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My Master of Sex (Being Revised)

Novel By: IceBreaker

(Finished)(Author's pick for best story)Lukas was a man. A beautiful rich man that somehow swept me off my feet. It was only supposed to be sex. Just that. But the more we spent time together, the more I feel. The more I want.
We both have secrets. Secrets that haunts us. I know that I want to be with this man, and he may want the same thing, but I feel that our secrets will keep us apart…forever. View table of contents...


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Chapter 4: I want it


I had spent the Friday afternoon, preparing for the dinner tonight. Me and Justin has. Of course he was going to look good. He always did.

I was in the bathroom, combing my hair that was wet from the shower I just had.

Justin knocked on the door. I turned and he had a big white box in his hand.

"What's that?"

He shrugs. "Something for you."

There was a golden ribbon wrapped around it and wound up into a bow in the center, and tied down under the bow was an envelope labeled: Peyton.

"Must be from dad."

I grabbed the box and placed it on the lid of the toilet seat.

I grabbed the envelope and opened it.

I pulled out a slip of paper and read it.


I can already tell you're not the type of woman to accept a gift from someone you barely know but do me the honor and accept this gift from me.


My eyebrow raised. "It's from Lukas." I whispered.

"Damn. Really?"

I gave Justin the note and I opened the box.

It was a dress. A gold, champagne colored dress. The top was strapless and covered in golden beads that were wrapped in a complicated yet beautiful design. The bottom of the dress was the same color and gracefully spread out as it reached the floor.

"Holy shit." Justin commented.

My lips parted as I studied the dress, really studied it.

"That dress reeks of money." He said.

I turned to look at him and then back to the dress. It does.

"But you'll still look hot in it, no doubt."

I shook my head. "Too bad. I'm not wearing it." I folded it back and put it into the box and closed it.


"Justin, I have money. I don't need him buying anything for me. I mean," I looked back down at the dress. "It's beautiful, but…that's not who I am. It's not."

Justin sighed. "I guess not. Want me to send it back downstairs?"

"Would you?" I asked.

He nodded and grabbed the box, and walked out of the room with it.

I looked back in the mirror.

Great, now I felt bad.

I didn't know why. I t was thoughtful of Lukas to do this for me, but what if he's done this to all of his other women? What would that make me?

I blow-dried my hair and when it was fully dry, I went to my room, pulled on a dark green, lacy thong and my over-the-knee black stockings.

I pulled on my black lacy bra and then grabbed my dark green floor length dress, with black lace designing the torso, and I pulled it on.

I turned to look in the mirror. There was something about this dress in particular.

I picked it out for a reason but I can't think why.

"Justin?" I called.

A few seconds later, Justin came into the room, his eyes on mine as he was buttoning his lavender shirt. "Damn."

"Do I look okay?"

"You look more than okay. Is this for Kary?"

I shook my head. "No. This is for me." I said.

Justin smiled. "Well you look great. Kary's going to die when he sees you."

"I'm not focused on him." I walked back to the bathroom and plugged up the curlers. I didn't normally curl my hair but its for a special occasion so I decided to.

Afterwards, I stuck in a pair of black hung teardrop earrings and a matching black necklace.

"Hey! Are you ready yet?" Justin asked walking into the bathroom.

I looked at him. Both of our eyes widened. He looked really good in a tuxedo. I smiled. "You clean up nice."

"You too, kid."

"I'm ready. I just need my jacket since this Chicago air fucking hates us."

Justin chuckled.

"Your dad's waiting outside."


I grabbed my black leather jacket from my closet and me and Justin left the apartment.

I smiled when I saw my dad's car outside.

Anthony greeted me and Justin as he held the door open for us.

We greeted him back and slid into the backseat with my dad.

He had a big smile on his face. "Hi, hon."

"Hey dad." I leaned over and kissed his cheek.

He smiled. "Nice to see you, Justin."

"You too, Vic. We got some catching up to do."

"That we do. Come up with a date and we'll go to a bar or something."

Justin nods.

