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The reluctant wife

Novel By: intwrite

Fantasy was one thing but when it actually came to being shared with another man she drew a line.......... View table of contents...


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I found the kitchen...not as he directed me,it was a big old house, high ceilings with ornate plaster,wood panels along the passages,sumtous velvet curtains and arts of work all around. Paintings,statues and all manner of collectable things in abundance...one room impressed..his record collection (vinyl)was huge.

Eventually I found the kitchen,got the Champaign in a ice bucket and rushed to get back wondering what he wanted to talk to my wife about ..on her own.

What a shock when I went back into the room with the champaign....HE WAS NAKED,SITTING ON A CHAIR. MY WIFE KNEELING BEFORE HIM HOLDING HIS COCK. I was instantly pissed off. He said to my wife,''Now your husband is back we can begin,when she hesitated he told her...Come on now,dont be shy,re start,pick up where we just left off,come on Gillian,start now. she held his cock with both hands..how small,how brown her hands were on his fat white length, only cock I ever saw that size had been in porn films.

''Before you start tell your husband what we were doing my dear,now remember what I explained to you,come talk to him... .I was by then eager to hear whatever he was hinting at. She quietly told me she had been rubbing his cock up and down her quim. I set the bucket down on a table that stood alongside the wall,come over he invited,hold your wifes hand,she only needs one he joked. Gill was so akward... but she held one hand out to me as she gripped his prick with her other hand. He took one of her breasts to fondled and squeeze before moving to encircle her nipple with his fingers....she jumped when he squeezed ...''NOW!''was all he said.. she let go my hand and with a two handed lollypop put the fat end to her open lips and took him inside her mouth,she sucked and licked . her cheek bulged as she took him deep...she took him out every so often to lick the lengthh. his smooth white skin was a dark purple on the end..she did one of her little caresses she often did to me..gripping him around the end of his cock and running her thumb over the tip to smear the juice from the slit around the end of his cock. This carried on until he told her to stop. As she stopped sucking I was still by her side..she took him out of her mouth,as she did so a long string of spittle stretched from his prick to her teeth, as it parted it dribbled down her chin. His cock close up sure put me to shame, she released her grip as he pushed her to lean back on a pile of cushions then held his cock against her face and squeezed some leaking juices from the slit rubbing it across her lips,SHE OPENED HER MOUTH,SUCKED HIM UNTIL SHE GAGGED AND RETCHED

She very rarely sucked me,told me she had never liked doing it yet here she was with a man she had only known for about three hours. ''How do you want me to fuck you..Hmm,do you want me to fuck you''?....no reply. one more chance he told her...''Yes'' He asked her ''Yes what'' She looked me in the eye as she said in a loud even voice''Yes I want you to fuck me'' I was so close to her our bodies touched , she looked so beautiful,her slender neck and shoulders,her hair was still held in a cute roll with a pony tail spiking out eyes luminous, with her high cheekbones and full lips..wonderful there was a dribble down her chin glistening,tenderly I wiped it away with a finger,it was not spittle as I had thought,it was slippery,slick?????????

He put a big pillow by her side told her to put it under her buttocks. She sat on the pillow until he moved foward telling her to lie down.

SHE LED BACK,HER CUNT RAISED BY THE PILE OF SOFT PILLOWs UNDER HER HIPS.He pulled her until she was how he wanted her arranged...pressed the plumlike end of his prick against her entrance. What a sight..it was a tight fit, he inched his throbbing skin in carefully,stopping as my wife caught her breath and froze...he gained entrance with the pussy lips distending to open around the girth. But he pulled away and told her to pass him some more pillows from the head of the bed...then proceeded to pile the pillows.... balanced in a pile, he then ordered her to turn over and lie over them face down..without a word she did as he asked..went on all fours,her buttocks thrust up towards him accenuating the shape of her body.Between the cheeks of her bottom we could see the lips of her sex,just parted enough to reveal the inner pleats,and above them the tight dark bud of her anus...he slapped her buttocks,it made her shiver..he kept slapping,wasn't gentle either.

