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My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Finished)(Author's pick for best story)Lukas was a man. A beautiful rich man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want.
We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever. View table of contents...


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Chapter 6: Long…and Hard

I looked in the mirror staring at my dark gray eyes, big, innocent, most say beautiful. I outlined them with black eyeliner and added a little mascara.
Justin whistled as he leaned against the door frame of the bathroom. "That dress is hot on you, girl."
I flipped him off.

"Why didn't you wear hot dresses like that when we were dating?" He asked.
"Ah, you weren't ready for me."
He chuckles.

I was dressed in a pair of black pumps and a dark cerulean dress. It hugged my torso and flared out around my mid thighs.

My phone rung and I walked into the living room and grabbed it. I answered it and put it to my ear. "Hello?"
"I'm outside. Come and join me."

"I'll be down in a minute." I hung up and went to my bedroom to grab my purse. I stuck my phone in and then grabbed my keys.
After leaving out of the house, I took the elevator down and greeted Jacob when I got down to the lobby. He gave me his usual charming smile.

I walk out of the door of my apartment and smile as I see David holding the back door open for me. "Hi, David."

"Ms. Moyer." He greeted.
I slid into the backseat and found myself stuck in awe when my eyes met Lukas's seductive dark green eyes. "Hi." I whispered.

He gave me a half smile. "Hello, Peyton."
David shuts the door behind me.

Lukas studies my dress and smiles appreciatively. "You look very fuckable in that dress." He whispers.
A smile spreads across my face and I sit back in my seat and turn to look out the window.

I feel the sexual magnetism between us and I'm more than positive he feels it too. But neither of us speak on it. Not while someone else is in the car with us. But…I did want him to feel him much I wanted it. How much I wanted him.

I turned to look at him and he hasn't taken his eyes from me yet.
I grab his hand over to my thigh and spread my legs slightly. I keep my eyes on his and his are hooded. He wants to feel me.
I take his hand and slip it between my legs. His fingers stroke my naked lips, making my nipples harden through my dress.
I can hear his breath hitching as he touches me. I close my eyes and lean my head back against the headrest of the seat.
When he touches me, the whole temperature of my body changes. He always makes me hot.

I take his hand away and open my eyes to look at him.
He gives me a small smirk before dipping a finger into his mouth…tasting me.
The sight was so sexy, I felt the heat explode inside of me.
Soon, the car stopped in front of a huge, tall penthouse, white with huge windows.
Damn. Way nicer than mine and its only the outside I'm looking at. The outside has a nicely trimmed yard and garden off to the side and is screaming "rich".

David came to open my door and I slipped out of the car.
Lukas was right behind me. He nodded to David before putting his hand to the small of my back and leading me to the glass double doors.

We walked in and he greeted the woman at the front desk with a subtle nod as he led me to the pearl white elevators and she swooned at the sight of him.
I rolled my eyes. God, I know he's fucking beautiful but Jesus, does every woman go crazy for him? From what I've seen, the answer is yes.
I guess I can't blame them though.

As the elevators opened, we stepped in together.
Lukas pressed the button for the top floor and the doors closed.
The car brought us up and I glanced at him. It was amazing how I felt our connection without us actually touching. I wonder if he felt it too.

He reached over and stopped the elevator, then his eyes met mine.
He stepped to me, grabbing my waist and pressing me against the elevator wall.
We were panting unevenly, unable to stay apart for too long.

His thumb and forefinger clasped my chin as his lips went to mine.
I closed my eyes, and drove my fingers through hair. We were in sync, touching and grabbing each other as we tasted one another.
It's these moments we have, that makes me put aside his assholeness and it makes me hungry for him. Hungry for all of him.

He broke away abruptly and looked into my eyes. "If I don't stop right now, I'd take you right now in this elevator." He whispered.
He stepped back pressed the button for the elevator to continue.

Him being so close and stepping away made me feel a little upset about the distance.
He stayed on the other side of the elevator.
I looked away from him and was finally able to breathe when the elevator doors opened to a beautiful foyer.

I stepped into his penthouse and looked around. The foyer's floor was a white, shiny marble and above the entrance was a silver and beautiful chandelier. To the right is the kitchen filled with black shiny counters and dark green marble cabinets and to the left is what looks to be a sitting room.
The couches contain beige leather and dark green throw pillows, a glass coffee table and cream rug underneath.
It all seems so…him.

I turn to look at him. "Nice penthouse."
He smiles and then leads me down the foyer, to a hallway of dim white lights. There are glass doors for at least ten rooms. He must have everything in here.

