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The second time around (Sequel to its not love)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Three years after Tristan died, Jenna is with Nate and has twins by him.
When she bumps into Clementine in the mall, she realizes clementine is clueless about the death of tristan and when Clementine is finally aware, all she wants is revenge. View table of contents...


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Author Note: I know it may feel like the story is going nowhere but it will. trust me. Well....enjoy.

Chapter 8: Almost a break

"Look at that shit." Sean shut the top on the silver lighter and threw it up in the air and caught it. He was wearing black gloves.

"This lighter was at the scene of the crime." He said with pride in his voice.

"How the hell did you get it?' Carl asked.

"Fucked the detective, and paid her, and she gave it to me after she dusted it for prints and guess what?" Everyone stayed quiet.

"Fucking clean as a whistle. I'm thinking the blonde bitch wore gloves. That dumb bitch is mighty smart." He said nodding.

Nate was lying on the couch and I was lying on top of him staring up at the ceiling.

So this was not an accident. I already figured this.

Nate had his hands on my stomach and his breathing was slow and quiet.

It was week three in Tristan's house and all of us were anxious.

Clementine hasn't been seen for a while and so it was obvious it was her.

It was just scary. If I had to fight her, I would but I want Ana out of the picture first.

I had one more month until I can confirm or not if she's actually a girl. I hope so.

"Not really if we all know she did it." I said.

Lindsey was stroking Rodney's hair and shaking her head. "We don't have evidence. What do we say "We know this bitch burned down your house but we don't have evidence, we just want you to believe us." Lindsey said sarcastically.

"Did the detectives find any hair follicles or anything?" I asked.

"They did find some brunette hair but they haven't matched it up to anything yet." Sean said.

Brunette hair? Clementine is a blonde though.

"Brunette?" Lindsey asked. Sean nodded once and glanced at Nate. "DNA says it was a woman."

"So you got all of this information from one detective that you fucked?" Carl asked.

Sean gave him a look. "That's not the point, dick."

Carl rubbed his forehead. "That's all they found. Dusted the place for prints….found nothing. And I didn't have to fuck anybody to find that out." Carl said proudly.

Sean rolled his eyes and looked to me. "You okay, Robinson?"

I nodded and snuggled more into Nate's arms who held me so close.

Leah walked in from out the bathroom and sat on the floor next to Lindsey.

"I know some people who can do a little investigation. To track Clementine down and watch her."

Ronnie nodded as he joined Leah down on the floor. "Yeah, I have some friends that work down at the police department."

"You guys don't have to do all this, really." I said.

"The hell, Robinson. The bitch tried to kill Nate and the twins. She had to have known they were in the house and you weren't. She was probably watching you as you left."

"Maybe. I'm going to go lay down for a little. Ana is pissed." I said sitting up. I stood up and looked down to Nate. He bit his lip, looked around the room and then back to me and I gave him a small smile.

He grabbed my hand, got up with me and we both went into the bedroom. I closed the door and locked it.

Nate moved pieces of hair out of my face and began kissing me. Wrapping my arms around him, I pulled him against me and started unbuttoning his white button down shirt.

His lips were soft, warm and felt so good against mine.

I tangled my fingers through his soft dark hair.

His lips went down on my neck and he sucked the flesh there. I can feel him through his pants and it made me wet.

Nate unbuttoned my shorts and pulled them down to my feet while he was on his knees, he brushed his lips against my thighs and against my inner thighs. I moaned and placed my fingers in his hair and closed my eyes. He left kisses on my inner thighs and he stood up and looked down into my eyes. "I love you." He whispered.

"I love you."

He closed his eyes and hugged me and I held him just as tightly. I never wanted to let go. If something ever happened to Nate……there are no words for how I would feel.

Nate pulled back slightly to look back into my eyes and I kept mine on his as I slid his shirt off of his shoulders.

His body was warm. I slid my hands up and down his biceps and then my hand slid to the back of his neck and I made him come into contact with my lips again.

A huge knock on the door scared me.

Nate jerked away from me and went to unlock the door. I sat on the bed.

Sean had his hand over his eyes. "I know you two are fucking or whatever. Just wanted to tell you all we're leaving. Leah wanted me to tell you, she'll get some guys to investigate."

"Thanks, Sean." I said.

He nods and walks off. Nate closes the door again and pulls down his pants and boxers as he nears me.

I pull my shirt off and as I'm about to pull my panties off, but Nate places his hands on mine. "Let me." I lay back and lift my lower body up as he pulls them off of me and gets on top of me. I'm completely overwhelmed by him. By the heat of his body on top of mine.

Nate stopped where he was and got off of me and laid beside me. I was confused for a second until he turned me on my side and entered me from behind while cupping my pussy.

I gasped at the fullness of him.

Plus I was pregnant which made it feel so much better.

"That feels so good, Nate." I breathe and then close my eyes as he slowly pulls out and pushes back in deeper.

Cupping me harder, he began kissing my shoulder, and then my neck and I turned my head so he could kiss my lips.

I can feel him panting hard. His breath tickled my neck as he moved faster.

