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Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Summer Waters is afraid to be with her brother’s womanizing best friend because her brother is very protective, but she will come to find that they are too attracted to one another to stay away. View table of contents...


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Chapter 5:What I want


I was relieved when I saw that Liam was extremely fucked up.

His eyes were half closed. He looked sleep with his arm draped around Chase's neck.

Chase looked back and forth between me and Chris.

He didn't look too happy. He looked shocked. Well he had every reason to be.

Chase laid Liam over on the red velvet couch against the wall and then turned to look to us. "How long were you going to keep this from him?" He asked.

Chris sighed.

Chase shook his head in shame. "His sister? Really, Chris? You know how protective he is over her."

"I know."

"So what the fuck are you doing?"

I just watched them as they argued. I was a little curious to why Chase seemed to blame Chris completely and not me. Maybe because Chris was older.

"So what is this? Are you fucking her, or is it serious?" Chase asked.

"I'm standing right here, Chase." I said.

He met my eyes. "He knows how Liam is. And you do too. So is it serious or what?" He asked.

After a long pause, Chris finally answers. "It's becoming serious."

I looked to him.

Chase shook his head. "When are you going to tell him?"

"Soon." Chris answers.

Chase sighs. "You need to. This is his sister. He's serious about her, Chris."

"Don't you think I fucking know that? I took that shit into consideration a long time ago but I just don't care."

After a long moment, Chase turns and walks out of the room, leaving me and Chris, with a passed out Liam.

My breathing was low, calm, despite the situation.

I look to Chris. "Were you serious?" I asked.

"What about?" He asked glancing at me.

"Us becoming serious. Were you serious?"

He hesitates and glance at Liam. He probably didn't like talking about this with Liam only a few feet away from us. "If we're becoming jealous, then I'm pretty sure that means its becoming serious."

"So what does it mean?"

"Let me tell you something, princess. Let's finish this party and we'll decide the rest when we get home."


By the time the party was over, it was around three in the morning. It was dark and raining outside, which is odd considering the fact that its summer. Everyone was leaving. The dancers were leaving. The owner was leaving and most of Chris's friends were on their way out. I wasn't that drunk. I just had maybe a drink or two. Anymore and I knew Liam wouldn't approve, whether he was passed out or not.

Chase had helped him into the backseat of his black BMW and shut the door.

He glanced at me and then looked to something behind me and sent whoever it was a glare. I turned my head and saw Chris standing behind me, waving him off as if he didn't care.

I turned to face him.

His hazel eyes met mine and he let out a sigh. "Still mad at me?"

I shrugged my shoulders, a little lost by the way he was looking at me. "I don't even remember what I was mad about."

"Well, I remember what I was mad about."

"Can you let it go? I made a mistake. I didn't think you cared that much, considering the fact that you've never told me you felt more than just…lust."

"How would that make me look? Christopher Clark, A.K.A. 'The man that fucks everything', falls for his best friend's little sister. The same guy who helped his best friend protect his little sister from boys as they were growing up, and now he wants her.'"

I looked away slightly when he said he wanted me. Regardless of the shit he does to piss me off, I wanted him too.

"Chris," Chase beeped the horn. "Let's go." He said.

Evie walked out of the club and flicked her cigarette onto the ground. "Come on, babe." She said to me.

I nodded. "I'll be right there."

Our driver opens the door for her and she slides into the limo.

I look back to Chris. "So now what? Game over?" I asked.

He nods his head. "Game over. Let's just….I don't know. Be together."

My brows furrow. "And that's your so called 'romantic' way of asking be to be your girlfriend?"

"I never said I was a romantic. You should know that I'm not by now. Yes or no? It's simple."

"I know you. You're going to play games with me."

"Yes or no?"

I crossed my arms and looked down to my boots.

"Suuuumer." Tara wrapped her arm around my neck as she came up behind me. I held her waist and grimaced at her. "Kitty, what the hell?"

"Too much to drink." She nodded, her eyes low and a lazy smile slapped across her face.

"We'll finish this later." Chris said as he walked away.

I looked after him, watching his every move as he slid into the passenger side of the car.

I got into the limo after helping Tara in. I sat down while she laid in my lap.

I played with her hair in between my fingers, deep in thought as the limo drove off.

"What happened?" Evie asked.

