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Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Summer Waters is afraid to be with her brother’s womanizing best friend because her brother is very protective, but she will come to find that they are too attracted to one another to stay away. View table of contents...


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Author's Note: Hey guys, sorry for the long wait but here's chapter nine and it was so fucking hard to write this so I hope you all enjoy and so sorry that's its so damn long. Love ya!

Chapter 9: Heat, Desire, and other things

The driver let me out, and then Chris and Chris thanked him before pulling me into his five star mansion.

Chris walked in, holding my hand and he closed and locked the French double doors.

He met my eyes. "Come upstairs with me." He said, in a low sexy voice that just made me want to squirm.

I let him lead me to the double circular staircase and we walked up. I didn't really feel nervous about it. In fact, the only thing I kept thinking about was getting him alone.

Obviously no one was home, just him, and its probably always like that.

We made it to the second floor and we walked down the long hall. It was a skinny walkway with glass half walls, and it overlooked the living room downstairs.

At the end of the hall was another set of French double doors. He opened the doors and I walked in.

His room was huge, big king size bed, a huge flat screen and a big circular couch on the other side of the room. A fire place was facing the bed, and the black curtains moved back and forth against the glass walls, due to the patio door being open leading to a beautiful view outside.

Chris closed the door and slipped his shoes off.

"How's Liam going to get home?"

"I saw Tara before I saw you and she said she'll make sure your limo takes him." He answered.

I sat down on the bed and watched him.

Now he only wore his black button down shirt, and his pair of black jeans. He walked over to me, his sexy hazel eyes only focused on mine as he stopped in front of me.

I stared up at him silently, wondering how the hell I got this fucking lucky. He's spent his whole life being a womanizer, fucking girls and then leaving them, and maybe I didn't fully trust he wouldn't do the same to me, but he wouldn't tell me he loved me if he was going to do it. He knew I was his, whether he would have told me he loved me or not.

"Undress me." He said.

I bit on my bottom lip as I unbuttoned his shirt, one button at a time, slowly revealing his muscular abs. When the last button was unbuttoned, his shirt was fully opened. His torso was beautiful, fit, and broad. No wonder girls fall.

My hands slid onto the waist of his torso, pulling him to me.

My lips went to kiss his stomach.

My hands slid to his hips as I began licking his navel.

Chris sighed. "Do you know how fucking hard you're making me?"

I never did this to the guy I lost my virginity to, but I fantasized about what I'd do to Chris even before he came back from Berlin.

Chris's fingers glided into my hair. "Baby," He whispers.

I kiss him one last time before looking up to meet his eyes.

He smiles. "You're not done."

I lick my lips and stand up. He's very much taller than me. I'm more of a 5 "2" compared his height a little over six feet.

His eyes stay locked on mine as I pull his shirt from his shoulders.

The more skin I reveal, the more want and longing I feel for this man.

His shoulders are packed with his very well defined and toned muscles. I suck in a large breath of air, suddenly feeling shy.

I'm slowly undressing him, and he's going to want to slowly undress me.

"Sit down." He whispered.

I sat back down onto the bed and look up at him.

He leans down so we're completely face-to-face, his hazel eyes looking into mine with an intense heat in them. "Unbutton my jeans, and pull down my boxers, and do it very, very fucking slowly." He said in a low voice.

I hear how shallow my breaths are, and I think about the fact that no one's ever made me this nervous, or this breathless with their words.

My eyes went to the silver button of his dark blue denim jeans.

I meet his eyes and was surprised how well I could see them in a room that is only dim.

He takes my hand and places it to his jeans as he stares into my eyes. "Keep your eyes on me." He whispered.

I nod my head and unbutton the button and pulls down the jeans.

I have to admit that looking into his eyes didn't do anything but make this white hot burning deep in my groin grow hotter for him as I stripped him.

It was becoming hard to keep my composure. But I wanted to fuck Chris for a while now. Boyfriend or not. I didn't want this to be a quick fuck.

He pulls the pant leg from one ankle, and then the other from his other ankle and blindly drops the jeans onto the floor.

My lips are parted, and I'm still looking deep in his pupils, scared to face the real problem standing within his boxers.

He smiles. "You're sweating."

I feel it slowly dragging from my temple, to my cheek.

"You're scared of me, of it."

I shook my head.

