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Unbreakable (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED)Summer Waters is afraid to be with her brother’s womanizing best friend because her brother is very protective, but she will come to find that they are too attracted to one another to stay away. View table of contents...


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Chapter 12: There couldn't be anyone else

I watched as Tara did a flip while she jumped into the Luxor Hotel swimming pool.

I giggled.

She came up and wiped the water from her eyes. "Come get in the water, Summer!" she yelled.

I shook my head. "Nope. I'm good where I am." I said before taking a sip of my ice cold lemonade from my glass while sitting in a comfortable lounge chair.

I'm not a water person.

I can't even take baths without assuming something is going to be in the water. That's why I've always been a shower person. I'm just weird like that.

Tara rolled her eyes and looked to Chase who was doing backstrokes.

She got out of the water and came to sit in the lounge chair next to mine.

She held out her hand and I gave her my lemonade.

"I forgot about your whole fear of the water and everything."

"Yeah. So, having a good time?" I asked her.

"A good time? I'm having a blast. We've been here for three days and I'm not tired yet. What about you?"

"My stay here is…orgasmic." I said leaning my head back with a smile on my face.

She chuckles. "I figured so."

I take my shades off and I hear Tara sigh.

My eyes go to her and she suddenly looks deep in thought.

"What?" I ask.

She shook her head. "Nothing. I just kinda wish Liam can see how happy Chris makes you."

I shrugged. "It's okay."

"No it's not. You're in love with Chris and he's a good boyfriend to you. Really good. I mean what guy carries his girlfriend to Vegas in the middle of the night?"

"Kitty, look, yeah it sucks. The whole thing is really a pain but when I really think about it, I get why Liam is doing this. He is my brother and he loves me a lot. My mother doesn't really show me any love and my dad….let's not even get into that, but I should be grateful that there is someone who cares that much to want to protect me from getting hurt."

"Yeah, I get it. But don't you think it's unfair?"

I looked away from her to the other people playing in the pool and talking on the other side of it.

"You're changing Chris, Summer. You are honestly changing him. And Liam is too stubborn to see it. I'm thinking about Chris before you, and then him after you and it's just insane and a fucking miracle that he's able to want you and only you."

I look back to her. "I guess I really am changing him."

She nods. "Yeah, ya think?"

I turn my head as I watch Chris coming outside in no more than a pair of black swimming trunks hanging from his hips.

Oh fuck….oh my fucking god.

I sink down in my seat.

Thank you god for sending me such a sexy and delicious specimen.

"Speak of the devil." Tara says.

I bit down on my lip as I stare at him, making his way towards us.

I notice from the corner of my eye that the girls, and the women were watching him, maybe a little too closely. Of course they knew who he was being that his dad was the richest man in California.

And I knew that he was the most good-looking thing they could have possibly ever laid their eyes on, but he was mine.

I smirked and took a deep breath and felt my panties become wet. "Oh god."

"Are you okay? You like you're…." Tara began.

I looked to her. "I can't help it."

She chuckled. "I'll admit, he is sexy as fuck, and he knows it."

"Say it again and I'm telling Chase."

She zipped her lips.

My eyes went to his and he looked at me in my bathing suit, the way I was looking at him in his shorts. I bet that if no one was here, he'd be fucking me in this lounge chair right now.

"Tara, can I have my girl alone?" He asked.

She nods and stands up as she hands me my lemonade back. "Got it." She turned and jumped back into the water.

Chris came and sat in Tara's seat, his hazel eyes piercing into mine, making me feel somewhat hypnotic.

We just stared at one another for a long while, basically eye-fucking each other.

I smirked at him. "Everyone was looking at you when you came out of the hotel."

He chuckles. "I know."

"You just love that attention, don't you?"

"I love the attention from you, princess. I can give a damn what anybody else thinks."

I smile at him. "You look orgasmic."

He chuckles and grabs my shades. "Orgasmic? That's a first I heard that. Normally I hear that I'm sexy, or fucking hot or something simple like that. But orgasmic? That's a whole other level." He puts my shades on, and they make him look even better as he puts his feet up and lays in the lounge chair.

"Hey, you think what we're doing is bad?" I asked.

"What, going behind Liam's back?" He asked.

I nod my head.

He sits up. "Yes, and no. I wanna stop, but I can't. Neither can you. There's nothing we can do about it, Summer. We love each other, we fuck, we do what we want. I told you I'm done worrying about it. Whenever he finds out about it, he just does. So don't feel guilty, just be with me. Okay?" He asked.

