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Coming Into The Night

Novel By: Jane Tehan

Sex,vampires and true blood charaters? I think you'll like this one kidies! View table of contents...


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Submitted:Apr 15, 2012    Reads: 217    Comments: 2    Likes: 1   

He was handsome; his medium length brown hair just hung over his face. His green eyes almost lit up in the flashing club lights. He was a smooth talker, I would give him that. His name was David; he was a builder and I could tell. He was 26; I was 17 but he didn't need to know that. We had been talking for about an hour when he asked me "So Leighton… What do you do?" I needed to think of something cool to say; "I'm an interior designer". "Really? That's cool! How old are you anyway?" he asked loudly, trying to make his voice travel over the loud music. "I'm 23". "No really? How old are you?" he said slightly laughing. I hesitated then leaned over and said "I'm 17". "Nice job sneaking in here then" he smiled. There was something about him so trusting, so gentle and so calm. "So… Do you wanna get out of here?" His smile grew bigger as he asked. I had only had sex twice, with my ex-boyfriend. He dumped me for my so called best friend; Beth. This was only two weeks ago so I was looking for a little fun. "Sure… I'd like that". The club's music became immensely quieter when we got outside; "That's my car over there…" It was a red sports car, with the roof pulled up. He opened the passenger door and let me hop inside. I went to put my seat belt on when a cloth came over my mouth and nose. I felt dizzy and a little nauseous, and then I felt my body go limp.

I woke up for a few seconds during the car ride and I heard one distinct conversation. "Is this the last one?" said the man in the back seat. "Yeah, there's a few more back at the house. He chooses one tomorrow night then you, me, Cad, Jerry and Dodge get the rest, okay?" "Awesome! Only a few miles to go..." I drifted back to sleep again.

I woke up to the sounds of a girl's voice. "Hey! Hey new girl!" I looked around; I was chained to a wall and my hands were tied high above my head. "Hey!!" I turned to my left, she was pretty. Her hair was blonde but it looked like it hadn't been washed in a while. "I'm Mia, what's your name?" "I'm… I'm Leighton, where are we!?" I asked, still feeling a little woozy. "I don't know but tonight's the night we get to meet him!" "Him?" I said. "Him! The man that the guards talk about; he's coming for one on us soon then… Well I don't know". "I heard that whoever is picked gets eaten!" said a girl from across the dark room. I looked around there were about 4 other girls in the room with me. "Eaten? What do you mean 'eaten'?" "Doesn't she know, does she?" she asked one of the other girls. "They're vampires!" she said loudly. "What?!" I shouted. "Shh! Otherwise the guards will come in and bite you! That's what happened to Penelope" said Mia, she turned her head to the left and I saw her. She had bite marks up her arms and one her neck. Mia and I started to talk about what she had seen and heard but then the door suddenly flew open.

"Hey! It's time!" Several men came through the door, one for each of us. They started taking our clothes off. "Hey!" he ripped my top straight off my chest then my skirt. "Shut up!" he said. I realised as I looked down they had taken my shoes off. We were all left in our underwear, as they moved us into a grand room. There was a chandelier hanging from the roof and they got us to line up; we stood at least two meters apart. A man suddenly appeared in front of us "Now, when Mr Northman comes in you need to stand straight, look pretty and most of all don't say anything! Nothing! Even if he asks you something, don't say anything!" He turned suddenly then said "He's here." I looked at the other girls they were frozen solid with fear. My heart was beating so fast as the man who had spoken to us walked slowly toward the door. He opened it slowly and there he stood; Mr Northman.

He was the most attractive man I'd ever seen; he was muscular and lean. He had short blonde hair and towered over most of us. "So… Is this all of them?" he asked. "Yes sir would you like to know their names?" he asked. "Yes… Yes I would". The man led Mr Northman to the start of the line but unfortunately I was at the end. "This is Alannah and she's 19". "Mm... Pretty, any special talents I should know about?" "Amazing French kisser!" he said with a laugh. "Alright… Next one?" "The next one is Grace and she's 22. And no real talents but she'd probably learn quick." He didn't say anything, he just moved to the next girl, Mia. "This is Mia, she's 21 and well… she's pretty good in bed!" he chuckled. Mia looked down and started to blush; "Really? That's interesting Michael." His voice hinted with sarcasm. My heart was beating fast as he moved closer to me. "This one is Penelope, she's 18 and she well… she's got big breasts" he laughed again but Mr Northman stood silent. "And last, we have Leighton. She's 17 and well I think she's quite pretty but…" "Yes she is." He interrupted. He stared at me intensely; he brushed my hair out of my face and moved my face up. "She's got beautiful eyes". He opened his mouth and his teeth clicked out. I jumped back in fear and he laughed; Michael hit me over the back of the head; hard and I fell into Mr Northman's arms. "Michael!" he shouted. He stood me back up properly and looked into my eyes. He turned suddenly and walked in front of us all. "Daniel" he said. A man who was guarding the door came and stood next to him. "I've chosen… Get the other men." I looked at the other girls again we were all so scared. Our heads were low and two of them were attempting to hold back tears. Footsteps filled the quiet room, I looked up and saw five or so men walk towards us. They stood next to Mr Northman and he said "Now guys, I have chosen and you get the rest okay?" "Yes Sir Mr Northman" said a few of them. He leaned over to the man on his right and whispered something in his ear. The men started to move forward, my heart was beating in my ears. A man stood behind each girl but mine started taking me forward, I didn't know what to think until I heard the screams. I turned and saw the other girls screaming in pain, the men were biting into their necks. Blood was spilling over their skinny bodies; and I could hear the men laughing. Mia fell to the floor and the man who was next to her got down next to her. Alannah had her hands behind her back as he sunk down on her shoulder. The man who was behind Mia said something to her then lifted her up onto his shoulders; he walked toward another door that I had not noticed. I looked at the man's face; he was going to have sex with her. No doubt about it; I tried to hold my tears back.