My dad looks back to me. "You look outstanding."

I smile. "You don't look so bad yourself. I thought you hated wearing tuxedos."

He nods. "I do. But I couldn't come in a pair of sweats and t-shirt. I'd lose my job. Speaking of which, Kary asked me for your number. Did he call you?"

I nod. "Yes, he did."


"And nothing. We're…associates."

Justin coughed, but I knew he was faking. "Associates must mean something different to you." He muttered under his breath.

I turned and glared at him.

Okay, okay, Lukas gave me oral sex….great oral sex. But what else was I supposed to call him? He wasn't my boyfriend. He wasn't even my friend.

"Associates. Hmm," My dad looked thoughtful for a second. "You know, hon, if you started to date Kary, I wouldn't have a problem with it."

"Men like Lukas don't 'date'." I said in a sharp tone.

My dad patted my knee. "Okay. Fine. I was just letting you know."

The whole car ride stayed silent. Why is it that everyone talks about him and only him? I didn't want to talk about him because he honestly wasn't worth it.

When we arrived to the building where the dinner was being held, it looked extremely formal. Now I was having second thoughts about the dress I was wearing. It was a little too sexy for tonight.

But I would have still worn it over the dress that was given to me by a man who wants to fuck me.

Anthony stopped the car, got out and let us out.

Dad got out first and as soon as he did, paparazzi were everywhere. I guess they'll be photographing everyone at the event.

I got out after him and covered my face for the excessive flashes.

Justin however will welcome them. He loved the cameras.

My dad laughed as Justin did various poses for the cameras.

I shook my head. Justin's just being Justin.

My dad looked at me and offered me his arm and I hooked mine under his.

We walked into the building, being greeted by two men and a woman dressed formally.

They took my jacket and let us right in, already knowing who we were.

Stepping into the actual place was a whole other thing entirely. It was beautiful. The floor was black, glossy marble, and beautifully shiny. The walls were covered in paintings and hidden beneath columns. There was a stage north of the entrance and round tables surrounded the floor. They were covered in golden tablecloths and each had a beautiful candle holder with a bottle of champagne and champagne flutes next to them.

The place was just downright amazing.

"It's beautiful." I whispered, glancing up at the chandeliers hanging above our heads, covered in gold.

I looked back to my dad.

"Isn't it?"

"How much did you donate?" I asked.

"One million."

I nod. "Good number, old man."

He chuckled and looked ahead. "I need to go talk to that man up there about some business."

I nod and release his arm.

"Save me a dance."

I nod. "Promise."

He kissed my cheek before walking off towards a group of people. My dad was pretty well known for his business and now, I hate to admit it, but may become even better known now that he's working for Lukas.

Just his name woke a small pinch of excitement from within me.

I glanced around.

He said he'd be here and I was hell bent on avoiding him.

I didn't see him anywhere, though so I relaxed and walked over to the table filled with champagne glasses. I grabbed one and took a few sips.

"Man, those photographers can't get enough," Justin said as he walked over. "They just loved my poses."

I smiled at him. "Look whose on their way to becoming a male model."

He looked thoughtful for a second. "Couldn't hurt. I mean I do have the face for it."

I nod, agreeing. "And male model means more girls."

His thoughtful expression turned to one of interest. "You just helped me figure out what I want to do with my life, Peyton."


A blonde woman, wearing a dark blue silk gown walked up to us. Her eyes were stuck on Justin. "Would you like to dance?"

He raised his brow, that genuine sex smile on his face. He gives me a look that said "See ya" and he moved to the dance floor with her.

Yep. He's going to nail her. I think I ignited some type of "bachelor" blood inside of him or something. He wasn't interested in being with all these girls until after I broke up with him. It always made me wonder.

"You look lonely."

I turned my head to see a man walking up to me, dressed in all dark gray.

"I'm okay."

"Ah, I'm not sure you are. Care to dance?"

I shrugged. What the hell? The man was good looking after all.

