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The second time around (Sequel to its not love)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(FINISHED) Three years after Tristan died, Jenna is with Nate and has twins by him.
When she bumps into Clementine in the mall, she realizes clementine is clueless about the death of tristan and when Clementine is finally aware, all she wants is revenge. View table of contents...


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Author's Note: I wasn't supposed to write this until after I was done with Foreverr and another upcoming story but I couldn't resist. Once I started thinking about Jenna and Nate's story, I started writing and I couldn't stop it. Anyway, enjoy chapter 1.

Chapter 1:I moved on

Leah held Kaylie in her lap as she sat on my couch. I was holding Haylie in my lap.

I wasn't fully aware that the twin genes ran in our family but obviously they did.

Kaylie and Haylie were now two years old and fraternal twins.

I remember back then when I was with Tristan. I was so against having kids and I didn't know why.

I'm four years older than I was then and now I'm all for having kids. I was shocked when the doctor said "Hey, we have another one coming." The panic on my face was right there on the surface. Nate laughed at me at that moment. And I could tell that Nate had panic on the inside also.

And although I had twins by Nate, we still weren't married.

But that was okay. I wasn't going to force him into that whole marriage thing.

He'll propose when he gets ready to.

We're supposed to be moving soon to Florida. Just have to sign a couple more papers and we're there.

Lindsey's coming with us. She's not going to live with us but close because I'm going to buy her a house.

"Where's RJ?" I asked Leah.

RJ was the baby she just recently had and he looked just like Ronnie.

I thought Ronnie would hate me after what happened to Tristan.

I thought April and Daeton would too.

They don't exactly hate me but it feels awkward to be around them.

"He's with Ronnie. It's daddy day."

"Nate is always so busy. He's not able to spend a lot of time with the twins but he does whenever he can."

"Does your relationship feel different? I mean from you and Tristan's?"

I shrugged. It was definitely safer. I really, truly loved Nate and I loved having his kids although all of it was unexpected.

"It's less abusive, that's for sure."

"Tristan just never seemed like the abusive type. It came out of nowhere."

I nodded. It really did.

"Where's Lindsey?" Leah asked. Ever since the wedding, we were always together.

We were all best friends with each other.

"Probably packing with Dean."

Nate came out of the room; his eyes were fixed on me as he smiled.

He came over and kissed me and then waved to Leah.

Lindsey unlocked the door and walked into our apartment.

Yes, I gave her a key.

"What's going on?" She asked.

"Nothing. I thought you were at home packing."

"Not with Dean around." She said smiling deviously.

She came and sat on the counter while Nate began making coffee.

"Coffee in the afternoon, Nate?" She asked.

"I just woke up. Your bestie kept me up all night." He said winking at me.

"She has that effect on everyone." Lindsey said.

Everybody looked at her.

"No. No. Not like that. It's just that at all of our old sleepover's she wants to do your hair, your nails. Cook, talk about life and why it sucks. That was little Jenna. She was a fucking saint when she was twelve."

"Wow. So you two knew each forever." Leah said shifting in her seat. I nodded.

"Since we met at the beach. Well lake. Which was odd because Jenna is scared shitless of water." Lindsey said.

Nate laughed. "That's why." He turned and looked to me. "Remember when we took that vacation to Hawaii before you had the twins and you fell out of the boat and I laughed before helping you?"

I nodded while playfully glaring at him.

"Yeah, I almost drowned and you and the captain were just standing there, watching me, laughing right in my face."

"Jenna, baby, it was four feet. We were still in the shallow area."

"So what? You still shouldn't have laughed." I said.

Nate leaned over to kiss me. "I'm sorry. I mean, it wasn't just the fact that you fell. It was how you looked as you fell. You tried to grab everything as you were falling and you hit the water really hard."

Lindsey smiled. "How did he convince you to go out in water?"

Nate kissed my cheek. "By sex."

I nodded along with him. "Yes, by sex, he convinced me."

Lindsey and Leah giggled.

"When are we going to the mall? I need to get some stuff for Rodney." Lindsey said.

Rodney looked just like Lindsey. He was so small and adorable. He was about four now.

"Oh, we can go now."

Nate walked into the bedroom with a cup of coffee. He already knew I was about to ask him to watch the twins.

"Let me just get my jacket."

"Alright. We'll be out here."

I walked through the hallway and to the bedroom.

Nate turned the TV on. "Can you watch the twins for me?" I asked.

"Of course."

"Thank you." I kissed him and he pulled me on the bed and pinned me down. "When can we get started on number three?" He asked.

"As soon as I get home." I kiss him again and again and when he stops, I smile at him.

"Or now." Nate leaned down and connected his lips with mine again while grinding against me. I could feel him getting aroused and he had this look in his eyes as looked down at me with want.

"Mmmh. I got to go. Haven't been out the house in days."

Nate nodded. "I know." He got off of me and I sat up and grabbed my jacket and my shoes. "Need anything?" I asked.

Nate smiled. "Just you and I'll be fine."

I smiled back and my cheeks grew red.

I walked out of the bedroom and the twins were playing on the couch with their toys.

