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How I Fell For Him...

Novel By: Jane Tehan

Eve is a beautiful, mildly ordinary girl but after being kidnapped her world is turned upside down. but she has a feeling that was is actually happening might all be set up. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Oct 20, 2012    Reads: 209    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

I was surprised that I had actually gotten any sleep; even if it was only three hours or so. As I moved around and I found that my hands were free so I sat up immediately. Dylan was gone but there was a note on the door; I stood up and walked towards the door. My legs shook as I reached the door; I felt sick. "There's a shower through the door on the other side of the room. Use it and I will be back". As I walked into the bathroom i slipped on the tiles. As I lay on the cold floor I let a tear escape then attempted to get back up. I pulled the dark blue shower curtain around me as the water became the right temperature. The shower was nice; I felt like I was in my own little world. No Dylan, no school, no fighting, no anything; just me and calming hot water. My calming sense vanished as I heard footsteps coming towards the shower. "Eve… Time's up" said Dylan sounding forceful and walked away. I turned off the water immediately and slowly stepped out; I pecked around the door and he was putting new sheets on the bed. He was shirtless and was wearing tight fitting jeans. I felt my heart beat faster; but I snapped out of it when he looked up and smirked at me. I hid behind the wall and looked for a towel but I couldn't find anything. "Hey you" he said. I tried to cover myself up but he grabbed my arm and pulled me into the bedroom. "I love your body Eve… You're so beautiful" He grabbed my other arm and moved it away from my body. He stared intensely; I felt so cheap letting him look at my body. My disgust must have translated onto my face because he let go of my arms and hugged me. Then he kissed me.

It was… Amazing. He was gentle, his hands stayed around my while he softly kissed my lips. It was if he really cared. Then suddenly there was a loud knock on the door. "Eve, get in the bathroom, there is a towel behind the door and don't come out until I tell you!" his voice was scared and he pushed me away as he said it.

I closed the door, wrapped the towel around me and sat near the door trying to figure out what was going on. "What the fuck was that Dylan!? Are you going soft? Were all my lessons a waste?!" I heard a punch fly and some more hitting but I couldn't be sure. "Harden the fuck up you pussy!" the door slammed and I slowly opened the bathroom door. Dylan was on the ground holding his stomach; I ran over with my towel still wrapped around me. "Oh my god! Are you okay?" He groaned. I saw some clothes he had put out for me and I ran over and attempted to put them on as quickly as I could.

I helped him up onto the bed and lay him down. Whoever it was had kicked him in the stomach and punched him in the face, his nose was bleeding and his cheek was red and very sensitive. As he hunched I moved over in front of him and kissed his neck. I was hoping that it was more comfort then anything. I didn't know why I was being so affectionate but it seemed to be helping. I looked at him and he was smiling. "What was all that about?" "That was nothing Eve. Don't be so fucking nosey" he snipped. I sat back and clutched my knees. He began to stand up but fell back onto the bed. I jumped off the bed and guided him back down. He sat on the edge of the bed and stared into my eyes. I placed my hands on his knees and stared back. "Eve… Can you give me a backrub please?" I nodded and moved around. He flinched a little as I moved my hands over his back. After a little while he started to enjoy it; "Who came in here?" I asked quietly. He suddenly stood up and yelled "No one Eve! Fuck! Stay out of my business you slut!" he slapped me across the face and stormed out. I lay back on the bed, resting my head on a pillow and held my face. It stung but he was still weak when he slapped me so not as much as I had assumed.

From what I could guess, I was alone in the room for about two hours. I suddenly heard a knock on the door and I immediately moved to edge of the bed. Dylan slowly moved around the door and quietly shut the door behind him. "Eve…" he said. "Yes master" I replied submissively. "Don't call me that!" he said hastily walking over in front of me. "But you told me…" "I take it back then!" he interrupted. I jumped a little as the words flew out of his mouth. I let a tear roll down my face and drop onto my lap. "Oh baby, I'm sorry! I just… I'm so sorry!" he grabbed my face and kissed me again. It was another gentle kiss but I could tell he was going to do something to me any minute.