I stood up from the chair to climb onto the chair with Chris. He laid down and I laid on top of him while he wrapped his arms around me.

I laid on his chest and shut my eyes.


As night time came around, I was dressed in a short red dress with skinny straps, and black pumps, and my black clutch. Yet I had no panties on.

My hair was curly and falling down to my stomach and almost to my waist, while a red clip was pinning some of it back.

Chris had gotten me into the Luxor Casino which was below our Tower premier suite at the top floor.

He was dressed in a pair of dark blue jeans, a navy blue shirt, with a black blazer on top of it, and a loose neck tie around his neck.

We walked into the elevator.

The elevator doors closed, and it wasn't a moment later when I was pinned to the wall by Chris.

His lips, on mine and I kissed him back hungrily, growing hot and wet for him.

My fingers moved through his hair, tangling the blonde locks through my fingers.

He was right about what he said before.

I should just be with him, unashamed of what Liam says. At least for now.

It's easy to forget everything else when it's just me and him.


I leaned over and collected my red chips from the table and squealed. Black jack was really the easiest and only game I knew. But I was definitely planning on learning more games before I leave here. Chris was winning at his poker game, while I lost at, so I just wandered over here to the games that I'm good at.

"Play hard or go home, huh?" Said a voice.

I turned my head and my eyes widened. Oh fuck.

Finn smiled at me. "Go figure I find you here."

"Why are you here?" I asked.

"Just a side trip with my brother. You here alone?"

I shake my head. "I'm here with friends and my boyfriend."

He nods. "Boyfriend, huh? Lucky him to get something so…sweet." He says closely studying my body.

"She is, isn't she?" Chris asked as he appeared by my side. He leaned against the table. "And she's mine."

Finn stared at Chris. But almost in such a way, as if he knew who he was. His eyes went to mine. "Well, she was mine once. May I remind her of, Annie Tyler's party last year, the bathroom floor?" He asked, now a smug smile on his face.

Chris then looked to me. Now he knew that he was speaking to the guy who took my virginity. He looked to Finn.

"Never forget your first." Finn said.

Chris chuckles and shakes his head in disbelief. "If that's the case, every time she cums, she wouldn't scream my name like she does."

I blushed. Oh my god. I just wanted to be anywhere but here in the moment. Any-fucking-where but here.

"I'm assuming she was pretty silent with you." Chris says.

Finn just looks at me, his cheeks becoming red.

It was kind of funny because I actually was completely silent with him.

"How do you know him?" I asked Chris.

"His dad…works for my dad. His dad is a….thousandnaire."

Finn looked like he was getting pissed off. "And your dad may make billions, but at least my dad gives a damn about me. You think I don't know the whole relationship? Come on. You and your dad can barely hold a conversation, right?"

Chris's smile disappears, but he doesn't look very effected by Finn's words. "What are you trying to do, make me mad so I can beat the shit out of you and get kicked out?"

Finn looks to me. "Why are you with this guy, Summer?"

"Because she loves me and I make her feel things you couldn't fucking dream of. Next question?" Chris says.

He was being a huge dick, but he wasn't lying.

Finn stares into my eyes, his brown eyes showing concern. "Summer, you know he's Richard's son. You know about his reputation, why are you wasting time with this sleazebag?"

"You have the nerve to call him a sleazebag? He wasn't the one who left me on the bathroom floor when he was done with me. He treats me right, and I honestly don't give a damn what you have to say about it."

Finn shakes his head. "He's probably cheating on you right now and you probably don't even know it."

I roll my eyes and grab my chips. "Okay, this conversation is boring, and stupid. Moving on." I walk away from Finn.

A moment later, I go in to cash in my chips, and then stick the money in my clutch.

Chris comes over to me and watches my expression. "You don't believe him, do you?"

I shook my head. "Of course not, but sometimes I do worry that I'm not enough."

He sighs and leans against a column. "If I wanted any other girl in this place, I'd have her. It's that easy. Yet I'm here with you. Doesn't that tell you something?"

I meet his eyes.

"There is no one else."

I can hear the truth in his voice and I decide to trust it. "I'm sorry about that. About Finn."

Chris waves me off. "I don't give a fuck about him, Summer. He doesn't even hold a threat, honestly."

He really doesn't have any competition to Chris.

Then again, I don't really think any man does.

He has so many layers of good and bad in him, and it's hard to not want both.