"Where are you taking me?" I asked him. "You were lucky enough to get chosen by Mr Northman otherwise you'd be in there; probably being spilled on the floor. I hope you taste as good as you smell Leighton" he said with a smile. He closed the large wooden door behind him then said "But then again you're his now, so he's going to enjoy you A lot! And I think you might enjoy it too!" "What are you talking about?" I asked as he led me up a large, white marble stair case.

His room was beautiful; a king bed with gorgeous grey and black silk sheets. Old paintings of men and women hung on the walls. "Why hello beautiful" said a voice from behind me. I turned and saw him standing behind me; "why am I here?" "Because you're beautiful…" He continued to talk as he walked around me. "You have beautiful eyes and a wonderful figure... and there's something about you I can't quite figure out". "Mr Northman…" "Call me Eric" he interrupted with a smile. "Eric why… Why are we here?" He stopped walking around and started to explain "Hundreds of years ago, my ancestors started an ancient tradition; we would take five human girls and bring one into our world. A world of vampires" he slowly sat me down on his bed. "The king's men bring five girls back to the manor before the full moon and then the king choses one girl to be his queen and I have chosen you". My eyes widened and I looked up at him "Your queen?" "That's right Leighton, I chose you" he said with a smile. "But… What happened to the last king and queen?" "My mother and father decided to step down from the vampire thrown and so they named me king". "What are you going to do to me?" I finally asked. He slowly sat down next to me; looked deep into my eyes and said "You'll be my queen" he suddenly kissed me. It was amazing; it felt so passionate and intoxicating. I kissed him back and the next thing I knew he was on top of me. It was so fast I hardly felt a thing; it was amazing the way he kissed. I knew I was scared because this man had murdered the other girls by choosing me but he seemed so trusting, the way he moved, the way he spoke; he was intriguing. He pushed his body down onto mine and I felt his erection on my leg. He started kissing his way down my body; i had forgotten that I was in my underwear. He started kissing my stomach and then my thighs. "Leighton, I'm going to bite you" he said quietly. I didn't know what to say but he was a vampire and he wanted me so I said "Ok". He clicked his fangs out and my heart began to beat fast. He slowly bit into my thigh; the pain was strange, it almost felt good the way he did it. He pulled his fangs and licked his lips; "You taste almost as good as you look Leighton!" I was actually starting to enjoy him sucking the blood from my leg when he stopped. His eyes were filled with lust as he climbed on top of me. "I want to fuck you Leighton! I want you so much!" he whispered. He sat up and pulled me up by the shoulders; he undid my bra then lay me back down. He ripped off my underwear in the blink of an eye; it was so hot the way he looked at my naked body. I sat up and unbuttoned his shirt; he had an immaculate chest. It was such a turn on!

He undid his pants himself and slowly pulled them down; I could see the bulge in his underwear. I sat up slightly and said "Get on top!" He slowly moved under me and I sat on top of his underwear; letting the bulge hit my crotch. He moaned as he felt me on top of him; I sat up a little and started pulling down his underwear. His penis was large, the largest I'd ever seen. "Like what you see?" he said playfully. "Sorry… I didn't mean to stare" I admitted. He sat up and pushed it into me; I cried out with pain and pleasure. He moved his hips up and down so fast I almost lost my breath. I could feel an orgasm coming up; I moaned louder and louder. "Coming already?" he asked as he fucked me. "Yes!" I shouted. "Well I'm far but done so get ready for much more…" I was so close and he started going faster. I screamed and my body shook; "That was hot" he whispered in my ear. "But you've got more in store!" He flipped me onto my back and started giving it all he had. I screamed as my body shook again, I had no idea how he was doing this. I didn't know how long he fucked me for or how many times I came but I knew it was a long time. "Eric! Oh my god!" He started to go faster and even harder, "Leighton… Brace yourself". I moved my body up next to his; I felt him shake on top of me and it took my breath away; I fell backwards onto his bed. He fell next to me and I could hear him breathing heavily. We lay there for a minute or so then he suddenly got up; he picked me up and softly put me down on the pillows and walked away without another word.


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