I put my glass down and he took my hand and pulled me to the middle of the floor while soft music was playing. It was so easy to hear, being that people weren't raising their voices in such a big place. He twirled me around, and dipped me. He was a pretty good dancer. "What's your name?" I asked.

He smiled, revealing pure white teeth and a dimple. "Stan." He answered before twirling me around again.

"You're a good dancer, Stan."

"Thank you. What's your name?"

"Peyton Moyer."

"Oh. You're Victor Aldridge's daughter right?"

I nod.

He smiles. "Then its an honor."

"Thank you."

After the song ended, I released him and he released me.

And the second I did, my eyes met with dark green smoldering eyes behind him. Lukas.

He was looking at me while a woman dressed in red was talking to him. He didn't seem to be paying her much attention. I couldn't keep my eyes off when they were right on him. I didn't want to.

Stan noticed my intense interest on something behind him and he turned and then turned back to me. "Ah, Lukas Kary. Every woman has that look on her face when they look at him. Especially Jackie. She was head over heels for him."

That sparked my interest. Jackie? "Whose Jackie?" I asked.

Stan wet his lips. "His ex girlfriend."

"Oh. Was it serious?"

He nods. "More serious than marriage, young lady."

More serious than marriage?

He leans over. "I wouldn't get too close to Kary if I were you though, Peyton. Obsession is not love." He says.

My head snap to his. What did he mean obsession? He think I was going to become obsessed with Lukas? Why would I? He's a prick. A very gorgeous, mysterious prick.

Stan gave me an assuring pat on my shoulder and walks away.

I watch after him, taken back by what he meant.

How exactly serious was Lukas about his ex? And why did even thinking about the fact that he once had a girlfriend make me a little mad?

I could feel the crackle of electricity. It's stronger than its ever been. And it was more than that. Some kind of magnetic pull. I wanted to be near him. And this need came from nowhere.

I wanted to walk over but I didn't. I had more sense than that.

So I turned and went back to finish off my glass of champagne.

When I was done with that one, I grabbed another.

"You can't speak?" Asked that smooth, sexy voice that will not stay out of my head.

I closed my eyes. There was that pull, stronger than ever at the moment. I slowly turned and opened my eyes.

I looked into his eyes and then down at his black, neatly trimmed tuxedo complete with a dark green tie that matched his eyes perfectly, and my dress.

That's why I wore it. As I was picking out what to wear, I was thinking of him, how beautiful the shade of green his eyes were and I picked it. Goddamnit.

"Hi, Lukas." I said.

"I take it you didn't like the gold dress."

If I wasn't mistaking, I could hear a hint of sadness in his voice, and it made me feel slightly bad.

I put my glass down. "No. I loved it. It was beautiful, Lukas. But like your card said, I don't accept gifts much. Especially from someone I barely know."

Lukas nodded his head. "I suppose I can understand that. However, this dress," His eyes studied me, top, to bottom. "This dress is very sexy on you."

I blushed slightly, my entire face going warm. "Think so?" I muttered.

He nods. "Yes. I'm beginning to believe that you picked it out, thinking of me."

Damn, how did he know that?

"The shade of green is so…ironic."

"Green happens to be my favorite color." As in the two weeks I've known you.

That smug smirk appeared on his face. "Dance with me."


He steps closer, closing the distance between us. "Dance with me, Peyton." He says again.

I shake my head.

He leans over and his lips gently brush my ear, making my entire body break out in fire. "Dance with me." He whispers gently.

I close my eyes, unable to take it anymore. I finally nod.

Lukas pulls away and takes my hand. A whole other song began playing and I recognized it as "Eyes on Fire". I loved this song and it matched the mood I was in. Completely taken up and stuck with a man whose eyes were so intense, so full of seduction, it made me want him.

He took my hand in his and I placed another hand on his shoulder. He guided me, without problem, his eyes stuck on mine the entire time, almost as if no one else was in the room with us. And I will admit, that's how I felt.

Our eyes stayed locked on each others as he guided me back and forth, holding the small of my back. I kept expecting him to go a little lower, but he didn't. He just kept his hands in the places I allowed.