As Gill lay face down across the pillows I held my hand to him in a sign to stop..he smiled,,,shook his head and carried on smacking until with her buttocks quite red he held back and stopped...he caught my eye to silently voiced look and gestured with his chin. She had started to wriggle,a little shiver too.... her sex was opened wider,we could make out the glistening moisture of her juices,gathering in the sensitive folds, he asked her if she was wet...when she didn't reply he slapped her and she quickly told him yes she was wet.

I could see she was desperately trying to retain some sense of dignity,or control..her breathing coming in short gasps as he closed in on her. The room had a definite air of expectancy a tension and had grew silent..It was well gone midnight....the rustle of the couch,silence, the wind had stopped,the storm over but I could sense another storm was about to break.

It was hot,the smell of sex and arousal strong, the naked bodies contrasting, her slim brown curves and his white angular length..I noticed for the first time he had a small pot belly..BUT his erection seemed bigger than ever..

His prick jutting out and upwards,bobbing and jerking as if by invisible strings. I thought how large he was for my petite wife,hoped he would be careful.

That picture is imprinted in my mind forever....Gill on her knees,head and elbows resting on the sheet and the high pile of pillows carefully positioned for her rear to be high in the air as she rested on her splayed knees

He moved foward and held her hips and rested his cock against the valley of her buttocks , the tip like a ripe plum nudging her rear...he held himself back so I had a good view of his prick resting against her. ''Put it in'', he spoke in a low voice, the response was instant. she reached under to grip his cock with her hand looking so tiny as she pulled him and held the broad end against her glistening slit...slowly he pressed,I heard Gill take a sharp intake of breath...he gained entry,the tip parting her pussy lips until they stretched around his girth .as he kept up a relentless but steady pressure my wife started to wriggle,she moved,straightened up her arms crouched opening her knees wide apart as she came up raising her ass high. She was the one working his cock in now....he knelt back straight,upright as she wriggled and pushed back against him.

Suddenly he slid smooth as silk.right in,she moaned thrusting back against the cock buried deep....then for what semed a eternity they were both motionless. Locked together, his prick buried to the hilt..my wife on her hands and knees,her arms straight,knees wide her head hanging down,her black glossy hair a curtain hanging covering her face...she was stock still but when he pressed in a steady press...relax.press relax motion she grunted,then as he started to fuck her...gradually his strokes lengthened until he was plunging in and out..her cunt gripped his cock...she panted and gabbled sensless words as they fucked..she moaned writhing under him until she started grunting loud and without any inhibition at all every time he pushed in. He had stamina and fucked her hard,slow holding her hips. the room filled with wet squelching,liquid smacking and the two of them moaning ,panting and at times he bent over her to whsper obscenitys in her ear as he slid relentlessly in and out..she kept responding with ''OH YES ..M'MM OH, COME ON COME ON ' and the strangled sounds she always made when she was having orgasm after orgasm

She was covered in sweat,her brown skin had a sheen of persperation, hair wet as if she had just got out of a shower...but still he kept on until she started pleading with him to .finish instead he reached round her to play with her clit as he carried on fucking..she made so much noise loving it anew...he rammed into her the slapping loud and rapid until he groaned and shouted as his ass clenched and loosened as he filled her womb with his cum.

He crouched behind her panting, Gill just collapsed splayed out on the piled up pillows ,not exactly the most elegant of postures but decidedly erotic...as the panting died down he slowly pulled out of her

Oh what a night,all my fantasys rolled into one. but the smell of fresh sex the squelching,the sighs,moaning and panting,the submisive nature of my wife and at the end................................................................. I had such a thrill to see the length coming out of her. So big,so fat..Gill is petite and how she took all that,how he rammed hard...he was still nearly fully erect .glistening,shiny from her juice.

(after we all finished there was a huge wet patch on the couch)

SUDDENLY SHE LOOKED AROUND, 'Ah,there you are''..,give me a kiss darling''

I led along side her,cuddled her..what a strange feeling, she felt different.the sweat had cooled and goose pimples covered her.she kissed me hungrily,demanding.her hot breath in my ear..'' her hand reached for my semi hard cock.


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