My phone rung and I pulled it out of my clutch. I looked at the caller ID, and it shows that it was Liam calling. I sighed and slid my thumb across it to unlock it and then answered it. As I put the phone to my ear, I mouthed the word "Liam" to Chris.

He understood and walked away from me.

"Hey." I said.

He cleared his throat. "Hey, what are you doing?"

"I'm at the casino. Just cashed in a thousand dollars in chips."

"Sounds fun."

"It's a bunch of fun and it's so beautiful at the Luxor hotel."

"I'm happy for you."

I nod, and the other line stays silent for about three minutes. "What's wrong, Liam?" I asked as my eyes went across the room. I saw Chris leaning over a table playing what seemed to be Roulette. And next to him, rubbing his back, and his arm was a girl with long black hair, grinning like a fucking idiot at him.

"I'm going to propose to her, Summer."

My brows furrowed as a feeling of anger, and confusion comes over me. Seeing this girl all over my man, and hearing these words slip from Liam's mouth made me want to cause hell on the whole damn casino.

I shut my eyes and shook my head as my fist balled up.

"Summer?" Liam asks.

I hang up on him and store my phone back into my clutch before I look back to the Roulette table.

Some people had began to gather around the table, cheering Chris on as he played. I guess he was winning.

The inside of me felt almost sick. I'm angry, and maybe a bit embarassed. He still hasn't taken her hands off of him. I get he's maybe distracted by the game, but he should know that any girl that's not me, touching him, is going to make me mad, and jealous.

"Didn't I tell you?" I hear Finn say.

I'm too irritated to even respond to him.

"He was just talking about how much he cares about you, yet look at him letting that girl feel all over him. Amazing how two-faced some people can be."

"Yeah," I look at him. "It is amazing. You started out cool until you got what you wanted."

"It was cruel. I know, and I'm sorry."

"I forgive you, but don't ever brag to anybody about what happened between us. Because that shit isn't cute."

He nods. "I'm sorry, and I won't. Even if your boyfriend is a douche bag who doesn't deserve you."

When he said that, Chris looks over at us.

"Finn, please just shut up." I walk away, and leave the casino to go back into the foyer/hall. I take the elevators back upstairs. I wanted to distract myself, and forget Chris being down there, allowing that girl to touch him.

He knows if it was me that a guy or a girl was groping on, he'd get super pissed. I felt like I had every right to feel this way.

I should have maybe went over to stop it, but I knew I would have wanted to fight the bitch.

I'm not a fighter. I never fought anyone in my life, but I would fight her, just because she wanted him.

I place my clutch down in the livingroom area and go to take my heels off in the bedroom. A moment later, I hear our room door open, and then shut.

I ignore it though and continue on unbuckling the strap of my heel.

Chris stops into the doorway of the bedroom and stares at me.

I pull both of my heels off and meet his eyes. "What?"

"You just left."

"I'm surprised you noticed anything while that girl was rubbing all over you." I said as I walked pass him back to the livingroom area.

He followed me. "Wow, just because she was touching me, that means I'm cheating?"

"You're the one that brought up cheating. I just said I didn't like that you wouldn't push her away." I grabbed a bottle of cranberry juice from the mini-fridge.

I opened it and took a gulp of it before setting it down on the counter.

He sighed and leaned against the wall across from the minifridge. "She was just being friendly. I didn't think it'd bother you so much."

"Yeah you did. If Finn was rubbing all over me, you'd see it as sexual and would probably break his face for it."

" Well, yeah. I don't like you talking to him, Summer."

"I don't like bitches touching and groping all over you."

After a long moment of silence, Chris walks over to me, takes me by my hair and kisses me hard.

I moan and lock my arms around his neck, still slightly angry, but more turned on than anything by how heated our kiss was.

His hands go down to lift my dress all the while I'm pushed harshly into the wall, hurting my back, but I didn't care.

Chris got my dress all the way up so it was bunched up around my stomach. I then feel his hands caressed my wet core.

I sigh and kiss him harder, becoming more and more hungry for him by the minute.

Suddenly, the thought of marrying him, right here in Vegas popped into my mind. I don't know why. It would never work. Chris doesn't want to actually get married. He just wants us to be together and to fuck me into next week.

I leaned my head back, my eyes closed as my hands frame his face and I pull him down.

He gets on his knees and I feel his tongue working and stroking my clit in such a way it makes my back arch as I bite back my moans.

I spread my legs wider and this gives his room to explore and lick my sensitive flesh. It was his, and he wanted to show me that no one could have me this way but him.


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