"Shouldn't you be dancing with your date?" I asked.

His eyes didn't leave mine. "She's not my date. She's a friend and why would I want to dance with anyone else?"

"So you don't dance with women who you don't want to sleep with, if there's a such thing?"

"Do you really think of me that way? Some guy that just goes around and fuck any woman I see?"

"Aren't you?" I asked as he gently spun me, just to bring me in a tighter, more intimate hold. We stopped for a second, locking our eyes on each others. My body was completely against his.

"No." There was truth and trust in his tone.

"So you're not the richest most fuckable bachelor I keep hearing about?" I asked.

He released me partially and started guiding me again, back and forth. "People report things they want to believe. Don't believe the shit you read on the internet, or what you hear."

"So you don't have an ex named Jackie?"

A dark expression grows on his face. "Who told you about her?"

"Some guy. He said something like you w two were more serious than marriage."

He shakes his head. "Like I said, don't believe what you hear."

We stayed quiet for a moment while my hand flexed on his shoulder, feeling his muscle through his tux.

"Why'd you send me the dress?" I asked.

"Why do you think?"

"Because of what happened Tuesday."

His brow raises. "And what happened Tuesday?"

My eyebrows furrowed. He knows exactly what happened Tuesday. "When you came up to my apartment and you…"

"I what?" He whispers, once again, pulling me close to his body.


"Say it." He breathes.

"You licked me." I whispered back.

A small smile appeared on his face. "That's not why I sent you the dress, Peyton."

He started guiding me again, spinning me before turning us.

"Then why? It makes me feel like I have to give you something back." I admitted.

"I don't want anything but your time, Peyton. I thought I made that clear."


"I want to make you come, Peyton. Over….and over again." He said, once again stopping us.

My eyes widened. God, he holds no shame in what he wants. The words themselves brought longing between my legs.

I didn't know what to say, so I just stared at him.

Someone cleared their throat and I was too distracted by him to see who it was.

He turned his head to the left and smiles gently before looking at me. "Your dad wants to dance with you." He releases me and turns to walk away.

My dad takes my hands. He raises his brow. "Are you okay?"

I slowly nod, still a little dazed by what I just heard.

"You look like you were just slapped."

I looked at him, coming back down to earth. "I do?"

He nods.

"Sorry. When's dinner? I'm starved."

"I just talked to Michael. He said in twenty or so minutes."

"Great. Good thing I have a snicker bar hidden in my jacket pocket."

My dad laughed. He shook his head. "Just like your mother."

I frowned then. Great. Here we go. We're going to talk about her.

"I'm not going to bring her up to upset you, Peyton. Just…just don't forget about her, alright?"

"She's already forgotten dad."

"What happened was terrible. I wanted to kill the bastard, I swear, yet…"

"She didn't care about what he did. She cried when he went to prison, and handed me off to you like everything was my fault."

"Sweetheart, your voice is breaking. Don't cry."

He wiped a falling tear away with his thumb. "Lets lighten the mood."

"More champagne would help."

He chuckled, throaty and genuine. "Now that's all me."

We walked over to the table full of more champagne. I felt like downing a whole bottle.

Justin walked over to us and grabbed a glass. He looked both shocked and impressed.

"What's wrong?" I asked.

"Kary. He donated a billion dollars to this charity.

I choked on my glass of champagne and the glass slipped from my fingers.

My dad patted my back. "Are you okay, honey?"

I nodded as I cleared my throat.

A billion dollars.

Lukas donated a billion dollars.

"The man has money to spare." My dad said.


My eyes searched for him.

"I saw him by the stage and he disappeared with some woman."

Probably fucking her.

I rolled my eyes. I looked to Justin. "And you're the one that said do it once and kill attraction yet he's already busy with someone else." I hit his chest.

Justin chuckled. "Don't be mad at me, kid. You waited too long."

"I knew it was all bullshit." I said under my breath.

"What's wrong, honey?" My dad asked.

I shook my head. "Nothing. I just need another glass of champagne."

