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In Too Deep

Novel By: jcintz

Intelligent, romantic and sexually intriguing. Immerse yourself in a compelling yet complicated relationship, like none you have encountered before.

Project leader Avery Lacey steps into the world of William Hartwick, CEO of his father's company, unaware of what lies on his private agenda. When he takes a special interest in her, she finds it impossible to turn him down. Believing that he will be able to introduce Avery to his alternative lifestyle, he finds her even more tempting and challenging than he first anticipated. Avery is faced with the impossible question of how much she can handle, both professionally and personally. Then her world turns upside down as she encounters William's darkest secret.
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Submitted:Nov 11, 2013    Reads: 419    Comments: 3    Likes: 3   

Desperately, she searched for an excuse to escape the view in front of her and was relieved when she spotted the buffet being served on the other side of the room.

She tried to walk over as gracefully as possible and she exhaled in relief when she finally reached the table.

A variety of seafood, vegetables and smaller appetisers were beautifully displayed and she picked up a few of each, placing them on to her plate, not paying attention to what she chose.

She had almost reached the end of the table when she overheard a hushed conversation between two slim women, both dressed in short black dresses. One had cropped light-brown hair and the other had long, platinum blonde hair, gathered into a low ponytail.

They were both sipping glasses of rosé wine, staring at something across the room. It was the subject of their conversation which caught Avery's immediate attention, making her pulse accelerate and her heart pound in her chest.

"He told me my lower lips created an uneven heart," the blonde girl mused.

"He said that mine were as circular as the moon," the brunette said, as they both stared across the room... straight at William.

Infuriated, Avery almost threw her plate on the table, but she found herself holding on to it so tightly that her knuckles whitened, in an effort not to create a scene. She carefully placed the full plate down before glaring at the two women.

There was no doubt in Avery's mind that the two of them would spread their legs for him right there and then, simultaneously if he asked them to.

Outraged, she stomped towards the cloakroom, wanting to leave every single person in the room behind her.

"Avery," she heard William call after her. She had to slow her steps the second time he shouted her name, so as not to draw the attention of others.

Halfway to the cloakroom, she slowed down enough for him to catch up with her.

He reached for her shoulder, but she quickly ducked away, as if his touch would burn her.

"What's wrong?" he asked, standing behind her.

Swallowing hard, to prevent herself from screaming at him, it took her a few seconds to compose herself sufficiently to reply.

"Nothing," she muttered, attempting to continue on her way to retrieve her coat.

"Why are you angry?" he asked, putting his hand on her arm.

Wriggling free, she turned around quickly, almost bumping straight into him as he had begun to follow her.

"I just overheard two women enlightening each other on the way that you described each of their pussies - one in the shape of a moon and the other a shape of an uneven heart," she almost shouted, spitting out her words, her eyes flashing angrily. "Sound familiar?"

"Not so loud," he hissed and tugged her arm slightly, moving her to a more private part of the room, partly covered by a large curtain hanging from a window.

She understood that he knew exactly who she meant, which only made her feel worse.

"Why are you upset? I told you that some of the people present were linked to my past."

"I don't expect to overhear them telling each other about how you described their private parts. It's embarrassing. And it makes mine less unique," she said before she could stop herself, mortified that she had told him her thoughts.

"Do you think your lips are the only ones to resemble some kind of a heart-shaped object?"

"I don't know. I don't have a habit of looking at other girls' p..."

"Shhh," he hushed her, putting a finger over her mouth, preventing her from finishing her sentence, enraging her even further.

"I can't help what I perceive or say when I see a woman; it has always fascinated me," he tried to explain. "I cannot change my past, but God I wish I could. I can only ensure you that my interactions with both of the other girls were over a year ago. I didn't even know they knew each other."

She didn't know what to say. She was too upset to know if she had overreacted or if she was rightfully angry.

"If you would let me, I would kiss you right now, upper or lower lips."

The thought unwillingly thrilled her and the satisfaction of having the power to turn him down felt even better.

"No," she replied but found it difficult to hide a smile on her lips.

"Please, don't be angry for something that happened in the past. I'm not the same man now."

"Mr Hartwick," a voice called out, desperate for his attention. "I have been looking all over for you."