"I'll be back, sweeties." I kissed Haylie's forehead and then Kaylie's. Nate came out and took them both in his arms.

I kissed his cheek and me, Lindsey, and Leah all left.

We took my new car I bought two weeks ago. Still had the new car smell and everything.

When we got to the mall, it was crowded as usual but we just got through it. We stopped in a store for Lindsey to look for something for Rodney.

"So, how are you and Nate doing?" Lindsey asked me as she studied the clothes carefully."

"We're doing great. Trying for another baby."

"Damn. Already? The twins are only two."

I nodded. "Yeah I know. But I can't explain it, Lins. When I was with Tristan, I wasn't for the whole baby thing but now that I'm with Nate, it's all I can think about."

"Maybe you and Tristan weren't meant to have kids."

I look at her. "Thanks." I say sarcastically.

"Jenna, I'm sorry. I know that you and his baby died while you were in a coma but, I mean, it was Karma. Not on your part. On his."

"His Karma was when he got killed by my dad. Speaking of which, you haven't talked about how much you wanted him in like….years."

Lindsey frowned and shrugged. "Well, I'd feel bad about saying it since your mom is dead."

Still a touchy subject after four years.

"Yeah, because of my batshit gorgeous ex-husband who slowly developed into a psychopath."

"Johnnie did too." Lindsey said picking up a hanger with a black shirt on it and studying it.

"Yeah," Leah was studying shirts too. "I had this boyfriend named Alex. He was crazy too. He…." She stopped and slightly smiled. "Um, never mind."

"Why are all exes fucking insane?" Lindsey asked. She had a good point.

Tristan became crazy. Johnnie became crazy and Leah just said her ex, Alex became crazy.

"Jenna?" Asked an all too familiar voice. I turned and there she was.

Tristan's ex-girlfriend, Clementine.

Her blonde hair way blonder than before.

She had this weird look on her face like I was an alien.

She's gotten bigger but I can't say anything. The twins left me kind of fat. "Clementine. I haven't seen you in like….. years."

"I was in Georgia with my best friend. I actually just got back today."

I looked to Lindsey who was staring at Clementine with a blank expression on her face.


Clementine studied me for a second. I know that she noticed I no longer had a ring on my finger because I saw her expression change. "You and Tristan broke up?" she asked.

"Well, you can say that." Lindsey muttered. I scowled at her.

"Guess things didn't work out so much." Clementine didn't try very hard to hide her smile.

"No. Actually, um. He's….he's dead."

Her eyes widened as she looked back and forth between me and Lindsey.

"What do you mean…..dead?"

""I mean dead as in, he's never coming back dead. Dead as in, cold and under the ground dead. It happened four years ago. "

"What happened?" She asked, her smile vanished completely, her voice began breaking. Still after these years, she thought she could have had another shot with Tristan. Even if he was still alive, he wouldn't be with her.

"Long story. Way too long." I replied.

"I have all day."

"No. My two year olds are at home and I have to get back to them soon. It was….nice seeing you." I made no effort to hide my sarcasm.

Me, Lindsey and Leah began walking out of the store when Clementine stopped us by calling my name. I turned back to her.

"Two year olds? But Tristan died four years ago. How could you have two year olds?"

"I'm with Nate." I said.

Clementine smiled forcibly.

"So after Tristan died, you just up and started fucking one of his friends?"

"Yeah. After I grieved for a year and sometimes still grieve til this day, I moved on with one of his friends I fell in love with."

"That's so fucking slutty."

"You know, maybe it is. But I don't really give a shit about what you or anyone else thinks of me."

"Let me guess, you killed Tristan so you could run off with Nate."

I sighed.

If only some blondes weren't dumb.

"Yeah, that makes sense.

Actually, my ex and I got into a violent fight and then he fucking raped me. You don't know the whole story so stay the fuck out of it you blonde bitch." I walked out of the mall and Lindsey and Leah followed.

"Who was that?" Leah asked giggling to herself.

"Tristan's ex from a long time ago. I can't stand her. All while me and him were together, she was trying to get close to him but he kept flicking her away. I use to feel sorry for her but I don't know anymore."

"She's gotten much…..blonder." Lindsey said.

I nodded.

"Robinson!" I turned around. Sean! I haven't seen him in months. "Hey." I said as he came over to us. "I almost didn't recognize you, your hair is brunette."

I nodded. "Got sick of dyeing it."

"Well you look hot either way."

"Thanks, Sean. Oh," I turn to look at Leah. "This is my friend, Leah and you already know Lindsey." He smiles at Leah and waves to her.

"You have to come see Haylie and Kaylie again. They love you."

"Only because I bought them all that shit. But hey, the little bastards make me happy. I can't come over today but I'll be there tomorrow morning around seven."

"Me and Nate, not even the twins get up at seven."

Sean shrugged. "Not my problem, Robinson." He winked at me before he turned and walked away.

"Why are all Tristan's friends fucking hot?" Lindsey asked. I shrugged. I wonder the same thing.

"Well, let's go home, I miss my babies."


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