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The reluctant wife

Novel By: intwrite

Fantasy was one thing but when it actually came to being shared with another man she drew a line.......... View table of contents...


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Submitted:Dec 18, 2012    Reads: 1,951    Comments: 2    Likes: 4   

As this stranger who we had only met just over three hours ago stood behind my wife fondling her breasts my head was a mix of surprise,arousal and a resentment..jealousy I suppose that came and died in waves.

So when he bent to nuzzle her neck with his lips and squeezed her breasts together my breath caught in my throat....she groaned so loud and squirmed, knees pressed tight together,rubbing her thighs as her hips wriggled around in the seat. She pressed her tits foward and bent her head back offering her throat to his mouth. He started to whisper in her ear..I couldn't hear what he was saying but my wife repeated over and over ''Oh yes,yes...O'h.Oh yes.......

Suddenly she looked over at me,she moved to sit upright gripping the arms of the seat....he dropped his hands away from her to stand silent,poised behind her chair. . What a sight, naked to the waist, jutting breasts and nipples so swollen they looked to be tender. Our new friend wise in the ways of women (as he told me later) just let her be,he even pulled the blouse up over her shoulders and covered her nakedness.

I went to her side and knelt down in front of her,held her face real gentle in my hands and whispered that I loved her...she leaned foward and kissed me..I was giving her a gentle tender kiss when her tongue slid into my mouth ..our tongues slid,intertwined,my cock jerked inside my trousers. When she pushed a mouthfull of her saliva into my mouth I swallowed he callled her name.....she turned her head towards him,little fine tendrils of hair hung down the nape of her slender neck. He motioned her to go to him...she took one of my hands in hers hand and gave a squeeze so hard it hurt then rose to her feet and hesitated.....he stepped foward to her side,took her hand and led her to a huge couch alongside the fire,they stood facing each other and without a word he undid his trousers,reached inside and with a wriggle pulled out his cock.

He was bigger than he looked in the photos he had shown earlier

Only half erect but impressive, to be honest I felt akward and totally out of my depth,he was so confident and my wife responded to him in a way seeped out as he held it towards my wife...he circled the fat girth with his fingers and rubbed the length before beckoning my wife to take hold of him.

She ignored him twisting around to look at me holding her arm out.....I took her hand and she hugged me,put her lips on mine and shoved her tongue deep into my mouth, sucking and pressing so much our teeth clashed, she broke off and spoke into my ear...''Do you want him to fuck me?'' I told her that it was her choice...''I do love you and I'm doing this for you'' with those words she stood up, lurched sideways before steadying herself on the arm of the chair. Carefully she went to him....it was then I realised how drunk she was, once more I felt torn between arousal and guilt,she will be sober in the morning I thought,what will she think of me if she is not happy with maybe thinking she was taken advantage of.

As I looked on he hugged her in a tight embrace,his hands cupping her buttocks before pulling her skirt up and up until he had it rolled up around her waist,as he slid his hands down inside the lace panties to cup her ass I felt my cock jerk as Gill's arms snaked around his neck. He looked at me over her shoulder...''What a lovely ass your darling wife has,her panties are wet through,naughty girl''......can you feel my cock pressing into you Gill, is it big enough for you?'' When she didn't reply he took a hand out from inside her panties to give her a stinging slap on the ass.....he repeated the question and Gill whispered ''Yes''

As he held her against him he started to bend and straighten his legs rubbing his prick against her stomach and cunt,she held tight around his neck and when he started to kiss her I could see her hips move against him.

I was bursting for a pee..had been for ages so I had to break in and ask where the toilet was....he just pointed to a door and said upstairs.

I found the bathroom and quick as I was when I went back into the room it was empty....a door across from the one I had just entered was open so I stood in the doorway and called..In here he shouted back.

I followed through another door into a room with a huge couch out...more like a big bed really,it was quite warm in the room with smaller couches scattered around,a deep pile carpet and a huge tv with a small bar in a alcove....''My playroom,do you like it?'' he was undoing the side of my wifes skirt as he spoke, she was already naked to the waist, her nipples glistened witness to his mouth

He unwrapped the skirt to let slide off and pool on the carpet,caressed her face and left her to walk over to me. .I jumped visibly when he put his arm over my shoulder,he laughed..''Dont worry,I only want to ask you if you are all right with this,you have been so quiet.'' I told him it was strange but it was all right as long as Gillian was happy.



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