A tall man approached and his voice reminded her of her Uncle's when trying to speak English. An older man with a rather large stomach, stood behind William.

His dark hair had a few streaks of grey in it and so did his well-groomed moustache. His dark eyes searched for William's.

"At your service," William replied as he turned around, a broad smile on his face, any feelings of guilt towards Avery diminishing the moment he faced the man.

"Monsieur Gardeaux, this is Ms Lacey. She will be joining our conference in Luxembourg in a few weeks," William continued as he introduced them.

"She is our very talented Project Manager, with one of the most beautiful hearts I have ever known," he added, something twinkling in his eyes.

Blushing to her neck at his comment, she found it difficult to meet Monsieur Gardeaux's eyes again.

"Ah, I always say that you should go with your heart when the big decisions need to be made," Monsieur Gardeaux replied, oblivious to the true meaning of William's comment and squeezing her hand a little too hard as he shook it.

Bernard Gardeaux proceeded to tell Avery all about his company, another Investment business, and how much he was looking forward to their meeting in Luxembourg. By the time he left William and Avery alone, her spirit had been lifted by the upcoming project, but then worsened as she remembered the comments she had heard earlier.

"Don't be angry with me; I can't change the past," William said again in a low voice to Avery with a pleading look before another couple came up to them, wanting to discuss another project by Hartwick Investments based in China.

Feeling that she had had enough drama for one evening, Avery decided to discreetly leave the event and collected her coat from the cloakroom.

She was halfway down the front steps of the hotel, looking for a taxi when familiar footsteps hurried to catch up with her. William's hand grabbed her arm softly, but strongly enough to make sure she came to a halt.

"Where are you going?" he hissed in her ear, pulling her towards him.

"I think it's time to leave," she replied, moving a few millimetres away from him, unwilling and unable to escape him completely.

"I couldn't agree more," he murmured. "Your place or mine?"

"I didn't say leave together..." she began.

"But I did," he interrupted and raised his hand to hail a passing taxi. "Unless you don't want to," he said, releasing her arm.

Instantly, she felt empty without his touch and paused in her step. She didn't have to say anything. He could already read her, smiling at the way she had once again so quickly surrendered to him.

"After you," he offered, gesturing for her to enter the taxi first.

Arriving at his apartment, she felt the tension rising between them, but there was still something stirring in the back of her mind.

He could feel that she was not as relaxed as usual and wondered if it would ruin the plans he had for her tonight.

Walking through to the living room, she realised that she hadn't seen his apartment in its entirety - only the dining area and hallway.

A large, black leather corner sofa sat in the far right-hand corner of the lounge and an open fire was placed underneath the flat-screen TV that was attached to the wall. The room was decorated with very few objects, but somehow it still reflected William's personality.

"Would you like some more wine?" William offered, taking off his shoes and socks and throwing them onto the floor.

"I'm good thanks," she replied, standing by the window, looking at the view.

"You look tense," he said, approaching her from behind.

She mumbled something as a reply and goose bumps began to prickle her skin as he gently stroked her arm, from the tips of her fingers to the top of her shoulder.

"Let me undress you," he whispered to her and she didn't object as he unzipped her dress, watching as it fell to the floor.

Her matching plain, light pink underwear was simple but beautiful on her. He kissed her neckline, tilting her head to one side and following her neck up to her jaw, marking it with his lips.

He could hear her sigh at his touch, but understood that the events of the evening had left deeper marks than he had expected.

"Come here," he said, leading her over to the sofa, letting go of her hand temporarily as he pulled out a part of the sofa, making it twice as deep before laying a soft mohair blanket on the dark leather.

"Lie down," he told her, making sure it did not sound like an order, more like a warm invitation.

"I'll be right back," he continued, leaving her alone.

Standing in front of the sofa, she wasn't sure quite what he wanted to do. Should she be on her front or back? Sitting down and crossing her legs, she realised that he was not acting as dominantly as he had done before, and she wasn't sure if this was a good or bad thing.

When he returned he was dressed in black jogging bottoms, hanging loosely from his hips, with nothing on his top half, holding a small plastic bottle in his hand. His abs were visible and his chest muscles were bigger than she had anticipated, seeing them in a better light than in the gym's changing room.

