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Unbreakable (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Summer Waters is afraid to be with her brother’s womanizing best friend because her brother is very protective, but she will come to find that they are too attracted to one another to stay away. View table of contents...


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Chapter 15: Fool in love

For the next few days, I kept myself focused on Liam. I wasn't able to actually speak to him. He wouldn't talk to me. He wouldn't talk to Imogene. He wouldn't talk to anyone.

Just walked around the house looking dead. I never seen him so down.

I knocked on the door to my mother's bedroom.

After a minute, it opened and her boyfriend Rene answered the door, completely naked.

I quickly turn my head trying to get the image of him out of my head. "Sorry! Is my mother in there?"

"Yeah. Baby!" He yelled before leaving out of the doorway.

I turned back around and my mother tied her robe up as she walked up to me with drowsy eyes, looking high out of her mind. "What?" She asked.

"You should talk to your son."

"Why? What's wrong with him?"



"Because he just is. Can you talk to him? He won't talk to anyone else."

"And what makes you think he'll talk to me?"

"He loves you mom. We all love one another even if we can't show it right but I am begging you to please talk to Liam. Please?" I asked her. I never ask mom for anything. I was just hoping this once that she'd care enough to talk to Liam.

She sighs. "I'll see what I can do, darlin."

I nod my head. "Thank you, Rodney."

She nods and shuts her door.

I hope she does stand by her promise and talk to him.

I didn't know what to do about the situation. I mean do I call the cops? Do I call my dad and cuss him out? I don't know.

It was that, and the fact that me and Chris weren't on the best terms. And then Liam still wants Imogene. It was too much for me to deal with. I felt so alone.

All I wanted was the comfort of someone who I understood what I was feeling.

That's when a thought popped into my head. She may not know what I'm feeling, but she does know how to cheer me up.

And an hour later, I opened the door for Aunt Evie.

She brought over a box of chocolates, and a case of beer. We sat down on the living room floor while she cracked open a beer.

I grabbed one too and opened it.

"So you invited me over here," She clicked on her red lighter to light her cigarette.

I passed her an ashtray.

"Tell me what's wrong, baby girl."

I leaned my back against the coffee table. "I feel like I don't really know the people around me."

Her eyebrows furrowed. "What do you mean?" She asked.

"I mean everyone say one thing but do another and I feel like no one truly cares. Everyone is fake. I'm beginning to think that I shouldn't trust anyone. In the end, everyone is just going to fuck us over anyway."

"Whose us?" Evie asked.

"Me, and Liam."

"Sweetie, I'm really confused. You have to be more specific."

I grabbed a chocolate from the box and popped it into my mouth and chased it with a swig of beer.

I didn't want to say the words 'Liam was raped'. I didn't even want to think the words.

I felt his pain.

I put my beer bottle back down.

"Are we talking about Chris whose fake?" she asked.

"He's one of the people."

"Okay, whose the others?"

I took a deep breath. I wanted it to just come out on its own. But it wouldn't. "The others aren't important. I just don't want anyone to take advantage of me or my brother. I don't want him to stay with Imogene."

Evie's nose wrinkled. "He's back with her?"

"He proposed to her."

Her eyes grew wide. "Shut the fuck up."

"It's true."

"Where is he? I'm going to go kick his ass."

"He needs to be left alone, Evie. Any other time, sure, kick his ass. But not today."

"Summer, you need to tell me what the hell is going on. I understand that you're disappointed about Imogene, but why are you mad at Chris and what is going on with Liam?"

"Chris and me are dating, and he decided to open a strip club."

Evie raised her eyebrow. "What's wrong with that?"

"You wouldn't be pissed off if your boyfriend owned a club full of naked women dancing on a pole?"

"I'm too secure to be worried about my boyfriend cheating on me. But told from the perspective of someone who has trust issues, sweetie, if he wanted any girl in that strip club, he would get her. But he doesn't want them. He wants you. Everyone sees it. Everyone knows it. He's not playing games with you. He may be a player, but I have witnessed that he really cares about you. You gotta trust him. Not trusting him is going to push him away and you're going to end up losing him. Do you want to lose him?"

I shook my head.

"Then if you really care about him, believe in him. Believe that he would never hurt you."

I nodded my head. "Okay." I whispered.