He sighs and pulls back to stand up straight but his eyes never left mine. "You think I'm going to just shove it in you, come and you get no pleasure out of it?"

I stare at him speechless. I didn't know what to say so I kept my mouth shut.

"God, I'm in love with an idiot."

When he said that, I felt those butterflies flapping around blindly in my stomach. I ignored the fact that it was meant as a joking insult.

He leans back down so we're face-to-face once again. "When I said I was going to fuck you into insanity, maybe you didn't exactly get my definition. Fucking you into insanity means, I am going to use my dick to make you scream my fucking name until you lose your voice. You are going to cry and beg to me that you can't cum anymore. But you will, and because I will make you. I am going to make you draw blood with your nails in my back. You are going to wet my fucking bed with your cum, and you're not leaving the room until exactly that happens. So what do you have to say about that?" He asks.

I just stare at him, one, in awe he said all of this with confidence and without breaking eye contact.

Then I wondered if he really wanted an answer. He was so different. I mean he's cocky in the outside world, but in here, he's kinky, and demanding, and sexier than ever. Now I see how he got that whole 'crazy good in bed' reputation.

He grabs me gently from the back of my neck. "I want my cum in you, so much that it starts to spill out."

His words stirred in my abdomen.

He smirked at me as I looked up at him helplessly.

"You look so innocent looking at me like that. And that turns me the fuck on. Lay on your back." He ordered.

I did as he said and laid down, yet I kept my eyes on him, waiting to see what he was going to do.

He brought my legs up from hanging off the bed and folded them so my feet were resting on the foot of his bed.

He rested his hands on my knees and parted them slightly. "Has that other guy ever pleasured you?"

I shook my head. "No. I was just…bored, slightly in pain."

"Pain and Pleasure works hand in hand but regardless, I know I can bring you to an orgasm, let's make it four maybe?"

My eyes had extended in shock, and surprise. Four?

"What?" I squeaked.

He chuckles. "It's going to happen. I'm going to make it happen. My goal is to get to know your body and your cunt better than you do."

I knew he wasn't lying or bluffing, because he's already went further than I expected him to go.

I don't really touched myself. Not because I'm too shy to, but I never felt a need to, but now Chris makes me feel otherwise.

His hands slides from off my knees to glide down the sides of my thighs.

His hands were the perfect temperature of warm, but it was nothing compared to the yearning I felt in my body.

His hands slid into the straps of my thong. He looks down at me. "Let me guess, baby, a purple thong?"

I nod my head. How does he do that?

He grins. "Lift your body up."

I do as he says and he slides them up and then off one leg, then the other.

He drops them onto the floor and then meets my eyes again.

I feel the warm air touch my bare cunt and I feel very exposed and nervous once again.

"You're still worried that I'm going to hurt your tiny little cunt, aren't you baby?"

I nod my head.

He smiles. "I will try not to. I'm going to make you wet enough so you can take all of me inside that tight cunt."

I was shaking on the inside. My body wouldn't calm down. My emotions, nervousness, and hunger for him were working against one another.

He climbed onto the bed, on his knees and sat back on his legs. His hands slid beneath both of my legs and pulled me towards him. He placed my legs on either side of his body, and leaned over my body.

He smiled softly. "I love how aggressive you act around everyone but when you're beneath me, you wanna submit to me. You want me in control, and you don't want to admit it but you like it."

He was right. I did like it.

"Now I want to undress you, slowly," he climbs off of me, much to my dismay. God he's getting me so hot, and saying he wants to fuck me into 'insanity' yet he's not doing that.

He stands back onto the floor. "On your stomach."

I looked at him, confused, but I do as he says and lay on my stomach.

I sigh softly and wait for his next movements.

I feel his fingers lift my dress up to reveal my bare ass to him.

Still a step further than any guy's taken with me.

His hands glide over my behind, slowly, up to my lower back. "How come no other guy has ever had you?"

I sighed. Should I tell him the truth? Maybe. "Because the only guy I've even wanting for four years is you. No other guy is good enough. And that I guy I did it with, that only happened because I was drunk. I didn't know what I was doing. But I would have given my virginity to you." I admitted. Great, now he sees how deep I feel, and he may take advantage of it. Maybe I exposed too much to him too fast.

"If he didn't make you feel good, you haven't had the real thing. I am taking your virginity, baby."

Those words spread this warm feeling throughout my body.

