The reluctant wife

By: intwrite

Chapter 1, Fantasy was one thing but when it actually came to being shared with another man she drew a line..........

As we drove through the narrow side roads I tried to engage her in conversation..nothing,for the last few hours she had been tight lipped.

I cast my mind back to how our sex had gradually turned to events that would lead up to this stormy winters night. It had all started when Gillian had asked me about the other women in my life before we married just over three years ago.

One thing led to another ending up with some of the best sex for ages......that gradually turned into us talking of her with another man and that sure lit the fires so much it got to be a regular thing.

Time after time a whispered dirty description of what would happen with another man involved with us was getting more and more appealing to take things further (for me)

After a while I suggested we put a advert in a publication that ran contact adverts for swingers,she eventually agreed but it was only for curiosity,nothing more.

I ran the ad for ..A well educated male age between twenty five to forty years old,slim,discreet,well spoken well blessed and experienced to entertain attractive young couple.

We recieved over sixty letters,what fun sorting through them,it certainly brought a flush to my wifes cheeks and despite trying not to show how hot she was after reading, some had photos of nude men with erections. Of course although she said that is as far as all this goes I could tell she was nibbling so after a month of gentle persuasion that it would be interesting just to meet one of the men,just for a drink she said agreed but just the meet in a pub and nothing else.

The man was chosen..the day fixed and just before we left I had persuaded her to wear the back lace matching panties,bra and suspender belt with black lace topped stockings that I had bought with a wrap round skirt that tied at the waist and a satin blouse.

She looked fabulous..but then she turned heads however she was dressed .....the raven black hair,upright carriage and beautiful features with high cheekbones,large brown eyes... honey brown skin and petite five foot two slim but curvy figure.

Yes sir I sure was a lucky man yet here I was persuading her to ...A'hh sod it I thought,better concentrate on my driving,the car was rocked by gusting wind and rain smashing against the windows,I wasn't sure if we were on the right road made plain by my wife huffing impatiently.

She spoke..only to suggest we go back home,I didn't want a argument so never replied, it was with relief we entered the village where the pub was that our 'friend' had suggested to meet just for a drink and chat.

He was in the car park as arranged in his BMW but with the rain still sheeting down we all ran into the pub with no real introductions.

It was so quiet with just a few locals who made no attempt to hide the fact that they were listening to every word and watching us like hawks.

The fire crackled,old copper jugs and pots glistened in the dancing flames,the only murmer of conversation came from the three of us,well him and me, (my wife was all but silent.)

It was excruciating..he spoke about his holiday in the he had travelled down the East coast......after a couple of drinks my wife had thawed to give a quick smile now and then as a reply when he spoke directly to her. No doubt the two large gin and tonics helped to relax her and become more sociable,the flush on her cheeks always a indication that the drink was having a effect.

When he lowered his voice and bent foward suggesting we go to his house, but only to talk he promised..... I said it was up to my wife.

She shrugged and wouldn't agree and when he spoke reassuringly once again she said to me ''It's up to you''.

I felt between a rock and a hard place being in a no win situation so when he whispered to her to' come on,just a ten minute drive,stay half hour then go'' ..she shrugged and agreed to go

I followed him through twisty lanes until we drove through a gateway and pulled up outside a large old stone built house.

In next to no time a huge log fire was blazing,we were all settled with drinks, he soon put us at our ease..turned out he was over fifty but easy to get on with and after half hour or so he steered the conversation around to his experience with as he put it..''the reason for our meeting''. At first he asked us how we got interested,and listened intently with me winding up to hear how we were still trying to make up our minds. In reply again he assured Gillian there was no pressure at all,he was only expecting a chat.

After Gill was half way through her second glass of gin I could see the drink had really hit her..his glass must have been a quadruple by pub standards. He spoke of couples he had met,gradually his broad outline grew more and more detailed. With the wind lashing rain rattling against the window,the fire crackling the only sounds he described how the husband of a couple he had been meeting regularly had shared his wife with him,taking turns with her...then he stopped and asked my wife if it was all right ..she giggled and nodded.

Well I dont know if you? he paused he reached to open a drawer in a small cabinet and pulled out a envelope and handed it to my wife,she took out a stack of she shuffled through them I could see it was him and another woman. On one he was licking her as he held her ankles high in the air.some were of her sucking his cock...he was certainly well blessed with a impressively big penis.