My body was his and he knew exactly what to do with it.

He had my body, heart and soul. It just feels so good whenever he's making love to me because I know he truly loves me and needs me and as do him to me.

Groaning as he stilled, he released inside of me and sighs against my hair as he presses his forehead against the back of my head.

I released around him crying out as I did and it was so much more intense than usual.

Shutting my eyes, I began crying.

Damn hormones.

Nate pulls out and turns me to him. "Did I hurt you?" He asked.

I shook my head.

"No. I just… I love you."

"Then why are you crying?" He asked.

I wiped my tears with the back of my hand and then looked up at him. "Because I'm stupid." I squeaked.

Nate chuckled and pulled me into his arms and kissed my forehead.

I felt so warm with him.

I just always knew that ever since Tristan died, Nate would be right by my side.


Sean and I entered the jewelry store. Him and Nate have been really big on my safety so I had to have someone with me at all times.

For right now, Sean was my temporary bodyguard.

"I know I'm your body guard and all, Robinson but did you have to come to a jewelry store of all places?"

Sean asked. He slipped his hands into the pocket of his suit pants.

"Yes. I want to find something for Lindsey. Her birthday is next week."

"Damn, and you're just going all out for her aren't you?"

I shrugged.

"She's like my sister and I can always rely on her. I love her."

I turned my head and saw a beautiful diamond necklace. "She's going to love that." I whispered, admiring it through a tiny glass cube.

A lady came up to me and smiled. "Anything you looking for, miss?"

"I want this diamond necklace." I said.

The women's eyes widened. "It's worth over ten thousand dollars." She said. I nodded. "So am I." I smiled sweetly at her.

She nodded. "Okay. I'll go get the key and I'll bring it to the front when I get the necklace out. You can just wait at the register."

Sean and me went up to the register and stood there.

"I wish I had a friend who would buy me diamonds."

I smiled at him.

"You can afford your own, Sean."

"That's true."

"That necklace is so sexy."


"What?" I asked.

"That weirdly sounded sexy when you said that."

I rolled my eyes.

"Stop flirting, Mr. Kipser."

"You know, you, and all of your friends are hot right?"

"I feel the same way about your friends. Especially Nathan. Think you can hook us up?" I asked playfully.

Sean rolled his eyes.

The woman came up to us and placed the necklace on the counter and I gave her my credit card.

After the jewelry store, me and Sean went to a restaurant. Versace. The place me and Tristan use to go to and it brought back memories.

Sean glanced at me. "What?" He asked.

I shook my head. "Nothing. It's just that Nate is so trusting. I know Tristan wouldn't have let me and you have lunch without assuming we were fucking each other."

"That's how he was. Tristan Niles was….he was something else." Sean said as he pulled a Marlboro light from his pocket and lit it up.

"Yeah…he was."

"I don't blame him for being with you, Jenna. I mean you're a good girl. You're fucking awesome.

I blame him for trying to gain control over a girl like you.

He figured you were weak because you were a virgin.

However, look who got the shorter end of the fucking stick,"

He blew out smoke slowly in another direction and looked back to me.

"Clementine, however, all Tristan had to do was look at her and he saw all of his weakness and gained control over her. He did not-repeat DID NOT- love that girl.

But I knew he loved you, Jenna and you loved him.

And something else I knew was that all while you were with Tristan, Nate wanted you. Bad.

He promised not to act on it but obviously he eventually did and got what he wanted. A sexy somewhat redhead whose dad is a part of the mob."

I rolled my eyes. Everyone says this. "He is not. He just…..I don't know."

"Anyway-that wasn't my point- Nate wanted you to be his. That first moment when we saw you, you have no idea what any of us were thinking. Nate wanted you, but me and Carl just wanted to fuck you."

I found myself blushing.


Sean nodded. "Seriously. Not anymore. Now we just view you as one of the guys. Except you just have a pussy."

"I am sure every woman loves to be called a guy with a…..vagina." I said sarcastically.

"You don't say the other word?" He asked.

"I think it but I don't say it. It sounds nasty."


"It sounds disgusting."

Sean smiled. "Say it."

"No." I answered.

I caught a glimpse of his sandwich. Goddamn.

Me and Ana are glaring down at that delicious looking fucking sandwich.

The lightly toasted bread. The tuna fish, bacon, tomato. My mouth waters.

Ana wants it as bad as I do.

"Give me your sandwich." I demanded.

Sean smirked. "Say it the word."

"Pussy. Now give me the sandwich."

Sean smiled, satisfied as he handed me his sandwich.

"Hurry up and finish so I can get home to Svetlana."

"I like her. She's sweet."

"Sweet but fucking clueless. Gives the best head ever. What makes her so sexy is that accent of hers. English is her third language and those moments when you have no idea what the fuck she's saying, its so sexy."

"You're weird."

"Yeah, yeah. I've heard it all, Robinson."

When we paid for the check, we got outside and right there in the parking lot was my Audi. Only, the windshield was busted in, the car had scratches on it and the doors were bent.

What. The. Fuck?


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