She realised this was the first time he had exposed his body without immediately preoccupying her with other actions. She stared at him, standing still in front of her, allowing her to soak up every inch of his dark, toned skin.

She reached out with her hand, stroking him gently on his lower abs, following them down to the lining of his trousers.

William twitched slightly at the sensation of her touch, following her fingers with his eyes. As she reached the fabric of his trousers he unwillingly pulled back, not wanting to get too excited too quickly.

She took his movement as some form of rejection, extra sensitive to every negative event this evening. She quickly pulled back her hand, and although it was clear that he wanted her from the fact that he had undressed her, she still felt rejected.

Placing her hand in her lap, he realised what she must be thinking, but too late.

"Please lie down," he told her instead, pushing her gently backwards.

Towering over her, he had the feeling that his present would have to wait until another time, which frustrated him.

He had definitely detected a hint of hurt in her eyes, although she was trying her best to hide it from him, not wanting him to know how much the comments had affected her.

Lying down, she turned over when he asked her to do so. She could hear him open a bottle, squeezing liquid into his hand. Placing the bottle on the coffee table, she expected his hands to touch her.

William let her wait, until she tossed her head in frustration, then he gently began stroking her back, massaging her muscles from her lower back to her neck. He unhooked her bra and made long sweeping movements, feeling the way she began to relax underneath him.

He used the perfect amount of pressure, strong enough for her muscles to relax but soft enough for it to be sensual. The tingling feeling in her body returned and it spiralled as he blew gently on her back, spreading a hot sensation where the liquid had been applied.

He pulled down her underwear, massaging both of her buttocks with care, before continuing to her thighs, brushing her pussy every time he changed the direction of his strokes. He continued down to her calf muscles, spending extra time on her feet, when a loud sigh finally escaped her.

Smiling, he gently lifted her lower leg and took one of her toes in his mouth, sucking it as if it was her nipple. He watched as she gasped and grabbed hold of the blanket beneath her, his unexpected move having the desired effect.

Toes had never been one of Avery's erogenous zones but from now on they would be one of her favourites. She could only explain her reaction as being due to the fact that it was him doing it.

His hands wandered up her leg, kneading every muscle and then she felt her buttocks being parted. Aroused, she raised her bum, pushing it backwards and inviting him in. His hand slid with ease between her cheeks, entering her wet opening with two fingers as he bit her bottom gently. She felt his thumb against her second opening, pushing against it softly, still with his fingers inside her from the front.

A moan escaped her lips and she arched her back, lifting her head up. Immediately she felt a hand in her hair, tugging it backwards and she moaned again, louder this time. He knew exactly what she wanted and when she wanted it.

His thumb still put pressure on her flower-shaped opening, but then he removed his hand, taking a firm grip around her hip.

The sound of a packet being broken made her more excited than she had anticipated. With the sound of that noise, she knew that he would enter her soon.

His entangled fingers softly broke free from her hair and he lifted her hips backwards, leaning her against his folded legs on the sofa. Spreading her cheeks, he could see both her entrances, her sex was visibly wet and ready for him, the flower of her anal opening moving invitingly as he brushed his dick against it.

The way she reacted as he pressed his cock against her convinced him that she would let him in to that very private place another time. Panting, she moved under him, impatient, but she stayed silent.

Placing himself directly behind her, he pushed his shaft a centimetre inside of her then paused.

When he finally entered her completely, she inhaled quickly, desire shooting through her body. She needed him deep inside and she waited eagerly for his next thrust.

When he remained still, she pushed herself back against him, expecting him to push inside her, but he still didn't move.

Frustrated, she pushed back on to him as far as she could, then slowly pulled herself forward before feeling all of his hardness filling her to the brim again.

Moving underneath him, he watched how his shaft moved in and out of her, leaving her to control the rhythm. She moved painfully slowly, teasing both of them, leaving him wanting to take control by grabbing hold of her hips and taking her as hard and fast as he could.

He clenched his jaw, hearing both of them breathing heavily and then she raised her head, and gasped the words he had been waiting for.

"Fuck me," she ordered.

His hand was quickly in her hair, pulling her head backwards while his other hand grabbed her behind, then he rocked his hardness deep inside of her.

His cock pounded furiously against her soft inner walls until she came, screaming from the back of her throat.


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