The second time around (Sequel to its not love)

By: IceBreaker

Chapter 15,


“You made these cookies, Jenna?” Dean asked sitting on the floor beside Lindsey. I nodded.

He smiled. “They’re great.”


It was Christmas morning and me, dad,Nate, Haylie and Kaylie, Ana, Lindsey, Dean, Sean, Svetlana, Carl, Katie, Rodney, Alicia, Jonathan, RJ, Ronnie, and Kellan were all over my house for Christmas. We didn’t move to Florida. But Lindsey and Dean moved closer to me and Nate and me and Nate moved out of Tristan’s house and into our own. One just as beautiful.

Kellan smiled as he crawled over to Nate. Nate picked him up and kissed his cheek. Kellan was the new addition to our family. He was so much like Nate. Snoring away at night time.

Ana walked over to me with a little box in her tiny fingers. I took it from her. “Is this from you?” I asked bringing her into my lap.

“It fom me and daddy.” She said clearly. I look to Nate and he winks at me. I blush.

“Really? Lets see what it is.”

I open the box and it’s a diamond necklace. I kiss Ana on her head. “I love it baby.” I said.

She giggle. “Mommy, I wan- to go pay with my new dow house.”

“Go play, baby.” I said. She got out of my lap and went to go sit by Haylie and Kaylie who were squealing in excitement. I loved those girls and I knew what they wanted. I bought them a Barbie doll house, beach house, hummer, convertible, camper, clothes. All the Barbie stuff wanted. They deserved the best.

“Lindsey and Leah your presents are upstairs.” I said. They both got up, ran upstairs like little teenagers.

“And Ronnie,” I reached under the tree and gave him a present.

“For me?”

“You’re the only Ronnie in here.” I said.

He smiled but then frowned when we all heard screaming upstairs. Then the sound of someone running. Lindsey screamed again. As she came downstairs, she was holding the new ipad in her hands. She hugged me.

I hugged her back. “Thank you.” She whispered.

“Your welcome.” I whispered back.

Sean brought over a gift to me. “Hamilton, this is for you.” He gave it to me.

I sat it in my lap and gave him a gift.

“You didn’t have to.” He said.

“I did. You helped me out a lot.” I said. Sean smiled.

I opened the box and stayed frozen.

A gasp got caught in my throat. What?

I look up at him and he’s smiling.

I look back down.

It’s a book. My book that I was supposed to publish years ago but it never happened.

“Oh my god.” I whispered. I traced the cover with my finger.

“Sean…I” He shook his head. “You deserve it. Some people want to meet with you soon.”

I nodded and looked back down at the book. Nate came over with Kellan.

“Thanks man.” He looked at Sean. Sean shrugged.

He opened his little box and looked bewildered. He pulled out a set of keys and studied them intently before smiling. “You didn’t.”

“Oh I did.”

“There is no fucking way you bought me a car, Jennacia.”

“I did.”

“Your whole name is Jennacia?” Dean asked. I rolled my eyes.

“A fucking Bugatti veyron.” Sean said.

“Damn.” Carl said.

“I’m letting you have my old Audi, Ronnie.” I said. His eyes widened. “Are you serious?”

“I have to upgrade.”

Dad came over and sat by the tree with Ana in his arms. She was playing with a Barbie. Her ears were now pierced with little diamond earrings.

“They fit her nice, dad.”

“Yeah they do. Yours do also.” He said. And I smiled.

Leah came downstairs. She went to Ronnie. “We have a plasma screen.” She said. Ronnie looked to me and Nate. “I love you guys.” He got up and ran upstairs with Leah.

Me and Nate giggled.

Rj climbed into my lap.

“Thanks for the laptop, aunt Jenna.” Katie said. I nodded. “Your welcome baby.” I said.

I bought my dad the one thing I knew he’d appreciate the most, a gun. He’s my dad and that’s his style.

I bought Nate the new Iphone and custom made his play list all containing Blink 182 songs.

Kellan got a toy car set, some clothes he couldn’t care less about. A set of books and a playpen.

Carl thanked me when I got him a set of red wine, which he loves. And along with that, I got him a bunch of porno DVDs. He actually hugged me.

I bought Svetlana a diamond bracelet and she thanked me. I loved having everyone around for Christmas and have everybody talking, playing, laughing.

Me and Lindsey, and Leah, and Svetlana all stayed in the kitchen and made dinner.

I had the ham in the oven, Svetlana was cooking the macaroni.

Leah was making the stuffing.

Lindsey was eating cereal. Prego again. But afterwards, she got started on the salad.