His hands ran back down over my ass and he squeezes it the way I like.

I bite my lip.

"Honestly, Summer, I have plans to take you in every way you would allow me too. And I do mean in every way."

I turn my head slightly.

He climbs over me so he's right above me, resting his hard on against my ass.

"Even like this?" I whisper grinding my ass into him.

"Yes," He groans. "Yes baby, even like this."

I reach back to caress his face. "Please fuck me." I whispered.

"I never thought I'd hear you say those words to me."

He pulled back and sat back on his knees as he slowly unzips my dress from behind.

The air from the room hits my skin and makes me break out in goose bumps.

His hand slides beneath my body, over my breast, and he pulls me back to meet his front.

The dress falls loosely from my body, and now just covered my waist.

Chris breathed deeply, his breath, tickled my neck as his hands went up to cup my breasts.

I moaned, and pushed myself in his warm hands.

"So perfect." He whispered as he squeezed and caressed my breasts "And all mine."

"All yours. Take me," I pushed back against him. "Please." Never thought I'd be begging for it, but I needed this. My body craved it.

Chris moved my hair aside to one shoulder and his lips brushed the back of my neck. I moaned as the feeling echoed in my lower back.

"You smell so fucking good." He whispered as his hands slid down underneath my dress to cup my sex. "And I fucking want you."

"I want you too." I whispered.

His finger runs over my slit, feeling how wet it is. I groan deeply. Any touch of his is sensitive, especially down there.

He sighs. "Jesus, you're so fucking wet for me."

He slips that finger in and then immediately adds another finger, slipping them deep in my tight core.

I gasp, surprised by how responsive I was to his fingers.

I clenched around his fingers and he pulls them out before pushing them back into my body.

He groans, as I close around his fingers again. "Can't imagine how my cock is going to fit in. You're so tight, my fingers can barely fit."

I bite on my bottom lip and shut my eyes. His thumb brushes my clit and that sends a shock going down my body.

I moan and arch my back.

"For now on, I want you to touch yourself, and think of me." he whispers.

I feel my breath hitching as his thumb strokes my clit with just the right pressure.

I dropped my head back a little, feeling the build-up full of promise I always heard about.

I moved my body around to match his rhythm, whimpering as his fingers worked on me, bringing a tightness into the pit of my stomach.

"Baby, I need you to cum." He whispered before grabbing my earlobe between his teeth.

That was my breaking point. He stroked his thumb faster, harder, making me gasp. I had the urge to hold on to something but there was nothing I could. I just broke into the pieces as the release hit me like a wreaking ball.

A moan fought its way from my lips as I came. I know no one was here, but I wasn't extremely comfortable being too loud.

I shut my eyes and fell onto my hands so I was on all fours. I sighed and tried to understand what the hell that was.

Chris pulls his fingers from me, and brings them towards my mouth, and feeling so damn lustful at the moment, I open my mouth and he slips his fingers in.

I suck his fingers off, and moan as I taste the sweetness and saltiness of myself on him.

He slowly slides his fingers out and then slides them into his mouth.

I turn my head to watch him and he slides them from between his lips. He was so sexy. God.

His eyes meet mine, he grabs me by my hair, pulling head back and his lips are on mine.

I'm in an awkward position with my head pushed back so far, but I don't care, his lips feel so fucking soft and good on mine, I can barely help myself.

I grab onto his blonde hair and pull it as I moan in his mouth.

His tongue tangles with mine as I give him access. Access to everything.

I take his hand and hold it between my legs.

Any minute that he's not touching me, is torture.

His hand grabs me hard, and then he raises his hand to pull the dress all the way down to fall onto the bed around my knees.

He breaks the kiss and brushes his lips against mine. "On your back." He whispers.

I kiss him one last time before obeying his orders.

He pulls the remainder of my dress from off my body and leaves it onto the bed.

He stands from the bed, slips his thumbs into the waistband of his boxers and pulls them down. Once he steps out of them, he looks into my eyes.

But I'm more focused on his erection.

I gasp softly.

He smiles a little. "Relax. I'm not going to make you take it yet. First, I want to have a taste."

He climbs back onto his king size mattress and but stayed down by my feet.

I close my thighs together and he chuckles. "Oh, you're shy again."

"Nobody ever did that to me before, Chris."