She smiled and released some ashes from her cigarette and inhaled it.

I relaxed a bit more and ate another chocolate.

"So. Imogene and Liam."

"I hate her. She hates me. She still wants to fuck Chris."

"How do you know?"

"You should see the way she looks at him, Evie."

Evie shook her head. "That bitch is on a road to hell if she keeps on. I should slap the shit out of her."

I sighed. "Can't say I wouldn't let you."

"You don't think Chris would stoop that low again, do you?"

I shook my head. "No. When it comes to her, I'm more than secure. I'm a hundred percent secure. He doesn't want her. But she wants him, and she's taking advantage of how good my brother is. He is a good person whose been apart of fucked up shit," My voice cracked. I could feel myself becoming overwhelmed. "And it's so unfair, the stuff he went through. It's so fucking unfair, Evie."

She watched me as warm tears spilled out my eyes, first coming down one by one, but now coming down continuously, soaking my entire face and making my eyeliner burn my eyes.

Evie nodded. "Sweetie, you cry as much as you to. I'm not going to judge you. Hell, I'll cry with you." She said before releasing more ashes in her ashtray.

I nodded my head and cried for as long as I could, before I had no more tears left.

And when I didn't, my face felt so dry and stiff.

"Deep breath." Evie said.

I took a few deep breaths, and shut my eyes.

It definitely felt good to cry. Especially in front of someone who truly loved me.

I opened my eyes and grabbed another chocolate. "Is my makeup messed up?"

She nods. "Yeah, but you're still pretty if that's what you're wondering."

I chuckled and ate the piece of chocolate. And another before chasing it down with the rest of my beer.

I needed this. This little moment with my aunt was what I needed.

I suddenly heard catastrophe in the hall.

I leaned my head back to look at the doorway.

Liam came in looking very disheveled and messy. Like he hasn't been to sleep in a while.

I stood up.

"Where's my shoes?" He asked.

"Where are you going?" I asked.

He didn't answer me. He just began to look around, behind the couch, and under it.


He ignored me.

"Answer her." Evie said.

"I gotta go."

"Where are you going?" I asked.

"Bar." He answered and he grabbed a shoe from under the chair.

"Can we talk first?" I asked.

"No," He glared at me. "You are the last fucking person I want to talk to."

His words cut through me like a butcher knife, and it struck me in my heart.

I walked up to him. "Liam, please." I placed my hand on his shoulder, and within minutes, I was on the floor, my heart beating fast from the sudden attack. He didn't hit me, he just pushed me hard on the floor.

"What the fuck is wrong with you?" Evie snapped.

She helped me to my feet and glared at Liam.

Liam shook his head. "Nothing. Everything is fucking perfect." His tone held venom as he turned and left the room.

I watched after him. Liam can lose control, but he has never, ever put his hands on me.

"You okay, baby girl?" Evie asked.

I slowly nod my head. "I'm fine."

"Why would he do that?"

I didn't understand it either. Unless he felt anti about me because I knew about his past. Now he wants to lose all contact with me because he probably feels like I look at him differently. But I don't. I love my big brother. Learning about him, and how he still stays strong regardless of what was done to him makes me just love him more. Instead of becoming violent towards me, I wish he would talk to me about it. But guys get defensive.

"Summer, I'm going to go talk to him and see what's wrong."

"He won't tell you."

"I'll make him tell me."

"Evie, he needs to cool down. Just let him cool down."

Instead of listening, Evie walked out of the room.

Oh god.

I followed the click clack of her heels.

She walked right out of the door, and up to Liam's car.

I waited by the door, hoping Liam wouldn't snap on her. Liam and Evie both had strong personalities so I didn't know who would win if it came to a fight.

Evie banged on the hood of his car.

Liam started it up but got out. "What the fuck are you doing?"

"Don't you ever push your sister like that. I don't give a fuck what your goddamn problem is. You don't ever put your hands on her."

Liam walked over to the hood so he was face to face with her. He was a bit taller, and she was normally shorter than him, but she came an inch below him because of her heels.

"What is your problem?" She asked.

"I don't wanna talk. I want you, and I want her to leave me alone."

"Not until you tell me why you're going around having a goddamn mental breakdown."

He just turned around and got back in the car.

Evie began shouting and yelling at him as he reversed the car, and zoomed down the street in a blur, driving way too fast.