"Hon, slow down, its your third glass." My dad said. He was right. I was being stupid.

Soon, Michael, a friend of my dad's announced for dinner.

When we all got our plates, we sat down near the corner, accompanied by some of my dad's friends and some of Justin's girls.

When I was near through with my dinner, a warm hand touched my bare shoulder.

I turned to see Lukas looking down at me.

"Can we talk?" He asked.

I shake my head. "No." I turn back around and meet eyes with Justin. He's giving me the signal to go with him.

I'm not falling for it. Whatever woman he disappeared with for thirty minutes, he can go back to her.

"Peyton, there's something we really need to talk about."

I turn back to look at him.

He's pleading with his eyes, and it's a moment that I can't resist.

"Five minutes." I say.

He nods and he grabs my forearm, pulling me up. Lukas walks us up a set of red stairs, down a quiet hall. "Why are we all the way up here?"

"We needed privacy." He says.

He then stops in front of a set of wooden double doors. He pulls a key from his pocket and unlock the door.

"What, do you own this place or something?"

He flashes me a gentle smile before opening the door.

It seemed to be only a sitting room with a fireplace and big floor-to-ceiling windows, covered by burgundy curtains.

He shut the doors and looked at me.

"What are we doing here?"

"We need to settle this."

"Settle what?" I snapped.

"Can we sit first?"

I hesitate, trying to see if he was going to try something. When I saw he wasn't, I went over to the long beige sectional.

He sits beside me but is sure to give me my space.


He lets out a sigh and loosens his green tie. Then he smiles slightly. "Its just odd."

"What is?"

"I never had to chase a woman before."

"Oh? What, you're upset because you have to do a little work? Because I won't bend to your every whim like every other girl?"

He raises his brow. "Why are you mad at me?"

"Justin told me he saw you leave the room with a woman. What were you doing?"

He sighs. "What was I doing? Why?"

"Were you fucking her?"

He leaned closer, his green eyes, keeping me pinned. "Why?"

"Because, I asked."

He smirks. "Okay. You want the truth? That woman is a good friend of mine and I spilled some champagne on myself. She went out to get me an extra shirt from my limo and gave it to me while I was changing in the bathroom."

"Oh, I'm sure."

"What, you don't believe me?"

"No." I whispered.

He draped his arm over the back of the couch as he leaned back.

"Can I go now?" I asked.

"Why are you so concerned with me and any other girl?"

"Because it pisses me off, Lukas. The other day, you were all over me, perfectly fine with what you were doing, and claiming that you wanted me yet you go off for a quick fuck with your "friend" when you told me earlier that you wanted to fuck me. I already told you. Its because of how you are that I can never have a relationship with you."

His brows furrowed. "Peyton, I'm not looking for a damn relationship."

"So what the fuck do you want?"

"You, underneath me, begging for me not to stop fucking you, and you moaning my name while I fuck you into the fucking stars. That's what I want, Peyton." He said, not breaking eye contact.

It's when he says things like that, that has me close to giving in.

"Why me?" I whispered.

"Because you're beautiful, and I am very, strongly, sexually attracted to you. That's why. I know you feel it too. The pull."

Of course I felt it. I was feeling it now. And it was very strong, very clear. My eyes met his again. "So, we do this, and then what? You toss me aside?"

He shakes his head. "Afterwards, we'll decide what to do." He whispers.


"Tonight. Come home with me."

I took a deep breath, all my respect shoving itself out the door.

"Peyton," He says my name in that soft, deep voice that makes me wet. "Come home with me." He whispers again.

My eyes meet his.

Before I can answer, he grabs me so I'm laying my back flat on the couch and his hands are sliding my dress up, revealing my green thong. I can hear a low growl rumbling in his chest.

"My dad's downstairs." I whispered.

He nods. "I'm aware. And we're both aware that that fact, doesn't want to make us stop, does it?"

I shook my head, no.

His right hand slid to the back of my knee as he moved between my legs, and wrapped around his waist while the other hand held him up.