He climbs back over my body. "I am going to be your first everything, Summer." His eyes were intense and watching mine. "I am going to make you forget about that fucking asshole who so called 'fucked you' before. He doesn't even know what 'fucking' is. The fact of the matter is, I'm going to fuck you so hard that the only think you think of for the next fucking week is my dick. Get the picture?"

I gulped and nodded my head.

He pulled back and his eyes went to my thighs.

His fingers slowly glided up my legs, to my thighs. Then they stopped and slowly parted my thighs apart.

His eyes are looking in between my legs and he smirks before they meet mine.

My cheeks grow warm. It was so weird how I was normally the aggressive bitch with a messed up attitude, but with him, I was a nervous, lustful wreck.

"You have the prettiest pussy I ever seen."

My breaths were short and shallow. Oh my god. If he doesn't fuck me in the next minute and a half, I'm going to explode.

"We can still incorporate the game into our sex life. Teasing makes things hotter. Wouldn't you agree?"

I nod my head frantically.

He nods.

"Are you going to take my stockings off?" I asked.

He shakes his head. "No, baby, I think you look sexy in them.

His hand went to the skin that showed just above my over-the-knee stockings. "So damn sexy." He whispered.

My heart raced, and my entire body was becoming impatient with anticipation. I know he was taking so long, perhaps as a punishment for dancing with all of those guys.

He smiled and then laid down beside me, but grabbed my hips to pull me onto him.

It was a sudden move, but I didn't stop him.

I was now on top of him, my clit resting on his shaft.

I moved a bit to release the building tension, begging to be satisfied.

"Come here."

I looked at him confused.

I stood on my knees above him.

He pulls me up so now I was straddling his face.

That shocked me, and I suddenly felt a bit of nervousness return.

"Grab onto the headboard." He whispers.

I do as he says and grip it tightly in my fingers.

His tongue glided onto my clit and I gasped. He held my hips with his hands and began rocking my body back forth as his tongue massaged my clit.

Oh fuck. I didn't think I'd like this because it was new but it feels so damn good.

I moved on my own, desperate for another release. "Oh, Chris...fuck." I moaned.

I began to move my hips in circles, and dropped my head back. I felt the sweet build-up again, and so fucking soon but I didn't care. I needed it.

I feel his finger slide from my wet slit, to my butt hole, and he slipped a finger in.

I moaned loudly and rode his face faster.

The slight pinch of pain and all that pleasure was too much, and it drove me closer and closer to my orgasm.

Chris moved his finger in and out. The feeling was weird yet at the same time, I liked the way it felt. No one's been there before and I liked knowing he's going to be the only one to go there.

My back arched and I squeezed my eyes. I'm going to cum.

His fingers moved faster, just as I came, and I cried out and gripped the headboard hard until my knuckles turned white.

I let out a relieved sigh and breathed out slowly. Fuck. I don't even know how to register all that and why I liked it so much.

Chris pulled his fingers out and held my hips once again.

Hw pulled me off of him and pushed me down on the other end of the bed.

I was breathing hard. I was satisfied twice but I wanted more. I wanted him.

He gets back on his knees and moves over my body. "You want to see how fucking good you taste?"

I nod my head.

He leans down and kisses me hard. Our lips move in rhythm for a moment before he fights for access and I give it to him. His tongue glides into my mouth and I taste my juices. I moaned. Tasting him and me, made me about ready to cum again.

I break my lips from his, grab his face between my hands and I lick my cum from his lips.

When I'm done, I lick my own lips.

He's breathing hard with me. I think the anticipation is killing him as much as it's torturing me.

He kisses me once more before slipping off the bed.

Once again he puts it off and it's damn frustrating.

I lay back on the bed but look to where he's going.

He opens his drawer and pulls out a condom and a tube of some sorts.

He turns and walks back to me. He climbs onto the bed, onto his knees down by my feet.

"What's that?" I whisper.

"Lube. You're wetter than I ever seen any girl yet I really don't want to hurt you with my size."

The second he gestured towards it, my eyes went back to his cock. Fear was slightly there, but more than anything, I was just damn aroused and relaxed.

"Sit up, I want to watch you do this." He whispered.

I sat up like he said and looked up at him in my best 'innocent' look and he caressed my jaw. "Keep doing that, and it going to make me want to fuck your pretty little mouth."

"Maybe I want you to."

He smiles. "I know you do. But I want this. Now." He hands me the condom.

