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The story of my true love

Novel By: Iwrotethis

Mary meets a boy and finds out she loves him but will have to do more to get him View table of contents...



Submitted:Aug 30, 2012    Reads: 589    Comments: 0    Likes: 0   

I grab an apple and walk to my seat. I sit next to Katie my best friend. I stare down at my food and almost vomit. Our lunch food sucks. It was ok freshmen real but just starting my sophomore I can tell the food will make me puke. I look around and see Brian. The nerdiest kid here but also the nicest. He is only 5"5 and has dull features but his smile makes me melt. I watch Brian walk into the bathroom and I follow. I peak around the Corner and catch a glimpse of his dick as he unzips his pants. I sigh and walk away to go dream about him. I walk into the locker room and see drew standing in a corner. She is the biggest and bulkiest girl around standing 6"5. I walk to my locker and open it I slide my shirt and pants off and just as I pull my basketball shirt and shorts on I notice my regular clothes are gone. I look around and see them in drews hand. I start to walk away but Sarah and Marcy block my path. "let me through" I say. They shake their heads and point to drew. I walk over to drew. " may I have my pants and shirt back?" I ask. "after you lick my ass" she spits. I look stunned drew has done this to other girls her age but never a girl a year younger. "fine!" I mutter. Drew pulls her pants and thong off and turns around. She places her hands on her cheeks and spreads them. I bring my mouth near her hole and I smell the most foul smell ever. And I realize she never wiped last time she shit. My tongue presses her hole and I let my tongue make it's way up her ass. I pull my face out of her ass and run to the sink. Sarah shoves me down and I hit the ground hard. Drew sits her ass on my mouth and I feel a warm liquid spread across my face. I bite down on her ass and she screams. She pulls her pants up and sits down on my chest. She punches me in the nose and I feel blood. The next one hits me in the eye and everything starts to go black. I hear Marcy wondering if I was dead. Drew says no and walks off. I feel one more kick to the ribs as drew kicks me and throws my clothes on my face.


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