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How I Fell For Him...

Novel By: Jane Tehan

Eve is a beautiful, mildly ordinary girl but after being kidnapped her world is turned upside down. but she has a feeling that was is actually happening might all be set up. View table of contents...


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Submitted:Aug 28, 2012    Reads: 283    Comments: 1    Likes: 0   

'He was kissing her. Right in front of me. He was kissing that dirty skank right in front of me. What an asshole' I thought to myself as I shoved my earphones in and headed out the back off the school.

Sure she had long, flowing blonde hair. She was skinny and had huge boobs that her daddy paid for, it made me angry thinking about how I had lost my virginity to such an asshole. I turned my music up louder as I made my way down the main street towards my house.

I suddenly realised that Frank would be home. He was a bigger asshole then my ex; when my mum wasn't around he would beat me, touch me and make me do everything for him. I didn't want to go home so I turned right and cut into an alleyway; I headed for my friend Kate's.

As my music blared I thought I heard something so I turned and nothing. I stepped over a broken bottle and around some bits of paper when I thought I heard something again but before I could turn material covered my mouth. The cloth smelt funny; it made my eyes water and made my world spin. I felt my earphones ripped out of my ears and backpack slipped off my shoulders. I fell into my assails arms and the only thing I saw was a blurred face.

My eyes still watered a little as I forced them open.

I found myself nude in a very dark room. Whatever I was laying on was soft and when I tried to move my hand I found that they were bound together. The room was suddenly flooded with bright light. He was gorgeous; light brown hair and toned abs.

He had a lot of lust in his eyes and it scared me so bad. "Fuck baby! You're even sexier then I remember!" he was just in his underwear and I could see his bulge as he moved closer to the bed I was lying on. "I remember the first time I saw you; you were kissing your boyfriend in the park and you were… you were wearing that low cut top…" he stopped for a moment and sat down on the bed next to me. "I jerked off so hard that night!" I was disgusted. "You're fucking sick! Just let me go!" I said loudly. Although it was kind of hot hearing that such a gorgeous guy was thinking about me during; I was still scared because the lust in his eyes was getting stronger.

He went to put his hand on my boob when I kicked him. "What the fuck slut!? Well I was gonna just spend time with you but now I'm gonna fuck you so hard!" he moved on top of me and asked "Now slut, my name is Dylan but you're gonna call me Master and you have to tell me your name". I struggled under him and he suddenly yelled "What is your name?!" "Eve!" I said. "Such a beautiful name for such a sexy girl!" he whispered. "Are you a virgin Eve? Or did you fuck that guy you were with?" he asked. I faced away from him and he asked me again. "I asked you a question Eve… Did he fuck you or not?"

"Just once… He took my virginity then he dumped me okay?" he smiled. He then moved down kissing my stomach then my thighs; he moved me over to my stomach then pulled my hips up into the doggie style position. I felt his erection on my ass; "I should fuck you gorgeous ass but I wanna fuck you properly first…" He took off his underwear and he put it in slowly; it must have been huge because it hurt so much.

"Ah! Fuck! Stop please!" I wailed. He pulled out and said "Don't fucking talk slut! You know you love this!" He thrust it back in and started going faster. The level of pain was insane; I was hoping I would just black out and not have to feel this torture.

"Oh baby I'm gonna come in your sweet pussy!" I felt him shake then warm liquid started dripping out of me. He flopped down beside me; "Oh baby that was better than imagined, I think you're the most beautiful girl in the whole world". I lay down and curled up into a ball; "Come here baby". He moved over and put his strong arms around me then whispered "God you're so beautiful Eve…" I sobbed quietly as he slowly went to sleep.


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