My wife nervously glanced at a few before handing them back to him with her cheeks bright red...however he picked one out and gave back to her explaining the husband had taken the photograph of him fucking his wife along with the rest as keepsakes.explaining he had met them regularly until the husbands job took them to Holland.

The picture he gave back to my wife was taken from above showing a close up of the face of the wife..she was around forty and attractive with her dark hair wet.... plastered across her face,the moment captured portraying her abandon, eyes closed,teeth bared with her fingernails digging into his shoulders, he stood by my wifes side as she looked at the photo explaining how she felt as she held him tight with her cunt and pointing out the sweat above her upper lip and the hair plastered across her face.

When my wife held the picture for him to take he carried on pointing out other details such as the hand of her husband showing on the bed..he explained that her husband often held her in his arms as she was being fucked by him.

Gillian either forgot to be embarrassed or maybe overcame her akwardness at his choice of language..anyhow she studied the picture as he carried on explaining details of that meeting...

After..the next day she admitted to me once she got over the initial shock of his language he was turning her on with his description of the action taking place in the photo's.

My heart started racing, stomach turned over as he casually dropped his hand on Gills shoulder to let it rest there. I waited for her to move or shrug his hand off but she sat listening and when he showed her more pictures she looked and listened to his commentary that was growing more and more obscene. I was trying to think how to put a stop to what was going on..I had promised Gill nothing would happen. As if he could read my mind he looked at me over the top of her head and looking me in the eye mouthed silently ''DONT WORRY''..a long pause before with a meaningful expression he indicated his hand that rested on her shoulder then with a short nod he mouthed LOOK.....

His hand started to knead and squeeze her shoulder as all the while he talked,I was sure she would stop him or move away....she sat there,eyes sparkling, every now and then her tongue licked her upper lip.

Suddenly she put the photos onto the arm of the chair, perched on the edge of the chair took a long swig of her drink before sitting back to recline with her head resting back on the armchair. Quickly he moved to stand behind her to take both her shoulders in his hands massaging the nape of her neck and shoulders.

He nodded to me with eyebrows raised inquiringly..after a long pause I nodded back feeling pressurised and akward. I thought this was all my own fault with a sinking sensation in my stomach..yet also a realisation this was reality, it really was happening with my wife abandoning herself to him.....deep down a gut wrenching excitement tore through me..

He fell silent, massaging shoulders and neck in a gentle patient manner,this went on for what seemed a age,my wife's eyes were closed but her breathing fast,the rise and fall of her breasts bearing witness to the effect this stranger was having on her... In a soft voice he asked her ''Is it nice?''......a long pause then I heard her whisper ''Oh yes''.

The massage gradually turned to caressing,he stroked her face,ran his fingers through her scalp..reached around to stroke her neck under the chin,toy with her ear lobes.Traced her lips with his fingertips in a way so intimate it brought a surge of resentment inside me.

I knew what was coming and was torn between jealousy and head jumping all over the place.

Then he casually slid his hand down inside her blouse and cupped a breast...

My wife didn't move a inch or even open her eyes but her fingers dug into the arm of her chair..I felt a excitement,a thrill that made me shake.

His other hand unbuttoned the top of her blouse enough for him to slide both hands down inside ....he leaned over her from behind the seat cupping both her tit's ..squeezing and playing ,,it wasn't long before as if by magic her satin blouse was fully open and down over her shoulders, deftly he unhooked her brassiere and whipped it away to leave her small ripe breasts on display.

In a croaky voice I asked ''Are you all right Gill''? response so I asked her again,this time she opened her eyes..looked at me and asked ''Are you all right?''

All the while he juggled,squeezed and hefted her breasts, he rolled her swollen nipples between thumb and fingers bringing a stifled groan..but her questioning eyes asking if I was all right and despite what was happening as her eyes held mine with the silent question ..private between her and he played with her bare breasts I gave a quick signal but to affirm told her ''It's all right my love.''

He played with her swollen breasts, nipples jutting hard and spiky, as he went on and on until to my surprise it was getting rather boring in a impatient sort of way.

Part 2 to follow

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