I open it with my thumb and index finger on both hands and pull it out. I meet his eyes.

He nods his head.

I look back to his length and scoot closer. I kiss the head as I look back up at him.

He sighs. "Don't."

My tongue darts out to lick away the pre cum coming out.

He grabs my hair from behind and makes me do more.

I take it into my hands. I'm not very experienced, but I don't think it matters right now.

I lick around the head, loving the face he's making while I'm doing this. Nothing but pleasure.

I suckle on the head as I reach down, between my legs and coat my hand in my juices and start to pump his shaft back and forth.

I hear his breathing going deeper, and harder, and all because of me. It's motivation to keep going and to tighten my grip on him.

"Summer, baby, stop." He breathed. He didn't mean the words. I could tell.

I didn't stop.

"I need your cunt. Stop."

I didn't.

And he said nothing else, just moved his hips back and forth to feel more.

I got a thrill out of his pleasure.

"Fuck, Summer…."

I take my mouth off of him but continue to pump him.

He just moves in my hand, his grunts, loud, and rough, making the wait for him all the more unbearable.

I put my mouth back onto him. I wasn't able to get the entire thing in my mouth so I just focused on the head.

His head was tilted back and his eyes were shut while his lips were parted.

His fingers were running through my hair, and he suddenly gripped it and began moving his hips faster. I knew this meant that he was about to cum.

I took my mouth off of him and moved my hand back and forth faster while watching his excited reaction.

He grows even more stiff if that was possible and he stills.

I place my mouth back onto the head as he cums.

He groans and push the back of my head more onto him as he spills thickly into my mouth.

He sighs and opens his eyes to look at me.

I pull back and swallow, surprised by the taste. From what I've read in the past, it seemed that boys had shitty diets, thereforeI thought he'd taste nasty, but he didn't. It tasted better than I expected.

I look into his eyes and bite my lip.

He has a look of wonder in his eyes. "I didn't think you'd do that."

I lick my lips. "Well I did."

Almost immediately, he's getting stiff again.

"Most girls don't do that shit." He says leaning towards me.

"Did you like it?" I whisper.

He raises his eyebrow. "Did I fucking like it?" He smirks.

"I'm not that experienced in that stuff yet but I'll get better."

"Summer, you were fucking perfect. Shut the fuck up." He whispers before kissing me.

His hand goes to grab the back of my neck gently as he sucks my bottom lip.

I moan, amazed at everything he's done to me tonight, and he was serious about what he said. My cum was spilling onto his bed.

I noticed it but it didn't bother me.

When he pulls back, I notice he's fully erect again.

Just from me swallowing, and from the kissing, I can make that happen to him.

His eyes go to mine. He picks up the condom I didn't notice that I dropped, and gave it back to me. I figured since he already came, he'd be too sensitive to do it moments afterward. "Aren't you sensitive?" I asked.

He nods his head. "Very, but I want you so I'm ignoring it."

I breathe out a deep breath and take the condom and study it before slipping it onto the head first.

"Slow, don't rip it." He said.

I nod my head but then pause and meet his eyes. "It must be annoying, huh? Being with an inexperienced girl."

"Maybe I like that, and I'm teaching you, baby. And you being as inexperienced as you are, yet making me hard, and swallowing, that's the sexiest shit I ever seen."

I feel a thrill of excitement. I smile to myself and then I moved my hand until the condom fully covered him.

I met his eyes and he smiles and then grabs the lube. He opens the top and grabs my hand.

It squirts into my hand and I rub it over the condom, making sure to get enough on.

There was this feeling at the back of my head that regardless of how wet I am, how much lube is on, this is going to hurt, but I have much more confidence about it than I did before.

When The whole thing is covered, he sits the tube onto the table and meets my eyes.

I knew what this look meant. I lay back without him saying anything and spread my legs for him.

He climbs over my body and lines his head against my entrance.

His hazel eyes somehow reassure me that I was going to be fine.

He fits so perfectly in between my thighs like this. I grab his hair in my fingers.

"Tell me to stop and I will." He promised me.

I nod my head.

"Seriously, princess, if I'm hurting you, tell me."

"I will. I just need you."

He smiles softly. "So fucking eager for me, are you?" He whispers as he runs his tip against my clit.

I nod my head as I let out a soft moan.

Chris. Chris Clark of all people has me wanting him.