I wanted to touch him, feel him. He was so close, and he felt so warm against my body, and not only that, but I could him hard against my stomach.

"It's fun chasing you, Peyton, but its only so far I can be pushed and I haven't," He leans down, nuzzling his nose against my neck.

I closed my eyes, and chewed down on my bottom lip. "I haven't wanted something this bad in a very long time." He whispered.

I nodded. "Me neither." I whisper, feeling the chills run down my back as he leaves soft kisses on my neck.

I squirmed a little, completely over taken by his presence. His presence do things to me. They make me into a completely different girl. A girl who wants to be seduced. A girl who needs it.

He sighs softly, his breath tickling my neck.

He slowly pushes himself up and I push myself up too but he gently pushes me back down and lifts my dress up more, revealing my stomach.

"Lukas, my dad…"

He grabs onto my waist, leans down and licks my navel.

His sweet tongue rolled over my torso, waking up a yearning inside of me. I grab onto his silky brown hair and push his head down a little lower, showing him what I wanted.

He gives me a wicked smile before ripping my thong from my body and throwing it aside.

It was wrong.

We were both here for this event and my dad's downstairs. Justin's downstairs. But I didn't care. At this moment, all of that went out of the window.


His deep green eyes met mine, holding so much heat in his gaze. "I don't want to stop." He whispered.

"Please don't." I whisper.

His thumb slides up my wet slit and caresses my nub. I moan, rotating my hips with his motion.

"You're wet…and ready for me. Ready for my cock, aren't you, baby?" He whispers.

I nod, feeling like I'm falling apart.

His thumb began to rub in a circular motion, making my back arch and my fingers to dig into the back of the couch as I push my head back against the couch cushion.

I close my eyes, moving my hips back and forth, creating friction that's almost too much.

"God, I want you to sound like that while I'm fucking you, Peyton."

His words were driving me closer, and closer.

I curled my toes. "Lukas."

"You want it. And you want me." He whispers, his thumb now rubbing faster, bringing me closer to my orgasm.

I bite on my lip so I'm not too loud.

But I can't help it if I am.

"Do you want to come, Peyton?" He whispers.

I could feel the pressure. I nod, squeezing the couch fabric. "Yes!" I moan.

He suddenly takes my clit into his mouth. "Oh, Lukas!"

I couldn't take it in any longer. I exploded, crying breathlessly as he licked me to the point of sensitivity.

Lukas moaned as he licked me up, cleaning me with his tongue as my body continued to squirm.

When he was done, he stopped and his fingers, gently brushed my sex, making me tense up and moan.

I slowly open my eyes, meeting his green. His licks his lips and leans back over me.

He closes his lips over mine and then pulls away. "Now do you believe me? Think I just do this to any girl?"

"I don't know." I whispered breathlessly.

He lets out a long sigh and pulls away from me so he's sitting back down.

I pull my dress back down and sit up…pantyless. "You owe me a thong." I say.

He nods, a smirk on his face. "It was quite sexy on you." He stands up and grabs the torn thong from his floor and tucks it into his pocket. "Your dad's probably looking for you."

I stand up and fix my dress. "I need the bathroom." I said.

"It'll be down the hall, the second door on the right." He says, grabbing my hand. We walk out of the room and he guides me to the bathroom.

I wipe myself until I no longer feel wet and I hurry to get back to the party.

I walk down the stairs, feeling satiated and exposed. I find my dad and Justin's table and I walk back to my seat, thankful it hasn't been taken.

I sit down and lean against my chair, tired, and in the need of a nap.

"Where were you?" My dad asked.

"I…was…" I looked to Justin for help. But he just sent me a wink, knowing I was with Lukas. "I was in the bathroom. Felt a little sick from the caviar."

My dad nodded. "Understandable. That shit makes me sick."

After dinner, Justin pulled me aside and stuffed his hands in his pockets. "Peyton Moyer. Unleash the details."

"I'm going home with him."


I shake my head. "I want him to chase it a little more. But soon." I turn and our eyes meet. "Very soon."


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