When he was already down the street, Evie turned and walked back into the house, a stern look in her face. An expression I rarely see her have on her face.

She sighed and slowly shut the door. "Did you do something?" She finally asked.

I shook my head. "He told me something and I guess memories came coming back and now he's angry."

"What was it?"

"Just some personal stuff. He doesn't want me to tell anyone. And I can't." It was pretty fucked up for me to tell Chris, and not Evie. But I was afraid to tell her. I tell her, everyone will know. Police, mom, everyone. Then dad's gone. I hate him, he deserves to be gone. But I need to talk to him about the situation. I don't know what to possibly say, but I need to hear these words from his mouth to see if its really true.

Because although Liam's change of behavior is evidence, it's still somewhat not sticking in my head.

"Wanna go somewhere to get your mind off of it?"

"Where is there to go?"

She shrugged and grabbed her phone from her jean pocket. "I'll find a place. Go take a shower in the mean time."

I nod my head and decide to take a bubble bath to relieve my stress. It did work to some degree. When I got out, I put on a cream colored lace strapless dress with a skinny black belt going across it. And along with it, I put on a pair of sparkly black pumps.

I placed my hair in a side pony tail so that my golden blonde hair fell on one side, down to my stomach.

I stared at myself in the mirror and moved my side bang from my brown eyes.

My door opened and Evie peeked in my room. "You look beautiful."

"Thank you. So where are we going?"

She came in more and leaned against wall next to the doorway and folded her arms. "So, did you know that your baby's strip club is already open?"

I shook my head. He didn't tell me that. Then again, he's pissed off at me so I don't blame him. Plus he probably thought I didn't care for his strip club. I cared that he officially owned his own business, but it being what it was, of course I was against it. "I didn't know."

"Feel like seeing him?" She asked.

I looked back in the mirror. If I told her no, I'd be lying to her. "Let's go."


The night sky was pitch black and filled with stars.

We've been driving for nearly an hour. It better be worth it.

"What is this place called?" I asked.

"Red Hot." She replied as she spun the wheel to go up a hill.

I rolled my eyes. Leave it for him to pick something so obvious in a double entendre type of way.

"Is it a lot of people there?" I asked.

She nods. "Tara told me it was a bunch of people there."

"So those girls must be damn talented then." I muttered dryly.

"What did I tell you, girl? Don't worry about it."

I nodded and sat back.

Once Evie stopped the car, I thought we were in the wrong area. I think of strip club and I think of shacks with a bar in one spot and strippers dancing for old crusty men.

But this place didn't look like that type. This was more than a strip club.

The place was glass. Pure glass, encased throughout the whole entire place. Everyone was dancing, and the bar was lighting up in different colors of the rainbow. The actual strippers were on stages, and rich looking men were watching them, enjoying them. The music was dubstep and everyone seemed to be feeling it, going wild and crazy, and jumping around like there was no tomorrow. And I could see this all within the car.

Evie chuckles. "Your baby knows what he's doing. Come on. He'll be happy to see you." She says before opening the door and getting out.

I slowly got out of the car and shut the door.

I made sure my dress was in place as I came around to Evie's side.

For the entrance, there was a set of glass stairs which led to the concrete ground. And on top of the ground was a huge water fountain that changed colors, and the water would spout out different designs. It was beautiful. This couldn't have all been done within a couple weeks.


We had to go up another pair of glass stairs to get to the door.

And a man guarded it like at every club.


"Name?" He asked.

"Are you serious? It's a strip club. Let us in." Evie said.

"Know the owner?"

"The owner is my boyfriend." I said.

"Yeah, right. It's too many people in here already. The owner told me not to let anyone else in."

I sighed. I don't believe this.

Evie released my hand and stepped up to the man, and looked up at him. "If I show you a tit, would you let us through?"

"I can't. I can lose my job."

"How is Chris going to even notice we're here? Did he count every single person that showed up tonight?" She asked him.

"No, but-"

"Make a decision, opportunity's closing." She said placing her hands on her hips.

The man looked down into her cleavage and then looked around; although I'm pretty sure regardless, we'll be seen. The club was made out of glass. Of course people will see.

"Quick, ma'am."

She nods and pulls her tube top down to show him.