His tips slides back down to my slit and then he slowly leans in. He pushes in, opening me for him.

I gasp and bite down on my lip as he slides into me. I feel my breathing go harder as I grab his ass, pushing more of him into me. I want it, and I'm scared at the same time.

I am loving the look on Chris's face as I push him into me.

His breaths grow shallow and he slowly slips out, leaving me feel a little empty.

Chris slid a pillow beneath my butt to raise my body up slightly.

"Grab onto me." He whispered as he climbs back over my body.

I did as he said. I wanted Chris to be in control because he was more experienced between the both of us, and I liked being dominated by him.

My hands slid to his shoulders and he filled me again.

I take each inch of him inside me, gasping.

Chris's warm body on mine was enough to keep me from panicking from his intense size. Our eyes stayed locked onto one another.

He holds my hands down and rest his body onto mine. '"I'm not sure I'm going to last too long, Summer. Jesus, you're so fucking tight."

I didn't care about getting myself off. He gave me orgasms tonight, and now I wanted him to feel good.

"I don't care," I whispered. "I just want to make you cum."

He groans and stirs his hips. "Fuck, baby, I will soon."

I gasped at a sweet sensation he hit as he moved his hips. I moaned and grabbed onto his hips trying to move them more but he wouldn't let me and he chuckled.

"More, please?" I breathed.

"You want more?"

I nod my head, feeling the aching need in between my legs grow more and more powerful.

He leans down and our lips briefly touch. "I'll give you more." He whispers.

I lean up to nibble on his neck as he starts out giving me small strokes.

My hands slide under his arms, to his back so that I'm holding him.

He looks down into my eyes panting with me, as he started moving faster, gathering a rhythm. I caught on, trying my hardest not to go crazy from how good it feels.

He lowers onto his elbows and begins to nibble on my neck, sending these warm sensations through my body, adding to the pleasure he was already giving me. My hands went to his ass as I moaned. He teased and caressed my neck with his tongue and I closed my eyes, absorbing everything he was doing to me.

"Fuck me." I purred in his ear, and it sent an electric jolt through my body as I said the words. I wouldn't normally act this way, but my body was on the verge of something exciting and thrilling that I could feel deep in my gut.

Chris kissed my neck and then pulls back. His hand slips underneath my thigh and he leans forward, and starts slamming in me making me gasp.

He was thrusting at an angle that made me feel like I had to pee really bad and it felt so fucking good.

I grab onto his hips, and push my head back into the bed, crying out with each thrust. This wasn't sex. This was fucking. And I love fucking.

I could feel my body shaking and that deep excited feeling rising again. I wasn't able to hold that feeling in or stop it.

It just got deeper, and deeper, rising more onto the surface the harder he slammed into me.

My cry was high pitched and unlike anything I ever heard as I grabbed onto his back, digging my nails in, while my toes curled really hard. "Oh….Chris…oh fuck…I think I'm gonna come!" I cry out.

He angled his pelvis downward, now brushing against my clit while he drilled in me. My body couldn't take it anymore. I grabbed harder onto him, probably hurting him as I used him to hold on to a bit of sanity.

He suddenly begins to hit my g-spot and it sends me flying.

My body squirmed and my eyes watered as I came hard. It paralyzed my body, but at the same time, made me feel everything. I could hear my breathless cry as I say his name over, and over.

My vision became stars and black spots as I held onto him.

Chris hisses and kisses me as he slams into me twice more before my name slips out of his mouth in a loud groan and he comes.

He leans his forehead against mine and I close my eyes as I wrap my legs around him, keeping him with me.

I exhale from relief and so does he.

His hand goes to cup my jaw and he pulls back slightly to look into my eyes.

His eyes showed that look of wonder and satisfaction and I took joy that I brought him there.


As I rest on all fours, Chris slides his arm underneath me and pulls me back to thrust into me.

I squeal loudly, the center of me focusing only on his cock buried inside me.

He's over my body and now pulling me back to meet the thrust of his hips.

My body was already extra sensitive and he hardly gave it a chance to calm down from the last orgasm, so it didn't take long for it to build up again deep in my core.

I'm moaning out of control as his long length slams into me over and over again.

"Summer." He moans out as he takes a pull of my hair, while his other hand slides to my hips, guiding me back against him.

