friend, Dante.

He laughed, "Arc, I know you have been searching for this woman for a long time, but you don't know anything about her."

I smiled as I slapped him on the back and said, "Her name will be Jennet and her eyes will be the color of the moon. She will be short and full of a spark that is wait for me to fan into a flame. And I know she will be the one to help me get my kingdom back from that demon."

Dante snorted as we followed the noise deeper into the building. We walked through the double doors and was blasted with flashing lights.

Damn humans. They thought this kind of thing was entertaining. I froze in the door. She was here. I felt her. My eyes scanned the room. They passed over a woman staring at me. I looked back. It was her, it had to be.

My weakness and my strength. I frowned, she was not what I was expecting. There was a look of innocence about her that did not belong.

I stepped onto the floor and the room froze. No one in the room moved but her. Yes she was definitely the one. No one else could be immune to my powers.

I appeared before her and she jumped. I bowed and held out my hand, "May I have this dance?"

She hesitated for a second before putting her hand in mine. I pulled her close to me and whirled her around. As I looked into her eyes i frowned, they were brown and not the color of the moon. Her eyes widened as I pressed her even closer to me and lowered my face to her neck.

I smiled as she let me roam my hands all over her body. She gasped and moaned as my palms grazed over her nipples. My grin got wider as they became erect under my touch.

As she put her arms around my neck, I felt the fire that was burning inside her rise. I put my lips to the pulse in her neck and she collapsed.

I laughed as I held her to my body to keep her from falling and said, "Come with me, my little siren."

She whimpered as we walked off the floor hand in hand.

The room resumed its normal activity and I heard a voice call, "Jennet? Who is that?"

She ignored it as I kept pulling her to the door. As we approached the door Dante said, "Do you think it wise...?"

I snorted as I said, "I can not wait Dante. She has not put up a fight "

He held open the car door for her and smirked. She looked at him and hesitated before deciding to get in.

I climbed into the driver's seat and drove off as she said, "What about your friend and where are you taking me?"

I smiled. So the little siren do have a voice. I turned and looked at her as I said, "A place where I can keep you in my sights little siren."

I looked at her legs as she crossed them and said, "And you couldn't do that at the club?"


She crossed her arms when we slowed to a stop, "I have a boyfriend..."

I smirked, "Not any more. He shall die if he touches you again."

I looked at her face. Maybe I shouldn't have said that. The look she gave me was full of fear. I sighed and decided that I could not take any more chances. She squealed as we appeared in my room.

She sat on the couch and crossed her legs. I felt my self harden as I watch her bite on her lips.I walked over and slowly put my mouth to hers. As I pulled her into my arms, she moan and I slipped in my tongue.

She tried to push away but I held her tightly against me. I laid her back and waited.I smiled as she looked up at me. I let my gaze roam over her body. I chuckled softly when they got to her legs and she open them slightly. Yes she wanted me inside her.I placed myself between them and said, "Well little siren. Do you want me inside you?"

I could smell how wet she was when she opened her legs, but my siren was stubborn as she said, "I told you.I have a boyfriend."

I bared my teeth as I lowered my head to her neck and nibbled, "Hmmm You say one thing little siren but I can smell your wetness.

She moaned louder as I pressed myself against her. I licked her neck as I slid my fingers beneath her dress and into her panties.She opened her legs even wider as I began to caress her pussy lips, "See how wet you are little siren. I can slide into you easily."

I slide a finger between her lips and started thrusting. Her moans picked up as I added another finger and increased my tempo. I watched her as she rocked her hips and received pleasure from my fingers. She whimpered when I pulled my fingers out.

I smiled as I took off my pants and pressed my dick against her pussy. She gasped as I slowly slid into her. I moved my hands beneath her ass as I placed my face into her neck.

She placed her hands on my chest as she said, "Wait I don't even know your name."

I shoved into her completely as I whispered, "You may call me Arc."


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