He grins at her and she rolls her eyes and pulls it back up. "Now move aside. Let my niece talk to her boyfriend."

He nods, the smile still on his face.

Evie probably had the biggest breasts he's ever laid his eyes on. Everyone grinned when they saw her. Her breasts seemed to be gold mines.

He stepped aside and opened the door for us.

We slipped into the place and had to descend another pair of glass stairs to get to the club floor. What is it with all the glass?

I shook my head. It doesn't matter though, the place is the nicest strip club I ever seen, on TV or otherwise.

I ordered a drink for me. Nothing to get me too tipsy. I just sat in the corner. A nice touch was that the club was dark but there was lights within the furniture. And the seat I was sitting on was glow in the dark. I loved the hype vibe the place was giving off.

I sipped on my drink, watching the strippers as they danced to the music. I'll admit, they were doing a fantastic job.

But that didn't make me like the idea of the place anymore.

I actually rather be figuring out where Liam was. I wouldn't expect him to be here or to even know that the place exist.

A guy with a suit came over and sat next to me. The suit didn't fit him right.

He smiled at me, his teeth, not the straightest. Oh god.

"Hi, pretty lady."

And approaching me like that was even worst.

But I don't want to be rude, yet I kinda did.

"What's your name?" He asked.

"Sarah." I said, twirling my straw around in my drink and looking everywhere but at the guy.

"My name is Kirk."


"So, why aren't you dancing?"

"Don't feel like it."

"Come on, I bet you're a great dancer."

"I'm an amazing dancer. I just don't want to dance."

"Fine then. We can talk."

"I'm a lesbian." I blurted out. Then I met his eyes and he raised his brow.

"Are you sure you're not….bi?"

"I'm positive."

He nods. "Well, okay then." He stood up and left me alone.

I could have admitted I had a boyfriend but with most guys, boyfriends don't matter to them.

The lesbian thing just works.

My eyes went to the middle of the dance floor and Evie was having fun dancing with a guy behind her, and a girl in the front.

I smiled. I'm glad she's good.

"Summer?" Tara came over to me, and Chase was right behind her.

"Hey guys."

"Hey, isn't this place amazing? Chris did a good job with this. I'm coming here every night. Aren't you having fun?"

I nodded my head and put on a fake smile. "Time of my life. Have you seen him?"

"For a second. He looked all sexy and sophisticated in his suit. But had that sexy bad boy look on him."

"I'm right here." Chase said.

She looks to him and grin. "Stop." She looks back to me. "Why don't you go find him?"

I shook my head. "No. I'll find him later. I just want to sit for now."

Tara nodded. "Okay. You alright?"

I shook my head. "No. But go out. Have fun."

"No. Not if you're upset."

"Trust me, I'll be more upset if you stay. Really, go have fun, kitty."

Tara sighs and leans down to hug me. I hug her back and she kisses my cheek before going off with Chase.

I love how much they seem to really trust one another. Why can't I have that relationship?

I took another sip of my drink and looked around for that beautiful face.

That beautiful blonde hair and those seductive and sexy hazel eyes that just undresses you completely. But I couldn't find him.

I sat back and crossed my legs and looked back to the strippers. The moment I did, that was the moment my heart stopped. Not only that, but I felt the heavy feeling of humiliation, and anger weighing down on me.

Chris was on stage dancing with three half naked girls.

I never stood up so fast in heels. I walked to the dance floor that led up to the stage and I glared.

"Summer?" Evie walked to me and then looked in the direction my eyes looked.

Everyone else was a blur.

All I could see was red.


Evie sighs. "Fuck. Chrissy boy, you fucked up."

I walked up to the stage and watched him, chugging down a bottle of liquor and continuously dancing with the girls, allowing them to touch him wherever they pleased.
This is what Chris does. This is where he belongs. With these girls, and a million more.
He doesn't belong with me. It is not in Chris's blood to stay with me. I want him. But the real Chris was never meant to have one girl. Sure he's been infatuated with me for years, but that seemed to all go out the window as I lay eyes on him. He was Christopher Clarkson, the player.

His eyes suddenly met mine and he stopped. As if I didn't see him.
My eyes had already watered up. But the tears didn't spill out until the moment his eyes met mine. He dropped the bottle on the floor, breaking it, but his eyes didn't leave mine.

