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The Unprediktable (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Renee's life isn't going so well so she gathers her sister and tries to run away, only the unpredictable happens and both sisters are in danger. View table of contents...


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Author's note: I love this story. The next chapters I post up will be the last chapters. Thank you guys for reading. Also, Jodie's POV is in the beginning.

Chapter 14: Ready to take a risk

Jodie's POV

The door opened and the guy….I think his name is Joey, dressed in all black who hardly talked walked into the cold room. He had a white plastic plate in his hand and he dropped it onto the floor right in front of me.

"Eat up." He whispered. Then he disappeared out of the room.

I looked down at the food.

It was a sandwich. My belly rumbled as I looked down at it.

Then I looked at the door.

I picked up the sandwich and took a bite out of it.

It was good. Reminded me of Nana's house. After I was done playing with my friends, Timmy, and Lauren, I'd come in and Nana would make me a BLT.

My eyes teared up as I continued eating the sandwich. I looked around the room. It was a small room. Rusty brown walls. There was one window. It was high. High up in the room.

There was a bed of springs, no mattress and a small sheet on it and a tiny pillow. And then there was a bucket from when I needed to go to the bathroom.

I felt weak, and cold, and scared. I miss Renee. I wanted to know if she's okay. I miss her, I miss mommy. I even miss daddy.

I miss Nana, I miss school. I miss my bed.

I wanna go home.

Renee's POV

I woke up, naked, right next to AJ whose arms were wrapped around me.

I sighed and then got out of his arms as I yawned. He stirred a little.

His phone rang and I looked down at him sleeping peacefully. I walked over to his pants that were laying on the floor. I dug into his pocket and got it out and swiped it to answer the phone. I put it to my ear. "Hello?" I asked.

"Renee?" It was a familiar voice.

"Jenna." I breathed in relief.

"Is AJ around?" she asked.

I looked to him sleeping and then nodded. "Yeah, he's sleep."

"Go somewhere where he can't hear you." She ordered.

I went to the bathroom, opened the door and shut it.

I flicked the light on and sat on the floor.

"Did you take the test, Renee?" She asked.

"Yeah, it was negative."

"Oh thank goodness." She breathed.

I smiled. "Yeah, thank goodness."

"We need to come up with a plan. A plan to get you back home."

"I don't want to go to my house. Actually, me and Jodie were just running away before we met AJ."

"Then you can stay at my house with me." I heard a noise from outside of the door but I ignored it.

"Really? I can stay with you?" I asked.

"Of course. But we need a plan first. Unless you actually like being with AJ."

I shook my head. "I thought I loved him but I guess I never did. He doesn't know that I never did though." I was lying through my teeth. I did love him. I don't know why but I did.

"Okay. You know, I had to go through this same thing to get away from my ex husband."

"Why were you trying to run?"

"He would hurt me a lot and keep me in the house like a prisoner. Sort of like what AJ is doing to you."

I bit my lip.


She sighed. "How about whenever you get back to AJ's home, you make love to him, make him think you're really in love with him and then, when he goes to sleep, sneak out. My car will be waiting.

Wait until like…midnight on Friday." She said.

"You're sure this plan will work, Jenna?" I asked.

"I'm positive. Trust me, okay?"

I nodded. "Okay." I whispered.

"I will talk to you later."

"Okay. Bye."

"Bye." And then the line went dead.

I shut the phone off and then bit my lip. I got off the floor and then opened the door. AJ was sitting on the bed staring at me.

His eyes were narrowing at me and he looked angry. Did he hear the conversation?


"Who'd you call, Renee?' He asked.

"I didn't call anyone."

AJ stood up. "So why is my phone in your hand?"

"Jenna called."

"Did she?"

I swallowed.

"You do not touch my fucking phone. Ever, Renee. Get your stuff together. We're leaving." He stood up, snatched the phone from my hands and walked around picking his clothes up. I bit down on my lip feeling like I was in trouble.

"Are you gonna punish me?" I asked in a small voice.

He looked to me. "Yes. In one specific way but I promised not to hurt you that bad again so I'll find another way to do it. Start packing." He said.

I did as he said, nervous from what he might do to me. He promised he'd never hurt like he did at the party.

He checked out and when we got to his car, he forced me to get in. Then he forced our suit cases into the back seat. He got into the car and we sped off.

His driving was fast.

I looked over at him. "You promised you wouldn't hurt me again."