He makes a right turn at the end of the hall and it leads up a set of white stairs.
I follow him up, anxious for this…for us to happen.
And after it does, we should be fine with staying apart. We should be fine and our attraction should go away if I can help it.

"Do you bring all of your girls here?"
He shakes his head. "No."
He leads me to a set of white double doors and he opens them.

I see the room is bigger than all the other rooms. There's a king-sized bed with cream colored sheets and four pillows. There's a fireplace facing the foot of the bed and there's a view.
I walk over to the floor-to-ceiling window and look out at my city of Chicago.
I love it.

"You don't fuck your girls in your bed?"
He shakes his head. "No. But knowing how you are, I know you wouldn't settle for anything less."
I smile and look back out over my city.

The sun had descended and night time was here. And it was something about this moment that made me feel so good. Like I knew this night will never leave my memories rather we ended whatever this is between us tonight or not. I turned around and my eyes met his.

He loosened his tie and dropped it to the floor.
I slipped my heels off and walked over to Lukas, and the closer I got to him, the more I wanted him.
"Let me." I demanded.
He smirks, his green eyes full of both amusement and arousal.

My fingers peel his blazer back from his shoulders and they drop to the floor. I don't want to dabble on this for too long. I'm too horny to do so.
I unbutton his shirt, revealing his hard abs and dark brown chest hair.
I run my fingers through it and look into his eyes.

All amusement is gone from his eyes and now he looks very turned on and very impatient.
I grab the hem of my blue dress and pull it over my head so my full naked body was revealed to him.
His breath hitches as his hand went to my side. "God, Peyton." His hand slides down the length of my torso and he shakes his head pulling me closer to him. "I want you."

My body became fire at his words. Him….this beautiful man actually wanting me, after everything I've been through. Even if he didn't know what my past was, this is unbelievable.

He pulled his shirt from his shoulders, his eyes never leaving mine. The shirt drops to the floor and he doesn't hesitate to pull the rest of his clothing off.
His body is in shape, lean and muscular. Tanned and tight. I feel like its my play land at the moment.
Lukas steps to me, his gaze so dark, full of danger….sexual danger.

He grabs me by my hips and gently pushes me down onto the bed. He climbs over me midway, slides his arm beneath my lower back and pulls me up to the center of the bed.

His arm slides from beneath me and his hands slide down from the length of my torso down to my thigh. He brings it up, draping it over his hip as his eyes burn into mine.
I dig my fingers through his brown hair and force his lips to seal over mine.

I'm so hungry to taste him, I can hardly breathe. His tongue wrestles with mine, and his taste is driving my lust even further than ever before.
Lukas's hands frames my face and he licks my tongue lovingly before pulling back.

Without hesitation, he slides down my body until he's face-to-face with my cunt. I spread my legs open inviting him to do with me what he wants.
He slides his arm beneath my lower back and he pushes me up to his mouth.
I breathlessly cry, feeling his hot mouth take over, possessing me.
"God, Lukas, make me come." I begged.

He shifts abruptly and holds my hips down firmly as he sucked my clit. I was tempted to squirm around from the pleasure he was giving me.
He kissed around my clit, teasing it before taking it into his mouth again.
I moaned and pushed my head back into the bed.

"Grab your breasts, baby. Hard." He whispers before his hot mouth covered me again.
He loosened his grip on me and I began to push my body up to meet his hot mouth.
I reach up and grab both my breasts, squeezing them hard.

I grind into his mouth, panting as I feel my abdomen tighten.
He slides his tongue down to my slit and slip into me.
My back arch.

His thumb circles my nub gently while he fucks me with his tongue. "Ah, Lukas, please." I cry.
He groans in response and continues to dip his tongue in and out of me. I massage my breasts hard, bringing pain in my equation of pleasure.

I hiss through my teeth as I start to feel the familiar rise of the tingly sensation I get right before my climax. Every stroke of his tongue, and rub of the pad of his thumb makes my body shudder.
I closed my eyes, and grab onto his hair as my climax builds, maddening. I gasp out a moan and cry out as I burst into a million pieces of ecstasy.
I came hard, harder than I ever came in my life and there was no stopping it.
I was stuck, paralyzed in my pleasure.

As it ended and I was left with tiny aftershocks, Lukas climbed from me and grabbed a foil packet from his nightstand. He glanced at me as he ripped it open and slid the condom on his thick erection and moved over to cover my body once more.
I keep my legs spread for him as he climbs between them.
One of his hands are on the bed beside my head, holding his weight and his other hand rests on my jaw while his thumb brushes my cheek as he studies my face.