"I hate you." Was all I could say before running off.
I found my way out of the club and onto the street. It's times like this where I wish I had the guts to leave this town. Not have to deal with any bullshit, and just leave. But that can't happen. I'm too young. And I have nowhere else to go. Then again, I could start living with Evie in Paris.

"Summer," Chris came out and stepped in front of me but I turned away from him. "No, I don't want to talk to you."
"I'm sorry."

"No, you're not. You were having fun with those whores up on stage so just keep doing it."

"That's not fucking true."
I turn to face him. "So then explain it to me. I'm going through shit because of my brother and instead of comforting me or showing any bit of remorse, you're dancing on stage with bitches with big tits. I honestly hope it was worth it."

"Summer, stop."
"Stop what? Telling the truth? Now you don't have to tell Liam anything. There's no point."
Chris's limo pulled up. "We're done." I whispered.

Chris didn't say anything. We both watched as his driver opened the door.
Chris shook his head and grabbed my arm. "No we're not." Before I knew it, I was in the limo and he shut the door.
I glared at him. "Did you not just hear me?" I asked.

Chris ignored my words. When his driver got in, he told him to drive around until he said otherwise, and then he rolled up the glass to give us privacy.
I was about to pull for the door handle but the limo had begun moving already.

Chris grabbed my hand from the handle. "Stop, and just listen to me."
"Summer, I was just dancing with those girls. I don't give a fuck about them. Don't you know that?"

I sat back in the seat and folded my arms.
"You let every tiny insecurity get in the way."
"Fuck you, Chris." I muttered underneath my breath.

He sighs. "Tell me what I gotta do."
"Nothing. Don't do anything. You're going to fuck up again and I'm done. I'm done with the drama, Chris. All the fucking girls want you, they can have you."

"No they can't. You are the only one whose got me. You will always be the only one, Summer."
I shook my head. "You're lying." I whispered.

"Oh so naïve." He shook his head in shame and unbuttoned his blazer and shrugged it off.

"What are you doing?"

He threw it aside and leaned over me as I sunk down into the seat. My hands went to his chest to stop him. "Don't. Don't use that as something to get me to come back to you because I won't."

"So I lost you?"

"After seeing you with those girls, absolutely."

"No. No. You got me, and you want me."

I did but…fuck it's getting hot in here. I was now laying on the seat, Chris above me, his hazel eyes looking into mine. I could see, and feel how turned on I made him by my rejection. And I had to reject him. He showed that he had no type of respect for our relationship.

"I don't want you." I breathed, yet because of the way my body felt, part of me knew that I did. A big part.

"Yes you do." He whispered, sliding his hand along the side of my thigh and lifting it to hook around his waist. "You want me, and you want it."

His voice was low and rough, and it made my body react immediately.

I breathed deeply, trying to keep myself from losing control, and just diving my fingers into his blonde hair and kissing him hard.

But when I felt him tear my thong, that's when I knew I was in trouble. And he did it in a way so I couldn't detect it. Because if I had known, I would have stopped it.

It made a snapping noise as he pulled it off of me and threw it to the floor of the limo.

Now my bare behind was laying on the cool leather seat of his limousine, and I was hot for him. No matter what I say, or how hard I try to resist, I just couldn't.

Chris pulls my dress up and reaches down to push down his pants, and his boxers.

And I'm not thinking straight at the moment like I should.

I'm just hungry for him.

I'm not thinking about the fact that it's going to hurt, or that I should be so pissed at him right now, all I could stand to think about was how badly I needed him inside of me.

He grabbed onto the handle of the door and slid inside of me, grunting as I cried out in pain. I closed my eyes. God, it hurts, but I don't want him to pull out.

I whimpered and opened my eyes. His looked into mine, only for a moment before he kissed my lips.

He kissed me slow, and passionate, savoring my flavor as I savored his.

And when he pulled away his eyes said the words I needed to hear. I love you.

And that was all I needed to reassure me that I loved him back and this was where I wanted to be, in his limo, underneath his body.

I grabbed onto his hair and pulled his mouth back to mine, kissing him aggressively, and entwining my legs around him as he began to move.

His pace was in the middle between slow and fast. Not achingly slow, but not fast as if he was in a rush to get it over with. It was as close to sweet as he's ever gotten with me.