"Oh baby please let me fuck you!" he begged. "Just… do what you want…" I replied as tears started appearing in my eyes. He pushed me pack and ripped off my clothes. As he removed his jeans I could see the erection in his underwear. I sniffed a little as he removed his underwear and climbed on top of me. "Open up those gorgeous legs of yours" he smirked. I slowly slid them open and he moved between them. He pushed it in as fast as he could; I let out a yelp then immediately covered my mouth. Dylan didn't tell me off for making a noise; he was too busy enjoying himself. As he moved up and down on top of me I could tell he was getting close. "It's gonna be over soon" I repeated in my head. Over and over again I thought it but he seemed to be lasting for a long time. "I'm gonna come!" he managed to get out while he breathed rapidly. He shook; hard. Then collapsed on top of me. He rolled off and started putting in his clothes; "I'll be back, stay there! And DON'T get dressed!" he hissed. As he slammed the door behind him I leapt for the towel that was still on the floor. I stared at my clothes on the floor, it was so tempting to just reach over and grab them but I know Dylan would scold me if I did.

I suddenly heard a familiar voice coming from outside; "That's better Dylan, remember fuck, punish but never feel!"

What the fuck? Who would say such an awful thing?!

The door handle suddenly started to move and I ran back over to the bed, while holding my towel as tight as I could around my body. The door swung open and in front of Dylan was an older man, he was tall, muscly and from my guess Dylan's mentor. "Wow, she is a looker!" he smirked. Dylan stayed quiet and walked into the room behind him shutting the door as he went and slowly locking it. "Now Dylan, since you showed compassion to this cock sucking whore you have to be taught a lesson…" he grabbed me by the back of the neck. I winced in pain as he used his other hand to rip off my towel. "Oh yes! She will do just fine…" "Please dad… I learnt my lesson just don't…" "TO FUCKING BAD DYLAN!"

He tightened his grip on my neck and bent me over the bed. I start to cry; "Oh she's crier huh? Yeah they get annoying" he muttered. "Please dad! I'll do anything! Just please don't!" he screamed. Then within seconds his dick was in my ass. I screamed in pain and I gripped the sheets tight as I could. It felt disgusting, I felt sick and cheap and I felt pain surge all over my body. "You like this Dylan?! This is what you should be doing! You should be getting hard and fucking her tight ass! It feel so fucking good!" he said. I could hear Dylan crying as he watched in horror. He finished in me then pushed me down. I fell off the bed and lay on the floor; "Now Dylan I hope you learnt your lesson!" he slammed the door behind him. I lay on the ground motionless, I felt tears run down my face and land on the soft carpet. I suddenly felt Dylan's arms around me.

He lifted me up bridal style onto the bed then retreated to the bathroom. He came back and picked me up again and I saw that he had drawn a bath for me. He slowly put me in the warm water, my ass stung as it touched the water and I tightened my grip on his arms. After I made myself comfortable in the bath he undressed and hopped in behind me. He started to wash me; it was nice. He was so gentle and careful, letting the sponge glide over my back and shoulders. He kissed my shoulders after he washed them then he started kissing my back and my neck. I was actually turned on by the way he kissed me. He turned me around and started washing my chest and stomach. "Does it still hurt?" he asked. "A bit but the bath is making it better…" "I'm sorry… He um…" "You don't have to explain Dylan, I'm sorry for you…" "I'm used to it Eve…"

We sat in silence in the warm water for a long while. "Come on we should get out before we get all pruney…" he laughed a little. He hopped out first and got me a towel. I tried to get up and a sharp pain went down my back. "Oh fuck!" He instantly grabbed me and helped me out, wrapping the towel around me and carrying me back to the bed. He went back and put on underwear, he held out his shirt to me and said "Something to wear?" he smiled as my face semi lit up. He turned off the light as I slid it on over my head and crawled under the doona, he crawled in with me but not touching me at all.

I turned over and moved closer to him; "Dylan…" I whispered. "Yes Eve?" I was silent for a moment then I kissed him.


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