My body began to quiver. Fuck, not yet. I don't want this to end. But my body has other plans as I feel that good fucking tingle deep inside of me that I felt before, only this time it was coming faster, and five times harder.

I couldn't take it anymore. I felt the deep pressure rising through my clit and I grabbed hard onto the sheets to balance myself as my body shook violently.

But before I could reach my climax, Chris pulled out of me. I turned my head to look over my shoulder at him.

He smirks.

"No." I moan.

"Still thinking about the guys you were dancing with at the club?"

I shook my head. "No, Chris. Please."

He slid his arm over my torso and pulled me back so my back was to his front.

"What do you want me to do?" He whispered.

"Fuck me."

"That's all?" He asked.

"Make me cum." I whispered.

His hands slid to my breasts and he squeezed them softly.

I was losing it.

Damnit, he was doing this on purpose.

"Chris, I need it. Please."

"Mmm, I know you do. But I love teasing you like this." He whispered as he nibbled on my ear.

It sent chills down my spine.

"You want more?"

I nod my head. "Please?"

He bends me back over and flips me onto my back.

Chris makes no hesitations as he pulls my ankles over his shoulders and plunges back into me.

I cried out. The feeling resumed almost immediately from where it left off.

Chris pounded hard into me, hissing while his hips moved.

Oh god, he was in so much deeper, hitting that spot inside of me again that just made me want to lose control.

I grab onto the head board above me, feeling the pressure again.

Oh god, I'm going to cum so fucking hard. I squeeze my eyes shut as I feel my lower body clench.

Chris groaned loudly. "Summer, baby, I'm gonna cum."

I wanted us to cum together, but before I knew it, I was already there, there was an explosion bursting inside of my body. I threw my head back against the bed and screamed out, letting the pleasure consume my whole body.

My knuckles almost turned white as I gripped the headboard, holding on while I rode my orgasm out.

Chris wasn't done with me. He thrusts into me, groaning, picking up his speed.

I squeeze my walls together and he lets out a loud grunt as he holds my arms down onto the bed and finally stills. "Summer…. fuck…shit." He breathes. The face he made as he came, made my body squirm. He's so fucking hot above me like this.

Chris cums into the condom and lets out a deep, relieved sigh.

He was breathing hard with me and didn't take his eyes from mine.

I slip my fingers through his hair as I chew on my lip, amazed at good it was.

After a few moments of silence, he pulled back and brought my legs down but leaned over me so he was in between them. He sighs softly and releases my arms. "Baby, I know I said four times," He pulls my leg over his hip. "but I want more."

My entire body was still shaking from the tiny reminder of aftershocks, but regardless, it felt like this need for him to keep going would never be satisfied. Jesus Christ, he's gotten me addicted to sex….already. "Yes," I whimpered. "I want it."


I lay down on my stomach, out of breath and my forehead sweating, drenching my blonde hair.

Chris lays on his back, his eyes on the ceiling.

I sigh deeply and bite my lip.

He slowly looks to me.

I look back at him.

He slowly leans over and caress my cheek with the back of his index fingers while his hazel eyes look into mine. This was something I didn't expect. Not from the player of San Diego. The player who had just made me his girlfriend, and had fucked my brains out twice in once night and made me cum the four times he's promised me.

"I love you." He whispers.

I smile and grab his hand and bring it to my lips. "I love you too."

He smiles and then looks back to the ceiling. After a moment, he pulls the condom off of him and throws it in the waste basket.

"You're so different in here." I say.

He meets my eyes and raises his brow. "By that, you mean….?"

"So demanding, and dominant and semi sweet, but everywhere else you're…cold, and selfish."

He chuckles. "Act to keep my feelings hidden."

"Well I see through it. I know you're hurting because of your parents but…"


"Well, you got me. And I just want you to know that whether or not your parents love you, who the fuck cares? Both of our parents are fucked up and there's nothing we can do about it. Just know that I love you. That's what I care about. I know that stupid act you put on is just to hide yourself but you don't have to do that shit in front of me. So if you're upset about them, about things they did or said, just know that I'm here and I don't plan on letting go soon."

He looks to me. "I never have to say anything. You just….fucking get it. You're the only person I ever known whose actually got it." He turns on his side to face me and lays on his pillow. "Tell me what you want."

My brows furrow. "What do you mean?"

"Desires…fantasies, I want to hear it all right now."


"Because I'm going to give it all to you."


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