He kept one arm down on the seat to hold him up as his other hand caressed my jaw.

I couldn't take my eyes off of him, neither can I control my heavy breathing.

He's looked into my eyes during sex before but this look meant something entirely different. Deeper.

He was claiming me, and my body as his. No matter how angry I get, how much I say I can't stand him, no matter what everyone else says about him, he knows as well as I know that there is nothing at this point that can keep him from me and vice versa.

The pressure inside me slowly began to build up, and my body was suddenly aching for my climax.

"Chris, faster please." I whispered.

He shifted his weight and grabbed onto me, burying his head into my neck as he pumped faster, and harder into my body, hitting the right spot inside of me. Gasping in shock, I grabbed onto his hair and onto the back of his shirt as he fucked me hard. The back of his shirt was fisted into my hand and I squeezed my eyes shut as my climax rose. Oh god. This was it.

Chris grunted softly in my ear, moving faster in pace.

My breathing grew deeper and my body had begun to reach it's peak.

There was no stopping it.

I was tearing at the back of his shirt and squeezing my eyes shut as it hit me hard, deep in my groin.

I tossed my head back, screaming and crying out as I came around him. My back arched and my toes curled. It was like a wave throughout my body, starting from head to toe.

While feeling that euphoric feeling, I felt Chris twitching inside of me. I held him close to me, knowing he was about to reach his climax. He growled, bit down on my neck and he shoved himself in once more and stilled as he came.

I panted softly, gasping for air as my body started to calm down.

I wasn't able to move.

Chris's relieved moan was so sexy, it made me want more.

I relaxed more onto the seat and my fingers played in his hair.

He hasn't moved yet, and allowed me to play in his blonde tresses.

I slowly opened my eyes, and at first I saw stars, but then my vision cleared, and I was staring at the ceiling of the limo.

I sighed and my fingers moved from his hair, to his back.

Chris slowly pulled back enough to look at me, that beautiful, satisfied look in his eyes.

I bit on my lip as I looked at him.

"You should know by now that it will never be over between us." He breathed.

I shook my head and brought his head down to meet my forehead. "Never." I whispered back.

I began to think about the times we had together, even before we ever got together. How much I pretended to hate his guts when really, I wanted to be around him. I had to pretend back then that him showing interest in other, older girls didn't bother me. And then the little petty arguments we got in were me in secret crushing so hard over him, I would just start them just to have his focus on me. And now to think through the years we known one another, we're like this in the limo, and that's when I had to decide I had to choose Chris. I loved my brother. I loved him dearly, but I couldn't let go of Chris. I just couldn't.


Me and Chris laid across the seat, half naked, holding one another.

"That was a fantasy of mine, you know." I said.

"What was?"

"You fucking me in your limo."

"Really?" He smirks.

I nod my head. "Yes."

He kisses my head and then the bridge of my nose.

"I must look like a mess." I sighed.

He shakes his head. "No. I like how you look after sex. Disheveled, worn out…because of me."

I grinned but then it slowly disappeared. "We didn't use a condom." I whispered.

He lets out a slow sigh. "I'm sorry. It was a heat of the moment thing."

I nod my head. It was. And I can't blame him for that. I can only blame myself.

I can only think about a future family. Something I know Chris isn't ready for.

I bit my lip and buried my head in his chest.

When the ride was over, we stopped at my house.

I was so tired out from him fucking me, I couldn't stand.

I had my arms locked around his neck and my face was buried in his neck.

"Harry, I'm staying the night with her." I heard Chris say to his driver.

I think his driver nodded in return and Chris carried me up the stairs, through the concrete pathway to my door.

"Key." He said.

I reached into my bra and gave him my key and locked my arm around his neck once more.

He used one hand to unlock the door, and he pushed it in.

And when he did, he stopped.

I looked up at him to see why he stopped.

He was focused on something straight ahead.

I turned my head and met eyes with Liam.

His eyes were red.

He was obviously drunk, yet the look in his eyes said that he knew.

Chris slowly sat me down on my feet.

But he grabbed my hand, refusing to let me go.

Liam was glaring at Chris. It was a murderous glare. The kind of glare that should make someone probably take a few steps back. But Chris didn't. He stayed where he was, holding my hand, not backing down to Liam.


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