I sighed. "You ever had someone that you wanted really bad but in your head, you knew it wouldn't be a good relationship?"

Evie nodded. "Always. Sweetie, no couple is perfect. I think, personally, mentally, and physically, Chris is all right for you but its up to you."

"Personally, I think he's going to end up bringing out the worst in me."

"I think he's going to bring out the worst, and the best in you. I say you should go for it, honey. And if you're not feeling it, it's not like you're being forced to be in the relationship. You can get out of it if you really want to."

I nodded my head. Evie was right. I still didn't know though. I didn't want to get hurt.

The limo stopped in front of our home behind Chase's BMW a half hour later.

Everyone got out of both cars, minus Tara who I had to drag out and Chase had to do the same with my brother.

I looked over at Chris who was helping Chase with Liam.

He really did care about him, even he does betray him sometimes.

I wanted him. I didn't want to want him, but I did. Oh god, now I feel like those cheesy teens in romance stories. Fuck.

Evie shut the door for me and helped me bring Tara into the house.

The main thing I loved about our home was the amount of guestrooms and how everyone had no problem spending the night.

After we were all settled into the house, I changed in a tank top, and a pair of black shorts.

I put my hair into a ponytail and got onto my bed.

Someone knocked at the door.

"Come in." I said, already knowing who it was.

When Chris opened the door, I felt those nervous butterflies in my stomach.

He came into the room and then shut the door closed.

I stared at him, taking in his appearance. He just showered, I can smell his fresh deodorant and the shampoo in his hair. He had on a black t-shirt and a pair of black pajama pants.

Without a word, he walked over to my bed and sat down. "Did you come to a decision or do I have to chase a bit more?"

I placed my clutch on my nightstand. "What do you want to do?"

"If I get more mad, than turned on about you kissing a girl, I think that obviously means I want to claim you as mine and only as mine. I just need your answer. And don't give me that bullshit 'let me think about it' answer. Yes or no, or the opportunity is closed."

"You say that like you're a god or something, like me being your girlfriend is a fucking privilege and I should be thankful."

"You should be thankful. It's not everyday that I like a girl enough to want to make her my girlfriend."

I chuckle without humor. "You know what?" I get off of my bed and go to my door and open it. I look to him. "Get the fuck out of my room."

"Why?" he asked.

"Because you're pissing me off. Goodnight."

"Answer the question."

"My answer is no. You have your moments but in general, I cannot stand you. At all. I like you but I hate you and that sort of relationship is not going to work. So that's my answer. Leave my room."

Chris stared at me for a minute before he stood up and walked over to me. He slammed the door shut and glared at me. "I know what you're doing. Don't do that."

"Do what?"

"Get all mad at me, and then try to have me chase you. You know how I feel and you feel the same, so don't play that fucking game with me. Yes or no?"

I just stared at him.

"Yes or no?"

I didn't know what to say. Sure I wanted him, but will he be the one for me, honestly? Is he good for me? No. I had a feeling that he wasn't.

Before I could even breath the word 'no', I was slammed up against the wall and his lips were on mine.

And the second they were, I just lost myself.

I think it's because a part of me has always wanted this.

My fingers plunged into his hair as he kissed me. It was unlike that little petty shit you see in teen movies or read in those teeny-bopper romance books. This was way different.

I didn't feel this kind of shit when I kissed that girl earlier.

I didn't feel chills and that warm wet feeling I was feeling now.

His lips were so fucking soft, and they made my whole body feel out of control. His fingers went under my shirt from behind so he was holding my back. It seemed so small but feeling his warmth holding me like that made me feel like I was his. Like he was claiming me.

I parted my lips, allowing his tongue to slip into my mouth. I wrapped my arms around his neck and pull him closer to me. I wanted to kiss him everywhere, but this contact was enough for now.

His hands slid down from my back, down to my ass and he squeezed it.

I smiled into the kiss and he pulls back a little and smirks at me. "Can't blame me."

My hands went to his arms, up to his shoulders.

"So are you mine?" He asked.

I blush really hard, my face felt hot and tingly.

Chris kissed the spot just under my ear, and it felt so good. That little kiss was enough to make me explode. I shut my eyes.

"Are you?" He whispered.

I nod my head, yes.

I was his, and at the moment, whether Liam liked it or not, I didn't really care.


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