Katie walked in, saw that we were cooking and walked back out but we brought her back inside and forced her to help us.

The men stayed in the living room watching the game while the kids played upstairs in the playroom.

Svetlana sighed as she mixed the macaroni.

“What’s wrong?” I asked.

She looked to me and gave me a weak smile. “I just…I want Sean to propose.” She said in a thick French accent.

“I stayed here in Illinois with him.”

“He’ll propose to you. And if he doesn’t, I’ll kill him.” I said. Svetlana giggled. “Thank you.”

After dinner was done, we all sat around, shared stories. Talked about the future.

The kids sat and ate and played.

Sean stood up. “So I know this isn’t fucking thanksgiving but…I am thankful to have Mrs. Jennacia Hamilton as my friend because I needed a new car.” He said raising his glass.

We all laughed.

Nate stood up raising his glass. “The second I met Jenna, I was….in awe. She was the most beautiful, complicated woman I’ve ever seen. I know she was….unavailable at the moment but I seriously fell in love the second I saw her.” He said.

Everyone playfully clapped as I stood up and Nate kissed me.

“Well, as you all know, I had a rough past. But in a way, I thank Tristan. Because if it wasn’t for him, I wouldn’t have ever got to this moment with my family. I love you all. Every last one of you.”

“We love you too, Hamilton.” Sean said raising his glass. We all took a drink. Everyone except for Lindsey. No doubt was she pissed off about it.

After cleaning up everything, Me and Nate hugged everybody goodbye and put Haylie and Kaylie asleep.

I put Ana to sleep while Nate put Kellan to sleep and afterwards, I went into the bedroom while Nate took a shower.

What he doesn’t know, is that I brought myself a Christmas gift. Hopefully he likes it.

I get under the covers and wait for him. I hear the water stop and I smile to myself and bite my lip.

The door opens and Nate comes out of the bathroom with a towel wrapped around his waist.

Oh god.

I think I’m about to come just from looking at him.

“Hi.” He says smiling. He knows the effect he has on me.

“I got something for you.” I said.

“What?” He asked.

“Two things.” I said. Then I pulled the covers back to show him my lace corset set I was wearing and he gets a hungry look in his eyes.

“Like it?” I asked.

He doesn’t answer, he grabs my ankle and pull me towards the edge of the bed, put both of my legs up to his waist and then lean down to kiss me.

My fingers go through his hair. I’ve been hungry for him all day. And now he’s naked. Well he has on a towel but I know what’s underneath and I want it.

“What’s the second thing?” He asked pulling back a little. I lifted the corset top and took it off. Nate stared at my body and his eyes widened.

I had his name tattooed on the top of my left boob.

I bite my lip measuring his reaction.

“My name?”

“I’m with you permanently. Forever. No matter what you say, do, or go, you’re stuck with me…..forever.” I said.

Nate leans down, presses his lips against my hip bone and it drives me crazy. Then up to my stomach, between my breasts and on the tattoo.

Then my neck, and my lips.

I unwrap the towel from his body and throw it somewhere and he takes my panties off and throws them on the floor.

He kisses the tattoo over and over again and then back down to my hip bone and then lower…oh fuck. There. He kisses me there.

I shut my eyes and pull his hair.

His tongue tortures me over and over and I can’t stop it.

He explores me with his tongue, not letting up for even a second and I unleash on his tongue crying out as I did.

Catching me in the middle of my cries, He smashes his lips against mine and enter me.

I hold onto his shoulders and shut my eyes. We open our mouths at the same time and deepen the kiss more.

I’m already on the brink of an orgasm and he’s driving me there and he thrusts harder and faster.

I look up in to his eyes and he leans down to kiss me again. Our lush lips touch and I put my fingers through his hair.

I could hear him growling.

I could feel me about to come.

I want us to come together. As one.

Keeping my lips on his, I bite his lip and began to suck on it and he stops me and began sucking on my lip and using his mouth to devour mine.

One hard push and I was there. I held him to me and he muffled my cries with his lips as I came hard around his member.

He came with me and laid his head in the crook of my neck.

I shut my eyes as he breathes on my neck.

“I love you.” I say in a weak voice.

“I love you.” He says back. He slowly lifts his head up and kisses me. “I love you. I love you.” He kisses me again and again until we roll over so I’m on top.

“I’m not done with you yet.”

I smile a wicked smile and we continued showing our love for each other for the rest….of the night.

I lost my mother.

Almost my dad.

Almost my kids.

Maybe almost Nate but I had them now.

And they’re all I need.









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