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Novel By: Janella101

Its a normal life you know; but what if you make it much biqqer ... anywayz ive taken bitz of memories out of my life and mixed them in with this erotica story ... Hope you likelike if not let me know Once Upon Atime View table of contents...



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The Alleyway was a weird but astonishing place to go through, dogs barking, old shed tin doors making that creepy Halloween sound, and in the distance you could here families laughing and having a decent conversation, and yet; here I am, walking on my own making my way home. I had walked this Alleyway over a dozens of times, each time a different story had begun, but on this very morning my life was going to change forever...

The day before, it was like every other morning, plain boredom! I had to go visit my mother and two brothers, just like every other time.As usual they'll be drinking on a thursday night.



"Stupid bloody alarm" I moan as I Stretch to wake all my muscles and in a distance i could here some catchy tunes outside, I could also smell a touch of mens cologne, it smelt very good, it reminded me of the beach.

"I better get up" I whispered to myself. My eyes slowly start gettng use to the bright sunrays that shoot through the gaps of my curtains and in a instant the smell was gone.

I kick all of my blankets of my bed and smile even harder, "Good Morning Payday" I smile knowing this day was going to be great, first off its my payday and second off, the weather was going to sunshine for the next two days.

I make my way out of bed and start collecting my clothes I was going to wear for the day, I made a quick decision; short shorts (you might as well call them undies) and my pink bra and girl-jockeys with a black tank-top and a see-through cardy jst incase it gets abit windy.

I make my way down the hallway to the shower-room and as soon as i opened the door my expressions went raw, My flatmate Damien hasnt cleaned up the basin or mopped the floor...

I grunted, thinking to myself that Damien will still be in bed, I slowly dragged my feets to the kitchen and put my clothes down on the table. I open the cupboards and grab two pots

"This should wake the bugger up" Stomping my feet all the way to Damiens room, I take a quick sneak peak making sure he didnt have any of his 'friends' over for the night. and noticed that no one was in the room, returning back to the kitchen I replace the dishes back where I had grabbed them from and i grunt again looking at all the beer bottles on the kitchen bench. This made me furious, I couldnt believe he partied without me lastnight.

I stormed into the Lounge,

"DAMIEN!!! Where the hell are yah!!!!"

I heard some ear-aching music being turned down,

"Im out here!!"

I knew exactly where he was. I make my way straight to the backdoor and just as I flung the door open two busty women come running past me with a bucket full of water-balloons,

I march right out to the back porch and my jaws just dropped.


"Hey mate, we didnt want to wake you up, so we just moved our little get together out here!"

"Yeah, I can see that?!?" I gave Damien a rotten look as he had two chicks serving him with grapes and shots of vodka

I continued nagging him,

"But as you can see, your chore list is just getting bigger and bigger, you still have to clean the bathroom and your room looks like somebody let off a frag grenade in there!"

I made sure I laid down his To-Do list because it was making me angry. Last week I invited my family around to a filthy house and my mother had to do all of Damiens chores, it made my mum sick to see me living in this condition, I rolled my eyes to the idea of even ringing my mum to come do it again ....

"and why didnt you wake me up when you got home". Damien could see the anger fuming up inside me, he whispered to them (rude as) but he must of told them too scoot along and play somewhere else cause the girls walked over to another group of boys and served them with their skinny asses,...

Okay then young grass hopper, i'll start cleaning up!Anyway I told you i'll clean up tonight!"

I looked confused to the silly answer he gave me

"What do you mean?"

"I left you a note on your door this morning saying i have all the boys over and acouple of there friends and i'll clean later"

"Well I didnt get that note"

"Oh well! You better get to know the gang"

Damien got out of his seat so he could introduce all of his friends,

"I'll start with Jamie. JAMIE!!! Where you at?"

There was that musky cologne again the same one that woke me up in the first place.

"Hi!" a deep voice came from the back of me

I turned to see a Man with his hand out ready to give a handshake, but all I could see was his catchy eyes, I dozed off thinking how beautiful his eyes were,

"You have really beautiful eyes" I must of said that out loud because Jamie started laughing,

"Well thank-You, you have beautiful legs" Jamie stared down at my legs and I started blushing hard

Jamie walked over and whispered in my ears "You might wanna go and put some decent clothes on"

I looked down and remembered I only had my boy-short undies on,..

My face went bright red, "Oh My Gosh, i'll be right back" I ran to the lounge and picked up my clothes and ran straight to the shower room.

That was total ambarrasment. I start to plan out in my head how I was going to play this morning out.


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