"Not use to seeing a pretty face?" I asked.
A smile spreads across his face slowly. "Pretty shouldn't even be in your vocabulary. Not good enough." He shakes his head.

His thumb traces the bottom of my lip slowly before my tongue darted out to caress it.
He exhales slowly and moves to line himself up with my entrance. He rests his hands on either side of my head.

"Slow." I whisper.
Lukas rests his body on mine gently and pushes the head against my lips still slick from my come.
He grabs onto his erection, keeping his green eyes on mine as he runs the smooth tip up and down my slit, making me moan.
His tip then circles around my swollen and slick clit.
My breath hitches, and my body is ready for another release.

He then slides the head back down against the slit and he guides himself in, opening the petals of my sex as he moves inside of me. My lips fall open, in awe of his fullness, in awe of how warm and how fucking good he feels.
He closes his eyes as he stretches me deeper and further than anyone ever has before.

I exhale sharply, bringing my legs around his hips and hooking my ankles against his buttocks.
He opens his eyes, gasping. "God, Peyton, you're so tight." He whispers.
I felt so full and him being in me made me feel so hot, so good.

"And so wet." He continues.
I moan in response, urging him to move by pushing him using the heel of my feet against his buttocks.

His eyes are low as he keeps them on mine. "It won't take long you make you come. One stroke and you could break into a million pieces if I wanted to make that happen," He breathes. "But I want this to last."

Lukas lowers onto his elbows, bringing his face closer to mine while I'm writhing under him, almost contracting around his length. "I'm going make you come around me, baby. Long…and hard." He pushes back up to his hands and eases out of me before sliding back into me, deeper. When he hits the end of me, I hear him groan in ecstasy and he repeats the move, easing out and sinking back deep into my tight cave.

"God," He breathes, groaning. "The way you feel, Peyton…" He continues moving as I move underneath him, matching his rhythm perfectly, coming undone beneath his body.
He reaches down between us and began to caress my nub gently.
My head pushes back against the bed as I rotate my hips against his thumb.
I choke out a moan, keeping up with his expert movements.

He's above me, panting, and groaning every time he sinks deeper and deeper into me.
I move my hips, and grab onto his, keeping up the rhythm. His thumb circles relentless and his strokes come relentlessly, as I pant along with him. "Lukas, please make me come." I cry.
His nods, tilting his pelvis forward to reach a sweet spot inside of me that made clutch onto his shoulders, digging my nails into him as I cry out.

He leans down to my ear. "I won't stop until you come, baby. I can go for hours." He whispers before nibbling on my ear and rubbing his tip against the intensely sensitive part inside of me.
Already it was rising out of me.

My heart was quickening along with his strokes. My nails moved down his back making him growl lowly in his chest.
Our eyes never left one another's as he pounded in me, not holding back. He pinned my hips into the bed as he increased his pace, letting me know he was as close as I was. Our breaths mingled together, coming quick and ragged as our hearts raced.

He took his thumb from my clit and shifted so he continued to moved against it with each thrust.
Now I could feel him desperately driving me to my release while trying to get his.
The grip of my legs wrapped around him tightened and he took a hold of both my wrists and pressed them on either side of my head and held them down tightly.

Together, we moved, quickly, and helplessly.
My abdomen tighten as my body began to shake, making me loose the rhythm. I stiffened up and clenched around Lukas driving him to tighten his grip on my wrists and throwing his head back, choking out my name just as he drove me to erupt hard around him. My walls contracted, holding him inside of me as everything inside me tightened deliciously.
I cried his name in a high pitched scream as he continued to hold me down to the bed. My eyes squeezed as I gasped sharply, still coming hard.

My body arched, taking in the intensity of my orgasm.
He buried his head into my neck, panting along with me while my body took in the long explosion of my release. It still hasn't ended. I couldn't stop coming. I couldn't stop. I bit down on my lip, gasping, consumed by it.

Lukas's grip on my wrists loosened slowly as he pulled himself up by his elbows and his eyes met mine.
He licked his lips slowly, and a small warm smile appeared on his beautiful face.
He exhaled slowly. "God, Peyton, that was…"
I nodded. "I know." I say breathless. I was feeling the aftershocks of the long and hard orgasm that I never had so intensely before.

My heart had just slowed down a little, and my body was finally back to relaxing.
Lukas leaned down and traced the tip of his tongue over my bottom lip gently, seductively tasting me.
"I haven't had enough." He breathes.
I haven't had enough either.
But what he just gave me will have me satiated for days.


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