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Dark Happenings

Novel By: JayneCross

Roxy is living the BDSM life... owning her own kink club, she is content with life. Then she meets charming Dominant John Wolf.After a night of passion, he is gone the next morning. Roxy decides to go back to school and get a degree in creative writing a month later. But her creative writing professor wears a familiar face. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Feb 12, 2014    Reads: 421    Comments: 4    Likes: 9   

One Month Later

This was it... she was finally going to finish school. She was going to get her degree in English and live out her dream of being a famous erotic novelist.

Yeah, right, her conscience reared its ugly head. Your are going to fail just like the last time!

"Shut up," Roxy whispered to the voice, smiling at the old lady who shot her a worried glance.

Roxy was sitting in the student lounge, sipping her cup of warm tea and reading the latest erotic romance. The cover featured a woman with a blindfold over her eyes and ropes around her wrists. There was a shadowed man standing behind her. The flogger in his hand could just be made out in the shadows of the background.

Her phone beeped in her pocket, signaling a text message. She sighed and reluctantly bookmarked her page and placed the book in her bag. She pulled out her phone and check the screen. It was a text from Holly, one of her three main partners in the club.

Good luck, today, it read. We are all rooting for you.

Roxy smiled, typing back a quick response before exiting out of the messenger. She blanched when she glanced down at the time. The screen read twelve o'clock.

"Shit!" she swore, shoving her phone down in her pocket and standing.

She ignored the disapproving look the elderly lady shot her, and grabbed her bag. She was late for class! She tore out of the student lounge, nearly knocking over several other students.

"Sorry!" she apologized as she tore through the slight crowd of students. "My bad!"

She had decided to dress in normal clothes today... and she was beginning to regret it. She was wearing a pencil skirt and white blouse. A lumpy gray jacket covered the ensemble, and it hid her curves pretty well. Her glasses were in place, and her read hair was pulled back in a severe bun. Her thigh-high clad legs pumped and her heels clicked on the marble as she ran down the hallway. A hallway that was now almost empty.

"Fuck!" she muttered, running harder.

She scanned the room numbers, sighing with relief when she found the one that she needed to go to. Oh, hell. It was already shut.

She turned the handle just as someone was pulling it open. Off balance, she fell into the classroom and skidded on the carpeted floor.

Amid the snickers of the class, a very familiar voice above her asked mockingly,

"Well, well. Miss Castle, I presume?"

God wouldn't punish me like this, Roxy thought and glanced up.

Her gaze met gray blue eyes... eyes that widened in disbelief and astonishment. He bent down to help her with her stuff, their eyes still locked.

"John," she whispered, low enough for only him to hear.

"Kitten," he said quietly, his eyes warming over. Her stomach did a quick flip.

Could he have thought of her as much as she had thought about him?

He looked down at the book that he picked up off the floor.

Could it get any worse?

He was holding her erotic novel, and a grin was slowly spreading across his face. Heat infused Roxy's cheeks and she jerked the book out of his hands. Their hands brushed in the transaction, and Roxy couldn't stop the heat that infused her lower body.

Um, Roxy... her annoying conscience intruded. Remember him? The guy who screwed you and left you?

She shoved her book in her bag, and stood up. She looked over her glasses at him, her eyes flashing fire in his direction.

"Sorry I was late... Sir," she apologized and turned, walking towards the only available seat. She inwardly groaned when she saw it. It was directly in front of John's desk.

She set her bag on the carpet floor next to the desk, and slid into the chair. She looked over to find John still on the floor, looking at her with a dumbfounded look on his face.

"Is there a problem, sir?" she asked, calmly pulling out her laptop and the book she needed for the class out of her bag. "Or can you resume class?"

He stood up and brushed off his pants, which held lint from the carpet.

"Why?" he asked scathingly, shooting just as much fire with his eyes as she was. "Hot date?"

She booted up her PC, her heel tapping agitatedly against the metal legs of the desk.

"Yes," she lied, hoping to get a rise out of him. "In fact... he is picking me up from school."

The whole class was now staring at them, eyes wide as saucers. Roxy's face went hot at their scrutiny, and John's face flushed. He walked over to his desk, a big mahogany one with a pristine finish. He sat down in the chair behind it, arranging the papers on his desk in an absent minded way.

"Yes, well..." he cleared his throat, suddenly at a loss for words. "We were...Where were we?"

"You were going over the syllabus!" came a helpful voice from the back of the class.

Class then continued for the scheduled hour and thirty minutes. Tough as it was, Roxy managed to keep her thoughts away from John. Like the very lips that were talking about the different techniques of creative writing, were the same lips that had moved across her skin in such a tender way. That the hands he gestured with were the same ones that had delivered such a delicious pleasure pain to her body and senses. And every time he moved, her eyes were drawn to how tight his jeans were across his lower body. Okay... so maybe, indeed, she was very distracted.

She was just thinking about him taking her across the desk, hands tied behind her back with his tie, when he clapped his hands. She jumped in her seat, and he shot her a knowing grin.

Pompous ass...

"That will be where we end today class," he stated, turning around to wipe off the board. "We will meet again next time, and remember to bring your syllabus back signed."

The rest of the students began to file out, their feet shuffling against the carpet. Roxy blew out a sigh of relief. Freedom at long last...

She picked up her bag and slid out of her seat, slinging her laptop under one arm. She slid in the middle of the group of students, hoping to remain invisible.

Just when she thought the end was near, a voice calling her name stopped her in her tracks.

"Miss Castle," John called. "Please stay behind. I need to speak with you."


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