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The reluctant wife

Novel By: intwrite

Fantasy was one thing but when it actually came to being shared with another man she drew a line.......... View table of contents...


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I stood up suddenly and although I did not show any of the emotions running through my head I knew my wife understood just how confused I was at that time. The thought warmed me and made me feel a whole lot better,even though she was lost once he had his tongue in her mouth,as she was wriggling on his finger inside her eager pussy.....even the fact she had been totally swept away as they fucked......all of that coupled with the copious amount of booze and she was still panting from his long and thourough shagging ...............Even after all that she was concerned for my feelings.

I knew I was jealous..sick with the way I had badgered my wife to do this but like a petulant twat there I was acting like a regular dick head,

Her fingers gripped my semi hard penis,she laughed and teased me all the while squeezing and releasing my cock in a regular cycle until she had me stiff.

I can recall that night ..how she was totally unashamed of the way she lay naked,legs splayed carelessly wide for him to see as he sat by her feet.

Her brown skin a sheen of cooling sweat,the raven black hair usually so glossy way dank and messed,strands pasted across her face,stuck by persperation.

She displayed herself with unconcerned abandon that amazed me

The hairless sex on display, lips puffy,engorged....shiny and slick with his pumpings that dribbled out in liquid pearls,clinging to the pinkrose petal of her gaping cunt before slowly elongating to ooze and slide down her ass helped by the fact that somehow she was on her back with a few pillows under her buttocks raisng her hips.

She pulled insistently on my cock and reached an arm around my neck....she whispered to me,her breath strong with fumes of drink,asked me what I thought now,did I enjoy seeing her get fucked?,I didnt reply other than to ask her was she all right?.

She didnt bother to whisper..told me out loud how she had come and come,how he had a 'lovely cock''.....I moved close to lie alongside pressing myself against her ...again I have to say how my wife felt different,smelt different and was acting like I had never seen her act before. It was weird but at the same time it turned me on and gave me such a thrill

As I nuzzled her neck I felt warm skin rest alongside my thigh,instinctively I moved away but her leg slid under mine raised her knee and pull me back to her with her leg pressing urgently against mine.


I looked down the length of our naked bodies to see our new 'friend' was fingering amd smearing his dribbling deposit over my wifes belly and breasts.

In no time at all she became serious,a intense look on her face as she bucked her hips upwards and held them up in the air giving fast repeated jerking motions pressing against his fingers that were buried deep.

She reached down and pushed his shoulder..He realised what she wanted and moved away with a ''Sorry'' as my cock was grabbed in a vice like grip and pulled towards her. Easily and with no hesitation she place my cock against her quim.

loose clingy warm sloppy ecstatic sensual silky gliding swelling leading to her moans of pleasure as I drove into her.

My rhythmic thrusts were met as she arched her back and lifted her ass.... our bodies slid on is spunk that he had smeared over her belly and breasts just a few momente before.We pressed aginst each other lost in our own pleasure as he watched us .

I had only just got going.only been minutes since I first slid into her.....when I felt the contractions of her cunt,as she convulsed awash with his spurtingsand her juices,

I gripped her buttocks,slippery wet...when my finger rested on the puckered small snail and I pressed to my surprise she grunted .... my finger slid straight in with hardly any resistance that made her orgasm again.

It was too much and with a despaing ''SORRY'' I shot flood of my own .to mingle with his

THE NEXT DAY AS WE DROVE HOME she told me that he had fingered her her bottom when he had her before I took my turn, that he had whispered in her ear he wanted to have her in the ass,she said that she had not replieds but after he wriggled his finger in there she wasnt exactly against it she.... was waiting for him to do her there but he didnt although once again he had her ass impaled on his finger.

The next morning as we drove home we talked about the long long night.

My wife had been kept awake for more sex as I slept,she told me what he did to her,have her do to him

I relived the pictures strored in my head .

The SQUISH..SQELCH....meaty wet sloshing,slapping of belly on belly,belly on backuntil he slowed down to grind against her, put her legs over his shoulders and sunk deep. He thrust and worked with superb control as my wife savoured the delicious sensations of her new lovers stiff cock.

Kissing ..lips locked and mouths working as they swallowed each others spittle,lost in lust,the added thrill of a new body,a partner who was a stranger.

She writhed beneath him,rotated herself around his pistoning flesh bringing loud words and moans...it also drove him on the start fucking her hard and fast until as he fucked my wife was helpless under him making a continual AHH HMMMM NMMMMMM He carried on and on continually until my wife was like a rag doll as he pounded away.

In the end I went to her side and asked her if she was all right..no reply but when I said to her should He stop she gasped ''OH NO,NO,DONT STOP..hold me ..hug me..

That was how I came to holding my wife in my arms as her body jerked and moved as he thrust into her,as wet sloshing of his meat inside her carried on and on. I soon felt some of her movement against me was caused by his ramming against her but most of her rubbing and movement was her body undulating.

As for me I am not a repeater,my cock lay limp alongside her thigh.....but we kissed long and lingering as he fucked,her groans inside my mouth caused by him

BUT RIGHT THEN I FELT A OVERWHELMING LOVE for her..we were as close right then as we had ever been..shared something,a secret life just starting

There was to be a friendship that was to last years....so many of our fantasys played out,so many nights of fun and pleasure as we slept three in a bed

But thats another story


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