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The reluctant wife

Novel By: intwrite

Fantasy was one thing but when it actually came to being shared with another man she drew a line.......... View table of contents...


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He told me she would be fine...said ''Just look at her,isn't she gorgeous,you are a lucky man''.

She stood sipping her drink,dressed in stockings and wispy suspender belt,the firelight picking highlights in her big brown eyes but the highlights vanished, he had turned the overhead lighting,the room no longer shadowy and discreet but bright,well lit. My wife froze for a split second and moved to put a hand in front of her sex and stand with one foot against the other in a pose models use.....''No no my dear,come now,show us, stand up straight and hands on hips,come on Gillian,be a sport''.

He laughed ..I thought you are wasting your breath but again she surprised me.. Slowly and deliberately she put down her drink and stood with slightly parted feet and put her hands on her hips.

She stood for just a few seconds ....posing...her breasts shapely,small but ripe jutting proud,nipples swollen, her hairless smooth slit on display in the bright lighting,I could see her cunt lips were engorged,. ... she sat down quickly, her nerve had gone , once again she reached for her glass. I started to go to her but he was off the mark like a fucking greyhound.

He knelt down in front of her, he told her..''That was naughty,now I'm going to punish you,give you a severe tongue lashing''. thus said he gripped her knees,pulled them open until the long tendons in her thighs strained..... My wife had her eyes closed,head back as he viewed her pussy. The flesh above the lace tops of her stockings,her inner thighs soft velvety,her cunt glistening with the pink folds showing as he held her knees apart at their very limit.

He leaned foward,put his mouth over her cunt and started sucking noisily, her knees wide, keeping the tension,straining .....''O'h,Ahhh,No'', she pushed against his head as he slobbered ,his head nodding and shaking from side to side. He started giving short sharp tugs,back and forth so her lower body was rocking against his mouth. The struggle to push his head away suddenly changed with her fingers cupping the back of his head to hold him there....He tongued her,licked,sucked then as she started to groan he released her knees to slide his hands under her buttocks pulling her fowards until she was reclining with her ass on the edge of the couch,of her own violition she put her her heels to rest on the edge of the couch too ....but it wasn't long before she hung them over his shoulders as he crouched before her

Her fingers dug into the couch.....scrabbling as her hips rose in the air ... she screamed that she was cumming and went rigid,the cords in her neck prominent as she orgasm after orgasm, he took his mouth away, stared between her legs but his elbow wriggled and moved .....I was watching from behind perched on the arm of a armchair. After a while when it calmed down he looked round at me,face glistening from her juices, he told me it always does the trick and resumed his administrations to her pussy. (I found out after he had coated his finger in her juice and slid a finger inside her ass) The room smelt of sex,the creaking of the couch,liquid wet sound of his busy tongue,her groans, rain lashing ...rattling against the window glass.

She abandoned herself to him,allowing him to arrange her how he pleased... he had her sprawled on the couch with arms and legs akimbo,in a star shape,when he reached under the side of the couch and brought a camera...a video camera out I called out to him ''No photos or camera''.....That was one thing I knew my wife would worry about and at that place and time I agreed with her. We had already let him know that so he shrugged and put it down.

The brief respite lasted only a minute but that minute sure was a long one...it turned me on more than anything that had happend up to then on that first meeting.

The reason???? My wife led back still sprawled out,arms outstretched above her head,legs parted with one out straight and one slighty bent at the knee. Her lower stomach,her smooth hairless mound,the inside of her thighs wet....the neat pussy again swollen,the bright overhead lights illuminating her sprawled body. She was giving him a show,he spoke to her,telling her how her cunt was sweet and tight on his fingers how he was going to fuck her....as he spoke his bbc style English,his cultured voice somehow made it even more obscene

She looked over at me from eyes heavy lidded,raised a arm and held a hand out to me and rested herself on one elbow as she rose her upper half..

I moved over to her,took her hand,kneeling on the couch by her side. She squeezed my hand so hard,pulled me down and whispered that she loved me,asked me if I was all right....I nodded, she pursed her lips so I put my lips to hers and we were sharing a loving gentle kiss when she bit my lip as she led back on the couch taking me with her, pulling me our lips still together, then her arms snaked around my neck holding me tightly. I felt him alongside my legs..tried to look around but Gill held me in a vice like grip pulled my

head down and shoved her tongue inside my mouth. I could feel he was by her legs,the couch dipping and moving,my wife started moaning into my mouth before breaking away to gasp for breath.

I looked round to see him fingering her, he held he clit between finger and thumb wanking on the erect bud as if it were a tiny cock.

I saw he had been busy as Gill and I kissed...her suspender belt was on the couch at her side,one black stocking around her ankle and he had the other in his free hand wrapped around his cock. I put my hand down between her legs,as he frigged her clitoris I slid a finger up and down the length of her slit.

She grunted..'Oh yes..M'mm come on,come on '' over and over she panted the same words...my cock was bursting,,pants wet with pre cum juce...something inside me clicked..I put my mouth down to her stomach and trailed my lips down until my chin was against his fingers but I pressed down until he moved his fingers enough for me to dab my tongue against her labia.

She tasted different,salty against my tongue,I pressed my face into her very aware this other man had been kissing,licking and sucking her too. THAT GAVE ME SUCH A THRILL I NEARLY CAME. I broke away to kneel by her side,trying to control myself.it was a struggle but I just managed to hold back from cumming.

HE was back like a man dying of thirst..he clasped her bottom and tilted her hips towards him,Gills legs trembled and she made a choking sound in the back of her throat. It softened into a contented mewl as focused his attention on her clitoris he flicked his tongue over the surface of the hard little bead with rapid repetitive strokes but soon she had reached her limit and he urged her to foward to sag against him covering his face with her quim.Then when she squirmed he pushed his tongue into her,to lick and jab with its velvety caress'

Gills breaths became sharper,she writhed against him,,the stocking still around her ankle.her hips jerked in sharp waves as she panted trying to catch her breath..''Gillian,are you all right,what did I do?'' she just giggled but he asked again..she just shrugged with a smile.

He looked at me,winked without her seeing and asked me to go in the kitchen and get another bottle of bubbly from the refridgerator, I followed his directions and went out leaving them on their own.

What happened then was to set the manner of our future meetings with him awakening a sexuality I never saw even a hint of in my wife..she had never even thought of participating in so submissive a role,but with words and actions he educated her( with me a bystander)into taking pleasure in the obscene,the enacting of depraved scenarios that whilst under his spell left her being a different woman,one that I did not recognise as my wife.

He was expert,preditary but our time with him was full of shocks and thrills,new pleasures that my wife and I enjoyed with greed,with a willing abandon



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