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The Unprediktable (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Renee's life isn't going so well so she gathers her sister and tries to run away, only the unpredictable happens and both sisters are in danger. View table of contents...


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Chapter 16: Our last time

Renee's POV

"So you're going to pretend to leave but not really leave."

Jenna nodded. "I'll be waiting right outside. It's ten now so just wait until he goes to sleep."

"What if I can't do this?" I asked.

"Do you want to get Jodie back?" Jenna asked.

I nodded. If I was to stay here because I'm in love with AJ, that'll be selfish. Very selfish.

I might come back after Jodie has been freed.

"Just go up there and do what you need to with him."

I sighed. "Fine." I said.

"You can do this. Good luck." She hugged me and then left out of the door and then I shut the door and locked it.

I heard AJ coming in the room. And I turned to look at him.

He had his hand held out. "Come in my room with me." He said.

I placed my hand in his and he led me upstairs into the dim-lit hallway

Before we made it to his bedroom. He stopped walking and pushed me against the wall in the hallway. "Take your clothes off." He breathed.

I was getting turned on just from the sound of his voice. "Okay." I whispered. I didn't take my eyes off of his as I bunched up my brown shirt and pulled it over my head. My breathing was uneven as was his.

His finger traced the strap of my bra. And even the littlest touch made chills of pleasure run down my body.

He slowly took each strap down and took the left cup pf my bra and pulled it down to expose my breast. His mouth went around my nipple and my head leaned back against the wall and I moaned as my fingers played with his hair.

My panties were soaked with my arousal. "AJ." I whimpered.

His teeth tugged on nipple and I whimpered in pain and bit my lip.

Gasping from the pain, I pulled on his hair and he lifted his head up and his lips went to mine, kissing me hard. His tongue invaded my mouth. He began kissing and sucking on my lips as his fingers went through my hair and my fingers went through his.

This was it…this was my goodbye.

He let go of my hair and unbuttoned my jeans.

"Take them off." He breathed.

He stepped back and I let him watch as I pulled them down to my ankles and took them off. I blushed as I met his gaze.

He held out his hand and I came over to him.

"Undress me." He said.

I bunched up his gray shirt in my fingers and pulled it over his head and then threw it onto the floor.

Then I let my fingers roam over his muscles. His skin was soft, smooth, and warm.

My eyes went to his.

He nodded.

I unbuttoned his jeans and pulled them down. He stepped out of them and used his feet to kick them aside.

Then I bit my lip as I got down on my knees and looked up at him.

I grabbed the top off his boxers and pulled them down, exposing his long, thick length.

I grabbed from the base and let my tongue lick the shaft just to tease him.

My tongue slowly caressed the base to the tip and I sucked it lightly. Still teasing.

Then he grabbed me by hair and thrusted his length into my mouth and moaned as pushed it to the back of my throat.

He thrusted slowly in and out of my mouth.

"I love your mouth, baby." He breathed.

His fingers tangled into my hair and pulled as he moaned.

I enjoyed pleasing him and this moment is the last moment I get to do this.

My mouth couldn't fit over all of him so I let my hand jack him off while the rest of him slid in and out of my mouth.

I loved him. I loved doing this to him.

"Oh fuck., baby. I'm almost there." He whispered and thrusted harder.

His tip hit the back of my throat repeatedly.

AJ grabbed my hair harder and stilled as he spilled into my mouth, breathing hard.

I licked off the left over cum from his cock and pulled away.

He looked down at me and smiled. "You're good at that." Then he made me stand up and led me down the hall to his bedroom.

He opened the door and it felt warm in the room. Only the lamp was on and by it was what looked like a champagne bottle.

"Lay down." He said.

I crawled onto the bed and laid onto the pillows as I watched him.

He got on his knees onto the bed and grabbed the line of my panties and stared at me as he took them off of me.

I blushed as he looked down at my body. He's seen it only a million times but it still made me blush.

He grabbed the wine bottle and he opened it and looked at me.

"Ready?" He asked.

I nodded.

He poured a little on my stomach and it was cold. I gasped.

His tongue dove onto my skin, licking the wine off my body. I moaned and shut my eyes.

His tongue licked every inch of my flesh, nipping and tugging. It made me squirm. I was wet, my arousal dripping down my thighs.

AJ poured more onto my thighs and used his mouth to suck off the wine and my arousal.

I felt like I was about to lose control if he didn't make love to me right now.

He poured more onto my throat and sucked it off, licking my flesh, making my skin hot.

"AJ." I whispered.

He looked down at me.

I grabbed onto his ass and pulled him against me and grinded him into my wetness. He groaned and shut his eyes.

"Fuck me." I whispered.

AJ slipped in between my legs and made me wrapped them around his waist and pushed hard into me.

"Ah!" I cry out.

He intertwines his fingers into mine and holds my hands down above my head as he pushes deep inside of me.

"You feel me baby?" He whispers against my lips.

I nod. "Yes." I whisper back.

I felt him, thick and hot inside of me.

He looked into my eyes. "I love you, Renee." He whispered.

Breathing erratically, all I could do was look him in his eyes. He did love me. And I was taking advantage of him.

But I needed to free myself and my sister. What kind of sister would it make me if I didn't?

I wouldn't be dealing with this if AJ would have just asked me out instead of kidnapping me.

Or maybe I wouldn't have been in this mess if I would have just asked him to drop me off at the bus stop instead of going to his house with him. It's my fault.

I just need to make the best of this moment.

He pushed in and out of me slowly, savoring each thrust. The both of us moaned, not taking our eyes off of one another's. This was my last moment with him. And tears appeared from nowhere.

He leaned down and kissed them away and then kissed my lips softly.

He leaned his forehead against mine, thrusting harder as we both got closer.

We were both breathing hard, fast, intently.

"I love you." I breathed.

"I love you too, baby…..so much." He whispered, still pumping inside of me.

I was so close. Beyond close. I bit down on his shoulder to hush my moans as he drove me to release hard around him. My toes curled and I moaned out as I bit down harder.

AJ groaned and thrusted hard, hurting me and then stilled and laid on me as he spilled himself into me.

He was breathing hard in my hair while I was breathing on his shoulder.

Both of us were spent and restless……And in love.


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