"You should not have disobeyed me, I told you that when you do that, you get punished. Okay? I'll go easy on you but you still have to accept the consequences, Renee."

"I'm sorry."

"You knew that I would be mad if you touched my phone."

"I heard it ring."

"Then why the hell didn't you wake me up?" He asked and then he glanced at me. "That's common fucking sense, Renee." He said and sped up the car.

"I'm sorry." I said.

He didn't say another word. Just when everything was okay…..He has to go all….'Hulk'

I continued looking out of the window and can feel my nervousness bubbling over.

We pulled up to his house and I got in the backseat to grabbed the bags.

"Leave them there and get in the house." He said.

I looked at him and he's all business.

I turned and went to the door and waited for him to unlock it.

He came up, without looking at me and unlocked the door and then he pushed me in.

Immediately as we walked in he forced me to bend over the arm of the couch.

I gasped as I realized what was about to happen. "I gotta punish you, baby." He whispered in my ear. It made chills run through my body in a good way.

"Please don't." I whispered.

"I won't hurt you. Just. Do not. Cum." He whispered in my ear as he pulled my pajama pants down.

He didn't give me a chance to change my clothes.

Then he pulled my panties down to my knees. "Spread your legs, Renee." He breathed. And his voice had me wanting to melt. I did what he said. And then I heard him unzip his pants.

The anticipation was in my very soul.

And I moaned as he rubbed the tip of his member over my wet, sensitive clit.

Then He pushed deep into me and I let out a scream of pleasure. Why did I feel so sensitive?

He made me bend all the way over and he grabbed my hips and repeatedly pounded in and out of me hard.

I had to focus on holding in my orgasm. But even he said before that no one could when he fucked them.

But I had to try or I'd get a punishment I don't like.

But I liked this punishment. I liked it a lot.

"Please!" I cried out and AJ grabbed my hair and made me look at him as he kept thrusting. I loved seeing the pleasure on his face but when I saw it, I knew I was getting closer.

"Hold it in, baby." He whispered and then made me turn back around.

His grunts had me almost over the edge.

Don't cum. Don't cum. Don't cum.

My nails dug into the couch cushion.

And AJ groaned loudly and collapsed over me. Breathing softly in my ear. His head beside mine.

I shut my eyes. I did it. I held in my orgasm. Thank god.

"Good girl." He breathed and kissed my temple. Then he got up and slid out of me.

I still hadn't gotten my release.

I stared up at him and he made me get up and pushed me to sit down on the arm of the couch. He took my shoes and socks off. Then pulled my pants and panties down all the way off and I was breathing hard while looking at him.

He placed his hands beneath my behind and lifted me up to him and walked and placed me up on his piano. What were we doing up here? "I always wanted to fuck someone up here." He said.

He made me lay back and he got on it with me, pressing down on the keys.

He grabbed my leg and lifted it to his waist and pushed back into me. I moaned and whispered his name.

He leaned down and kissed me and started to move. I was already close from before.

"I wanna feel you cum, baby." He whispered.

And pumped faster and harder.

I grabbed his ass and shut my eyes.

Multiple off keys were playing on the piano. But we didn't care.

My chin rose back and I unleashed loud moans as he drove me straight into fucking ecstasy.

I was breathing hard from the screaming and I felt him leave kisses on my neck, my throat and my lips.

I sighed softly and slowly opened my eyes and looked up into his golden eyes.

His nose rubbed against mine. "Do not disobey me again…understand?" He asked.

I nodded. "Yes." I whispered.

He slowly got off of me and fixed himself up.

I got off of the piano and went to grab my panties.

"Keep the panties on and keep everything else off. I'm still pissed." He said.

Going back to the old ways.

So I took my jean jacket and shirt off and then pulled my panties on.

AJ watched me and nodded in satisfaction.

"Are you hungry?" He asked.

I nodded. "Yes."

He gestured for me to follow him into the kitchen.

"Sit." He said. I did as he said and watched him cook me food.

I started to think about what Jenna said the plan was. Make love to him so to not raise suspension, and then escape. Run.

Yes I loved AJ. I accepted that now.

But I loved Jodie more. And I love Jenna too regardless of how short of a time we knew each other. I guess it's the fact that she was willing to protect me.

I had to leave AJ. And I gotta do it Friday night. And I'll be free, I'll go get Jodie….wherever she is. I'll grab AJ's phone before I leave and try to talk to Joey.

Then I'll find out where he is, grab Jodie and then leave with Jenna to stay with her.

I just hope to god this plans works.


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